2015-04-03 Backyard Asgard
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Destin Samuel Rogue Ember Killian Scott Vincent
GMed by Ghost
Title: Backyard Asgard

[*Back Yard*]

The backyard extends a good few acres, providing enough space for a basketball court, a baseball diamond, olympic sized pool and other recreational facilities. It's surrounded by trees on all sides, the very back edge of the yard ending in a steep cliff. Watch your step here! The garage is a part of the back of the mansion, holding several cars and X-Vechicles.


_ Destin _
With a crackling sound, Destin appears within this localized tornado regonized as a Bifrost signature. As the column of light fades an intricate knotwork of circle is burned into the surrounding grass. From here standing 8'11" tall the half giant asgardian Destin looks around with interest and intrigue. He rubs the unsual looking gem that is embedded just beneath his chest but above the abs "Hmmmm…so this is earth"

_ Samuel _
Bayville, in spring, tends to be one of the more idyllic places on the East Coast. Not quite as bucolic as Maine, nowhere near as frenetic as Boston, it sits in that nice niche of fairly good weather that keeps the local climate if not entirely perfect, at least tolerable enough for people to call it home with a smile. Even in spring, however, the occasional storm blows in from across the Atlantic, but usually with enough forewarning that all loose items can be secured and the residents of the mansion have planned activities that do not include going outside. So when the storm suddenly blows up out of nowhere, there is a bit of a scramble to get everything lashed down, the storm shutters closed and securing everything that might get damaged.
Quite enjoying some stormy weather from time to time, Sam is one of the volunteers to have braved the sudden winds to go make sure all the equipment in the back yard is properly locked up… which is why the young mutant suddenly comes face to face with a giant, even as the winds recede.

_ Rogue _
Marie was in the garage, off of her shift of work for the day and she was seated in the rafters of the garage looking out one of the windows that sat high above the car stalls. She was lounging there, reading something on her phone and smoking a cigarette. She looked up when the weather changed and things got a little biblical. She took a drag on her cigarette and then deposited it into a tin can that she kept up there. The young woman slipped off of the wooden rafter and floated casually down to the garage's marble floor. She put her hands into her leather trenchcoat's pockets and started to walk toward the open garage door to look out into the backyard…

The colossal giant looks to the west, then to the north, and then way down at the little human known as Samuel. He rubs his beard and looks him over from his spot. He grumbles to himself in Asgardian "I didn't know dwarves resided in Midgard.". After a moment he his voice booms out like thunder in the dwarven tongue "Hail gooddwarf. Any idea where I be?". Destin may not be stupid, but he was certainly naive about how earth was, hence his mistaking Samuel for a young dwarf rather then a human. Though his eyes were also eying the mansion as he mutters once more "…not the best craftmenship". Strapped to his back was a wickedly sharp heavy looking Falchion that was easily taller then Samuel was. He takes out this weapon and plants it in the ground befor leaning on it

In Samuel's experience giants only came in two varieties: Sentinels that kidnapped known mutants, and aliens that always seem to pick someplace near him to land. A single glance at Destin has him backing up, back towards the mansion… and then, of course, he picks up the one word that explains why this being is here. Midgard. Great…
Fear overcome, the young mutant lets the strange bellow in an unknown language wash over him, taking out his phone to start shooting footage, aiming the small camera at Destin. "Okay, I'm going to guess you're related to Loki or Thor… Asgardian, right? Welcome to Earth, it's what we call Midgard, and you really want to come inside before…" The sword comes to rest, point down, slightly in the paving slabs a few inches from Sam's feet, making the mutant jump back for a moment "… before people realise you're here."

Rogue took a few more steps out of the garage as the weather had calmed itself again and she started to glance around the grounds. To her right she saw him, the hard to miss presence of another costume wearing Asgard. She released a loud exhale and started to walk toward him, she couldn't yet see Samuel as he was hidden behind a bush. When the Asgardian took his sword out and planted it in the ground, Rogue lifted up off of the ground and started to float in the air toward him… she left her hands in her pockets. She came to see Samuel was there now… great. Though she didn't believe that Destin was a threat, she was prepared to find out if in fact he was. "Ya'll are just falling out of the trees, these days." Rogue said to Destin, floating in the air high enough that put them at eye level with one another.

