2015-03-29 Contracts
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Fury Natasha Tess Wade
GMed by Fury
Title: Contracts

[*Public Conference Room*]

The Conference Room is large. The long table that dominates its middle holds a total of 20 seats to accomodate a decent sized public forum. There are additional seats off to the side of the room at smaller tables meant for overflow. Dominating the wall at one end is a large screen built into the wall, though the other walls are mostly unadorned save a single window to the outside. Screens are inset at each seat under the glass on the table with holographic controls for interaction that will appear at touch.

The room can be shut down with heavy steel reinforcements in place within the walls that can slide over the exits and window. This will cut off the room from all communication, providing a completely secure environment. This feature is only used as absolutely necessary.

Nick Fury

Ah yes, the conference room used for many different uses. There is a screen set up for others to see and Fury sits looking at his laptop at the table. He clicks a few buttons before checking the time expecting one or two people to join him in here.

Natasha steps intothe conference room, she's wearing a white blouse and a black skirt. Her red hair is done up in a bun on the back of her head and she's carrying a closed laptop in her right arm held up against her stomach. She walks toward the table silently and pulls a chair at the end corner out. Setting her laptop down, the woman smoothes her skirt and sits down in the chair then. She reached out to take a pitcher off of the center tray in the table and uses it to pour herself a glass of water.

Tess doesn't know what to expect, so she takes an 'unmarked' version of her Police Interceptor, decked out in black with the lights hidden behind the rear-view mirror and under the grill next to the intercooler. After she finishes parking the car in front of the mansion, she makes her way up the steps into the Mansion and directly for the conference room.
Today she wears a mix of business casual clothing that suits more modern tastes, to include a skirt, blouse and jacket. She smoothes her skirt, and takes a moment toa djust her clothing before entering the conference room. "Director Fury, Ms. Vale reporting as ordered." She nods to Natasha, "Miss Romanoff." she says in polite greeting.

Click..Click..Click.."Damn it!" Fury slams a hand on the table with an exaggerated sigh. closing it there might be no telling what he was doing. Could have been he just lost a game of some kind. "Agent Romanoff. Agent Hale." he calls Tess by the wrong name. "Please both of you sit down. Agent Wilson will be joining us later and whoever else decides to show up."

Natasha looked over to the door when Tess entered and she offered the individual a small smile. Her eyes went back then to her laptop and she opened the lid on it and it activated. Her eyes went up to Fury as she heard his displeasure, but she didn't see any reason to inquire as to the nature of it. "I have a bottle of headache medicine, sir. Should you wish to prepare for that eventual arrival." She said with a very dry tone of voice.

Tess offers Natasha a nod and a smile, almost shy in nature. She looks to Fury, but blinks softly as he calls her the wrong name, "Miss, Vale. Director Fury." She says clearly. She nods to Fury, "Shall I sit down, Director?" she asks.

"Thank you, Romanoff. A few of those and some water would be great." Fury tells her before glancing over to Tess now. "Did I mumble before? Sit down." he kicks a chair out for her with his foot. "Romanoff, I need coffee. There any coffee around this place?"

Natasha reaches into the side pocket on her laptops container and she pulls out a small white bottle. She pops the cap on it and tips two small pills into her hand. She places them on a napkin from the table's tray and she pushes it and the glass of water she'd poured over to where she assumes he would sit, being the head of the table. "Coffee? Yes, I'll go get it. Ms Vale? Would you like some?" She stands up from her chair and looks to Tess…

Tess nods to Fury, and 'catches' the offered chair, sitting down obediently. She looks between Romanoff and Fury for a moment, placing her hands in her lap and waiting for someone to request something of her. She looks to Natasha, thinking about it, "I would like some, yes please."

Picking up the two pills they are put into his mouth and then swallowed without the water. Nick then picks up the glass drinking some of the water before setting it down. "So, Miss Hale, how are things going for you? Any information you need to report on?"

Natasha smiled softly at Tess' response and then she steps into the Director's office through the side door, off to retrieve the drinks…

"Vale, sir." Tess says to Fury, meeting his gaze eye-to-eye. She nods softly, "Agent Vorhes has agreed to be my Supervisory Agent, and the lethal weapon's authorization for my project should delegate down to her from Agent Hill." she says curtly. "Otherwise, Agent Vorhes should be a capable SA and has already proposed several improvements to the project's system architecture."

