2015-04-13 Danger Room Surge
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue Surge
GMed by Surge
Title: Danger Room Surge

[*Danger Room*]

The Danger Room in the basement of the X-Mansion.


The simulation is set and the exercise is underway. A frantic, panicked crowd is running through Time's Square, and a number of gunmen have opened fire. At this particular juncture, two of the gunmen are down in the street, while three remain active. The police haven't yet arrived, but distant sirens promise a soon arrival.

Surge weathers a torrent of civilians as they rush past a car, of which he's bunkered down behind. One of the gunmen shouts to the others, attempting to determine his location. And that gives the plucky do-gooder (by simulated standards!) an idea. He pivots and begins flowing with the crowd, remaining ducked low. Once he passes the furthest of the spread hostiles, he suddenly emerges to loop around behind the target and clamp his hands to his shoulders. A current of electricity flows from his palms into his prey, seizing his simulated muscles and quickly incapacitating him. It isn't subtle, however. The brilliant flashes of light, along with the man's staccato scream, draws the attention of the other two who quickly attempt to get a bead on the mutant. Surge ducks against the closest vehicle, much to the frustration of his attackers.

The staff member running the simulation from the control room squints behind a pair of spectacles, considering making things a little more of a challenge. He moves a little further along the consoles to input a new protocol…

_ Rogue_
Marie steps into the control room, she'd come down here because she'd been told a training exercise was going on. She looks at the array of monitors and screens to see what was going on. Drake… was he in there alone? She glanced at the man conducting the session. "I know that Drake is one of our more advanced students, but he could get hurt without supervision." Rogue said to the controller.

"He's using cover, and the gunmen are programmed to avoid collatoral. They're anti-mutant extremists," explains the technician.

Surge, meanwhile, peeks his head over the hood of the car. One of the gunmen is scanning for him a little further to the left, while the second is focused on the car he's tucked behind. But that second one is gripping onto a lamp post.

Smirking, Surge lifts just enough to extend an arm and arc a stream of electricity into that post. Upon striking, the glass bulb and cover bursts and the metal frame conducts the electricity right down into the man holding on. As soon as the flow is cut off, the man collapses to the ground, and Surge ducks behind the car again to the *PLUNK* *PLUNK* percussion of bullets hitting chassis.

"But," says the controller, "they /are/ extremists." With a smirk, he punches in a final command.

Down below, the last gunman suddenly hooks his free arm around a woman's neck and points the gun to her head. "Come out!"

Rogue's eyes were on the displays, watching the camera that was focused on Surge and the ones aimed at the enemies he was facing. She drew in a breath and exhaled softly. "He's come a long way." She quietly said aloud. When the gunman grabbed the woman she shifted her eyes back to Drake to see his reaction to this. "How much longer are you running this simulation?" She asked then.
"Not long. It all depends on what he does here…" The operator sits back in his rolly-chair and steeples his fingers in a positively outstanding Mr. Burns impression.

Surge's reaction? Widened eyes, a tiny frown, and a tighter duck and huddle. Those bright emerald eyes flitter back and forth, clearly working out a plan. But his thought processes are cut short as the sirens grow louder. He leans out to spot a few cop cars coming to a screeching halt. The teen grits his teeth, peeks through the side windows of the car to try to see through the crowd at the gunman. Nothing doing. "Dangit…" Surge carefully eases around the car in a crouch before joining the panicked crowd, flowing with them to slip past the cop cars and ultimately duck into an alleyway. There, beneath a dumpster, rests his backpack.

As soon as the backpack is touched, the conductor smirks. "There you go. Right answer." He flips a switch and the simulation freezes and begins to phase out. "New Mutants are not cops. Get out of the way when the authorities arrive."

Rogue leaned forward on the back of an empty chair, her gloved hands squeezing the chair's back. She watched everything going on and then glanced over at the controller when he spoke at the end of it all. "Did he kill any of the enemy targets?" She asked him then, looking back to the screen that Surge was displayed on.

Rogue leaned forward on the back of an empty chair, her gloved hands squeezing the chair's back. She watched everything going on and then glanced over at the controller when he spoke at the end of it all. "Did he kill any of the enemy targets?" She asked him then, looking back to the screen that Surge was displayed on.

