2015-03-28 Report to Fury
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Players: Natasha Fury
GMed by Fury
Title: Report to Fury

[*Director Fury's Office*]

This is a simple office, a bit cuttered with a large desk, a window overlooking the yard, and tons of filing cabinets stuffed to the hilt with paper and folders.

NIck Fury
Natasha Romanoff

So the walk back to the mansion with Natasha was silent rather than anything spoken. Fury decided that meeting her the following day would be better for them to talk or in his case maybe bark if needed. Sitting behind his desk with feet propped up on one edge he has his hands steepled against his mouth as he listens to whoever is talking to him through the bluetooth attached to his ear. For all anyone knows he could simply be listening to time and weather but whoever or whatever it is has him strangely quiet and focused as his eye trains at something on his computer screen.

Natasha knocked twice on his door and then opened it, she was speaking to someone outside the door, another agent. She was wearing a business-style outfit with a skirt and a lovely blouse, both the same color the shade of a glass of red wine. She smiled at the other agent and then parted ways with him, stepping into Fury's office she looked up at him and closed his door behind her. She walked toward his desk to the chairs in front of it, she was holding a stack of folders of various colors and moved to sit down on the edge of one of the chairs in front of the Director's desk. She didn't say anything to him, she waited for him to finish what he was doing and speak to her. She just stared at him.

The door opening isn't missed and only few have the right to simply knock then enter without him saying anything. Just so happens Natasha is one of those very few. Taking his feet down to sit more properly a hand is raised to cut off the bluetooth cutting off someone without word or whatever he was listening too. "Agent Romanoff." he says simply while pressing a button or two on the keyboard locking his computer to the initial SHIELD screen. "What you got for me?" and that is better than him barking 'report' at her like he might normally do.

Natasha had a blank expression on her face after hearing Fury's question. She glanced down to the folders she was holding. She pulled the 2nd one down out of the stack and leaned forward to set it on the middle of his desk. "I've cataloged my time with Mr. Stark, as you asked." She then pulled the 3rd folder out of the stack and set that down too. "Here is my gathered information… and opinions on both Loki and Doctor Stephen Strange." The first folder she held then she glanced down at. "This one… needs some further development, but its about how Loki and Strange relate to Michael Hannigan as well as the 'phantasm' effect that he controls, as well as the bartender Leonardo <LastNameHere>."

As the folders are set on his desk Fury just continues to stare at her for a moment. It dawns on him that she expects him to open these up and read rather than just tell him what they contain. "Should I try to guess what is in these folders." holding one up against his head, "No can't read it with my mind." placing it back down, "So what has Stark been doing? Have you killed anyone lately?"

Natasha heard his question and it got her to tilt her head to the side and offer him a smirk, she was used to that attitude out of him… but she still just shook her head a little and sighed. "No. I haven't killed anyone." She replied. "I'm using the Less than Lethal sidearms that you asked me too. And…" She exhaled then. "Stark is doing well. I do have some concerns however. You see, he's very fond of me… which is fine. But he's offered to build a… 'iron suit' for my own personal use." Her eyes stay on Fury's. "Now, obviously I wouldn't be inclined to use it as I know you'd frown on that, but… my concerns lies with Stark offering others the same power that he's created for himself. If someone, less, reputable than myself got into his good graces then it could pose a security risk."

Sitting back as she speaks on her concerns about Stark, "He is fond of you and you are fine with it." a hand rubs at his forehead a moment. "Bad enough he let a brother steal one of his suits to become part of the government. We don't need him making suits for everyone he becomes fond of. Fix it." the last is said simply. "Now what is going on with Loki?"

Natasha draws in a light breath when she hears the question about Loki. The Stark stuff doesn't concern her, she's more than confident in how she's handling Tony Stark. "I haven't been able to make a lot of contact with him, as you know his abilities make that a lot more complicated than say… dealing with your average Earth-ling." She glances down to the folder resting ontop of her lap and she's still stead on the edge of the chair in front of his desk. She looks back up to him. "Loki is 'dating' a notorious thief by the name of Felicia Hardy, codenamed 'Black Cat'. You're probably familiar with her, to some extent. She looks like a porn star, but is actually an extremely cunning individual with an extensive amount of skills. She's also…" Natasha tries to properly truncate her words here. "A massive flirt and its likely that she's going to cause issues with Loki when he discovers that she's less than loyal to him, as a mate. I can foresee issues there, should such a thing come to his attention, considering his ideas of a mate likely vary greatly within Asgard's."

"Miss Jugs." Fury says recalling Black Cat, "Loki is dating this woman? What is with these Asgardians wanting to be with earth women? Those in Asgard know they are douche bags so they have to go for earthlings." He shakes his head now opening one of the folders reading or at least scanning over things. "You have the penmanship of a serial killer." is noted, "Perhaps we need to bring her in for a talk. I'll be damned if some Dolly Parton look alike is going to cause a norse god to cause trouble."