Destins eyes brighten seeing Samuel reaction, he found it amusing. And seems about to say something to the small human before he seeing another human, this time Rogue floating in front of him "Hmmmm" he rumbles. Not stupid, just naive he quickly releazis that Samuel is not a dwarf and that him and Rogue are probably human. None the less his offers a cheery if not booming "Greetings" in the human tongue. He was at least smart enough to learn a human languge here and there. Without much regard for Rogue he reaches down and lifts Samuel up "This little one yours?" he asks. As far as Asgardian go, Destin wasn't wearing much, besides the strap that held his sword, he was wearing only a knee length loincloth with a broad belt and nothing else. "And whit that strange contraption?" he point at the Samuel camera

"Oh sh…" is Sam's exclamation when the giant picks him up without effort. Still, a shining example of his generation, the mutant doesn't stop filming and in fact gets a few better angles this way. "Okay, wow, taller than the others, I'm guessing a bit stronger too…" Head turning slightly to the left and up, he grins at Marie. "Hey, I can see my house from here." It doesn't seem like he's going to get any more serious than this, already back to talking at Destin. "It's a camera, just making sure I have some ehm… never mind, let's just say it's like it's making a lot of paintings very quickly. So, what's your name? Are you one of the Three? How's Odin these days, haven't seen him in at least two years…"

Rogue didn't seem quite as impressed with the feat of strength, of Destin lifting Samuel up off of the ground. "Uh, yeah, Greetings." She replied to him. "And that there is Samuel, he's a student at this here school behind me." She continues to float motionless in the air about eight feet away from the Asgardian, her hands still in her coat pockets. "Ya should probably go ahead and set Sammy down." She told him. "Its a bit improper to just hoist folk up off the ground here." A short pause. "It can get you in a bit of trouble, sometimes."

Destin chuckles "I'll keep that in mind, but he doesn't seem to mind it" and he sets Samuel on his shoulder. He looks at Samuel "Huh, that is some truly unusual magic, sound kind of like a waste to. Why not paint yourself, surely there would be more satisfaction for ye" Looking at the school he cants his head "School…what do the races of this world leanr in this school?". A gentle giant for the most part he was also curious and thinks nothing of beginning to head over to the building. None the less he does remember Samuel question "And no, I am not….an Asgardian in the traditional sense"

Riding on the shoulders of giants does seem to be bar for the course for Sam, who doesn't seem to be the slightest bit bothered. Prone to almost childish bouts of curiosity, it's easy for the mutant to forget he's dealing with an alien for the first time whose motives are still unknown. "Oh, I can do that whenever I want, but I can't take pictures of you unless you're here, so making pictures of other people actually ends up being more worth it in the long run." Putting the phone away, in one of the many pockets of his jacket, Sam seems about ready to start giving a tour. "Well, in theory there's only one race on this world, humans. Some humans say that we're not human… they call us mutants because we're a bit different… but I dunno. Anyway, we learn practically the same thing as other humans, and ways to mix in with humans better so they don't find out what we are. You know, things like languages, art, maths, geography, ehmm… lots of stuff."

Destin nods listening to this, and even pokes Samuel gently in the tummy as if to tickle him "That, is alot to learn it seems. I myself never went to school. Way to boring for me, that and I was a bit of a trouble maker with the games I like to play" chuckles at this. His raps his fist on a wall testing how strong it is "Tell me….are all humans or errr mutants as ye refer to yerselves as small? I mistook ye fer a fello dwarf" He stretches but is careful to make sure Samuel doesn't fall. "And who are ye Little One?" He himself hasn't answer many of Samuel's question yet, for he himself was quite prone to bouts of curisouness himself

The finger, as well intended as it might be, nearly knocks Sam off balance, and the mutant steadies himself after a few seconds of teetering. Okay, so, clearly some caution is required, but he doesn't feel like there was any malice in the gesture. Just unaware of his strength, much like Loki was at first… "Well no. Some are, some aren't, and usually we get bigger as we get older. Y'know, kids start off small and they get bigger as they get older until they're fully grown and then they just get older. I'm Sam, by the way, Sam Morgan. I've met Loki, Thor, some of the Three and I've been in Asgard, even met Odin…." It's only then that the words 'fellow dwarf' sink in. "Ehmm… no offense, but… you look a bit big to be a dwarf?"

