2015-04-03 Student-Teacher Conference
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Players: Drake, Scott, and Marie
GMed by Everyone!
Title: Student-Teacher Conference

It's a late, balmy night in the mansion. Most students are in bed, or at least in their rooms. Drake, on the other hand, is catching up on a workout he'd missed earlier. Since joining the small collection of the secret group of "New Mutants" several months ago, he's come to take his physical condition very seriously. There's been a visible change for it, to boot, beyond just a sharp increase in his strength, endurance, and agility - as well as his aptitude with his mutant power. His role in this new world he's become a part of is one of the first things he's taken seriously in a very long time. He refuses to let up on it.

As such, the teen is presently honing his balance, moving at a careful trot along one balance beam before springing onto a second, higher beam to repeat the process, arms held out to either side. To his knowledge, he's alone in the gym.

After earlier Scott is in a mood not that many know why. Walking into the gym he is ready to workout or at least let out some frustrations. Going to the punching bag he puts on some gloves. he does notice the other but doesn't say anything as he starts to unload on the bag with rough punches high and low.

Drake trots to the opposite end of the beam and prepares to hop to a third, only to stop when he hears a fist thump into a punching bag. He nearly falls with his built-up momentum and peers over curiously.

Oh, hey!

"'Sup, Dad," calls Drake with a boyish grin. Scott has half of his legal guardianship. He can't help but play with it.

Scott continues to pop hard against the bag letting go of some things. Its not even about earlier really as he also worries about Jean too. He has gotten used to Drake calling him 'dad' so it really doesn't bother him. Stopping he steadies the bag, "Sorry if I disturbed you."

Drake waves his arms in an animatedly-dismissive manner. "Pshah," he scoffs. "Distractions are good! They help me hone my concentration! And multitasking!" He looks to the next beam and hops, alighting on its surface with /almost/ perfect grace. Almost. There was some wobbling, and his knees bent to ensure he didn't fall over. But once he stands again, he continues, "You're really takin' it to that bag, ain't'cha?"

Scott grins with a nod of the head, "Is good to take out frustrations. We had someone just appear in the backyard and asked them to take their leave. Some didn't agree." he sighs, "Its hard you know. Sure I'd like to just get to know others you know but.. Rules are to protect all the students. Not like I want to be seen as the bad guy." he pops the bag hard, "Or seem like I am here to kill fun." another pop is given, "And this guy seemed nice and yeah maybe I'd like to speak to him through proper means. But we can't just let anyone walk onto the grounds as they please."

Drake takes a few trotting steps as Scott talks, using it as an exercise in the aforementioned multitasking. He should've been doing this earlier when Marie was in here! Though what Scott says slows him down and draws an intrigued sidelong look from the teen.

"Sometimes doing the right thing is doing the unpopular thing," he posits. It feels weird saying something like that to Scott, but he was getting a weird vibe off of him. He's no psychic, but he thinks he's picking up some negative vibes.

It's a Cali' thing.

"Besides, uh… you might remember fussing at me for bringing Loki in here once. I don't like the idea of giving up on him as a lost cause or anything, but… I /get/ it, y'know? I screwed up. School safety has to come first." He takes a few more trots, then pauses again. "Did something happen? Everyone okay?"

Scott sighs deeply, "I do understand how you feel. I hate pushing anyone away but.. Professor knows everything. I'd like to meet Loki sometimes off grounds." he then begins hitting the bag a few more times doing a spin coming around to kick it. "An Asgardian landed on the back yard. Everyone is fine of course. He was respectable about it when I talked to him. Samuel gave a little attitude and then.. I had to let Ember know she no longer has a place here. Graduates can apply for staff positions or teaching positions but.. otherwords they have to move on. We train you all to become part of society. As much as we'd like everyone to stay. There comes a time you hae to spread your wings."

Drake resumes trotting as Scott picks up the conversation again. There was a time when hearing an Asgardian landing in your backyard might make him blink. But given everything he's been through in his less-than-a-year's tenure here at the mansion? Nope. Unless that Asgardian came down on a robot unicorn to a chorus of heavy metal, it sounds like something the faculty can handle. And given what Scott continues to say, it sounds like something the faculty /should/ have handled.

And Ember's name is dropped.

Drake's head drops. "Ah, /Hell/." He packs so much frustration, disgust, and world-weariness into that one word, one might swear it was a McRib.

"Well… she…" Be diplomatic? Be honest? Be graceful? Be direct? There are so many ways approach this. "…I'm sure you don't wanna give me the whole spiel. That's cool. But you did the right thing."

