2015-04-09 New Maid
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Players: Janie, Iron Man, Natasha, Hank Pym
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: New Maid

Sitting at the conference table is Tony with a laptop in front of him and silently he sips coffee. They have staff at the mansion for cooking, cleaning and such so an opening has come along with interviews being done. Does he really care who cleans things? No. But some areas require discretion and the ability to keep our mouths closed beyond the doors. "Well that last guy was fun wasn't he? He offered to steam clean your undies." he glances over at Natasha with a smirk, "Though the old woman that offered to read us bedtime stories and make cookies was also nice. Though I don't get why you hated the blond this morning. She could fluff my pillows any day." not that he lives here.

Natasha isn't seated at the table. She's seated in one of the large chairs underneath the window and she's got an iPaid on her lap. She's wearing a dark red fancy business clothes and her hair is in large curls cut short down to just below her ears. (a new doo!) She didn't hear Tony's words until a second or two after he said them. "Hmm?" She asked, looking up from her iPad, and then toward the doorway. "I don't know. Just pick one." She says, distractedly.

"Mm yes," says Hank dryly. "Though I suspect you intended to be the one doing the fluffing. I did think the person who worked for the senator was perhaps appropriate. We need at least that level of experience." He's wearing an olive shirt and a grey tie, hair slicked back and an old fashioned notebook is on the place in front of him.

After the short discussion, when the next one was called in, it was a smaller chinese who entered. Small like in short. And she looked quite young, the file telling even she is 16, but emancipated. Yes, a girl not even legal to drink. Besides the obvious lack of hight, the girl entering also didn't wear something that looked like sunday clothes or something, no, it looked like she had sewn the pullover herself from postal bags and the Jeans had seen better days too. Bowing a moment, she pulled out a plastic folder containing her credentials and offered them. Cooking courses, Housekeeping classes and all, reaching back for the last 6 years. "I'm here for the Auditions for the opening as a housemaid here."

He gives a smirk between the two and as the next walks in, Tony already has her info up on screen looking it over.
"Applicant Janie Wu." JARVIS says when she walks inside.
"Audition?" Tony questions and knocks his coffee over purposely. "Ok clean that up." he a straight face there being papertowels on the coffee bar nearby Natasha. "I thought this was an interview."

Henry inhales and glances away from Stark, accepting the girl's folder. "Miss Wu, could you possibly tell us about some of the places at which you've worked?" He looks over the folder and offers it to Natasha.

Natasha's eyes remained on her tablet computer until she heard the cup fall over on the table. Her eyes went to the fluid running out of it as it started to cascade over the edge and down onto the carpet. Such a thing was ultimately irrelevant, but it was always sad to see anyway. When the folder was handed toward she accepted it and then finally looked over to Janie, eying her up and down and considering the state of her attire.

Janie eyes the cup getting tossed over, and it is almost a reflex in which she grabs not for the paper towels, but for a microfiber cloth she had tucked up in that baggy sleeve, working on getting the hot liquid into it before it can spread "Where I have worked before? I hadn't had a paid job before, as you can see in the credentials, but I have cleaned and cooked at the place I was staying. If you read up, you'll see that the foster care institution I was at was pretty much only nothing else." Speaking about this fact, her lost childhood, she doesn't even seem to care too much, her face almost stoic as she sets the cup upright again and squeezed the coffee back into it, the mop almost dry after the turn of her hands against each other. "But besides cooking, cleaning and as you see wiping up coffee, I can fix your uniforms and clothes, Madame and Sirs. It just takes a few minutes, a needle and some inches yarn and I doubt you can even see where the defect was."

Hearing a glass shatter has caused Steve, who was enjoying a good WWII documentary, to get up and investigate. As he walks into the Conference room he stops and places his thumbs onto his belt buckle. "What's going on in here?" he asks as he looks around. He notices Tony, Natasha and Hank right off the bat, but the younger woman is someone new.

Tony listens as the girl talks and then Cap makes his entrance. "Just an interview for a new maid. Care to join us, Captain?" he asks. Reading over some stuff, "If we hire you, Miss Wu, we can't let you work but so many hours a day and before the sun goes down until your eightteen. What do you know about us?" his eyes go up to train on her.

Natasha did not look at Steve as he stepped into the room, her green eyes remained lockedon Janie at this point. She listened to her speak to Tony, and vice versa, and then she added. "Your attire." Her head shook from right to left. "Its not going to cut it around here, either. You're going to need to have nicer clothing than that."

"The judge said I am adult enough to follow my own buisiness when he emancipated me. So yeas, I might be a bit more limited in work time, but I can pull my weigt." Taking a deeper breath, Janie looked over the people, first Tony, then Steve and finally Natasha. "You are the Avengers, there's all that media and you have a facebook account, even if I never saw that. I think you mister Stark even have a Twitter account. Captain America, wherever you go there is news putting you upon the frontpage. And you Ma'am… I think I saw you in the background of a few pictures, but no name was given. But if you want, I can keep my mouth shut about everything I see here." Then Natasha comented on her cloth, and she smirks a moment "I would be glad to do so, but I had neither money to get some nor time to make some yet, Ma'am. Did you have something specific in mind? Classic black-and-white with frills and apron or more something like in a hotel? I am sure I can make something fitting."

As his blue eyes look between the 'board of trustees' and the young girl Steve frowns slightly as he's heard enough, of what little he did. and finally speaks up. "Am I the only one who cleans up after themselves around her?" he asks as he steps over to the girl. "I mean you no offense in your choice of occupation, miss. But making our beds or fetching us a glass of water, we can do that on our own. It's helpful to ones own self esteem." he adds as he looks at her. "And instead of commenting about this girls clothing and making her show us her 'abilities' of cleaning so we can indent her as a maid. We should just hold out a hand of kindness and help her get on her feet. Why not give her a paid Internship instead?" Steve finishes as he looks up to the 'board'.