Destin nods listening carefully to the young being. At the last sentence he begins laughing causing his entire being to rumble with him. And as it stands as he knocks on the wall, part of the wall seems to fall off and crash into the ground "Well Sam Morgan, yer building arn that strong. I am Destin Stianson, he who is destined to wander." Still ever curious he lifts up a car with one hand look at the underside "And what manner of contraption is this?" Though he does make a point of answering Samuel question "Well, Most full grown are about your size. I myself am half frost giant and half Asgardian. However it was the dwarves of Neilhiem that raised me"

With a visible cringe, Sam watches part of the wall collapse at the almost gentle push from the giant, wondering how he's going to explain that to the professor. "Ehm, Mister Stianson… Destin, would you mind not doing that? Our buildings just aren't as strong as the ones you're used…" and then, of course, Destin lifts up a car. "Nononoo… not… Not Scott's car. Oh, he's so going to kill me…"

Destin nods at Samuel. His voice booms out to them "Greetings friends of Sam Morgan! As he said, I be Destin Stianson!" Though the light creature has his attention move. He goes and touches the substance out of curiosity unsure what to make of this "And…exactly which one is this?"

When Samuel makes no attempt to run Killian at first assumes he's either too scared or caught so gets ready to very much live up to his nickname of 'Impulse'. He pulls off a glove and has nearly run at Destin before Samuel starts talking and he stops in his tracks. He may not realise it but in one way or another Samuel probably just stopped him from doing something very dangerous, one touching a god could be too much and two is attacking an Asgardian is probably very dangerous too. Turning a little red he looks at Destin and Ember, "Oh, er hi".

The mass of light under Scott's car grows a bit and the vehicle is gently shifted off to one side and set back down. Once it's safe, the light pulls together into a form that is visibly female but which has no real human features save for enough of a face to not put people off their lunch. "I'm a graduate to be more specific. And how do you know my name?" She directs that at Samuel before looking up to Destin and then growing her form so she can see him eye-to-eye. She offers him a brief nod and salutes him in a manner familiar to any Asgardian, "Hail to you, Destin Stianson. I am Ember. When my alarm tokens sounded, I think it's safe to say you were the last thing I expected to find happening."

Rogue is seated on the stone railing of a second story balcony. She's got her legs crossed at the knee, feet dangling over the ledge. She's holding a tall silver coffee mug and is leaning back against a stone flower pot. She's watching the activity down below.

"Oops, sorry… I keep forgetting we should be using our code names. My bad." Sam actually seems a bit embarrassed at the faux pas, but much of the sting is taken out of it by the novelty of being able to see from such a high vantage point without using a flight pack. "Anyway, sorry for the whole odd greeting, but you really picked a strange place to come into Midgard. Following Loki's footsteps?"

Destin blinks slowly and looks returns the Greeting to the giant sized Ember "Well greeting…you have unusual magic for sure." He then looks to Samuel "No, though I did fight Loki once, Thor too. I just figured this was a good a spot as any to come to earth!" And he once again reaches down and this time scoops up Killian forgetting what Rogue had told him. If Killian is not struggling to much he will place him on the shoulder opposite Samuel

Killian is halfway though putting his glove back on and hoping no one caught the high levels of stupid that he could've just caused before the giant Asgardian is picking him up, "No no put me down it's not safe!", Killian panics as all the giant has to do is make some sort of accidental skin contact and things could go very wrong.

"Most of what I do isn't magic." Ember doesn't elaborate on her abilities beyond that, but she does make herself look like a normal (albeit Destin-sized) solid-light version of herself. She's only holding just enough mass to keep herself firmly planted on the ground, though. She's not going to risk the wrath by being heavy enough to cause accidental damage. Her only reaction to Destin picking people up is, "Do you normally adorn yourself with other beings? If so, I'm glad I made myself unsuited for such a greeting."

Rogue continued to sit on the ledge of that second story balcony. She eyed the activity going on and lifted her metal coffee thermos up for a drink from its contents. The young teacher doesn't yet intervene, she just monitors from above like a gargoyle.

The giant chuckles heartedly but put down the struggling Killina "Okay, okay, no need to git so flustered little one". He then looks to Ember "Ahh…also no. Just Children. Though I have carried several dwarves on me back quite a few times. Though I have collected the skulls of those I killed before" which he says like it is completly normal. He finaly takes a seat on the ground criss-cross style. Samuel could probably jump off him without any serious injury if he was so inclined. Though scotts car was still in his sight "So…what exactly is that….thing used for?"

_ Cyclops _
Coming out back is Scott as word has gotten around that there is a little bit on an intrusion out back. He goes down the stairs to the grounds and a look is cast back and up to where Rogue stands overhead. Then he glances to where the unknown is looking with wonder of 'why' his car is even back here. Now he turns heading towards the others, "Who are you? And why are you here?" his focus on Destin.

