2015-04-06 Mike's Magic Sticks
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Mike's Magic Sticks

The decor of the large room is very VERY simple. There is a bed. Over to the far end of the room, furthest from the entrance, the music gear rests. Drum pads, The actual kit, keyboard, two guitars upon stands, and a violin case. There's also a sketch pad, a note pad, and writing utensils. Thaaaaat's about it. For you snoops out there, the sketch pad contains sketches of people Mike has seen in passing. There may even be more than one of Wade, Felicia, Loki, and a woman who bears some resemblance to Mike himself.

If there is a perk to keeping one's furnishings minimal, it would probably be the amount of empty space in the gargantuan room provided to Mike at the mansion. And right now the empty space is being utilized with Mike sitting on the floor, legs crossed, his arms extend downwards and outwards with the backs of his upward tilted hands resting upon his knees. Eyes closed, the musician is silent.

Sitting in nearly a mirror position opposite the young musician is a seasoned wizard. The most noticeable difference in their meditative positions is that the Doctor happens to be roughly three feet in the air, his cloak dangling from his back, bunching on the ground beneath him. The lotus position it is called, and Stephen Strange is one of the few on this planet who can successfully achieve it.

After several moments Stephen finally speaks, "Now you should be ready to attempt your goal." His eyes slowly opening and his feet reaching out below him as though he was stepping off an invisible chair.

With the doctor's voice cutting into the silence, Mike gives a slow nod before opening his eyes. He starts to get up, leaning forward as his legs shift, using his given balance to push himself up without using his hands for the process.

Stephen looks over Mike and cracks his neck softly before his hands begin fold their fingers into complex gestures and one arm slowly circles until it's above his head. The second arm moves forward between himself and Mike. It's a perfect line from his left hand down to his face and lastly his right hand when a glowing translucent blue staff appears from his top hand to the second in a whiff of smoke and electricity. Once formed Strange resets his feet to a normal stance and his hands move away from each other seemingly splitting the staff in half to have two short blunt weapons in his hands at his sides.

Mike watches Strange's hand gestures carefully and upon the completion, Mike considers what he just saw and carefully starts to repeat the motions. Unlike Strange, he starts to speak. "Protect against the horde," One arm circles, pausing above his head, "that holds control of the weak." The second arm moves forward, "From you, solution we seek," the hand straightens to form a line with his other hand, "Michael, present your sword."

With a flick of his wrist with a faint flourish, Stephen allows his weapons to disappear into thin air. He steps to Mike's side and grabs the mans wrist before moving it just slightly and then reaffirming the positioning with a glance to Mike. He continues to walk slowly around the musician and kicks his heals to make Mike stand a little wider apart. "Very good." He finally speaks.

Mike sighs, "I botched it. Didn't I?"

"Yes, but you're not beyond hope." Strange says moving back in front of Mike, "Try it again."

Giving a nod, Mike readjusts himself to the begining position and starts the process again, stance corrected. "Protect against the horde," One arm circles, pausing above his head, "that holds control of the weak." The second arm moves forward, "From you, solution we seek," the hand straightens to form a line with his other hand, wrist shiftinb a bit more as indicated, "Michael, present your sword."

A faint fog seems to roll from Mike's hand and then a puff of smoke begins to materialize between his hands and then just as quickly it seems to vanish. "Okay." Stephen says blinking as he walks around Mike and goes through the same motions once more. Once the wizard is back in front of Mike he reaches behind his back to the cloak and pulls out two intricately carved metal sticks. "Try the same spell but while holding these. You're going to cast on top of these escrima." Explains Stephen, "Now, again!"

Looking to the offered sticks, he reaches over to them, studying the carvings for a moment. "Okay…" Once again resetting, Mike readjusts himself to the begining position and starts the process again, "Protect against the horde," One escrima circles, pausing above his head, "that holds control of the weak." The second escrima moves forward, "From you, solution we seek," the hand straightens to lining up the escrima, "Michael, present your sword."

Stephen nods as Mike's spell begins to form correctly.

As the smoke appears, they seem to flow into the sticks being held by Mike, a soft glimmer coming from the sticks before dying away to look normal once more. Mike holds his position, eyes looking to Strange. The nod is encouraging leading to Mike to move to the resting position, and then looking to the sticks.

Slowly the musician begins to get the spell to work, "Now you have to focus on the spell, even the slightest bit of attention will keep it active though once you stop thinking about it, it's gone." Note's Stephen as the smoke from Mike's wrists and cuffs forms a perfect cylinder around the short staffs in his hands, and begin to harden into a fully formed spell.

Mike nods, looking to the sticks, very much focused on them. "So get used to having a monologue of 'I've got magic sticks' going on repeat in the back of my head?"

"If -that's- how you choose to remember them, then sure, go for it." Stephen says with a chuckle.

Mike nods, looking to the sticks, "So, what did I do wrong? You were able to just make them out of nothing."

"Not wrong. You didn't really -do- wrong Mike. You simply lack practice and belief." Explains Stephen, crossing his arms. "Keep learning and practicing."

Mike nods, looking to the sticks, "Well, I definitely have a reason to practice if I'm going to have to reset these things anytime I fall asleep."

"That's the thing about magic Mike, it tends to work every where." Stephen explains. He's used magic in his own dreams and in the dreams of others nearly countless times.

"Yeah but when I'm asleep. I'm like, completely asleep." Mike replies, giving a chuckle, "Would you believe that I don't really have dreams of my own when I sleep? It's just, deep sleep."

"Then, too bad." Stephen says with a grin. "You're on your own with that one Mike."

Mike nods, once again looking to the escrimas, "So, to recap, if I strike a demon infest with these, it should do the banishment without hurting the host?"

"It's likely they'll at least be bruised." Stephen retorts with a faintly raised eyebrow. "I mean they are still physical objects."

Mike pauses, "I meant, the spell part. I'm not going to bludgeon them with it."

"Even with the spell Mike. These are weapons, not apparitions." Stephen explains. "Any attack you make will act as a normal attack on the host. They will react in the traditional ways."

Mike takes a deep breath. "I'm not asking if the spell will decrease the damage if for some reason I smack them with a stick, I'm asking of the spell itself is safe for the host. I get that hitting them is probably going to cause a bruise."

"Oh." Stephen pauses and puts a hand on his chin in thought. "That should be fine."

"Okay then." Mike replies, glad to get the answer he's been fighting to get, "That's good. Then, I guess there's one other thing I need to do then with these."

Stephen simply raises an eyebrow to Mike, waiting for the musician to reveal the 'one thing he must do'.

Mike does a drumming motion with the escrimas, flipping one in the air before catching it like it was just another drumstick. "Get better at using these."

"Then maybe you should use some of your SHIELD facilities to practice and maybe get a mentor." Strange notes as he moves towards the door.

The other escrima is flipped and caught, as Mike nods, "And I know just the person to ask…"


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