2015-03-28 Running into the Butterfly
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Adrea, Ember, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Running into the Butterfly

The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River. The Upper East Side lies within an area bounded by 59th Street to 96th Street, and the East River to Fifth Avenue-Central Park. Once known as the 'Silk Stocking District',it retains its position as one of the most affluent neighborhoods of New York City.

Generally speaking, the Upper East Side stretches from 59th Street to 96th Street. Many realtors used the term "Upper East Side" instead of "East Harlem" to define areas that are north of 96th street such as on 5th ave or areas close by such as 97th street to avoid the negative connotation since people associate the latter with being a less prestigious neighborhood. Its north-south avenues are Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Third, Second and First Avenues, York Avenue, and East End Avenue (the latter runs only from East 79th Street to East 90th Street).

Most folks tend to think about surviving a terminal illness in only the positive light. And really, it's great to be absolutely certain you're going to kick the bucket and then find yourself coming out the other side. But as Ember has learned, it can leave you with a serious case of not being able to figure out what to do with yourself. Before Ragnarok her only goal was to get her GED and maybe put in a good showing against the various nasties in the process. After…? She tends to find herself wandering around the Institute grounds or the Buroughs about every day. Today she's revisiting places she's been to a time or two, and the neighborhood just down the way from Avenger's Mansion holds a few fun memories. Demon fighting with Captain America. She's heard bits and whispers here and there that some folks she knew before have taken up residence with the Avengers, and Loki was always there before. Maybe she can find the courage to ring the doorbell… see how her old teacher is doing?

Things have been busy for Mike. VERY busy. Assemblies. Practice. TRAINING. MORE TRAINING. Meetings. Movie Talks. And now, he's on his way out of the mansion to grab a pizza. Door opening, the knitcapped performer strides out. Allowing for the door to swing shut on it's own. PIZZA!!!

Adrea had been wandering through the Fifth Avenue with her wallet in her purse. Retail therapy was ever so clearly a thing, but the problem was that window shopping alone was never entirely productive for Adrea. She was reaching the end of Fifth Avenue and pondering where she would head next, after having passed all of the shops without finding a single item to peak her interest.

While Ember was only idly hanging around near the Avenger's home without much in the way of intent, it doesn't keep her from moving over to get a better look when she sees someone heading out. It gets her interest in the usual 'who might it be' fangirl kind of way, but becomes more of a slight mind boggle when she realizes who it is. She waits for him to make his way out of the gate and onto the sidewalk, using the time to make sure that she's as solid and normal looking as she can be, and that she looks like how he might remember her. Then she walks up a bit closer and gives him a small wave. "Hi, Mike. Didn't realize you were hanging around here these days." She's got no clue if he'll remember her given the time that's passed, but never hurts to say 'hi' right?

Hearing his name, after passsing the gate his head turns seeing who is addressing him. He pauses, trying to recall where he's run into her before. "Hi." He replies… He frowns, failing to place her.

Adrea starts to head in the direction of the Avenger's Mansion. After walking a block or two, Adrea realizes she doesn't have any alcohol to give to Natasha in the event that she actually does visit the Mansion. She stands there on a street corner for a moment, before moving forward and walking towards the Mansion anyway. Maybe she'd see what kind of liqour Tony kept in stock…

"Ember." There isn't any surprise or hurt in her voice at not being recognized. She knew she likely wouldn't be after all. "We met a few times last year. Hulk at the Nightshade. Loki in Times Square. Ragnarok. And I'm told you were at Stephen Strange's home when I was a car-sized glowing peach pit." She offers her hand in greeting, then shrugs the handshake. "Didn't mean to interrupt whatever you've got going. Was just wandering about." At handshake distance, it's not hard to notice that while her mouth is moving the voice is more of a projection from her body.