Scott didn't really want to go into detail over it. "Thank you, son." he grins, "I appreciate that." Now finally he begins punching the bag again going silent letting him take the conversation where he'd like it to go.

Drake cracks a wry grin when Scott calls him 'son'. How wacky their dynamic has become; especially against the backdrop of how much Drake detests his real parents. He lifts his head and resumes his trot, until he reaches the end of the beam. He draws in a deep breath and springs onto the next. They're getting pretty high up at this point. Thankfully there's padding laid out down below. How much that would help remains to be seen.

Drake wobbles.

"Want me to be honest?," he asks suddenly, cutting the silence.

Scott takes a moment to breathe, "Of course."

Drake takes one step. Then another. "Ember was a liability. She took no responsibility, and she refused to be held accountable for anything. She never thought before she spoke or acted, and she had zero respect for where she was or who was around her. I get why the Professor put her on the New Mutants - he sort'a had to, given what she was barking. But it was a huge risk. The incident with Dr. Doom and its follow-up made it very clear to me."

He hops forward, alighting on the beam a little further ahead.

"She was going to get someone killed."

Scott listens taking all of this in, "She showed that tonight. Really she was teaching others it was alright to be insulting to authority. She said she graduated but I don't feel she has learned anything. I wouldn't be surprised if we face her someday as a villian."

Drake smirks. "I can tell you she's physically fragile, easily goaded, and has a massive ego." He hops again, landing at the end of the beam. "Bring it on."

He then blinks and glances back to Scott. "Geeze, that came out vindictive, huh? It's just…" He shakes his head quickly, scattering his bangs. "You did the right thing. Did the other students around there start giving you crap, too? You mentioned Samuel…"

Scott sighs a little, "Sam didn't understand why he had to go. He is young so I let it go really. Samuel did go inside as he was asked. Well. I did insist strongly. I get it though.. Your young and you want to have fun. No rules.. I wasn't born grown up and boring." he laughs.

"Eesh. The young'ens," laments Drake. "They don't know how good they've got it." A mirthful grin touches his lips again. Is he joking? Is he being serious? He doesn't elaborate. "I'm no parent, and I have no idea how to deal with kids, but… maybe having a sit-down with Samuel would help? Were there any others that seemed to be gettin' all snippy?"

Scott shakes his head, "No. Kilian was there but he made no issues about it. I'll talk to Samuel when I get the chance. Not even saying he is a bad kid you know. ust a part of growing up. Heck.. I'm still learning you know. Not like you ever stop."

"Shhh. Don't let the others hear that. We'll start chippin' away at the chinks in the ol' armor!"

Drake pauses at the far end of his current beam and peers towards the next one up - one suspended by wire. This means it's going to wobble from side to side. He's hesitant there.

"A-anyway," he continues, attempting to cover up his anxiety, "just keep working it. If they know you actually met with that Asgardian again to have a legit chat with'em, they'll know you weren't just.. like.. throwin' your weight around, I think."

Scott laughs at that, "I think some think that is all I do. Just show up to bark and leave." he then playfully yaps a bit like a dog. "But you are right. If I see this man again I should talk to him a bit. Let him know it wasn't personal."

"Want a hint?," Drake asks. He crouches down, poised on all fours with his rear pushed out. It's not unlike a cat preparing to pounce.

Scott is working on punching a bag while Drake is on the balance beam. "Sure/" he tells him as they speak of Asgardians no matter how this might of looked if anyone walks in.

Drake is on the /third tier/ balance beam, preparing to spring onto the fourth - one that's suspended on wires and intended to sway, considerable higher up from the floor.

"Treat the Asgardians like the Kool-Aid Man. Go, 'Hey, Whatever!' They'll pop up. Guaran-damn-tee it. Worked on Loki."

Drake's rear wiggles once, and he suddenly springs! He manages to land on the beam and clings onto it like a koala bear, riding out its swinging.

Rogue wanted to check in on Clops. She didn't really expect to bringing anything up with him about it, she just wanted a visual check-in on him. The young teacher strode through the door with her hands in her coat pockets, shoved in front of her leaving the big leather coat pretty much closed around her body. She had her hood up too, and her white bangs were framing her face as she looked about the gym. First thing she was was Drake's butt wiggling. She nodded her head softly and rounded some machine's, ah, there he is. She walked up toward him. "Yo, Scott." She said. "I chatted with Sammy, he's all fine… he's just throwing together a death ray, or some'n upstairs." She says to him.

Scott begins popping the bag again after listening to Drake's advice. He stops again as another voice breaks the silence. "I am glad that he is alright. How are you this evening?" he asks her.

