2015-04-10 Interview from a Limo
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Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow, Dr. Doom, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Interview from a Limo

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, between Central Park and the East River. The Upper East Side lies within an area bounded by 59th Street to 96th Street, and the East River to Fifth Avenue-Central Park. Once known as the 'Silk Stocking District',it retains its position as one of the most affluent neighborhoods of New York City.

Generally speaking, the Upper East Side stretches from 59th Street to 96th Street. Many realtors used the term "Upper East Side" instead of "East Harlem" to define areas that are north of 96th street such as on 5th ave or areas close by such as 97th street to avoid the negative connotation since people associate the latter with being a less prestigious neighborhood. Its north-south avenues are Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Third, Second and First Avenues, York Avenue, and East End Avenue (the latter runs only from East 79th Street to East 90th Street).

Loki (1m) and Victor (3m) are here.

Obvious exits:
<TLA> - The Luxfort Apartments <EH > - East Harlem
<PAV> - Park Avenue <NYH> - New York Hub
<MM > - Midtown Manhattan <BLD> - Buildings
Killian, Wade, Johann, Fancyfox, Loki, Sunder *, Victor, Jose, Mike, Ghost, Drake, Jace, and Mona

  • idle >5m ** idle >1h

Loki is roaming the Upper East Side, no particular destination in mind, but he has just departed the Avengers Mansion, losing the gate behind him. He stuffs his hands into his pockets and begins walking, looking around. The days are longer, now, not getting as dark as early as it used to.

A long, unmarked black limo rolls up to where Loki is walking, the windows deeply tinted. The driver window is lowered and a small balding man in a tuxedo and tortise-shell glasses looks out. He has an nasely voice with a heavy accent:Dutch, Austrian? "You Loki Wotanson?" he asks.

Stopping, Loki looks at the strange man. "I suppose I am. Who are you? Have we met before?" Loki folds his hands behind his back, eyes darting around. "I believe the name you want is Odinson."

"Odanson, yes my mistake," says the man, struggling with the Norse pronunciation. "My boss, he'd like to talk to you about a business proposition. He's in the back, we'd like to take you to his establishment, go over things with drinks, champange, cavier, that sort of thing." Not shady … not at all.

After a morning and early afternoon of training, practice, and lessons, Mike has opted for the second half of the day being spent doing stuff that needs to be doing, outside of the mansion. Dressed down, the musician emerges from the mansion, and heads towards the street.

Loki frowns "Who is your boss? What is caviar? I suppose if he wishes to speak with me I can oblige. Afterall, if the situation is not to my liking I can teleport."

"Certainly, Mr. Odanson," says the driver of the limo. "Cavier, it's good, you'll like it." The driver gets out of the limo and walks to the back door. He's short, even if he wasn't being compared to a small frost-giant. The figure inside the car is obscured in shadow, but he seems large and to be wearing a hood.

"I guess so." Loki says and climbs into the back seat. "I don't have to try it, do I?"

From down the street to the south came the distinct sound of a high pitched motorcycle engine. It weaved through some average traffic and came into view, a solid black kawasaki ninja model bike. The driver was dressed head-to-toe in matte black clothing, tight fighting attire and a shining helmet. It was clearly a woman, and to anyone who knew her well, it was obvious who it was. She pulled up to hte mansion and up behind a limo that was parked outside…. The motorcycle's engine revved loudly three times before it shut off. The rider, sat up and flipped the visor on her helmet up. "Loki!" She shouted out. "When did you start riding around in limousines?" Her voice was a little muffled in the helmet, but not too hard to hear.

As Mike makes his way to the street, he notices Loki standing outside of an unmarked limo and then quickly getting in. Just who the hell does Loki know with a limo? Tony's more of the overpriced over-compensating sportscar type. Frowning, Mike quickens his pace to get over to the limo. He's got to hear this explanation as well.

"Not if you don't want to." The driver's head jerks up as the bike's engine revs up and the Black Widow gets off. He eyes the man inside the limo who simply lifts a hand. His voice carries no accent, not even a New York one as he says, "Loki, tell your friends they are welcome to join us, encouraged even. The more the merrier, as they say." No accent, but the voice seems filtered, as if he's breathing through a mask.

Loki does what he wants and if he feels like getting int oa limo he's not going to let anyone tell him he can't. When Natasha waves to him, he waves. "I believe that is your duty to tell them. I do not wish to make an error."

Natasha hadn't quiet yet disembarked her bike. But upon hearing Loki's response she got a little 'tingle' in her Widowsenses (hah parker!). It was now that she did infact throw a leg over her bike and then started to walk up toward the limo. —- She approached the driver that was holding the door open and she stared at him with her green eyes from within the black helmet. "Hey there." She said casually. "Who's limo is this?"

Oh dear. Loki in a limo, Natasha approaching the driver's, with such information being observed, Mike's path adjusts to walk over to the door of the limo that Loki got into, "Hey Loki." He greets, adressing the Asgardian while Natasha handles the driver. "What's going on?"

"Perhaps later," Victor says. But then Natasha is there asking questions. The balding little man with the vaugely germanic accent says with his hand on the handle, "It's the car of Dr. Florschuetz. Scientist. Wants to talk about physics. I know nothing more. Can I help you, fraulein?"

Loki bristles when Doom speaks, looking over at him. "Uhmmmm…ahhh ummm…I know nothing about physics. What do you want to not know?"