"Vale.. Hale.. Shell.." Fury grumbles as she corrects him. Though he does listen as she speaks. "Good for Voories. Now what have you been doing?" he asks.

Tess listens to Fury for a few moments, not showing any irritation as he verbally brushes aside her correction. She nods, "I've been utilizing my assets to assist local law enforcement. I've infiltrated thier computerized dispatch, so they're a little mystified, but they've accepted my assistance without complaint - and several criminals have been admitted into the justice system with sufficient evidence to convict - I did remember to read them thier rights."

Nick Fury nods his head, "The local authorities can be rather stupid. They are blind to what is going on in front of their faces. From those mutants to Stark doing his endless experiments." a hand rubs at his forehead. "Might be good we have you in there to keep tabs and if any of them start growing a brain. Some things they don't need to know about." after a moment he stares off at a door, "ROMANOFF! DID YOU GO TO COLUMBIA FOR THAT COFFEE?????"

Natasha steps back into the room through the Director's Office doorway and she's holding a black tray with a coffee pot and four glasses. She steps up to the table and sets it in front of the chair beside where she sat. She picks up two of the cups and takes one to the Director… She smiles at him very sweetly. "Fresh from Columbia, indeed, sir."

Tess nods, "Nevertheless director, I've inserted my vehicle and myself as an agent into the dispatch system so that legalities can take thier course. I've used my Reaper to keep a watch over a larger area of the city and dispatched vehicles myself - staying under the radar or requesting the appropriate flight plans as necessary. They think I'm a Cessna."
She winces when Fury yells, but looks to Natasha, almost relieved, when she comes in.

Nick Fury drums his fingers on the table as the coffee finally arrives. "Amusing." he tells her stiffly now lifting the cup up rather happy to have the liquid inside. "They think you are Celestial?" he gances at Tess.

Natasha steps around the Director's chair and carries a cup over to Tess. She offers the woman her cup of coffee then.

Almost as if it was overdue, the door opens slowly and Wade Wilson slips through. He has a couple of parcels in hand. Some appear to be from an Italian bakery. He doesn't seem to be aware that others are in the room as he goes to take a seat to sort through his haul. He perks up as he hears Fury speak. 'Oh #####. Him again? He totally killed my relationship that I have been trying too hard to not kill. Who does he think he is after all?' He hides behind a magazine he bought with him. Science Weekly. 'Maybe he won't even notice us…'

Tess looks up at Natasha, "Thank you, Miss Romanoff." She says, preferring the 'miss' appelation to 'Agent' in person. She takes the cup off coffee graciously, meeting Natasha's gaze before looking back to Nick Fury. "Negative sir, they think I am a series of different airplanes and models made by the civilian retailer Cessna, who sells everything from small fixed wing propeller drive models to the Cessna Citation, a more economical Learjet type model."

"They think you are a plane? That is like me thinking Romanoff is Stark's personal secretary." Fury says trying to understand his really. "How can you be a plane, Hale?" setting his cup of coffee down. With a foot he kicks out an empty chair towards Wade when he finally arrives. With a hand he points at him and then to the chair in a silent 'SIT DOWN' type gesture.

Natasha gave a smile to Tess and then stepped around where she sat. She walked past Wade when he tried to sneak into the room and she gave him a soft smile as well before proceeding back to her own chair at the table where her laptop was. She moved around her chair and lowered down into it.

"To be fair, sir. I am flying around an MQ-9 Reaper in thier airspace, which is an airplane, as well as driving a Police Interceptor within thier jurisdiction, pretending to be one of the." she says after carefully considering her words. She sips her coffee, quietly listening to Wade enter.

With the sound of the chair being kicked out, Wade perks up even more so. He sees the seriousness of Nick's gesture and he reluctantly gets up to move over to the grouping. He remains quiet though. He tries his best to make zero noise as he opens up one of the parcels and shields it from the rest of the SHIELDs… 'Heh, see what I did there?'

He fakes a smile to Natasha. Not because he does not want to see her but he does not want to be in trouble with Nick. He eyes Tess. 'She's no Bea Arthur. So she's safe from my Wade Wilson charm.'

