2015-04-03 Milkshakes
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Samuel Killian Rogue
GMed by Rogue
Title: Milkshakes

[*Rec Room*]
The Recreation Room has just about anything and everything a student could want to unwind after a long day of classes. Video game consoles with a massive library of games, a monolithic CD and DVD collection… big screen TVs, projection TVs, couches, chairs, beanbags in all colors… it's comfortable and a great place to relax. A curved mahogany bar curls around one corner, where a full self-service soda fountain can be found as well as refrigerators with numerous cold drinks (No alcohol!). Snacks are abundant, as is space- the room is able to hold a couple of dozen students without becomming crowded.


_ Samuel _
Early afternoon, just after the end of classes, is usually the worst time to find some peace and quiet in the rec room. On a Friday, however, with the students not staying over the weekend ready to go home, it is almost deserted. Ideal then to get some work done that really can't be done elsewhere, or at least not as comfortable. Surrounded by complicated parts of machinery, bits of metallic plate, coils of wiring, a myriad of tools and enough snacks to last the rest of the evening, Sam is hard at work constructing something. Hard to tell what it is, but it seems his outbursts outside have already been forgotten in favor of constructive activity.

_ Killian _
Thanks to Marie Killian has mostly calmed down from the events outside, he is now however left with the feeling he mouthed off to some sort of giant, still not much can be done about that now, wanting something to chill him out completely he come here to the rec room, which has seemingly been converted to a garage.

___ Rogue ___
Marie strides into the room withher coat sweeping around behind her legs. She's carrying her silver coffee mug and is headed in a straight-line for the kitchenette. She catches sight of Killian and then the little one Samuel… But she's moving toward one of the fridges. She pops the door open on it. "Any ya'll need anything?" She asked the two of them before reaching into the interior of the fridge.

It's likely Sam is aware of people coming into the room, he might even have figured out who they are, but there's no greeting from the young mutant. Wire is being professionally cut and stripped of insulation, affixed in place with a quick zap of high intensity electric arcing that seems to spring from his left hand, and then it's on to the next part. Pistons, solenoids, actuators, they're all lined up like soldiers standing at attention, and whatever is being built seems to be fairly complicated… and yet it's being built without any reference to blueprints. "Ehm, milkshake if there's any left? Thankya."

Killian walks over to where Samuel is working and picks up a piston, "You building some sort of engine Sam?", he doesn't bother mentioning that this is the freaking rec room as he's more interesed in what's being built, "A coke would be great thanks", one thing he likes about this place? free reign on the ol' sugar, he inspects the piston seemingly unbothered by any oil.
Scott pages, "yeah"

Marie pushes her wild hair back out of her face as she searches for these items in the fridge. She found the container with the milkshake in it and the red coke cans were on the bottom shelf. She leaned back out of the fridge and shut the door. A seoond later and she was pouring the milkshake into a plastic cup. Her eyes went over to where Killian and Sam were. "Sammy, I swear… if you smudge up that sofa with machine gunk…." She starts walking toward the two of them, Killians coke is tossed at him when she's near him. Her eyes go down to see what Samuel is doing.

"Hmm? Oh, no I'm just rebuilding the carpal actuator array for the Mark Six…" and then Sam notices that one of the pistons isn't where it's supposed to be, eyes slowly tracking up to the object in Killian's hand. "Ehm… careful with that, I sort of need that." He reaches out slowly for the part, as if afraid that moving too quickly would cause it to spontaneously leap up and fall to the floor. His eyes leave the piston for a moment as he smiles over to Marie. "I'll be careful, I promise." Then back to Killian. "As long as nobody messes with the parts, that is."

Killian catches the thrown can, "Thanks Rogue", then shrugs an puts the piston down, "I wasn't going to hurt it, I do know some of these parts, whats a Mark Six anyways?", he rubs the side of his face with his free hand transfuring some oil that got on the glove and leaving a nice smudge on his face.

