2015-03-29 Nefja Falling
This scene is rated PG-13
Warning: Awkward landing
Players: Nefja, Iron-Man , Loki ,
GMed by n/A
Title: Nefja Falling

The life on Times Square was busy as usual. People walking, yellowcabs pulling to the side to pick people up and let them out, Tourists taking photos, all being just the normal day to day life on one of the most busy places in the world.
Noise lay all over the place, but suddenly it seemed like a hum lay under it, and if someone would evaluate te energy-readings on the place, he would see them increasing rapidly. And oddly, in all th chaos of Times Square, people started to avoid an area about 10 yards in diameter…

"Obviously I am not in my office." Tony says talking on the phone as he walks, "I'm walking the streets well the sidewalks of the city." he notices someting odd as people are avoiding one area. "Just tell him that I'm out of the office but I am interested in the car. Cut him the check and have Happy put it in my personal garage." stopping he begins to look around, "Just get it done." he presses the end button tucking it away.

The floor in the circle is not at all odd yet, but as the readings go higher, a shimmering line starts to draw on the floor, forming a thin circle, then another one two inches more to the outside. A third one, then a quartet of glowing lines starts to grow a tiny bit away from the rings. With each second and minute they grew, starting to shape knotwork in the shimmering rainbow colors.

Looking around the area Tony watches as the rainbow forms in the circle. "What next? Perhaps lucky charms. I surely don't see a pot of gold." he mentions. Noticing that he is standing there a few of the crowd claps seeming to think this is a Stark trick of some kind.

The pattern evolves, the knotwork becoming more elaborate, destinctively viking, as it grows outwards. After about two feet of interlocking lines, a framing circle follows and then, after another thin gap, a second set of knotwork starts to form.

Tony continues to watch as this seems endless. "Didn't Pointbreak mention this happens when his rainbow bridge spits or something." he tries to remember for sure.

The speed of the growth increases, spanning two yards quickly, then in only a few seconds the third. As it further accelerated, almost the whole area that has been avoided by the passerbys was covered by the pulsing lines.

Tony continues to watch as it expands, "My Little Pony… My Little Pony…." he signs lightly perhaps waiting for ponies or something to come running down.

Instead of ponies it is a pillar of light that emerges though, reaching up to the sky. Accompanied by it is a loud, almost nauseating sound. One heartbeat, another… but then, seemingly too soon for people knowing the rainbow bridge, the light ends abruptly, vanishing just like the patter that had looked like etched with light moments ago. Nothing had come…
Sneaking upon the rainbow bridge when Heimdall is not locking was not one of Nefja's wisest ideas, especially when you step upon it just moments before he reenters. It had taken her too much time to establish the link here, and then she had hesitated… So instead of getting safely dropped at the end of the Rainbow, Nefja ended like fourty feet in the air when Heimdall deactivated the bridge. "WHAAAA!"

Suddenly someone is dropping out of the sky as the rainbow vanishes. Tony looks around as everyone else just points and stares. "Really?" he questions now running out to the middle of the markings left holding out his arms to attempt to catch whoever this is falling from heaven.

The targeting for the center is somewhat off as Nefja falls, trying her best to keep the dress pulled together and decent as the wind passes her. The blue eyes dart over the place where she is about to land, eventually realizing that someone is about to catch her, the mouth still screaming. Her figure might look like 130 lbs… but she was Asgardian, and thus like four times that…

Tony continues to hold out his arms to try to catch when she reaches him. In three. two.. one… SPLAT! He falls backwards catching her but being knocked back like she is a boulder or something.

When 500 pounds of Asgardian hit a Tony and the street from fourty feet, that is going to leave an indention. Maybe not in tony, as Nefja managed to get her heels onto the floor, but the cement floor cracks on the impact. Seconds pass, in which the people stare, the dress on the woman in disarray, and poor Tony's head was all hidden under the dress.

Tony could have controlled this better if he was in his suit. Laying on the ground partly covered in a dress this wouldn't be where he'd want to be for that. "Hi." he says lightly. Ok. So he has a very interesting view of the Asgardian that has landed on him and he can tell anyone if she wears panties or not. "Hmmm nice."

Nefja looks around, sitting halfway on the poor Mister Stark, the feet left and right of him, the bare heels covered in cement dust. That his head was not just under but inside her dress seemed not to get upon her at first, but then she blushed and did ram down her elbow to give him some pain in the hip without breaking him, just before she stands up to get his head back out there. "I'm sorry… Who are you, Sire?"

Loki can sense when other Asgardians are around, and appears with his little flash of light. Looking around, he sort of sniffs out their location and makes a beeline for them, holding a staff in one hand, dressed in his finer armor. "What is going on here?"

And he has been to the holy land, Tony erfs as he is elbowed in the side. Once she gets up off him he slowly sits up of course some got photos of this. "Sire?" he smiles, "My name is Tony." getting up to his feet he starts dusting himself off looking towards Loki when he arrives. "I caught an angel."