The more she thought about it, the more it was an entertaining idea, raiding Tony's liqour cabinet. Her step picks up a little bounce and her gloomy mood starts to settle into something a little less apathetic. She starts to head for the mansion, taking the walker from the Upper East Side into the correct 'neighborhood', where she's only a little farther from running into MIke and Ember.

"Car sized, glowing…" Mike's brow furrows as he processes the information, "You were in that thing?" The head tilts as he considers this information. "I wasn't down there long, just long enough to help Loki get his memories back." He pauses, "How long were you in that thing."

Ember's expression shifts to one of moderate surprise at the mention of Loki memories. "So I wasn't the only person he did that to? That's something of a relief. He passed out after I… well, 'hatched' doesn't feel like the greatest word to describe it, but it's accurate enough. Took back what he'd snuck into me and keeled over. Never got a chance to talk to him about what it was all about." She catches herself and answers the question Mike asked with a bit of a shrug. "Um… I came out of it about a week after the Jormungand battle."

Adrea walks along the road to find Ember and Mike, nodding to Mike as she starts to walk up to them. She starts to hear the content of the conversation and starts to wonder if she shouldn't cross the street and go around. But she keeps going and nods to Ember and then Mike, "Evening Mike. Miss." she says, "I was just heading to the mansion, but I saw you and thought I'd say hi." she says. "I didn't want to but in though, so have a good night you two…"

"Ah." Mike grows quiet, still trying to place Ember before Adrea makes her presence known. He turns to look to her, giving a slight nod as she goes into how she doesn't want to say 'hi' to them. A brow raises at the statement. "…Yeah. Good night."

Ember chuckles softly, "Don't worry about not remembering me as anything but a glowy cocoon. Other than a quick coffee after Loki's drunken Times Square hijacking, we never really spent much time where one or both of us wasn't all secret identity in some way." She drops her gaze a bit as Adrea comes by and gives a drive-by greeting of sorts, offering a brief head-nod in response since she doens't know who this is.

Mike nods, giving an apologetic smile, "Sorry anyways. It's been a crazy year."

Ember's laugh is brief but honest. "Yeah. Yeah it has." She shrugs again and steps back a bit to indicate that she's not wanting to be in the way if he's got somewhere else to be. "Guess going from music to superheroing was part of the crazy for you." She frowns a bit as she thinks of something, then just decides it can't hurt to ask. "I don't suppose you know someone by the name of Cara? Cara Richardson? She moved out from our boarding school while I was doing my disco ball impression and I heard she might have looked up folks here."

More of the movies and music touring." Mike responds, pausing. "Preggers Cara?"

That certainly catches Ember off guard. "Um… not the last time I saw her. But it has been a while." She holds her hand up about Cara's height. "About so tall, redhead, kinda redish gold eyes, artist?"

"Good with Glass?"

"Yeah, that sounds like her." Ember nods at the mention of glass, which she didn't bring up because… well, it's kind of a thing at the Institute that you don't talk about the Institute. She shakes her head slightly at the news she's just been given. "She's having a kid, then? Huh. I wonder if…" She doesn't finish that thought out loud, since her thought about who the father might be is probably way off. Instead she makes a gesture as if to take out something to write a note with, but catches herself as she remembers she doesn't have anything like that anymore. "Um, could I ask you to pass on that I'd like to get in touch with her? She knows my number back at the school. At least I hope she remmebers."

The circumstances are special." Mike adds in quickly, giving a nod. "So you want me to tell Cara that you want to call her. Ember, right?"

Ember nods quickly. "That's right. Since we were neighbors at the school I never bothered to get her phone number, though." She shrugs and doesn't push on the 'special circumstances' thing. That's phrase carries all the hallmarks of a 'not in public' conversation. "Thank you for that. I won't keep you from your evening any longer." She offers a small smile and takes a step back to disengage politely.

"Right…" Mike nods, allowing for Ember to break away as he gives a wave of farewell to her. Once she's far enough away he turns to head towards Dominos, repeating three words quietly. "fire and glass… fire and glass…"


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