2015-04-11 Looking Forward
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Players: Scott, Drake
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Looking Forward

Drake has been having some issues lately; the likes of which he's shared with a stand-in self-defense teacher at the school. And he's been doing everything he can this weekend to bury those issues under good times. To that end, Drake has a new toy - not one be bought; it's a little more special than that.

Naturally, it's a high-powered cutting-edge crossbow. What else could it have been?

Targets have been set up around the backyard, and Drake's been careful about keeping other students and faculty well away from his area. But he chambers the crossbow as best he knows how, levels the tip of a bolt on the target, and lets fly! The bolt digs into the target, but far off to the side in the black.

Scott moves out back looking for someone. He watches Drake for a moment before moving towards him. "Need to steady a bit there. Aim a bit off from the initial and you should hit the target." he says coming up to his left side.

Drake tenses when a voice cuts in and glances over his shoulder to spot Scott. At first, there's a twinge of dread. But he soon forces it out of his mind. This is a good thing. Better to get it out of the way.

But he delays, at least a moment longer, to focus on the target. The crossbow, as previously mentioned, is ultra-modern. There are still a couple bolts left in the chamber. A crossbow with a clip. So cool. Drake adjusts his aim slightly and fires the next bolt. This one plants in the target - not a bullseye, but considerably closer.

"Huh. Cool. Thanks."

The crossbow is lowered to his side. "'Sup, Scott?"

Scott watches his next shot, "Good." his hands come to rest on his hips, "Not too much really. I was told you were wanting to talk. If now isn't a good time we can later."

Drake shakes his head and sighs. "No… now's a good time." He finally turns to face his elder. "The school year's ending soon. And, y'know, no spoilers or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be graduating…"

Scott nods his head, "From what I've read you should be. You are one of our best students, Drake. Will be sad to see you graduate really."

Drake blinks at that. "Really? C'mon, man, don't tease." Him? One of the best? Hard for him to believe, given his record coming in from L.A. But ultimately, it's neither here nor there.

"Anyway, that's just the thing. I've got no idea what's gonna happen to me," he explains. "This place, it's… sort'a become more of a home to me than California ever was. And this thing, this…" He pauses to cast a wary look around himself to ensure they were alone. "…the New Mutants - I feel like I've been doing /good/. Using this thing that made me isolated to actually /improve/ things. For myself, for other people, y'know, in general." He hefts the crossbow to prop against his shoulder. "And I don't just mean improving /things/. I mean improving myself in general." He's naturally tactically-minded, thanks to his background in larceny, but that's elevated to a whole new level with his experience as a New Mutant. His powers have considerably grown since arrival, and he's even in the best shape of his life. Even his state of being is improved. "Life's just better. Harder, but better."

He breathes a soft sigh. "I have no idea what's gonna happen to me when I get that diploma."

Scott listens as he speaks about himself anf what is to become of him. "Well, Drake, some go on to live normal lives among society. We can also help with college degrees but.. We are always looking for new teachers and staff. You are of a newer generation than some of us that have been around for a while. Would teaching while maybe studying for a college degree be something you'd want?"

Drake widens his eyes slightly. "Me? Teach? You think I've got the knack for that?" The idea isn't exactly unappealing. Marie had even mentioned something along those lines. "What would I teach, though..?" Scholastically, Drake's not very confident. What would he have to offer?

"But, ah.. what about the New Mutants? I don't know if I'd even still be a part of that. It's kind'a like the football team for the school, right? Protecting the grounds, and… occasionally doing the extra-curriculars?"

Scott goes into thought, "Can help with self defense and perhap weapons training." he motions to the cross bow. "Plus. I can always use help with the new mutants. Like I said you are part of their generation."

Drake nods, then glances to the crossbow and grins. "Y'like it? Marie got it for my birthday, so I've had it for, like, a couple days." He'd only just turned eighteen! And it was a fairly quiet occasion. "But I was thinking of seeing if Hank could help me out with it. Like, maybe get a smaller one to modify for me. I always have these issues about mobility - you know, getting onto rooftops, or whatever. If I could get something like this with.. a zipline or something, I dunno, that could maybe go a long way."

He suddenly blinks. "Way off topic!"

