2015-03-28 Two of a Kind
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Players: Rogue Drake Cuckoos Killian
GMed by Rogue
Title: Two of a Kind

[*Rec Room*]

The Recreation Room has just about anything and everything a student could want to unwind after a long day of classes. Video game consoles with a massive library of games, a monolithic CD and DVD collection… big screen TVs, projection TVs, couches, chairs, beanbags in all colors… it's comfortable and a great place to relax. A curved mahogany bar curls around one corner, where a full self-service soda fountain can be found as well as refrigerators with numerous cold drinks (No alcohol!). Snacks are abundant, as is space- the room is able to hold a couple of dozen students without becomming crowded.

Players:underline text
The Cuckoos

— Rogue and Drake Arrive at a scene in-progress —

Killian is really confused now, "You like it when people don't like you?", as someone with a severe inferiority complex thats seems stranger that the school full of mutants, "But my powers can hurt people, so using them would be put under the heading of bad thing right?", he doesn't mention the part where using his powers makes him feel great and want to use them more.

Phoebe moves, getting up from being 'behind' Esme and then sits down on the corner of the table, crossing her legs so she can look and talk with Killian too about his powers. "You are looking at it the wrong way. You don't have bad powers, no one has 'bad' powers. That's what normals want you to think. What you have is amazing gifts. Figuring that out, and how you can use them to your advantage is what this school is all about." She smirks, and Esme offers, "Well, not exactly, but yes. I mean, when someone is looking at me and thinking, Gosh I hate her cause she's so gorgeous. That means, what? That I'm bad cause I'm so damn hot?" She shakes her head, "No, it means they have some kind of problem, and I'm so good at being good looking that I'm essentially pointing out their weaknesses while they are pointing out my strengths. Relish in your strengths." She states as her bit of wisdom.

Marie stepped into the roc room with her hands stuffed into the pockets of her leather trenchcoat, she'd just come in from outside and was walking at a casual pace toward the kitchenette area in the rec room. Her eyes scanned the room to see who else was present, she saw soem of the usual faces of the students, smiled at those that made eye contact with her. The combat instructor, Rogue, stepped up to the fridge and pulled it open to look inside. She reached in to grab at something…

Drake has been having a pretty nice couple of days for a variety of reasons the gaggle of Cuckoos have almost certainly picked up on. But for now, he's up for a little R'n'R, following an intensive workout and shower. Hair still shiny from the shower, Drake breezes into the rec room with his mind initially set on the large television, only to spot a few of the Cuckoos already present.
He'd actually started to get used to seeing only one of them at a time, so it earns a blink. Their proximity to Killian, someone he isn't very familiar with, gets another.
Marie rooting through the fridge is taken in as well.
To Killian, "Gentledude."

Killian frowns, "Normals?", he's yet to hear the term before and while he can easily figure what it means it doesn't really sit right with him, his parents, brothers and twin are all normal, the term 'normals' comes across as both kind of degrading and seperating. Before he can respond to Esme's wisdom the new people enter the room and he looks round returning the 'Gentledude' greeting with a nod.
When Marie enters the room, Esme and Phoebe both stop talking. They stare at the woman for
a bit, eyeing over at her, watching her go to the fridge, watching her pull things out watching her creepily, like one of those statues but there's two of them and they are both coming in from two different angles. Then they look over to Drake, and give him a bit of a stare. "Celeste isn't here." Esme comments, to make sure its clear that neither of them are that sister, "But, Hello." And they then speak to Killian again, "She's the teacher we were talking about. I'm sure she'd help you figure things out. Same kind of problems. Other professors would try and help, but not with as much zeal." They try and be quiet about what they are saying, but don't go so overboard as to be conspiciously whispering.