Eight feet is no distance for a spry youngster, but still Sam waits until Destin has decided to sit down before chancing jumping back to the ground from the giant dwarf's shoulder. "That, is what we call a car. It's a vehicle, ehm… a way of getting somewhere really quick? Like a horse?" He has to actually try for the simile, using phrases he used before with other Asgardians, and using what little knowledge he had gleaned from his visit to assess their level of technology. With Scott's arrival, the young mutant quickly intervenes, knowing that tempers can very easily flare with unknown people near the mansion. "This is Destin Stianson, Asgardian, destined to wander. Just wandering through, I guess. He's not doing any harm to anyone." The last bit is added in the same tones as a youngster pleading to keep the puppy that followed them home.

As Destin sits himself down and Scott's arrival doubles the amount of adult supervision, Ember allows her lightform to shrink down to her normal proportions and step-glides a bit to one side so as to be partially out of the way. It's not that she's overly worried about Destin, or about the reaction from staff since Marie's been sitting up there the whole time. She's just more comfortable not being in the spotlight (yeah, yeah… I know).

Killian steps away quickly as he's put down, he only briefly frowns as he's refured to as one of the children, not too sure what an Asgardian is or why one is here or who the giant glowing 'lady' is, he's a little lost. He's about to ask for some answers when Scott shows up and starts demending answers, stepping a little further back he bumps into the car and makes a not to have a proper look at it later, he likes cars, cars don't involve superpowers and giants.

Rogue watches from above as the back of Scott comes into view below on the back patio. When she seems him moving at a quick pace down the stairs and toward the group of students… and the asgardian visitor… Marie sits up and she slips off of the stone railing. The young woman glides down through the air like one might slide down a hill with her long-coat flapping in the air around her legs. Her booted feet land on the ground level and she takes a few steps to end up beside Scott, and alightly behind him. "He arrived just a short bit ago." She tells Scott. "He seems friendly."

Canting his head, Destin hardly seem worried about Scott and even less so when both Samuel and Marie intervene it seems. However his stomech rumbles deeply "Whit kind of vittles are here on earth?" Wishes he packed himself some food now. None the less seeing Scott demanding answer he sweeps the debris of bricks behind his back hoping not to cause any trouble.

Listening as Samuel tells about the unknown his eyes never leave Destin. "There is a diner just off the ground you can learn about the food. We need the students to get inside to their classes please." he tells the others. "Now." his arms fold over his chest.

The rumbling stomach makes Sam jump again for a moment. He's not afraid of the visitor, that much is obvious, but everything about him is literally larger than life, and it's been a while since he interacted with beings not from this world. "Pretty much the same as you get in Asgard, just… well, usually not as much of it. And some of the Midgard food doesn't sit well with Asgardians, we found that out the hard way when Loki switched bodies with me…" As if he's about to elaborate on that incident, he suddenly stops and looks at Scott. "Really? C'mon… we can learn a lot more from an actual real live Asgardian than we could in classes on a Friday afternoon."

There's enough definition in Ember's projected features that the eyeroll is evident. "Gravity, speed of light, the increase of entropy, and Scott raining on parades. Universal constants. I only see two people who are taking classes here." While she talks, she exerts her powers (and that something extra she picked up from her post-Ragnarok 'hatching') to make herself fully 'normal' in appearance, mass, and even seeming to speak from her mouth instead of just projecting sound in all directions. She addresses Destin, "But if he's going to insist, I can walk you down that way. Help to make sure you don't panic the locals."

Killian smiles when he spots Marie approaching, "Hi Rogue", he gives a wave of a gloved hand, he then watches the following exchanges, eyes widening somewhat at Ember's transformation, "Would a diner serve him? I mean not everywhere is everywhere is ready to feed a giant asdaguardian, won't he scare people?", he frowns, "I'm all for going back to class but consentrating might be kind of hard while waiting for the hoard with the torches and pitchforks to arrive after the giant".

"Samuel." Rogue says to the twelve year old, surprised by his willingness to speak back to Scott like that. The teacher then glances sidelong to that of Ember who then does practically the same. "Classes or not, you all have other things you should, or could, be doing right now." Her eyes sweep over to Killian and she stares at him as he speaks too, but she says nothing to him just yet.

