2015-04-02 Strange Workroom
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Warning: N/A
Players: Natasha Mike Stephen Tony
GMed by Natasha
Title: Strange Workroom

This room is quite large, and serves as the mechanic and engineering workshop. Various projects are in the works here at once, including weaponry and armor synthetic weaves, kevlar, etc. Some Agent Technicians work here, and some projects may be more noticable; such as making improvement to Avenger specific uniforms and equipment, an assortment of Hawkeye's arrows can be seen at one table, even. There are tools on the various workstations for just about anything an engineer could ask for. Numerous Stark tech equipment can be found as well.

Doctor Strange

_ Widow _
Natasha has been in here since this afternoon. She is re-organizing everything and has been going non-stop at it for hours. There were piles of things not yet organized, and boxes of things she has neatly arranged… weapons and gadgets and ammunition gallore. She stands next to a table, plastic crates all lined up holding various types of ammo, and even many of Hawkeye's assortment of arrows. She lifts one crate up and dumps it over into a new empty container.

_ Mike _
You know, with a mansion this big and with the busy life that is Mike's, concerts, tv appearances, music tours, patrolling, training, practicing a new instrument, practing his old histruments, and falling oddly ill only to find out it was tied to another Phantasm's posession by a demon… Mike's been rather busy for the past few months. Perhaps then it can be a LITTLE forgivable that Mike has finally gotten to the point of going 'What's in that room?'. And so that question has come forth regarding the door that leads into the workshop. The door opens, allowing for the Jr. Avenger to glance in and find a Widow.

Natasha had a giant plastic box of .308 rounds just sitting in front of her now and she took a moment to look down at the shiney little bullets. She released a heavy exhale then, reached inside and cupped both of her hands to pick up a large load of them… she then poured them into a device that was beside her left thigh. The machine started to life and began sorting the bullets into specially-designed plastic bindings that would let them be stored more efficiently. She saw someone enter out of the corner of her eye. "Hello, Mike." Came her voice, sounding only mildly creepy in its lack of emotion or tone.

Mike pauses as he hears the greeting. Oh lovely. She's in The Shining mode. "Hello, Natasha." Mike replies, unconciously mirroring back the tone. He glances around, eyes resting on a hoodie that looks rather similar to what he has. His head tilts as he starts humming a familiar tune to those who might have watched Sesame Street enough times.

Natasha waited for the machine to finish sorting one strand of the ammunition and she reached inside to pull it out, then another and another and she piled them up together before repeating the process. "What brings you in here?" She asked him. "Looking to try out one of Cap's shields?" She asked him then, her eyes looking sidelong at him while she stacked the sorted 'quick load' ammo into a new box.

"Hah." Mike replies, shaking his head as he looks around, "Nah, just didn't know what was here."

"A lot of our best toys." Natasha replied to him as she shook the box of unsorted ammunition and there was a rack of unpainted silver-Cap-shields on a shelf behind her. "You're welcome to spend some time in here with me doing some all-too-needed 'spring cleaning'." She said, already knowing the answer that he'd give her, like a few others already had as well before him.

Mike glances around, "So I see that." He pauses, looking to the arrows, and the bullets. "A lot of hardware…" He steps in, walking over to look to the copy of his no-frills, just hide the face hoodie mask. "And apparently wardrobe?" He glances back to Natasha, "Well, I don't have anything booked today…" It's not an acceptance of the offer, nor is it a rejection.

Natasha put her left hand on the bullet sorter. "This is meant to be used, but it never is." She says. "They bring the ammo in and just leave it here in these crates. Half of them were still in their manufacturer boxes and more even were mixed with the wrong calibur." Her head shook then as she looked at him as he eyed that hoodie. "You're welcome to check items out, if there's anything here you need. At least wardrobe wise. Weapons…" She peered and looked up at him. "Are you even field trained in any kind of weaponry?" She asked him.

Mike looks over to the sorter as Natasha indicates it, giving a nod at the explanation for what she means by spring cleaning. The question however draws his attention towards Natasha. "Most of what I learned is from people I didn't know constantly attacking me when I was growing up. Some had weapons. I never had any." He looks over to a shield. "So, I just learned to use what's within reach at the time if fists, kicking, and dodging weren't going to cut it." He looks back to the machine Natasha's fiddling with curiously. "Although, I do get a lot of practive with claws now, but the Phantasm stuff is kind of cheating."

"Its also a bit… over-dramatic for some scenarios." Natasha replied to Mike, still with a straight and emotionless expression. She continues to sort stacks of the fast-load strips of ammo. "If you ever want handgun training, or even assault rifle… whatever, just let me know. I'd be happy to take you down that road. You might find it could server you in a time where those amazing… powers of yours… could be considered, overkill." The redheaded spy then finally flashed an expression, a simple smile.

"I'm not a gun person." Mike replies quickly, all good humor lost from his tone. He shakes his head, looking to the boxes of unsorted ammunition before turning to look to the shield, shaking his head. "Just. Not a fan."