Natasha stood there with her gloved hands resting at her sides near her hips. Her eyes went from the driver who spoke with a German-influenced accent and then over to Loki inside the car. "Loki." She says to him. "You know these guys?" She asked, something wasn't right about this. Lokis do not simply get into cars and drive away… But if that was what he wanted to do then who was she to tell him no, she wasn't his caretaker. Her eyes went to Mike for a moment and then back to the driver who'd addressed her.

Mike glances over to the driver, and then to Loki when he responds. "Oh. Sounds like you got they got their people mixed up." He gives a practiced chuckle, looking to Loki, "They must've wanted to speak with one of the scientist folks, right?"

Victor speaks in a voice loud enough for those inside and outside the vehicle to hear. "I have reason to believe that Loki moves from Asgard to earth via wormhole. I am curious as to how this experience affects the traveler. It is simply an interview I assure you." Doom remains in the shadow of the limo but passes a set of cards to Loki which read, Dr. Ernst Florschuetz, Physicist, Bonn University.

Loki shrugs. "It's not a wormhole, I am a sorcerer. Besides, I'm not telling you how to get near Asgard!"

And Natasha stoomd outside of the car and heard the words from the mysterious man insode of the limo. She then looked at Loki who was just inside of the open door… and upon hearing what he said, Natasha extended her right gloved hand toward Loki. "Alright then, interview over. Come on then, my favorite Asgardian." She extended her hand as an offering to help him get up out of the car. Her eyes went back over to the driver to see his reaction to her.

"Hmm." Mike comments, giving a slight nod, "Kind of sounds like the interview is ov-" He pauses as Natasha chimes in, sighs and nods to her. He steps aside to give Loki more room to step out, giving a bit of a slight bow and wave on out of the car as a visible hint to what Loki should do but in a respectful manner. Or Mike is being an ass. One of those.

Loki shrugs. "It's not a wormhole, I am a sorcerer. Besides, I'm not telling you how to get near Asgard." (repose)

Victor sighs with dissapointment. "Very well, Odinson. I do assure you that your contributions to my research would be greatly rewarded." He doesn't move, waiting to see just if Loki will leave the limo.

Loki shrugs again. "I guess you can ask questions but I'm not telling you where Asgard is located."

Natasha did not feel a Loki hand come to take hers so she looked away from the driver and back to the open door. It was at this point that Natasha leaned forward to look inside of the vehicle. "You know, you can contact our office and setup an appointment… Doctor… Florschuetz. We'll have a big lovely conference room where you can speak to this fine Asgardian here, as well as some of our own leading researchers."

Mike nods, in agreement with Natasha, "That sounds like a good deal. We could probably arrange for catering as well. The cooking staff is excellent."

There is silence for a moment from inside the limo, then the voice says. "Wonderful. I would be interested in seeing what both the 'sorcerors' and the scientists have to say. Loki has my card. Call me and we will arrange a meeting. You have very protective friends Loki. I value that. Have a lovely day, I look forward to contacting you."

Loki frowns and nods. "As you wish." He opens the door and exits the limo, walking down the sidewalk with a scowl upon his face.

And with that Natasha straightened up and moved out of Loki's way. She gave the Limo's roof a soft pat with her extended right gloved hand and then smiled through her helmet at the limo driver. "Have a lovely day." She said in a somewhat condesecending way…. she turned back toward her motorcycle and started to walk toward it.

Mike blinks as the voice replies, but nods, stepping aside to afford Loki a bit more space, turning to walk alongside Loki, not saying anything as Loki continues scowling.

The limo drives away, turning at the nearest stoplight.

"Just leave me alone." He growls at Mike, then holds a hand out to knock Natasha's bike over. "Both of you. Neither one of you care any other time." With a displacement of air, he disappears.

When Loki vanishes, Mike stops walking in that direction and instead turns to walk over to Natasha. He eyes the limo as it heads off before looking to Natasha. "He said… 'Sorcerors'."

Natasha watches the Asgardian knock her bike over and she paused and frowned. She sighed then. She heard Mike's voice beside her. "You know. Tell me again why I didn't let that creeper limo just drive right off with him?" She asked while looking down at her expensive bike laying in the gutter… not that she bought it, but she did kind of like it… as much as she cared about anything material anyway.

"Because you do what's right." Regardless of the consequences." Mike responds, "Give him time to blow off steam, he'll realize we were right. And he'll go back to normal without acknowledging anything happened." He frowns, looking to the bike. "Sorcerors… As in more than one."

"I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised." Natasha said back to Mike as she stepped off of the curb and picked her bike back up off of the ground. She knelt down beside it and inspected it for scratches or any damage. "Asgardians seem to think that Earth is their vacation home." She drew in a breath then, a bit miffed now at Loki after he just stormed off like an angry child.

Mike pauses, eyeing Natasha, "That are publicly known to be on our roster right now?"

"No." Natasha admits as she rubs her gloved fingertips over the frame of the bike. she stands back up then and resettles it on its kickstand. Her eyes go up to Mike from inside her helmet. "If there are any more of them, however, you know they'll show themselves. They're drama queens… they need attention. We'll pounce on them when they do too."

Natasha is rewarded with a disbelieving look before he glances up and down the street. "… We'll talk. In the mansion."


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