2015-04-07 Why Fury Hates Christmas
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Players: Black Widow, Deadpool, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Why Fury Hates Christmas

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

The garden was a relaxing place set up for the residents and visitors of the mansion to explore. A high hedge runs against the perimeter of the outer wall to help hide the fact that it was actually walled in. Even so there was evidence throughout the garden, well hidden, of the fact that the premesis were monitored and defended. The glint of fish-eye lense cameras could just barely be seen hidden in the well-trimmed hedge pointed inward should the outermost observation methods fail in catching an intruder. This is the most noticable of such features.

The rest of the garden is an area of relaxation and contemplation. A conccrete pathway extends from the back porch into the garden proper to allow those who wish to stroll the chance to do so without trampling on the fauna. The grass edging the pathway was trimmed down low. Beds of vibrantly colored flowers primarily in reds, golds, and oranges with the occasional hint of purple are situated in organicly curving patterns that invite exploration along the path. Red maples and well trimmed pines are interspersed in the deeper beds to add some height and privacy to the areas. In the center of the walkway is a large fountain that adds a cooler aspect. The pathway opens up wide around it creating a circular walkway around it's edges. The rim of the fountain is set at just the right height it can double as benches for those who may wish to sit and enjoy the view around the cool flow of water.

In the center of the fountain is a tribute to the original Avengers—The Founders as it were. Captain America with his sheild flung up offers a spout of water a place to hit and flow off of. The arc of water is followed up toward the higher point which is naturally Iron Man with his arm held out. The jet of water that washes down on all of the others comes from the palm of his hand just as his energy burst normally would.

Natasha (2m) and Tony (39s) are here.

Natasha is standing near the edge of the fountain with the fancy statues in it. She's holding an iPad in her hand and is pacing back and forth. "Its not that I didn't enjoy my time there, sir. Its that I'm not sure exactly why I'd want to stay there any longer than necessary to get the job done." She was speaking to someone through direct video conference on the device and their voice was going through a wireless earpiece into her right ear. She continued to pace while the person on the screen spoke back to her. There was a collection of her belongs on one of the benchines near the faountain, her jacket, a messenger-style bag and a metal coffee thermos.

Now if I were a highly trained agent who could probably take out an entire mob family while barefoot, where would I be? Ah yes, that ever asked question plagues Mike today as he's looking around the mansion grounds. Not entirely sure if she's even at the building this moment, Mike's not solely focusing on the task. He even had time to swing by the kitchen and fix himself a nice mug of coffee which he's oh so casually sipping as he steps out to the patio. Spotting a Widow, he pauses, considering if he should go back to get more of the black beverage as an offering but the presence of the thermos is enough to assure him that he does not need to. Seeing that she's having a conversation, he hangs around the patio, waiting for her to finish. He does give a wave to her when he thinks her pacing will actually bring him into view.

Natasha stepped up to the fountain and distractedly looked down into its reflecting waters to see herself holding the computer screen and talking at it. She nodded her head several times. "Fine, fine." she said. "Once I am there I will find a place and make it 'cozey'. Your words there, not mine." After another moment she turned around and spotted Mike up on the porch eyeing her and waving even. She didn't really visibly respond because her conference call was just about over and thats where most ofher mind was right now. "Oh six hundred, I know. Okay." and with that that she lowered her ipad and closed the black cover over it then reached up to pull the earbud from her ear. She walked over to the bench where her things were and she spun around to sit herself down into it and lean into the corner of the bench against her leather coat. She huffed out an exhale.

When it appears that Natasha's done with her call. Mike starts to walk over, watching her motions as he moves over towards the bench. "I'm guessing that wasn't exactly a call saying you won the lottery." He jokes lightly, lifting his mug to take a sip.