The conductor shakes his head. "No. He held back. Hospitalized three, only stunned one, and the last is still standing."

Surge is, soon enough, left standing with his backpack. And soon, that phases out! The teen steps back to the center of the room, which now seems to have clear shape and definition. He's peering up into the control window. "Well?," he shouts.

Rogue nodded to the conductor. "Okay, good work." She told him as she stepped around the consoles and toward the metal staircase that lead down to a hatch into the Theater itself. The hatch opened up with mechanical gear sounds and Rogue stepped through into the chamber, her hands in her coat pockets and the hood of her trenchcoat drawn up over hear head. "Ain't you the perfoermer." She said to him across the now empty room, her voice echoing throughout the big open space, her booted feet could be heard with every step as she walked toward him.
The conductor simply nods.

Surge was not expecting to see a certain Mississippian here tonight! So when she's the one who emerges, he pauses and blinks. "Well, hey there /Rogue/," he calls with a sly grin. "Was the hostage thing your idea? Did he rush the cops or what?"

Marie smiled at him as she stepped up to where he stood in his suit suit. She eyed him up and down and then nodded her head. "Well, ain't we dressed to impress." She said with a soft grin, her hands still just sitting idle inside her coat pockets. "And no. I showed up there at the end, saw the final drama unfold. You chose wisely, Indiana." She said to him as she looked around the interior of the training room for a moment. "You also didn't kill anyone, so thats a huge plus. Says good things about you." She looked back at him then.

Surge runs a gloved hand through his hair, tussling the bangs before letting them fall right back into place. "Just following orders. And, uh… yeah…" He closes the distance to her, until he's standing just before the older girl. "Did I ever tell you about the time I first learned I had powers…?"

Rogue watched him as he stepped up to her and she offered him a faint smile. "I don't believe so, no." She replied then as she looked away again toward the control room where the tech was tending to the systems there. This room used to scare the shit out of Rogue and it took her quite a long time to get used to it, but there's still that 'fear' in the back of your head like when you grow up but still hate going in the basement. She looked back to Drake then. "Did you blow up the family cat or some'n?" She asked with a small grin.

Surge glances again to the window. The thought crosses his mind that they might be in the way, but then, they're the only ones in here! So his gaze settles onto Rogue. "It was.. like… two years ago. My crew'n I strayed into another gang's territory, and they were the shoot-and-stab-first type. We split off to try to get away from'em, cuz we didn't pack or anything." He pauses a moment. "You.. you know what I mean when I say that, right?"

Rogue listened to the words that he said and then the question. She took a step back and she started to mockingly make a goofy face and then put her left hand up inside her jacket over her chest like she was reaching for something. Shen then drew out her hand and pointed her finger at him in a cliche 'fake gun' pose. "Oh, wait. Like this?" She asked as she then turned her fake gun finger to the side and side-ways aimed it at him. "Rap music!" She said at the end of her little display.

He then flashes into motion to make a grab for her wrist to lift her arm, the other hand… doing nothing more than going to whisk over her hand. He's totally disarming her. Get it?

"Anyhoo!," he continues, regardless of how his 'disarm' attempt went, "One guy went after me. Had a huge knife - like a hunting knife or something. He managed to corner me, I freaked, and… lightning happened. Sprang right out of my hands. I freaked again and ran home, pretty sure I'd killed someone."

Rogue mimicked him taking her gun and this causing her to instantly have an over-dramatic sad face. She held it for a couple seconds before she relented and listened to the rest of his story. "Oh, well damn…" She replied. "Least ya got out of there though, I guess. I mean, got out of all of that kinda shit. Nobody needs that kinda bullcrap life. And they probably still talk about you too, maybe you're legend status there and they've named a gang after you or some'n?" She cracked a small smile.

Surge folds his arms over his midsection and hunches his shoulders forward, his body language closed off. "Eheh. Maybe. But it made the news. The guy was hospitalized, in critical care. I didn't kill'em. But the thought of it, when I was pretty sure I did? It made me sick - like, it was eating me alive. So I holed myself away from the world as much as I could and just… tried to get control over it. I practiced. All the time."