Marie leans down and sets Sam's milkshake down somewhere near his stuff that isn't occupied by dirty machinery. She then falls back, over dramatically into one of the giant plush comfy chairs…. and releases a big sigh. "Oh yeah… thats the stuff." She says, her leather long coat laying around her legs as she just sinks into the chair.

The piston is slotted into place in a precisely milled recess above a complicated array of struts and actuators that, to the more anatomically inclined, might actually look a bit like a human hand. Sam gives Marie a nod and a smile, and then goes back to explaining. "Oh, the Mark Six suit, the power armor I built … about a year and a half ago, I think, that was the Mark One, of course, it's much better now. Mark Six is gonna be awesome."

Killian smiles at Marie as she collapses into the chair, "Long day?", he himself leans against the wall taking a sip of the coke, "The incedent outside, does that sort of thing happen a lot here? wasn't in the welcome booklet", he watches a bit of what Samuel is doing, while he recognises what some of the parts are what the thing as a whole does is beyond him, "So kinda like Iron Man?"

Marie hears the question asked of her by Killian and she suddenly has backflashes of previous incidents in the school, flashes of Wolverine deailing with… issues. She takes a second before she shakes her head against the chair's cushion. "Psssh… nah, this place is cake, twenty four seven." She smirks softly. "But you guys know… Scott is only trying to keep everyone here safe, right?" She tilts her head against the chair to look specifically at Samuel. "Scott's a good dude, the goodest dude ya'll could ever find. He loves this place, and wants us all to be safe. Thats why he does stuff like that, the rules keep us safe." She looks back up at the ceiling then. "As much as they may blow, in any given moment."

"Asgardians? Not lately no. Been a few months since the last aliens and robots too… Come to think of it, I really need to get in touch with that Space Knight, find out what happened to him." For Sam, it seems, these incidents are non-issues, or he's just plain making it up as he goes along. There is a bit of a sigh as he stops what he's doing to respond to Rogue. "Yeah, I know. An' we both want everyone here to be safe, everyone wants that… hey, /I/ want to be safe in here, so I know why he does it, but… y'know…" At that Sam goes back to work, finishing his train of thoughts. "He treats me like a little kid."

"Aliens and robots? You're pulling my leg right? seriously?", Killian raises an eyebrow, he mostly agreed to come here cause he was told it was safe, "First time I really got more than a passing glance at him, he lost his temper with Sam and that light woman big time, he kicked her out", Killian remembers being Samuel's age enough that he doesn't mention that he IS in fact, a little kid.

Rogue sits up in the chair and she crosses her legs at the knees, her tall leather boots scrunching up there as she does this. "Killian, you can go up to Scott any time and chat with him. He looks scary, with them goggles on and sunglasses, yeah… but he's a bit ol softy and will bend over backwards to help you if he can." She smiles softly at Samuel then. "Sammy… man… you're at an age where thats just unavoidable." She sounds pretty touched by his statement about being treated like a kid. "Its going to go away though, dude. You're going to grow up in a flash, and the you don't get the youth back. Its gone forever. You need to sit back and relax more, enjoy your childhood while you can. You got plenty of time to build crazy machines and awesome power-suit-things when you're older."

"Maybe, but… just being safe here isn't enough. We have to be safe everywhere." All of a sudden, Sam seems to be holding a lot back, looking between Rogue and Killian. He's not sure how much the new kid knows, and he can't just drop him in the deep end. As he ponders that, he sips from the milkshake, ending up with the inevitable milk moustache, which he doesn't even seem to be aware of. "I can play video games with my mind. It gets more awesome from there, I really don't think I'm missing out, but if you could build anything, what would it be?"
Killian nods to Marie about Scott, still he's a little wary of the guy, guess time will tell how that goes, "I'm only a few years older than you Sam and even I know the difference the next few years will bring, everyone expects so much weither it's school or dating, anything", he hasn't missed that his question was completely sidesteped by the other two, "Come on, have there been other things like aliens? better I know now than freak out later"

"What would I build?" Rogue answers Samuel's question first. She laughs softly then. "I'd build mew a new hair-dryer. Mine's in pieces upstairs right now on my bathroom floor after it slipped out of my dam— dang hand this morning." She then glanes over to Killian, her arms come up and she folds them together over her stomach on the chair that she's still pretty relaxed back into. "Technically, what you saw out there was an alien." She tells him. "And you stood up to him, so colored me impressed." She says with a smile for him.