Natasha had the tablet sitting on her lap and her legs were crossed at the knee. When Mike came up and smoke she put her hand under her chin and her elbow on the arm of the bench. "I keep scratching them tickets, they keep coming up wrong." She replied to his question. A second later she sat up straight on the bench and regarded Mike with a more professional air… He didn't really come see her unless he had a reason to, thats something she was quite used to. "How can I help you, Mike?" She asked then.

Mike lowers his mug, giving a small smile. "To the point then." He slides his free hand into his pocket, "Uh, remember the offer about the handgun training, or 'whatever' you made?"

Natasha's eyes were on Mikes and she watched him put a hand into his pocket, a gesture that always made the agent think someone about to yank a knife on her… "Yeah sure." She replied to him as she lifted her metal thermos up for a sip of her own delicious heated beverage (ranch dressing soda pop). She then flashed Mike a grin. "What? Are you finally ready to join the NRA?"

"Actually I was thinking more of the 'whatever'. For the moment." Mike corrects, shaking his head, "I was thinking more along the lines of sticks. Escrima."

Natasha set her mug of deliciousness down ontop of her topmost knee she tilted her head softly in confusion at Mike's request. "What on the face of the moon has made you decide to suddenly want to learn how to stick fight, of all things?" She asked him, as it really was a shocking request to come from pretty-boy Mike. She respected several things about him, but she also never pegged him for the type to want to go near something that could leave a scar.

Considering the number of scars he already has, what's one more? Mike shrugs, "A few reasons. And it's not quite… sudden. Despite what you think, I don't use my powers all the time. And before I became Phantasm, I've had to make do with what I could ever get my hands on when people start causing trouble. And I'm much more likely to find a stick, or a bar, or something of that shape than I am to be finding conveniently loaded guns that happen to be in reach."

There are all kinds of training methods and Director Fury is the king of them. He carefully walks up behind Mike signaling for Natasha to keep quiet about him being there. Reaching into his coat he pulls a gun and then places the barrel right behind Mike's head not touching it though just to test his level of awareness.

Natasha had seen the Director coming down the pathway from the opposite side of the fountain, but she hadn't really made any motion of noticing him. "I'm certainly willing to jump into some training with you on the styles, Mike." She starts, as Fury pulls a gun. "I… have a lot of work coming up though, so it may be best if I also hand you over to someone who I know who lives and dies by that kind of fighting." She doesn't say anything about the developing Crazyness behind the Jr. Avenger.

If there's ever one blessing to having the childhood Mike's had, or being demon bait, it's the ever present sense of something is out to get you. And that ever presence of something small just invading his personal space is making the hairs on the back of his neck tingle. Much help that does Fury with his regular hair covering that up. Spinning around, Mike tilts his head quickly moving it out of the way of the obtrusive field, swinging one arm up to smack at whatever it was while his other hand is already cocked back, ready to throw a punch if he doesn't like what he sees. It's already starting to move towards the director but halts. "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!"

Wade strides through and is thinking about how much he loves Nick Fury…

As the gun is knocked down, Fury looks to Mike, "Always got to be aware of yourself, Twinkle Toes. Now pull this hand back before I break it off and beat you to death with it." he simply puts the gun away. "Widow would have already had me on my ass and in serious pain before you could throw a punch."

Natasha stayed where she was motionless through it all. Once Nick speaks of her she does then chime. "That was amore than a little extreme, sir." She tells fury. "Its a wonder you're not on more people's christmas card lists." She then looks to Mike. "Come sit on the bench, Mike, I'll protect you from the mean old man."

Mike lowers his hand at Fury's *ahem* request. "Being Widow's actually trained for that stuff and I'm mainly here because of Loki's nagging and some God damn cult?" He asks, "I would sincerly hope that she would handle it better."

"Bah Humbug or Ho F*'in Ho." Nick responds to Natasha's words though shrugs a bit. "What mean old man?" looking around, "I didn't know Odin came to visit." moving to the bench he sits at Natasha's side. "Some god damn cult. There is only thousands of them out there. But you want to train. Widow would be a good sparring partner for you."