Marie snags a bottle of sweet-tea out of the fridge finally and she shuts the door again. She moves over to the sink set into the counters and she flips the faucet on for a moment but her back is to the rest of the room, the water quietly splashes about for a few seconds before she shuts the stream off and turns around… She leans back against the counter and pops the bottle open, lifting it up to her lips with her right hand, which she'd pull the glove off of for the time being. She took a drink from the tea and then took note of Drake having walked into the room. She waved at him with her gloved left hand and offered a smile for the student.

It seems the television's free!
Drake takes the opportunity to scurry over to it and filches the remote. The Cuckoos already confirmed that Celeste wasn't present. The other guy's occupied with… whatever they've been telling him; it's probably dicy information. The thought merits a little grin. He knows they heard that.

Leaning back in the couch, he glances to the two blondes with a wry smile. At least they told him to talk to Marie. Marie's good people, from what he's heard. Speaking of: "Marie~! They're talking about you~!," he calls, as if tattling. He's positive she overheard it.

Killian looks over to Marie as he's told that she's the Rogue they were talking about, "She doesn't look old enough to be a teacher", he looks away as Drake helpfully draws attention to the fact that they'retalking about her, though he did take note that she wears gloves too.

Almost all of Marie was hidden behind clothing and the leather of that longcoat with a black, deep, hood that was laid back currently off of her mane of brown and white hair. She clutched that cold bottle of tea in the one bare hand and moved her eyes from the 'tattling' Drake to the table where the Cuckooo girls sat, seeing them made her not surprised that someone was 'talking about her' but thsn she saw Killian. Rogue's free hand, that was still gloved, then offered a wave to Killian and the Cuckoo girls. "Ya'll need anything?" She asked them from several feet away where she leaned on the counter in the kitchen area.

There's grimacing, from both of the Cuckoos present toward Drake at his thoughts, and then at his words, "Seriously? Cause we're twelve now?" They look over at Drake, speaking in sync before Phoebe moves back to sit on the same cushion as Esme, so they are both back on the couch. And Phoebe folds her arms, Esme snatches up one of the few remaining piecs of pizza and she says, "Doesn't look old enough?" Then they quiet down as Marie makes her approach, and they smile up at her, "She's seasoned. We were just talking to Killian about the unfortunate side effects of his amazing gifts." They look between one another, and then back to Marie with a more sympathetic facial expression, "He can't touch anything, or anyone, and we thought you might be able to help him, with coming to terms with that idea? You know, we are trying to be friendly to the new students, and all." They nod to one another, sympathetic looking still, and then back to Killian with a soft saddened expression, "She'd understand the best."

Drake only laughs in a delighted, musical way when they fuss at him. It's become kind'a fun, playing with the Cuckoos. He's never interacted with them as a multiple the same way twice. Today, apparently, he's going to push their buttons a little. Maybe he's a little more confident in who he is, and who they are. It's hard to say - he's not entirely sure, himself. All he knows right now is that he's in a good mood.

Though this bit of information merits a genuinely curious look to Killian. "What's your schtick, then? Why can't you touch stuff?" It's a blunt question, but he wasn't sure how else to word it. Besides, he might appreciate the bandaid-rip approach.

Killian turns a little red as is issue is very quickly broached, "Oh errm, if I touch someone I kind of start sucking the life out of them, apparently thats what I do, absorb stuff…", he returns Marie's wave with his own gloved hand, he himself is completely covered save his head, "Phoebe and Esme said you had a similar problem that i have?"

Rogue's eyes fall onto Killian and she stares silently at the young boy from where she leans in the kitchen. "Is that right?" She finally says, lifting her bottle up for another small sip from it. She does't look distrubed by this news, more-so just… unsure of what to do with it. She starts to walk toward where he sits then, glancing toward the Cuckos and Drake for just a moment before she eyes Killian. "Had a rough go of it since finding this out, huh?" She asks him, pausing her steps ner a sofa chair that is not far from where Killian is. She sits down on the arm of the chair.