"Look, I'm willing to help out however I can. But I also don't wanna go… y'know… useless or something. I really feel like I could still help." He clears his throat softly. "With… more direct applications of my powers, y'know?" I.E., the things he's been doing as a New Mutant - stopping crimes in progress, reporting intel, shutting down mutant-experimentation labs, protecting the public from monsters, fighting back world-devouring serpents… "Will that end when I graduate? Would I still be on the team?"

Scott smiles to him, "Happy late birthday." he takes out some keys tossing them at him. "In the garage by my bike is one covered up. All yours…" he looks at the crossbow, "This one is nice and I'm sure Hank will help you. How would you like to be on another team? One we don't openly tell anyone."

Drake fumbles with the keys as they come clean out of nowhere, juggling them one-handed in a comical little ballet that ends, poised on one foot and dipped forward, clutching the keys in his fist. He peeks up at Scott, stumped, and hurriedly straightens his poise. "One… one what..?," he almost squeaks. Bike? /Motorcycle/? He couldn't possibly be serious. And yet, Drake's eyes have overtaken the vast majority of his facial real-estate in anticipation. He might even start to hyperventilate.

The teen swallows hard.

"A-another team?," he asks, trying not to seem too pushy about one thing or the other.

Scott smiles, "Motorcycle. All yours." he tells him. "There is another team. Called the X-Men. Rogue, myself, Hank, Professor, Jean, Bobby, and a few others are part of it. We use our powers for good to protect others. Not just anyone gets to know about it or gets an invite into it."

It may seem impossible, but Drake's eyes widen further. "Eeee~," he squees as quietly as possible. He's too stoked to be manly right now. Screw it. And everything in him is urging him to scamper off to the garage to check it out. Does Scott realize what he's done? This guy already has a weakness for cherry rides, and motorcycles are just too frickin' cool. But he knows he has to prioritize. This feels like a test or something, to see if he has self-control.

Anyway, it's not like hearing about this other team is some small thing. It sounds huge.

"Rogue?," he asks. He knows everyone else he'd mentioned, but not Rogue. "So.. wait. The faculty are basically a part of another team? Or at least.. some of the faculty is?"

Scott gets him to follow to the garage and stepping inside he leads to the covered motorcycle and pulls off the cover, "Ta da." he grins at him. "Yeah Rogue.. You know Rogue. Everyone knows Rogue. Can't touch her. Rogue…"

Drake notices Scott start to move, so naturally, he follows. When the tarp is removed, the teen staggers a little. "Guh…" He draws in a breath. He exhales. He turns to gently set the crossbow into the cab of a nearby jeep. Without warning, he pivots to grab Scott into a bro-hug. "Coolest. Dad. Ever," he muses. The sappiness of the moment is hopefully diluted a little with the humor. But there should be no questioning the appreciation.

Once released (if he even catches him), Drake moves to the motorcycle to run a hand along the smooth, glossy frame. "So… err… Marie?," he chances. "Makes sense. But you didn't quite answer!" He glances over his shoulder to Scott. "I had a feeling there had to be another group. It only made sense. The clues I was picking up when I first started noticing things weren't about the students. They were about the faculty, the… not-students."

Scott chuckles returning the hug to him. "Yes. Some of the faulty are part of the team. Not all but the majority. Marie is called Rogue and she is part of the team." he tells him, "Please keep this to yourself, Drake. We don't want all the students to know about it."

Drake nods quickly, jostling his bangs. "Right, yeah, same deal as the New Mutants. Don't tell anyone. But, uh… do we have a roster or something? That's always been something I've been iffy on. Knowing who I can talk to about things and who I couldn't was always stressful." He then turns fully to Scott. "What are you called? Would I keep the name Surge?"

Scott grins, "Cyclops.. And can be called anything you want. So you accepting then?" he asks. "After graduation you want to become part of the team? Before I can fully disclose everything there are proper channels I must go through."

Drake nods eagerly. "Yeah! Definitely! I want in! Is there anything I've gotta do? Anything I need to know?" The response is rapid-fire, telltale of his increasing level of excitement.

Scott chuckles at his excitement, "Just make it to graduation. And becareful on your new bike." he pats his shoulder. "I'll talk to you more about things soon."

"O-okay," says a practically jittery Drake. "I, uh, I look forward to it! And I will!"

He's going to be stuck in the garage fawning over his new bike for a while.

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