As Loki appeared, Nefja almost jumped, the cheeks flushed from the attention of the crowd while she adjusts her dress as good as she can. "I am sorry, I kind of tripped him." she tells, before moving closer to Loki, a slightly dreamy look "But are the midgardians treating you well?"

"An Angel? Hardly, this is an Asgardian. You're not supposed to be on Midgard! How did you get past Heimdall?" He offers Tony a hand to get to his feet while looking at Nefja. "Use caution so that your presence is not detected."

Tony takes hold of Loki's hand accepting the help. "Why don't we go sit somewhere else so you two can talk?" he suggests. "Over there." he motions to an outside cafe.

Nefja blinked once, twice, then shook her head "I kind of snuck out when Heimdall was answering a call by the allmother." But of course he knew someone had taken the chance, as he came back to shut down the Bifrost. "I just took a chance." As Tony suggested somewhere more private, she nodded. "But aye, I apprechiate the offer, Tony."

Loki was always one to speak less formally than other Asgardians, perhaps seeing no need for flourish. "Nefja lives among the gods in Asgard." He says after he returns from obtaining them some drinks, iced tea for all with handfuls of sweetener, sugar, lemon packets and glasses of water. He just sort of took a tray left by a waitress.

Tony takes a glass of tea and water sipping from each. "Pleasure to meet you, Nefja. So what brings you here?" he asks rather curious. "Is she your sister? I know you are related to Thor." a glance is given to Loki.

Nefja looks at the tray interested, her eyes wandering over them "I never seen such strange drinks before." She answered, her speech a tad more formal than usual humans, but less than Thor. "I am not his sister, Tony. There are more Asgardians than the Odinsons. But I came to visit him, and I don't intend to leave Midgard without seeing some of its sights."

"Midgard has strange beverages, indeed. This is tea, but it is served cold rather than hot. The sugar comes in paper packages rather than a bowl. I am certain you recognize water." Loki sits down and folds his hands on the table. "I am adopted. Thor is my foster brother. My true father is Laufey, king of the Frost Giants. Since he abandoned me as a newborn, I renounce his existence and have taken to being a true Odinson."

Nefja nods as she takes up one of that strange cups that look like glass but much thinner, and despite the contents, felt almost warm "What a strange chalice…" she mused, taking a sip of it carefully, before she starts to empty it with seeming greed the moment after. Catching air after downing the whole cup, she places it back on the table, though in a way much softer than you would expect from a being that could lift tons on earth. "And what a strange brewerage indeed! How can something taste like this? The Kitchen of Asgard must really be depraved to not know of this!"

"It is just tea served cold." Loki says, "I am certain we can tell the kitchen, er well you can tell the servers at the taverns about it. I will obtain you another glass." He picks up the glass carefully and goes back into the cafe.

Tony sips at his tea, "Loki let me taste some wine from Asgard. Rather said too much can kill a regular mortal such as myself." he smirks playfully.

Nefja smiled a moment as Loki once more left to fetch drinks and turned the head at Tony "It could indeed? Then you need to drink more to prepare for it." Darting her eyes at Loki once, she leaned over to Tony "And whatever a gentleman saw or felt, a gentleman should never tell."

Loki "Mortals are much less hardy than Asgardians. Their materials are less durable. They are good for their use, as our materials are good for our use. Our wine, mead or Ale would affect a mortal much more quickly than it would one of our kind."

Tony leans in listening to Nefja as she speaks. "Your secret is safe with me." he speaks softy winking to her before straightening up. "Indeed it does. I take a sip every now and again to get a quick buzz."

Nefja chuckles a tad on the mentioning of quick buzz "You sound like you never drank a real night through! I don't have a tollerance as trained as the others, but even I can down several mugs." Smiling at Loki she took the new cup, smelling at it "Earth must have better culinary arts than home…"

"I don't handle alcohol all that well, at least not like Thor or Volstagg. Midgard has more creative ways of cooking food. " He looks to Tony and explains, "Asgardian food tends to be hearty, but simple. Meat, potatoes, fruit. There are no such meals as fried chicken or anything fried for that matter."

Tony glances over at Nefja, "I drink plenty and some say more than I should. Perhaps nothing like an Asgardian but I can party the night through." he could prove it if she needed. "I prefer hearty than fried really." even if he does eat Dominos or Burger King.

"There are more than two ways to make meat? More than to grill and cook it?" Nefja asks, obviously surplrised those blue eyes going wider. "I got to taste that! But Volstagg always complaints about the sizes of Midgardian meals. But then again, he is Volstagg… Why does the allfather dislike us visiting this marvelous place to visit its wonders?!"

"I believe it is to avoid tampering with the lives of Mortals. I shall bring you a roast from the kitchens of the palace then, Tony. We can make a meal of it and you can invite your friends. One thing to remember, Nefja, is that Midgardian food does not always agree with Asgardian stomachs. While we are tough skinned and strong, fried foods can often cause one to revisit their meal in violent ways."

Tony nods his head, "Sounds like a plan, friend." he tells Loki and he looks over to Nefja. He waves over a watress, "Nachos with the works. The large share size." Once that is done he drinks more of his tea, "If you like this. Then you should try coffee or hot cocoa."

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