Esme and Phoebe look back to Drake and they shake their heads in reverse mirroring, so both are out then both in, and they sigh, "You really have the social graces of an ape." They state and then more sweetly turn their voices in the direction of Marie and Killian, "We understand it's different, for everyone, but we suggested to talk with you since you most closely resemble the same issues. Like, if Drake, here needed help, we'd suggest a dumpster or a brick wall, because they most closely resemble him." And then look at Drake before turning to look back at Killian. Esme speaks up only and smiles, "Is it cool if I take your last piece of pizza?"
Suffice it to say, she's already reaching for it.

"And if these two needed help, they call up George Lucas for Jar Jar's contact info," chimes Drake with a saccharine smile.
And while he's verbally jabbing at the Cuckoos, they're sure to detect no real venom in his psyche. He's just playing. Whether or not they suffer his teasing is another matter altogether.
But after the delivery, for better or worse, he turns on the television. "For what it's worth, dude?," he mentions aside, "That sounds like a really handy ability in some cases. Like, /really/ useful. That's not to say the complications that come with it don't suck…"

Killian shrugs, "I'm still kind of processing it, on the one hand even touching someone with the gloves on freaks me out in case somehow I make skin contact, on the other hand I'm trying not to think of the fact that I might not be able to properly touch someone ever again", without looking Killian just nods signaling that Esme can take the pizza, even though she pretty much already had. "Yeah it could be handy but putting eveyone you touch into a coma, not great for the guilt".

Rogue hears the Cuckos shot at Drake and vice versa, she smirks at the set of them and then her eyes go back to Killian to listen to him. She bobs her head softly a single time to his words. "Its no easy thing to do with, and to be honest with you, bud… it never gets any easier." Her eyes look at his hands and she nods toward them. "You got the basics down though, I see, so thats good." She steps up from the arm of the chair and walks toward him. Her free hand fishes around in her coat pocket and she pulls out a wad of black material. "Here, take these." She drops them on the table in front of him. "They're sensory gloves, Professor McCoy made them for me." They look almost like weight lifting gloves with wrist-securing straps. "Not that you need to, but you could actually read braille with these things on. And… they adjust to temperature, with summer coming up you don't want to be wearing winter gloves all day long, trust me on that."

The two blondes look between the people present and then they begin to stand up, "We were suggesting that there might be someone on the grounds who could help figure out whether or not its a mental control thing, or if like you, its just sort of involuntary completely?" They then look around agian, "But we're late for class, and we should get going." Phoebe shoots the TV one last glance, before Esme and her decide to start leaving, waving, "Was nice to meet you Killian. Remember, Esme, and Phoebe." They point each other out saying each other's name, "If you get it wrong, we can't be friends." They say it in a serious tone, and don't laugh, leaving it hanging in the air that they aren't joking.

Killian flashes Marie a smile before swaping his gloves for the ones she just gave him, "That feels a lot better", wiggling his fingers he looks back up at Rogue, "Sure I'm ok to have these?", seems like some specialist equipment to him. He does a 'cross my heart' motion to the two Cuckoos, "Won't forget it", he has picked up a few difference between the two after all and he is a twin himself. He looks over at Drake, "You seem to know them well enough, what's their power, they avoided the question and got me distracted".

"Runnin their mouths." Marie replies to the question about the girls' powers. She flashes a grin then and nods to Killian. "Its fine, I got like eight pairs of them. Just remember though, if you pick up something cold the gloves will get cold… hot? They get hot. So don't go pulling pans out of ovens with them things on." Her eyes went back over to Drake who was as relaxed and lazy-in-it as a person can be while flipping tv channels. She shook her head a bit at him then looked again at Killian. "The Cuckos aren't wrong though… You can be tested here to try to get further information on your Effects. But its optional… and I'm sure Professor Xavier has already gone over this with you." She showed him a warm smile. "And if you ever need to talk about it, just track me down."

Killian smiles, "Yeah it was all explained to me, I was shown that place downstairs that they called the Danger Room, they said it's for a team practice thing, which actually sounds kind of cool, I used to be on a few teams back home, I miss it", he frowns mostly at himself for a second, "Sorry i didn't actually introduce myself, my folks taught me better than that. I'm Killian Rosen, and as far as the whole codename thing, I go by Impulse".