"No you aren't." Tony tells Steve his eyes shooting towards him and back to the girl. "Internship for what, Rogers? She wants to clean up and cook. I really don't do any of those when I am working on projects and I got a feeling Natasha is about to debate her choice of words about the attire."

Natasha listens to the girl's response and then to Steve and Tony. She closes the girl's file and stands up from her chair. She takes a few steps and offers the file folder back to Janie, with a smile smile she adds. "There's a Domino's just down the street. I think I saw a 'Hiring' ad board up in their window on my way in today." And with that, Natasha steps around the girl and passes by Steve, making her way toward Director Fury's office doorway."

"It's not a liability, Sir. I cleaned up behind others since… I think I was eight then. It's a job, it pays and I can try to fund myself a startup in design." Janie's eyes are stern as she speaks, peering almost at Natasha as she leaves. Biting her lower lip, she closes the left hand to a fist inside her sleve, as she took back the folder. As she concentrates, the fabric of the self-sewn pullover starts to ripple slightly as she works on it. It is slow, but the clothing's pattern slightly changes, the baggy cut turning more tight and into a simple dress, one inch by another as the fabric got shifted all over. "Is it because you dislike what I wear?"

Henry is a bit more interested now at this display. He leans over and says quietly, but not quite in a whisper, to Tony. "Perhaps we had best put her in contact with professor Xavier?" He leans back and says to the girl. "I personally have no issues with your clothing, Miss Wu, but we do need someone who's had experience working in a place like this. So much of the mansion is automated and such …" His voice picks up a bit of feeling. "How long have you had this ability, Miss Wu?"

Steve has been reading into this Xavier Institute. A school for individuals with superpowers. It's an intriguing thought for this young girl. However Steve remains quiet and listens.

As Cap doesn't offer input on the intership Tony shrugs looking as Natasha plans to leave. "Know what, Jane. I'll hire you for this position. But first you have to know that all you learn or see doesn't go beyond these walls. Mostly we do clean up for ourselves but having help with other things will be nice."

Natasha stepped up to the door to Fury's office and turned the handle. She didn't see any display of potential mutant powers, She did, however, hear Tony say that he'd go ahead and hire her and this caused the woman softly shake her head as she opened the door and passed on into the office, leaving the conference room.

"Which ability you speak about, Sir?" Janie tells back to Henry with a glare, the eyes almost questioning him to not say anything. Then her eyes dart to Tony Stark, a moment seeming to fry him for the mistake with the name. "Janie, not Jane." she corrected, but then nodded "I can keep things for myself. Quite well I think."

Henry blinks and glances at Stark, possibly taken aback by the descision, possibly by Janie's glare. "Miss there's no need to be afraid of it here. None of us here might be … naturally gifted, but we're sympathetic to those who are. We all do things other people can't, either through science or through our DNA. You're not in any danger."

Tony didn't know she had a talent since he watched as Natasha disappeared to see Fury or maybe hack his email. Looking back between the pair, "Nothing Xavier can teach her or do that we can't." he pushes the papers forward for her to sign. "I'll set you up with an apartment across the way."

Taking the paperwork to read, Janie's face flattens a moment "I know that you all are out of ordinary." she told back to Henry as she read over the text. silence here, payment and work hours there… "Appartment as in on site? I have a flat rented." she answers, searching for the place to sign. "And what is this paragraph here supposed to mean?" Turning the papers to Tony she points upon one of the text blocks.

Henry nods his head, shrugging his shoulders at Tony. His eyes glaze over as Stark and the girl discuss the particulars of the arrangment.

"Across the road." Tony tells her, "That block of text is saying that you swear to keep anything you discover here in secret. That if word gets out you will be questioned and if found guilty we will sue you or make your life hell."

"I see." Janie answered, turning the page to sign it, marking each page with a small signum in the corner. Just to make sure noone exhcanges a sheet too easy. "So, It's just a disclosure thing." Placing her signature on the last page, she lookd up again "May I repeat the uniform question?"

"I'd assume business casual, unless Stark has any something specific in mind. He often does," Henry says while doodling in his notebook. Nothing as good as the Captain's work, but some diagrams, little cybernetic eyes and such.

Tony nods his head, "What those wear at my tower. Black polo shirt with the Stark logo and khaki pants with closed toe shoes. We've had cooks before and other light staff. Some didn't know how to keep their mouths shut so.. I feel you'll be probationary for a couple of weeks and if things are going as planned we will bump it to full time status."

Janie nods again, swirling her hand a bit "Black Polo, closed shoes… nothing about skirt or pants or something?" Flipping the contract over again, she points upon something "It's not cook but housekeeping I signed up here. That's a bit more, but same resposibilities."

"Khaki I think he said," Henry says, switching from doodling to jotting down a few notes, though they're not in English or shorthand, most likely a code of his own invention.

Tony nods his head, "That is fine." he tells her, "Khaki slacks. If you need an advance to get some stuff just tell me."

While not the best at math, Janie's head was already crunching numbers. If she would buy the fabric, she could make it work with the little money she had on hand, and it would look decent without buying it from Stark directly. "I only need the pattern for the Logo." she eventually says, her fingers playing a moment inside her sleves, fixing a small not-so-nice spot in the altered pullover - it was more a short dress since Natasha left anyway…

Tony shakes his head, "Uniforms are provided." closing the stuff down on the laptop he then rises to his feet. "Start in the morning at 7. Don't be late. I'll get your apartment set up for you."

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