Natasha's smile faded and she looked back to the box of ammunition in front of her. To each their own. "Have you see Doctor Strange any time lately?" She asked him then. "My last conversation with him was unfortunately abrupt…" She makes a loud sudden noise when dropping a heavy box of organized ammo onto the polished concrete floor.

_ Tony _
The door opens and in walks Tony holding about three boxes stacked on each other. Whistling he goes to an area that is all his own and the boxes are set on his workbench. Now reaching for his stero he flips it on cranking up AC/DC not really paying attention that he isn't alone. Now he opens one box taking out a large wrapped object laying it aside the box tossed into a corner and the same with the second. The third though has multiple pieces he takes out carefully laying them on the workspace.

Mike's frown deepens, shaking his head, "Not since-" He pauses, frowning, "I really do need to make some time in the schedule to head over t-." He stops speaking as the door opens. Growing quiet, he watches as Tony moves his stuff over to a workbench. Distracted, he watches Tony curiously to see what he's brought.

Natasha stared at Mike, even after Tony had stepped into the room and blasted his AC/DC. She drew in a breath and let it out slowly. She picked up a single .308 round and tossed it at the back of Stark's head.

Tony blinks as suddenly pelts him in the back of the head. Turning he notices the pair and flips off the stereo, "Thanks a lot." he picks up up off the floor tossing it back to nat know she was likely the culprit.
Stereo turned off, Mike's glance follows the bullet's path back to the original tosser. "Uh not recently." He kind of answers Natasha's question. If we don't mind when being answered in a vague manner. Eh. Spies. They should be used to it.

Natasha watched Stark as he picked the bullet up and flung it back at her. She lifted her left hand up and let it bonce off of her palm and back into the box with all the other unsorted bullets. She then looked over at Mike. "How much would you say you know about Doctor Strange?" She asks. "And how have you been feeling lately?"

Stephen has arrived.

Tony shrugs his shoulders, "He is a Doctor and he is Strange." sitting up on his workbench looking between them both. "You asking me? I am feeling fine I guess."

Mike looks over to Natasha. "Probably not as much as he knows about me." He replies, he tilts his head towards Tony, seemingly endorsing the response he gave, "And I'm doing alright. After the Leo thing got settled I've been able to catch up on my sleep."

Natasha drew in a deep breath through her nose as she sat up on the stool she was parked upon beside the table full of boxes of unsorted bullets. "Interesting." She said in response to Mike. Her eyes went over to Tony and she stared at him, while she thought about other things. Her gaze swept back to Mike then. "How is your friend, Leo?" She asked. "I have meant to go and see him… infact. I don't suppose you could tell me the best way go about that? You said he was a bartender, right? Where does he work?" She picked up another handful of .308 rounds and put them into the sorting machine.

"He's doing ok I guess. We try not to hang around each other more than we have to," Mike replies, "He has a bar over in Hoboken… DiBartenda's. I think he went back there."

_ Doctor Strange _
Timing should be this doctor's middle name as in walks Stephen Strange wearing his sorcerer supreme garb. The cloak is worn with collars up to HERE ^. "And there's good reason for that." Notes Strange as he walks in, seemingly knowing the conversation enough though the door was closed.

"Interesting name." Natasha replied with a cold tone of voice, while looking ahead at the ammunition boxes. She pulled a bunch more of the strips of sorted bullets out of the machine and stacked them up. Thats when a new voice was heard inside the storage room. The redheaded woman shot her gaze over to the door to the cloaked… Strange. She looked at him, flatly, "What reason is that?" Natasha's simple response was given to Strange, not reacting any further to his surprise arrival.

"And the doctor appears, yes. I get that often." Stephen finishes that thought before turning his attention to Natasha with a sidelong glance towards Mike, "Because the two of them in close proximity would basically be a beacon for demons. The number of attacks would spike drastically."

"I see…" Natasha replied softly to Strange's response. Her eyes glanced toward Mike for a moment, staring at him with a blank expression. "What about you, Doctor?" She asked him, looking back to him. "Do you come loaded with any demonic side effects?"

"On a slight tangent, oddly enough, blades and spells work better on demons than bullets." Mike chimes in, brushing upon a previous training offer. Brow rising as he gives a bit of a shrug to Natasha.

Stephen raises an eyebrow at Mike, "Depends on the bullet mike." The Doctor answer's Mike first and then looks over to Natasha with a faint frown. "I actually have more baggage and side effects than the whole of your avengers Agent Romanoff." Replies Stephen, a soft glance is given to her from his lowered face. He's dead serious.

Natasha's green eyes go to Mike when he spoke of this angle of thought. She leaned back on her stool and reached for the long drawer on the work bench behind her…. the drawer had a yellow post-it note on it with the word 'TacoCat' written in black sharpie. She pulled the drawer opena nd there were about fifty ninja swords inside of it, of various colors and lengths… with a wide arrange of art on them… mostly cartoon, some of it vulgar. Deadpool's drawer. She left the drawer open for now and smiled at Strange. "I'd like to hear about some of that, Doctor." She told him. "You appear here this evening, as sudden as can be. Just to say…. 'Hello'? Or… is there more on your mind tonight?" She asks, giving him a smile.