Natasha looekd over at Fury as he sat down beside her and she smiled faintly at him. "And I'm offering to start him off. But getting to any serious level of proficency with the type of fighting that he's inquiring about takes a serious level of dedication. Its nigh-on a lifetime ambition, something you never truly learn 'everything' there is to know about it." Her eyes then drifted back to Mike. "Its a Martial Art, Mike. But if you want to setup a weekly session with me and maybe another with one of our other trainers, that can be arranged. But you can't get frustrated and quit."

Mike grows quiet, looking at the other Nick. Head tilting a bit at his words before looking towards Natasha, nodding. He looks back towards Fury, "…just how much do you really know about the DemonInfest?"

Nick Fury raises a brow looking at Mike, "Excuse me? I know you aren't questioning me, Twinkle Toes. In the process ignoring a superior that is trying to talk to you over a matter of training." getting up he steps back towards Mike, "Do you want to be here?"

Natasha lifts her thermos up for another drink of whatever it was that was in there. She stayed quiet and let the two boys fight over their problems. Her hand went down to her iPad and she flipped the cover off of it to thumb it back on and browse over some documents that were digitally remastered in HD, or something.

There's a slight exhale of air as the musician shakes his head, "You have it wrong, Fury. 'Asking' and 'questioning' are two different things." Mike replies, not budging from where he's standing as he watches Fury as approach. His expression growning vaant, "As well as 'want' and 'should'." He gestures over to Natasha, "And I am not ignoring her. I acknowledged Natasha's explanation before I ASKED you a simple question which actually pertains to one reason why I even accepted YOUR offer to be here."

Nick Fury grunts at him turning to walk onward.

Natasha looks up then at Mike, she closes her tablet's cover once more and then folds her hands ontop of it. "So tomorrow morning at Oh'Six'Thirty?" She asked him with a pleasant smile on her face.

Mike turns his head to follow Fury, "Not much it is." He mutters, turning to look over to Natasha. "Six thirty." He confirms, giving a nod. He looks to the closed tablet. "Anything to be brought?"

Natasha lowered her thermos once more down to her knee and she smiled another time to him. "Just come to the gym, in gym clothes. I'll have everything else there and ready." She still internally wasn't sure that Mike would show up for more than two weeks worth of training, maybe a month. But, she decided to stay positive about it and perhaps the celebrity would surprise her.

The sound of something can be heard coming and as it gets closer its louder. Then finally it lands into the countain with a splash!! Tony can be seen sitting up in the water now soaking wet, "That didn't go as planned." he says mostly to himself. A hand rubs the side of his head before noticing he isn't alone, "Uh.. Hi.."

Mike nods, "Gotcha." He lifts up his phone to check the time. "Hmm. Guess I should bump my prac-" Mike glances around as a sound not normal to the area of the fountain reaches his ears. "W-" Head turning, he looks over to the now soaked Avenger, "Experiment misfire or you took the last of Banner's ice creams?"

Natasha was all too familiar with the incoming sound, so much so that she didn't even look up to watch him arrive. But when Stark splashed down into the water of the fountain, right at the foot of the stone-shaped Captain America, Natasha tilted her head. She let things settle a bit before she asked in a flat tone of voice. "Did you just slip on your booties and fall on your little toosh-toosh?" Toward the wet Stark.

Tony looks up at the statue and then slicks some of his hair back. Getting to his feet, "If I ate his last ice cream I'd be more than just in a fountain." slooshing through the water he steps out going over towards Natasha attemtping to give her a wet hug, "Yes you going to kiss it and make it all better?"

Mike looks between the two, "Should I give you two some, privacy?"

Magically, Wade Wilson appears. He has a fabric hammock in his hands and is looking for somewhere to set it up. "Yep, totally going to be a gret, great night. Nothing or anyone is going to mess with me." He doesn't notice that anyone else is in the area. "If you're going to be homeless, you might as well live in the garden of the Avengers! They'll never know it!"