"Oh torches and pitchforks!? Sounds like a right good fight!" he states excitedly punching a fist into the ground and making small crater in the ground. He himself doesn't seem to mind and it and consider "Then again, if I get into trouble, Hiemdall might pull me rear back to Asgard" He looks to Scott "Heh guess your the Warden of the place" it wasn't said in insult, just in how he is understanding things. Looking to Samuel he says "Heh, you kind of remind me of me when I was younger. Though I probably would punched the warden. Boy did that cause trouble" But then he is looking between Killian, Ember and Scott "Hmmm, folks here are odd"

Stepping out of the mansion, a young man appearing 20 or so walks though the doorway and closes the door behind him. He wears a black yankees hat and a black leather jacket unzipped and with a dark red shirt with gold text for a band underneath. He wears blue jeans and a pair of riding boots. Vincent looks around the yard to see the cause of such commotion and spotting the large man he rolls his eyes, "Great, another weirdo." He whispers to himself as he leans against a support beam at the edge of the porch, his arms crossed, observing.

"Mister Morgan, get inside. NOW!" Scott tells him not playing around anymore. "And you are restricted to the grounds and shall walk the stranger anywhere." a glance is given to Ember. "It is not our business what happens to the Asgardian past our gates but right now he is an intruder and no one is allowed on these ground without permission and if any of you have issues with this they can go speak with Professor Xavier when he is available. Now one of our other teachers will be happy to escort you to the gates, Sir." he looks at Destin, "But I politely ask you to leave."

There's a look of absolute astonishment on Sam's face when he's being railroaded like that, knowing there's no objection he can make. "But…" with a sigh, he just nods "Yes sir…" and trudges back towards the house, giving a last glance and wave over his shoulder at the gentle giant. "Bye Destin. It was nice meeting you." In a bit of a snit at being denied further extracurricular entertainment, Sam randomly reassigns all non-emergency numbers in Scott's phone on his way past.

Ember's eyebrows rise sharply at the declaration she's given from Scott. "You forget that I finished my school classes last year, and that the Professor signed off on my release from in-house exile once I demonstrated full control over my new state of being. I am a resident graduate of the Institute, not one of its wards. No different from you save that I don't hold a faculty position." She moves to stand next to Destin and places a hand on the big guy's shoulder. "Now Destin here might not be any larger than your average professional linebacker, but he's dressed like an extra from a barbarian film. People will notice him like that and would notice where he came from. Now if he'll have me, I /will/ happily act as his escort for a time. And if he wishes it, I can take him to where other Asgardians have congregated here on Midgaard." She smiles to Destin, not even giving Scott another glance to avoid letting her anger vent more than it should.

Killian shakes his head as Destin punches the floor, acts like a crazed mob is fun and calls him weird, "You cannot be that dense, and trust me that is an issue when it comes from me", he's fully aware that sometimes people think he's kinda dumb, "This place is full of kids, and I personally am here to hide, that becomes a hell of a lot harder when Conan the Asgardian goes wandering out of the gate looking for mead and wenches, people coming after you isn't a 'good fight'".

Rogue remains silent, but watchful, standing there to the side and slightly behind Scott. She watches Samuel relent to the ruling and then listens to Ember's little speech which causes her to release a soft exhale of disappointment. Her eyes glance toward the ground a moment before looking up to Killian again as he says more. But yes, the combat instructor remains silent for now.

Vincent remains silent, looking out to Scott and Destin from under his hat. He uncrosses his arms and steps out to the lawn and moves to stand behind Scott next to Marie. He smiles at her and then looks serious once more towards Destin, waiting silent watching. He's the muscle I guess.

Destin looks to Killian "Oh right, the mutants here hide to avoid fights. Eh, guess thats fair" But he frowns as Samuel is sent away "Wardens here are just as big as a kill joy" he shrugs and stands stretching and calls out "If you ever do come back, I'll take you flying" he says with a chuckle. Though his eyes travel to Vincent afterwards "Hmmmm" and then he finally looks to Ember "Wait…did you just call me a Barbarian?" His falchion which has been left near where he first appear wiggles a bit. But none the less he still seems quite calm and was grinning at Ember

The attempts to scramble his cellphone didn't work. Why? Becaus Scott doesn't feel the need to take it everywhere he goes. No he doesn't need the app that tells him -inhale - exhale - inhale -exhale. Turning to face Ember, "Fine you graduated but you are still a teenager. But if you are no longer our ward nor faculty then why are you here? So you have officially been released. Show yourself and this Asgardian out. Because we don't need that kind of attitude and disrespect passed along to those that are still students. Good luck to you, Ember, no longer a ward or student then you no longer have a place here. Goodbye to you." he stands poised in case anyone wants to start trouble, "I think everything has been said. Goodnight to you both."