Marie nodded to his introduction. "I read all the updates about incomng students. But yeah, its nice to meet you Killian, I wasn't aware of our similarities until now… and I guess you already know my name." She nods her head once then and reaches her free hand up to push soem of her hair back behind her ear. "You're a tad young for some of our advanced team training, but we can definitely get you into some of the scrums down there to keep you entertained, if thats what you like to do. Logan and I run the majority of the fighting classes, but he's… on-leave for now." Logan has been MIA for quite some time and rumor around the school is nobody knows where he is. "But yeah, you'd fit in in the Gauntlet runs, I think, you'll have to come watch one and see how you feel about it." She flashed another smile then.

Drake ends his channel-surfing on professional wrestling. Good ol' WWE. The remote is set on his lap, and he looks towards the other two. "Oh, they got you a name already? You're in the…" He's still hesitant to out the secret group's existence. So the question will have to remain implied. "As for the blondes, they're mindreaders. They do some other things, but that's really all you've gotta worry about. That'n, like Marie said, running their mouths."
"A few other students I met have chosen codenames and told me I should choose one, I went with Impulse because I got called it back home, I had something of a reputaion back home",
Killian nods to Marie, "Yeah I know who you are, and thanks for the offer, I can't really do the contact sports I used to do for obvious reasons, so even something small would be great". "I'm in the what?", he sighs when he finds out the girls' power, "Man am I stupid, thats how they kept guessing all that stuff".

Marie smiled again and started to walk back to the kitchenette area. "Yeah, don't let those girls mess with you. Let one of us know if they use their powers on you. They're more than a little too… willing… to do that to other students, and it ain't right." She tells him as steps over to the counter to set her bottle of tea down. She pulls a drawer open and grabs one of the botlte covers out of it to put the tea inside of it, then she slips her glove back onto her right hand. "Impulse is a good name too. Wear it with pride, whenever you want to."

Drake grins. "Except in public. People freak when you're a Mutant and calling yourself something different." His vibrant emerald eyes shift back to the television. "Don't worry about it," he notes passively, unwilling to explain. Yep. No drawing more attention to the New Mutants. But as for the Cuckoos: "They thrive on screwing with people. Be advised!"
"I thought we weren't supposed to use our powers on each other?", Killian thought the two girls were nice, well Esme more than Phoebe, if a little bit full of themselves. He nods to Drake, "Yeah I'm aware how some people react to mutants", he's still healing from his run-in in New York, "Mind if I ask what you do Drake?"

Marie picks her bottle of tea up again and turns toward the exit of the rec room. "Drake? Why he's a pro-tour-surfer dude." She says with a grin shot toward Drake then. She starts to walk for the doorway. "Ya'll need anything, I'll be in the garage." She was going down there to smoke, thats where she always went to smoke… near one of the open garages on a bench that was down there outside. Not a lot of students ever went around there though, probably why she went there.

Drake rolls his head back to regard Marie upside-down from the back of the couch. "I'm on hiatus from that! Until we hit Cali', that is~!," he calls. "And you're coming back, right? Smash Bros. has eight players now!"
Naturally she's being wrangled into gaming. If Marie thought she'd be getting away from socializing with him, she'd be in for a surprise. He's determined to not let her go through her days feeling lonely.
"Seriously though," he says, looking to Killian, "I'm a living conduit of electricity. A generator. A siphon."

Killian waves as Marie heads off for a smoke, "Thanks for the gloves and the advice", he feels like he's been pulled out of his pit of self-pity a little and his hands feel a lot better. "You're a surfer? I gave it a go a while back on vacation, managed to knock myself out and nearly drown, yeah I wasn't allowed to surf after that…". "Wow, your powers actually do sound usefull, no worries about losing phone charge huh?"

Marie has left.

- END -

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