"Want me to fix it for you? Won't take too long…" Sam offers, quite used to doing the odd repair jobs around the place. He's still looking between the woman and Killian, then nods in assent. "Yeah, not a lot of people stand up to them. Especially not ones that big. Loki's different, he's always good for a laugh, and Thor tells the most outlandish stories. Odin's a good guy too, but you need to catch him on a good day."

"So that guy was an alien, ok", Killian is a bit freak but can't help but smile when Marie says she was impressed, the Samuel happens, "Right so including the one today thats a running total of four you can name and you seem to have run into regularly". "Ok, the time I pointed out that my powers freak me the hell out and I wanted nothing to do with them? yeah scrach that and point me in the direction of the combat classes the Cuckoos mentioned please?"

Rogue glanced to Sammy and she shook her head and then rooted her left hand around inside a coat pocket. "Nah. I'll just buy a new one. That one was getting old and it was making weird noises, like a dying cat anyhow." She said in her fairly thick accented voice. She pulled out a brightly colored pack of gum and popped a piece of into her mouth. She looked over at Killian again. "I met two more of them in the past month. And don't get your hopes up, kid." She said, chewing on the gum now. "I touched one of them, or… well… he touched me, and nothing happened. So they might be immune to you to." She gave him a grin then as she went to stand up from her chair.

Suffering from terminal foot in mouth syndrome, Sam continues on his earlier tangent. "Well, there's three more Asgardians I've met when they came to collect Loki, he called them the Three. Forget their names, but they're pretty cool. Odin I haven't seen in about two years, he's way too busy running the other realm. Then there's the Space Knights hunting another alien species here on Earth, dunno how many there are of those… just the one Knight though. Then there's the sentient ship that crashed on Mars, now stuck under Mons Olympus that used me as a transmitter for an AI projection… Let's see, there was the Dark Elf incident in the park, that was Loki's fault, and then… oh yeah, the dragon, he was awesome. Talked like a human and everything, just … really… shy…" He trails off when his brain catches up with his mouth and then his attention is focused utterly on his work. Woops.

"Ok, feeling a little freaked now, hopefully it'll pass, if not you'll find me in the locker room screaming into a towel", Killian really hopes he's joking but time will tell, "Actually that might not be a problem, I can absorb from other things than people, theres been no real tests but I was told that in theory I could work with just about anything".

Rogue hears Sam's rant and it all sounds like an over-active child's imagination, and maybe some of it is, she's not sure what all has happened to Sammy's brain after all he's seen in his short amount of years. "Its not as.. crazy, as he makes it sound." She tries to reassure Killian as she starts to step away from the seating area. "Honestly, and you're going to learn a wealth of new ways on how to protect yourself and others, Killian." She offers him a grin. "So just stick with us and you're going to be able to take down big ol aliens and…" She glances at Sam. "Dragons too." She starts to walk again. "Alright, ya'll. I'll be down in the garage if you need anything."

Samuel looks up from his work to give a helpless shrug at Rogue. Certain that more is expected, he gives Killian his most reassuring smile. "Hey, just think of it this way… It all sounds crazy, and it can get a bit weird, but I got through all that and I'm just fine. If I can do that, imagine what you can do. It's gonna be fine, I promise."

Killian is not completely convinced as since he got here he's had a feeling something is being kept from him, he's pretty sure it's not just one thing either, some staff kept giving him weird looks when he showed up, other people seem about to tell himsomething then shut up, it's weird. "See you later Rogue and thanks again", as she leaves he sits down and sticks on the tv, half watching to give Samuel some peace to work.

- END -

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