All the agents are constantly being tested by him. Fury sips at his coffee, "Good job then, Hale." and another thing he will call them by any name that he so chooses. Now his attention turns to Wade whom he stares at watching his every move perhaps trying to figure out what he is doing. This is like trying to solve a rubix cube.

Natasha's hands end up on the keyboard of her laptop and she quietly keys a few things before she reaches over to a folder beside her computer. She otherwise remains quiet and going about her own little work and its unclear as to wehther she's listening closely or not.

Tess 'Hale' quietly ponders the security level of the other agents in the room, and after a moment's consideration, just decides to look it up in the database so she can find out whether they're authorized to know anymore about her own project. She nods to Nick Fury curtly, "Thank you, Director." she says formally. She sips her coffee, becoming silent.

Wade seems to be very devious as he positions the box lid more so to hide what he is doing. As he moves his arms back and forth, he seems to have a plan. He reaches down into another box and pulls out a knife. A clean knife, but a knife still. He holds the knife up into the air, visible to anyone looking. He studies it for a moment, letting the light hit the right angles to see if it was sharp or not. Grinning, he brings the knife down to whatever is inside his box and begins to quickly act…

Nick Fury watches Wade still and as he brings out the knife he squints his eye. A hand slips inside of his coat grabbing perhaps his gun just in case this turns ugly. Though as the man is working on the box he pulls out his own hand clicking a pen to write on some papers. A paper is pushed towards Wade and another towards Tess, "Your contracts. Read and sign. Then hand them to Agent Romanoff to sign as a witness." clicking his pen he slides it away.

Natasha reached over to the tray with the coffee pot on it and she picked up her own cup that was resting there. She turned the cup to take hold of it by the handle and she lifted it up to her lips, the cup had a picture of two palm trees and little black print that read 'Le Meridien Hotel Tahiti' on it. Her eyes remained on her laptop as she lowered the cup back down to the table's surface.

Tess blinks softly, peering at the contract for a long moment as if it's a foreign object to her. She reads it, and reads it again, specifically looking for anything that would point out her 'differences' with regard to other agents, declare any individual rights for her, or anything of that nature. She sips her coffee as a delaying measure, quietly thinking over the context of the contract. She takes a deep breath, and elects to sign the contract, quietly sliding it over to Natasha.

Wade produces a couple of plates with authentic New York style cheese cake with plastic forks on the plates. "Ta-dah." Wade tries to smile at Nick. "Sir, I am sorry I was a jerk off the other night when you unintentionally crashed what I was hoping to be a good night, Sir. I believe I have started things off on the wrong foot so I wanted to make amends. Doctor Pym said that the best way to a man's heart is through the Superior Vena Cava… or with food. And who can resist cheesecake? Unless you are on a diet, I cannot see you resisting something so delicious and creamy and wonderful." He clutches his hands after putting the plates carefully down on the table. "So can we be friends again? And I don't mean just Facebook friends. I mean… you can call me 'Wade' and I can you 'Director.' That kind of friendship."

Ironically, he doesn't sign the contract easily. "If I may… Can I consult with Lucy about this contract as me being here depends on her wanting to be able to tolerat me? I want her to be free of blame for whatever bad consequences are the direct result of whatever I did. And believe me, I @#$ things up even when I am trying to be good. But I've been trying to be really good lately."

Nick Fury sits back as the cheesecake is shown and he rather wonders what this man is getting at.. "Two people talking through phones does not make a date or whatever you expected it to be. This contract has no barings on whether or not Lucy can tolerate you. The only one you need to worry about that regard is me, AGENT WILSON. Now if you want to be paid for anything you do here then you will sign the damn thing or your pay will be given to charity. Perhaps save the whales or I'll give it to Agent Hale to upgrade her flying machine." leaning forward both hands rest on the table. "I am not on this book of faces or the space thing. I don't tweet with the birds either. You can call me Director like everyone else does but I'll call you Wade or Agent Wilson or even hey you get the hell over here. NOW SIGN THE DAMN CONTRACT BEFORE I CUT YOU OPEN AND USE YOUR BLOOD ON IT!"

"Stricly speaking, Director, I'm not sure that would be legally binding to Mr. Wilson."

Natasha's left hand rises up off of the table as the contract from Tess slides over to her. She picks it up and places it in front of her ontop of a folder she had at her spot on the table. She clicks the back of a pen and initials on the witness line. The contract is then slipped into the same folder and she looks up toward where Wade was seated.