Rogue stood there before him with her hands back into her coat pockets and she nodded her head softly a single time at him. She let his words linger a bit before she replied. "Well, you're here now, and you're kicking some serious simulation booty." Her left gloved hand came up out of her coat and she formed a fist, then gave the side of his shoulder a soft pat with said fist. "Lookin' smokin dapper in that fine suit too." She added with a light whistle and another measuring up-and-down gaze. "Wait till the news flashes you up on screen in that!" She looks at him and flashes a brin.

Surge takes the bump in stride, meriting a fresh little smile. "Yeah. I'm here now. And I'm…" He pauses to glance around the Danger Room, then meaningfully back to Marie. "../here/ now." He sidles closer to her and pivots to nudge his shoulder against hers. "You like it, huh?," he asks. The material certainly shows off his adapting physique well - a fact not entirely lost on him. He's quite proud of how far he's come since joining the school and New Mutants. "Did you hear about my fight with the Jotun? With the… big snakey-thing I could never ever pronounce? With Dr. Doom?"

Rogue watched him slide up to stand beside her and she grinned at the shoulder bump. "I have heard things, but never your side of any of it." She said to him then as she saw the tch shut down all but a few of the lights in the danger room, it was now officially on stand-by mode. She turned then toward the main doorway, the silvery-shiney metal round door. "Lets walk and you can tell me all about it." She said, starting to walk in that direction, her left hand came out palm out. "Oh, and give me my gun back." She added quietly that last part.

Surge starts to walk with her, only to pause when she holds out her palm. "Oh. Sorry. I'm quick, you've gotta watch out," he explains as he passes an invisible gun into her palm. With the amount of coverings he's wearing, he can actually touch her skin! It's a fun sort of novelty, quirky as it is.

Afterwards, Surge continues with her outside. "Pick a story. They're all different! With the Jotun, they-.. you know what a Jotun is, first of all?"

Marie accepted the return of her M1911-invisi-edition handgun back and she stuffed it back into her coat's breast pocket. She put her hands back into her coat pocket and started walking again. "I know, things." She replied to his words with a little grin. "I read. I watch stuff. I sometimes even decide to participate, if I feel others can't handle it on their own." She nodded her head slowly. "But do, tell me more of these Jotun and how you experienced them, sir!" She said with a smile.

Surge purses his lips and nods in a dutiful manner. "Right. Well, first of all, they're big'n pale. They're also absurdly strong, very cold, and they can make ice weapons. I first ran into'em in Times Square, actually. When I arrived, they were already busting things up, attacking civilians, trashing cars and buildings…" He redirects his gaze to the girl at his side. "And there were a lot of'em; a small army. I was there, a couple other folks.. I couldn't concentrate on the others too much. I was more focused on the Jotun and the people they were attacking."

He looks forward and laces his hands together behind his neck, elbows out as he strolls along. "I jumped on top of a car and unleashed. That's when I found that the heat electricity gives off is enough to play on their natural weakness!"

Rogue walked with him toward the main doorway and as they got near it the central lock on it rolled and the big metal doors slid apart to the much brighter exterior hallway. "Ooooh, so you're like garlic on a Vampire to them, then, huh?" She asked with a little grin. "Did you send them running for the hills?" The girl glanced back to the room before they passed out of it. "Or, whatever… hole they crawled out of I guess, not a lot of hills in the city…"

Surge screws up his expression. "I have no idea. I don't think they went back, I think they just sort'a.. fried." He shoots her a sheepish smile. "But they're monsters. Just pure evil. Nothing good about'em." He eyeshifts aside in thought. "Aaanyway…" The perceptive might pick up something along the lines of concern in his voice. "…It all went by really fast. It was a /fight/, y'know? The first time I wore this outfit in public."

Rogue's time in the X-Men, she's dealt with a lot of wild stuff, none of which she ever really spoke of… Not that she didn't want to, but the only member of the team she considered herself 'close' to was Logan, and he wasn't the gabbing type. So it struck her just now that she never did share stories like this, with anyone… that all the weird shit was just sitting there bottled up inside of her.
"That sounds pretty freaky." She told him, her head shaking. "As does your description of them being 'only monsters'. I hate the thought that this world can create something so soul-less and… only here to serve one purpose… 'monster'." She shivers a bit as they walk through the shiney corridor toward the junction a bit ahead. "You've had a really heavy dose of reality though, and its made you one of the best fighters around here. Not just in your age group."