Mike looks over at Strange. "Really now?" He bites his lip, growing quiet in consideration. "If we had bullets like that, I'd be willing to learn to sho-." He pauses as Natasha opens a drawer and his eyes move over to the contents.

"Oh, I can't possibly trouble any of you to help me." Stephen says with a soft smile this time, his piercing grey eyes smile further at Natasha before he looks to Mike, "It's not easy to craft bullets for demon use Mike." Strange notes as if Mike would be the one doing the work, not himself.

Natasha listened to Mike and then more specifically to the cryptic Doctor as he spoke. She yanked another set of sorted bullets out of the machine and set them into the now second filled box. She picked it up and let it drop down to the floor with a loud bang against the polished concrete. "Well then, what the hell are you here for?" She asked the Doctor with a blank expression on her face, possibly tired of the word games.
Tony pages, "i can see that.. I thought about posing back in with Tony had put on headphone and is sitting in his chair half asleep and oblivious to everything"

"Bear with it Natasha, that's just how he speaks." Mike assures, looking over to Strange, "I have been meaning to stop by since I got caught back up on my rest but then work got in the way. Are you coming by because of the missed lessons or something else?"

"I am." Strange says once again cryptically but he at least expounds this time. "You have a lot of catching up to do, and" He then looks to Natasha, though is attention is divided between the two avengers. "You two are able to move in the shadows far better than your associates." With that out in the open, they should have an idea of what he needs them to do, "Keep an eye out for excessively deviant activity in the city. Things are shifting and people don't seem to be noticing."

Natasha picked up a metal scoop and she dipped it into the trove of bullets. She poured them into the machine beside her, doing the job that some kind of intern should be doing. She seemed tired, annoyed, angry… one of these, maybe all of them. She hasn't had a good day. "If thats the whole of the summation of the situation that I can receive from you on this warning, then I'll simply nod my head and tell you 'I'm on it'." She replies to the Doctor. "However, if you're willing to grace me with any further tidbits or… delicious nuggets of additional intelligence in regards to this proclamation of a 'shifting'" She looked at him and gave him a sweet'n'sour smile. "I'd be grateful." Her hand reached back then and she slid the Deadpool sword drawer shut again.
Wade has arrived.

Inside Wade's drawers, you'll find some information about how he feels about each of the Avengers.

"You DO have a knack for not giving enough information." Mike says in agreement to Natasha's statement, giving a bit of a nod. Yep. He WOULD know from past experience.

Strange is hindered in the information he can give because of his title and position. He's not supposed to shape the world, only protect it from exterior influence. The jumbling rules of his charge are slightly visible on his face, "Keep an eye on the activities in Hell's Kitchen." Notes Strange before he turns to Mike and changes the subject, "Come see me soon for your lessons. You've had plenty of time to rest." Says the wizard before he leaves the room and takes his collar with him.

Damn that was a big collar.

Natasha's eyes went from the table in front of her to the form of Doctor Strange as he spoke and shed a little bit more illumination on it all. Her gaze shifted to Mike as well when the Doctor spoke of lessons. She reahed over to the bullet sorting machine yanked another strip of sorted ammunition out of it. She said nothing else.

As Strange leaves, Mike can just feel Natasha looking over at him. He looks over to her. "Magic based powers. So," He gestures to the door Strange walked out of, "Magic based guidance."

- The Note inside Wade's Sword Drawer -
'Tony Stark - I relate the most to him. What should break Tony Stark makes him a hero. The very thing incident that should be killing him empowered him to be a hero. That shrapnel is like a cancer inside Tony Stark and the Arc Reactor is his healing factor. He didn't just give up with being cured… he decided to save others. It's inspirational to me because we have a similar background.

The Hulk - I don't get it. We're alike as we're both 'Frankensteins.' But the difference is… everyone accepts and loves him.

Clint Barton. Aka Hawkeye. He's dreamy and everyone wishes they were like him. He's at least pleasant.

Black Widow… Natasha's nice and proves that the powerless can still be powerful. I think she is a friend but she is good at pretending to be people she isn't.

Steve Rogers. Aka Craptain America. I thought meeting the guy that I was supposed to be like would have been good. Instead he's a major D-Bag. All he does is roll his eyes and calls me 'Wilson' as if I was his @#$@ing soccerball. Dude treats me like shit. I want to be his equal because I treated him like he was above me. Man, I hope in some future issue, I get contracted to shove his shield up his stars and stripes boxers.

Thor is simply dreamy. All the women want to sleep him and all the men wanna be him. Me? I just want to be his friend.

Doctor Strange is like a what would happen if Johnny Depp went to Woodstock and had too much fun with the acid. I think the dude eats shrooms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nice guy but he's just strange.

Mike (Whatevertheduckhislastnameis) will make something out of himself one day. I think he'd be awesome in the Tim Burton live action Dumbo movie. He can sing about never seeing an elephant fly.'.

- END -

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