Tess isn't sure she should have said what she said, but she's used to thinking of herself as an assistant. As soon as she says it, she thinks that perhaps, Fury already knew what she said. She has signed her own contract, so folds her hands in her laps and sits quietly, bracing to be the next one to be yelled at.

"Last time I signed a contract without reading all the details… it was for an organization that was black ops. Kind of related to SHIELD. It was called Weapon X and I think you know more than I do about what happened to me there," says Wade as he starts to scribble something on the contract. "You know, I wanted to make this work. I really wanted to. I wanted to be a good guy for once and Doctor Pym has been trying to restore me to look like a normal human being instead of being a monster. It's funny that when I am becoming a human again, I notice that almost everyone else is the monster." Wade scribbles 'I'm Done Here' on the contract and hands it to Natasha. "I'll get my shit and leave. I get it. I'm a joke and a freak and I don't understand what all the big mumbo jumbo words are that I'm signing up for. I'm not as smart as this girl here who can read the document in a flash." He gestures to Tess.
"But I thought I was trying to be someone who was more than a merc with a mouth. I'm sorry if I'm not perfect but I don't need to be perfect. I need to be just be someone who is willing to do the right thing for the right reasons. If you noticed, I never cashed a paycheck yet for the two years I've gladly served with SHIELD. Except for Agent Preston, no SHIELD agent has died on a mission I've been on. I've made sure to protect the people I am serving with. And even though Preston is not my fault and she's back as a LMD… I still hold myself responsible for her death. But if just because I can't read and understand what I am signing is an issue for you, call me Hugh Heffner because I got tons of issues."
"'Widow, if you or the Avengers ever need any help, I'm glad to help you 'pro boner' because it's been real." Wade carefully leaves the knife on the table to show he's not going to attack anyone.
Or that's at least what Wade thinks he was doing as he signs the paperwork and hands it to Natasha while blowing a fake kiss to Fury.

Natasha looks down at the paper as it slides over to her. She picks it up just like she did with Tess' and she signs it ontop of the folder and slips it in with the others. "Thank you, Agent Wilson." She says, looking over at him with a pleasant smile.

If they could read his thoughts right now. Basically they consist of just blowing up this damn mansion right now but silently he sips his coffee. Taking out another contract he signs it himself pushing it towards Natasha as well. "There that is all the paperwork needed. That was for our insurance purposes." he tells them, "Thank you." who knew a sip of coffee could make all the difference in his mood. Setting the cup down he picks up the plate of cheesecake to take a bite. "Now this is good."

Tess nods softly to Director Fury, squaring her shoulders and sitting up straight. "Will that be all sir? Mr. Wilson was going to show me how to play Call of Duty on one of Mr. Stark's large televisions."

"Hell yeah, that's the best cheesecake I can find on this part of the world!" says Wade as he smiles. Then Wade notices that he had actually signed the paperwork and Natasha finished it. He shrugs and smiles. "So, Director Fury, can I ask a question?" Wade then blurts it out anyway, without giving anyone a chance to answer his question, "Can I order a pizza for us now that we're BFFs again?"

Tess said something about the TV?! He pauses and looks at Natasha, getting ready to make a joke about how she's Stark's 'Call of Booty' but then he resists, "I can surely teach you, Padawan." He then things for a moment that Fury is behind this. "Thank you for letting me be a mentor, Sir."

Nick Fury smirks rather amused now at the pair, "Sure order pizza and play your games." he tells them. "Thanks for coming." he opens up his laptop typing in his password.

Wade puts his right hand out to shake Nick's hand. "I promise to be a better Deadpool than ever before. I will be a /superior/ Deadpool. No more craptastic winging it. I will make sure no one gets injured as long as I can help it. I will need coaching though." He smiles, "And when I'm a pain in the ass, feel free to call it. I will do the same." He pulls out his phone to order the pizza. "By the way, who is this Agent that I am training with video games? I don't exactly remember."

Tess stands up slowly. As Wade seems nearsighted and inobservant enough to forget that she's standing right there, she starts making her way for the exist.
Tess stands up slowly. As Wade seems nearsighted and inobservant enough to forget that she's standing right there, she starts making her way for the exit. "Do have a nice day, Director."

- END -

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