Drake didn't even get a laugh! Why, it's almost as if Scott didn't believe him.

Hearing him address someone else in the room causes him to peer around the lengthy beam to spot someone in a hood. From this angle, it's difficult to know exactly who it is - he's well above her head. But the accent definitely helps to put a name to 'rogue-ish' figure.

"See? Just took a talkin'-to! He's back to building deathrays!" Beat. "Is that a good thing?"

Rogue first turned to glance up toward Drake who was above her. She smirked up at him then and shen stuck her tongue out at the student. She looked back over at Scott, stared at him a quiet moment while he punched the bag… her eyes went over to the bag and she stared at it then too… Slowly… Rogue started to nod her head. "I gotcha… I gotcha…" She pulled her gloved hands out of her coat pockets and she put them up in balled-fists in front of her face. "You wanna punch some'n, Summers?" She asked. "You wanna go? You wanna punch something?!" She started bouncing on her booted feet, mocking a boxer's style of movement. "Lets do this, nyah nyah." she gave fake little punches toward him.

Scott belatedly laughs at Drake's joke once it sinks in. Watching as Rogue starts shadow boxing in front of him. "You know I am not going to hit you. But I'll hold the bag if you want to whack at it." he smirks.

Drake wasn't joking, dagnabbit! It works! …Sigh.

Either way, Scott and Rogue seem occupied. He pulls himself up slowly to his feet, carefully evening his breathing while extending his arms to either side. The beam wobbles precariously under his feet. This is about where he is in his training. But he takes a few slow, careful steps forward, falling silent, himself.

Marie does some more shadow-boxing after Scott says this. "What? You too afraid to hit a girl?" She asks him, grinning. She glances at the bag and then back at him. "Afraid I'll hit back? Huh?" She chides him some more, grinning. She lowered her hands then and nodded softly, mockingly popping her neck by tilting her head one way and then the other. "Nobody ever wants to fight Rogue." She turns around the way she'd coime from and starts to walk away again, hands going back in her pockets.

Scott watches as she turns to walk away, "Want to bet." he runs forward in attempting to pick her up and then tumble with her across the practice mat. "Bring it them girly. Drake, want to come do some combat traing." he waves him over. A trio spar!

Drake takes another step. He starts to take another, only to hear the sound of commotion down below. His head tilts, and the shout steals his focus. And then the beam slips from beneath him. "AAGH!"

The teen drops from a considerable height in an unfortunately spiraled drop, right up until he lands squarely on his back on the mat below; with a hard *SPAK*.

"Ohhh myy gaaahhd…," he croaks, staring up at the ceiling.

Rogue feels the sneak attack and, being that she doesn't weigh a whole lot its easy for Scott to tumble her over onto the mat, with a girlish squeal coming out of her as she laughs and then rolls out of the Mat grapple! Her trench coat flies off of her body as she comes to stand up on the mat, on one foot with her other foot held high and her hands straight upa bove her head… doing the Karate Kid Crane Kick pose facing it right at Scott. Thats when Drake lands on the mat behind her…. Marie blinks and then turns around to look down at the form of Drake. "What the hell?"

Scott laughs as Marie goes into her crane pose but then.. "Drake?" he moves around Marie and over to him kneeling at his side. "Are you alright?" looking him over quickly.

Drake lies there on his back, his crap in ruins. When Scott kneels by him, Drake struggles to turn onto his side.

"S-.. Scott…," he rasps. His hands shoot up to clap his cheeks, aiming to mush them together and result in a fish-face. The teen gives him an imploring look.

"Delete… my… browser… history…"

He then flops flat to the mat with a, "Bleh!," tongue lulling out and motionless. Oh yes, he's playing. …But /oh/ yes, he's sore. No more workout for him tonight.

Rogue turned about to watch the situation, and she was just about to go run get some medical stuff… like a… stretcher or something… when she caught Drake's words. She stopped her motions then and just turned around to lean against the nearest piece of gym quipment. "Someone's playin' possum." She said then with a smirk. She grabbed her jacket up then off of the floor at her feet.

Scott is rather worried though laughs at this, "You goofball!" h playfully pokes at him before straightening up offering him a hand up. Last thing they needed to top things off is a serious injury.

Drake maintains his dead stare up at the ceiling, but responds to Marie, "Can't hear you, I'm dead." The prod gets a twitch, and he takes the hand to lift to his feet - which is accomplished with considerable wincing and grimacing. "Nng.. okay.. I've gotta call it a night.. think I broke myself off there…"

Scott chuckles putting an arm around Drake, "I'll help you."

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