Natasha watched the water-shedding zombie of a Stark make his way toward her and just as he drew near her heel-wearing foot came up to put the pointed tip of it directly into his crotch. "If you get me wet right now, Stark." She starts. "I swear it'll be the last time you're ever capable of it." She warms him… afterall the woman was in her fine business attire, and it was no cheap set of clothing. Not to mention the tablet on her lap with all her spy stuff on it.

Wade continues using his bluetooth headset that was not mentioned, "By the way, you're name isn't 'Sparkles' for this phone call. You can be 'Natasha.' For $9.99 a minute, you better have a sexy Russian accent and call me 'Tony' despite my credit card being issued to Bruce 'Bang Her' Banner."

Tony stops as Nat threatens the Stark family treasure, "Yes dear." he looks at Mike, "Nah. She has a headache called me." and then he glances over towards wade with a shake of the head.

Mike turns his head to look over towards the Magical Mr. Mistophodeadpool. He turns back to Tony, "That sounds like a relationship right there."

"Natasha, I need you to spark my plug… if you know what I mean. I prefer when I park my Audi that it can fit more than one. I'm a ten car garage kind of guy, if you know what I mean." says Wade as he starts to set up for relaxing. "Oh, Natasha, tell me about the time that 'Clint' missed his target and got sprayed by his own 'glue arrow' all over his face. Hah, yeah, Clint's a tool. Wait, how did you know that Thor has a bigger hammer than me?!" Wade gets a little upset. "I don't care if he looks like a Viking Fabio! That's insult, You can't—" He pauses, "Wait, you lie! There's no way you lifted Mjolnir like that and can still walk."

Natasha smiled sweetly up at Tony then and she dropped her foot from his crotch after he agreed to the terms. Her eyes went over to Wade who looked like a 12 year old about to head out for a camping trip into his backyard. "You okay over there, Mr. Wilson?" She called out to him, her thermos going up to her lips for another drink of her mysterious fluids.

Tony begins ringing out his shirt, "A relationship? Natasha and I?" he asks Mike with a smirk. Looking back to Wade he raises a brow, "Damn. Remind me to get that number." he teases.

"Don't you have enough numbers on hand?" Mike asks back, giving a bit of a smirk to the Avenger. He shakes his head, looking to the newly formed trio, "I'm going to have to head out." He looks over to Natasha, "6:30, right?"

Without looking at the real Natasha, Wade says in a fit, "Natasha, I can't believe you're having fun with the Asgardian. What do you mean he's an Ass-guard? The dude hammers anything he can. Did you know he has hammeered his own brother?" Wade then realizes that the real Natasha, Mike, and Tony are there. "Natasha, I might have to call you back." He sees the stuggle of Mike to keep his composure. "Man, I bet that dude needs a RAM upgrade. He's probably got a small chip set when he turns into a humming bird." He winks at Stark, "Can you upgrade RAM? I bet you know how to use RAM." He grins as he leans against an imaginary wall that supports him magically. "And Natasha, what are you drinking? Can I taste your delicious juice?"

Natasha's head nodded softly to the question from Mike and she put her metal mug back down on the arm of the bench. "Mmmhmm… Bright and early, Sunshine." She told him before her eyes went back over toward Wade, having heard her named said at least twice now. She finds him leaninga against an invisible wall and she exhales softly. She looks down at her silver thermos and then lifts it up and waggles in Wade's direction. "You have to come and get it though, big boy." She teased him.

Wade shoves a giant 'i' into Mike's a because he's a D.

Tony looks between them, "An early booty call?" he asks sitting on the bench near Natasha. "Knowing her its something that needs an octane rating. Should have seen her drinking the other night, Wilson. Body shots…"

Stark does have a new and improved Eiffel Tower design after all.

Having confirmed the time, Mike nods and heads back in. So much to do. So little time!

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