2015-03-28 Bully Talk
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Adrea, Impulse, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Bully Talk

A typical boutique sized coffee house, this place has all the charm of one of those fancy places you'd find in bigger cities. Somewhat compact and longer than it is wide, the counter runs along the west wall while small tables with small chairs line the east, the rest sprawling out into a sort of patio setup outside, wrought iron railing seperating it from the rest of the throughway. Umbrellas are set up on the black iron tables, tiltes in all directions to block out the sun or rain.

Despite the chill of the air, it is ACTUALLY close to spring break and boy are the students in schools all over aware of this fact. Full of pent up energy they can be a bit of a problem for the faculty that has to get their butts sitting in a seat so they can be taught things to make them into productive members of society.

But there is only so much that can be done so close to a break. So, what better time than to have an assembly? Brilliant! Ok something remotely educational… What about bullying? Perfect! Should we get a celebrity of sorts? Sure… Someone that the kids will shut up for. Okay! Great! We could even invite him to have lunch in the cafeteria to show off our healthy eating selections! BRILLIANT!

… Annnd that's how a rather well dressed Mike ended up at a coffee shop for lunch. Hair pulled back and in his persona of Nick Drago, he sits quietly, reading through one of the cafe's copies of the newspaper while slowly eating a blueberry muffin.

A trip to the mall didn't work out quite as planned, so Adrea finds herself in Bayville again. Having taken a drive out of town and come back overnight, she's ended up in Bayville to rest and decompress a little. She walks into the coffee shop, having only recently discovered it, coming in in yesterday's clothes and pressing her jacket with her palms as she walks in. She still seems to have kept herself well enough, but one can't really be sure she's slept well. She makes her way to the counter, "Good M-…Evening. Can I get something…wakeful?"

For certain reasons Killian is currently excused from all gym classes so while not wanting to head back to the mansion just yet and not wanting to hang around the library he's come here in the search of free wi-fi. Standing in the queue behind Adrea he stares at the list of beverages, he's never been a coffee drinker but he really should buy something if he wants to hang out here.

The newspaper lowers slightly as someone botches th time of day twice, allowing Nick to have a glimpse of the offending party. A brow raises and so does the newspaper, hiding the performer's face once ore. Another bite is taken out of the muffin.

Adrea has a short discussion with the barista on the other sid eof the counter before finally completing her order. She finds a table somewhere near Mike and sits down with a heavy sigh. She pulls out her phone after a minute, and starts to type out a text message, before deleting it and typing it out again.

When it's Killian's turn he just decides to go with a muffin, doesn't wanna risk some sort of lattchaispresso. Getting to a table near the other two he goes to pull his phone out of his pocket but drops it and it ends up under Adrea's table, "Damn gloves", looking around he sees it under the table, walking over he waves at Adrea, "Hi Miss, mind if I get my phone out from under your table?"

Not watching what's going on but overhearing Killian's question, Mike cracks a slight smile. "Haven't heard that line before." He murmurs. Kudos to you kid.

Adrea blink softly at Killian, crossing her legs as Killian approaches. She pauses for a moment, scooting away from the table, "No, please do." She says politely, if a bit clipped. She looks to Mike, nd smirks, "We keep seeming to run into each other."

The newspaper lowers slightly, brow raising once more as he considers her. "Yes."He replies curtly, "Seems that way." The newspaper raises back up.

Killian flashes Adrea a smile before dropping down to pick up his phone, getting back up he thanks her and then looks at who she was talking to and in the brief moment before the newspaper goes back up he recognises the guy, "Oh you're that actor guy from the assembaly earlier right? Nick Draco?".

Adrea nods curtly to Killian, waiting for him to finish finding his phone. She uncrosses her legs, smoothing out her skirt and getting up to walk over to the counter and fetch her finished drink. She thanks the Barista and returns to her seat, nodding to Mike before sitting down again. She slowly crosses her legs again, sighing, "And how have you been, MISTER Drago?"

There's a pause from behind the paper before the paper lowers "Drago." Mike corrects, expression already shifted over to a practiced smile as he looks to the pair. "And yes, the anti-bullying assembly." He looks to Killian, "I take it you attend there."

Killian nods to Mike, "Sorry, Drago. Yeah but I'm new to the place, but I was there", he's already had a bit of a bullying issue, back home in Boston he was popular but here he's had a few kids at the high school starting on him for aways wearing gloves, not touching people and the whole new kid stigma.

Mike's smile shifts slightly, betraying a hint of knowing, "Ah. How new?"