"A teenager that was recognized as a full adult in the eyes of the law before I ever enroled here. And the rest of that isn't your call to make, Scott." And that's all Ember has to say on the matter. Not even angry words, just evenly spoken. She nods to Destin and gestures to indicate her invitation for him to follow her off the grounds. "Yes, I did. Because if the loincloth fits…" She smiles at him and exerts her will to summon an illusion around herself that changes the appearance of her hair, skin tone, and clothing. "Fortunately, I can help with that by layering you with a seeming that can cloak your appearance so that the regular citizens won't see anything untoward or frightening. Shall we?"

"Mutants hide to survive you musclebound jerk!", Killian seems to temporarily forgotten the Destin could swat him like a fly, still he has enough of his faculties that he doesn't swing for the guy, he's impulsive, not stupid, well not completely stupid. He just watches said 'musclebound jerk' as Ember and Scott 'discuss' whether she's kicked out or not.

Rogue continued to be silently observant of everything, until Killian spoke again. She turned and noticed Vincent, but didn't regard him as of yet. She stepped over to Killian and placed her gloved hands onto his shoulders, moving to turn the student around to face the stone stairs that go up toward the mansion. "Come on, Killian. Lets go." She tells him, trying to diffuse that part of the gathering and lead him back to the school.

Vincent steps forward and puts himself between Killian and Destin with a finger pointed to the door behind them. He's not aware of Rogue's movements. Vince continues to remain silent, but protective of his new home and the people who live here. The conversation between Ember and Scott goes entirely ignored by Vincent, for now.

Since Destin wasn't actualy native to earth, he seemed somewhat confused. "Was that a compliment or an insult?". But he is left wondering that is Rogue leads Killian away. But then there is Scott and he raises an eyebrow "And I thought fire serpents had harsh tongues. That dosn't seem a good way for those who share a home to leave each other" Though looking to Ember "Blend in" He looks down at himself "Well I guess I can change". As it were, Destin was extreamly unusual as far as Asgardians go. That metal like gem embedded in his torso begins to begins like a liquird metal, covering the entirty of his form except his head and hands. And soon it rehardens to look excactly the same way Vincent is currently dressed, with the exception of the weapon harness on his back. "Would this be do for….human outings?"

Scott leaves for the Garage.

"It's a bit of both, but mostly a compliment coming from me." Ember stops to watch the transformative abilities of Destin's amulet, then gives him a critical once-over and nods. "That will do, although you'll want to stow your blade if you can. It'll get you the wrong kind of attention in this realm, and even Thor has to rein in his more robust tendencies while on Midgaard."

Killian takes the hand on his shoulder as a que that it's time for him to calm down and be quiet, goes to show that he needs to calm down as he forgets to be wary of someone touching him, taking a deep breath he turns and heads towards the stone stairs both Marie and the newly arrived Cincent have directed him towards.

Rogue gives Killian's right shoulder a soft pair of pats. "Tough guy on campus." She says to the young man with a smile. "Its time to go in though." They reach the stairs and she walks with him up them, letting her hands off of the student's shoulders. "How are the gloves?" She asks him then.

Vincent doesn't go inside just yet, he stays on the grounds, making sure Ember and Destin find their way off the property. He doesn't back up or anything, his stance is firm and strong, unflinching.

Destin actually growls this time "Me and Daern don't go anywhere without the other! It took me YEARS to forge him!" He very clearly didn't like the idea of leaving his blade behind "If your good with illusion magic or what not…can't you just make it dissappear?" he blinks and consider this "Huh, I should make such an enchantment latter, might come in handy for steath attacks" But he blinks back into focus. Considering the other words spoke he nods "I can….try to keep in check. But no promises" he says cheerily! He whistles the the large sword picks itself up and flies to his hand before he sheaths it in one fluid motion, Glancing to Vincent he has to wonder what he is doing here

Ember eyes the blade all the way into its sheath, then nods. "Yes. As long as I'm relatively close I can make it look like something else. Something nonthreatening. After that, it's up to you how to present it if someone asks." She leads the large Asgardian around the outside of the main building, heading towards the front gate. As they pass under the window of her room, she separates a second version of herself that she keeps invivible to normal senses. She uses it to go up to her room and retrieve her cell phone, seeing as it's likely she'll be restricted to slower-than-light movement for a while.

Having taken several deep breaths to calm himself down Killian is able to muster up a small smile in return to Marie, "Yeah they're great, kinda forget I'm wearing them sometimes, makes a bunch of stuff a lot easier, thanks". He walks up the stairs with Marie, "Sorry for mouthing off back there, oh my god, I was mouthing off to a giant back there".

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