Natasha smirked at the Director's choice of words, but she admired a lot about the man, it was that personality of his that got 'shit done' as he would say, and his results always spoke for themself. "Thank you, sir." She said about her penmanship. The folders contained not only hand-written notes, but also charts and graphs detailing the time she spent with every individual including pictures that she took without the subjects seemingly even knowing. "I can't speak as to why Loki would find interest in an Earth woman, but I know that I've witnessed them together and he seemed more than a little smitten with her… and she, however, was less than enthusiastic about his presence. So it could be an Asgardian love-trainwreck, so to speak, sir."

Nick Fury opens another folder raising a brow at finding a picture of the pair. "Romanoff, for a moment think like a man. Why wouldn't he be smitten with a female that could keep a state of babies alive if she produced milk." he turns the picture around so she can see it. Now he glances at another folder reading through it, "You have documented everything almost down to when these people took pee breaks. Do you think Agent O'Keene is able to handle Wade Wilson?"

Natasha had not been assigned to watch over Agent O'Keene and Deadpool, but the time's she's interacted with them its been a thing of which she's observed greatly. She'd smirked at the bit about the babies and the Asgardian, but her focus was on the other two eh'd brought up. "In my absolute honest opinion…" She starts. "Yes. I think Lucy O'Keene has a patience and ability to deal with Wade Wilson like no one else we could hope to find. What time I've been around them I've been extremely impressed with her ability to calm him down and bring him closer to a center that we'd all prefer he'd be atl… However." She draws in a breath and glances down toward the floor for a moment, but it doesn't last long as she loosk back up to the Director. "She can't be around him all the time, and I think its astounding that Wade has not yet… gone on some psychopathic murder spree. He's the epitome of 'unstable', and his powers make him unreasonably dangerous." Her head slowly shakes. "But short of finding a way to lock him away from the world… I can't think of a better way to deal with him than, Agent O'Keene."

Taking all of this in, "I know she can't watch him all the time. Just like you can't watch Stark forever." Nick glances more at the contents of the folders briefly. "He was definitely unstable last night. It would seem he doesn't listen at all. I don't respect him or trust him. But which is worse? We keeping him close letting him try to be an agent or let him run free on his own accord."

Natasha listened to the Director speak, she replies almost instantly after he stops. "I think he was more stable than usual last night." She says in regards to Wade. "And to be honest, through all of his madness… I think I can see a good person inside of him. Glimmers of it, if that helps. And…" She shifts on the edge of the chair a little. "I think he could be a powerful operative, if used for the right missions. The sort of mission where collateral damage, is not only not-a-concern… but also a potential benefit. Such as, hypothetically speaking… sending him on an assassination mission behind enemies lines. If his madness lead to the destruction of additional resources or prime targets…" Her shoulders shrug lightly. "I think he's ideal for that kind of mission. Furthermore, he seems to take a great deal of.. 'pride' in being a member of Shield and that pride may keep him more in-check."

Nick Fury rises to his feet moving out from his desk to the window. Looking outside his hands come to rest behind him. Rocking on his feet a couple of times, "You are right." the words come out barely. Not often he admits to anyone other than himself being correct on anything. "Anything to report about the Avengers? You are my go between as you know. I don't often stay here in the mansion too much. Just a glorious fraternity it feels like."

Natasha watches him as he moves over to the window and she then glances away toward his desk in thought at his question. "Steve needs an assignment." She says. "He's restless and he's growing more inward than he is expanding outward, personality wise. I think it will be dangerous if he keeps going down this pathway and cuts himself off further from interacting with this world that he doesn't feel comfortable with. He needs a 'command', if nothing else." She lets a psuse settle shortly there. "I've asked Doctor Adrea Vanoa to stay at the mansion and be on-call as a specialist to help determine the nature of any technologies that we discover that do not immediately make sense to us. I think she's capable of being a valuable asset in this role… and her knowledge of technologies could rival Stark's, if she was given the resources that he's been given." Her eyes go back to the Director then.

He doesn't answer about Steve for now. "She is welcome to whatever is available. Stark makes his own technology available as he sees fit." Fury sighs deeply, "Is good to have another intelligent being among us. The mixture allows us to to keep ahead and be quick studies of anything we discover." spinning on his heels to face her, "Good job, Agent Romanoff. One last thing. Any news on Barton?" he asks know Hawkeye has been sent on a mission deep undercover yet he keeps in touch with Widow sometimes.

Natasha starts to rise up from her chair when she recieves the compliment from him, assuming he'd heard what he wanted out of her. Then the question came and her rise to full height was instantly slowed down to nearly slow-motion. She stood fully and shook her head two small times. "No, sir." She said, quickly trying to come up with more to say on that subject, but she couldn't, she hated it but that was simply all she had on that subject.

Nick Fury nods his head, "Dismissed." turning he sits back down in his chair.

- END -

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