Adrea takes a breath, sipping her coffee for a moment, then taking another sip. She purses her lips, thinking about the drive home. "At least I don't have that far to go."

Killian shrugs, "Only this week actually, spring break or not, they thought I should make a start", though it was probably more to force him out of his pit of self-pity, realising he's still next to Adrea's table he steps away, "Thanks again for my phone", he catches no hint of the knowing smile.

"My condolences." Mike replies, giving a shake of the head as he folds up the paper. "Bad enough switching schools. Really sucks when it's middle of the year." He glances over to Adrea as Killian thanks her.

Adrea nods once to Killian, "Of course." she says. She takes a sip of her coffee, and then nods to that, "Is it a good school? I'm not familiar with it's reputation."

Killian shrugs, can't really say he couldn't return to his old school considering he pretty much outed himself to half his class, "It's ok I guess, smaller than my last one, more than it's fair share of assholes though", he sits back down checking his phone for any damage.

"That's school in general." Mike replies, giving a shake of the head. "They picking fights?"

Adrea sits up, paying a little more attention to the conversation. Though she does take out her phone to start looking up things about the school. She looks between Mike and Killian, smiling to herself as they carry on.

Killian shrugs again, "Sort of, not really a fight if I can't really fight back, I'm dealing with a previous injury, which is why I've been let out of gym and come here", doesn't help that he's still freaked out about touching people, gloves or not, "They started off on the gloves, now they seem to just enjoy it".

Mike frowns, "That sucks, I at least was able to fight back." He glances at the gloves. "Can I ask what the deal is with the gloves?"

Adrea perks up a little, interested about the gloves herself. She sips her coffee and considers, "have you talked to your parents about it at all?" she asks, obliquely asking the questions he really wants to ask.

Killian goes a little red when asked about the gloves, it's actually not just the gloves, he's completely covered up except for his neck and head, "Oh, it's an allergy thing", thats the story the institute told him to go with. "I'm not living at home at the moment, I live at the a place nearby", he's not sure if he was supposed to mention the mansion or not…

"Really then." Mike responds, voice a bit monotone as he looks to the gloves before turning back to his muffin. "Hang in there. You only have a few years there before you can deal with the assholes of the adult world."

Adrea nods slowly, beginning to get an idea about Killian. She nods, "There's only so much they can do to you. Know that. Just keep up the hard work at school." she says. She looks at her coffee, almost finished, "I guess I have to get ready for my drive soon."

Mike snerks as Adrea hints there are limits to what can be done to Killian, shaking his head. "If they get too rough, remember the usual safe areas. Within the buildings during class hours. Bathrooms near the faculty offices. Library. Use the main hallways when possible."

Killian nods before going a little red again, "Sorry, christ, you guys come to chill with a coffee and I show up and turn things into an after school special", he's fairly sure that getting him to leave the mansion wasn't so he could start a whole new pity party, "I won't run though".

Adrea smiles warmly, "I used to talk to Soldiers who'd had a rough time all the time. We all have our bad days and our good days. Sometimes it seems like we have bad years. The best you can do is stand up straight, do your best to brush it off, and show them your stronger than they are."

"Well," Mike considers, looking to his muffin, "I did just come from a morning version of it discussing the same topic, so I'm still reasonably recent on the topic anyways." The rocker gives a bit of a smirk, "I don't have to repeat my childhood stories again, you were paying attention during that part, right?" He pauses, picking up the muffin. "And sticking to the safe areas isn't running. It's playing it smart. They never see the first punch in a fight. So, don't get yourself expelled."

Killian smiles, "Probably wouldn't bother me as much back home, I'm just sort of out of my element here", he nods to Mike, "Yep, alert and fully attentive", and it's true he did listen to Mike's stories during the assembaly, "Still you guys probably had better things to think about".

"Like how shitty the food is in that school cafeteria?"

Adrea smiles warmly, "I didn't, it's nice to take my mind of things, honestly." she says. She looks at her coffee, shaking the cup, "I do appear to be finished though."

Killian chuckles, "It's not that ba… ok yeah it is, but that our school system for ya, we get the food everyone else would send back", he looks at the time, "Oh, I should go, gym would be finishing now so I should get back"

Mike nods, "Alright then. Have fun sprinting back." He looks over to Adrea. "Happy returns?" Is that a common phrase? Nah. But, close enough. MUFFIN TIME!

Adrea half-smiles to MIke, "Not happy, but returns, anyway. Thank you." She starts to get up, "Have a nice day." she says, nodding to him, before making her own way out.

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