Surge exhales a sigh. "They're not from around here. But… is it weird that I kind'a /hope/ they're monsters? I know for a fact that I killed'em. No question in my mind about that. I'd be able to sleep a little better at night if I knew they really were soul-less engines of destruction."

His head tips back, letting Marie talk - only to suddenly turn a wide-eyed look to her with a softened smile. "Really?," he asks, a restrained level of hope in his voice. He doesn't want to seem presumptuous, but it's clear from the sparkle in his eye that he appreciates the mention. It's validation for the amount of work he's put into his developing life here.

Marie shot him a grin then and she nodded two quick times. "Yes." She said. "Trust me, I've had this talk with Storm and Scott. Its a no brainer that you're at the top of the senior class." She then looked ahead as the came upon a small turn in the junction and she shifted course to move down it to their left. "Its easy to tell when there's not much else for us to teach a student here, when they do all the right things in a mission like you did back there in holo-land." She grins softly at him. "Ya aced-it, ace! Padawan you are, no more." She said the last sentence in the little goofy voice, maybe a terrible Yoda impersonation?

Surge is cool enough to recognize Yoda when he hears it. But he looks unsure how to react. He's clearly elated at the adulations being poured on him, but he doesn't want to blow it by acting /too/ stoked about it. In the end, it manifests in a light tinging of his cheeks and another light shoulderbumping against her. "Thanks," he says in a smaller voice. He then continues at his normal volume, "Is that why Scott's given me the invite into the X-Men? Which I, ah.. I'm /totally/ accepting, if they'll let me."

Marie shrugged her shoulders inside of her leather coat at his question. "I unno." She replied to him as they drew closer to the elevator doorway. "I haven't had a chance to speak to him in a few days now. What with that bonehead Vincent now still in the coma…" She sighed then and came to a halt. "I should go sit with him, now that I bring that up. I haven't been in there today and I think that makes me a bad person." She took a step back and leaned against the metal wall. "That big idiot." She finally uttered.

Surge slows to a stop with her and cocks his head to the side. "Wait, what? What's all this about a guy in a coma? How's it got anything to do with you?" He doesn't push the elevator call button. He leans on the opposite of end of the doorframe from her, facing her.

Marie looked up at him and she offered a smile. "He was in the school for about a week or so. You proabbly haven't even met him yet." She started. "I met him a little over a month ago. He was a mutant, about my age, and he was living on his own. Has been for years now. I convinced him to join us here, finish his schooling and maybe get some rest from not having to survive out there… you know how it is." She released a light exhale and then drew in another breath. "But last Thursday, the big fool snuck up on me and kissed me." She shook her head. "So now he's in hte medical lab. Comatose." She pursed her lips together then a short moment. "But we got hope his healing abilities will bring him back to the land of the livin'."

"He knew, right? He knew what would happen, didn't he?" Surge's mind was already working. No, he didn't know who she was talking about. He's been quite focused on what he's been doing, on his own tension and nerves. But he paid attention when someone aired their problems to him, and as it happens, this feels like it coincides with something she'd been telling him before in the gym. "Healing abilities, you say? He wouldn't happen to be the schmuck who'd been having… urge problems, would he?"

Marie nodded her head at the question he asked. "Yeah, he knew." she told him. "I shared with him what the extent of my powers were the moment I realized he was wanting something romantic with me." She pulled her right hand out and lifted it up to press her gloved fingertips to her forehead where she brushed tickling strands of hair aside. "It lasted like a second, before I shoved him off of me… maybe a bit too hard, yes, I sent him across the library into a bookshelf. But, shit. I just wanted to try to protect him from lingering like that." She shoved off of the wall then and looked further down the hallway toward where the medical lab was on this level. "I'm going to knock him out again the moment he wakes up." She mumbled.

"And he's your age?," asks Surge. "I'd call'em a crazy hormonal kid, but…" He finds himself having a hard time finding sympathy. The situation's a little cringe-worthy to him. When she leans off the elevator, he remains perched where he is. But he flashes her a playful look. "You realize this is totally your fault, right? You should try to be less enticing. That… provocative hood'n those come-hither gloves."

Rogue laughed at what he said and she pulled her hands out to look at her gloves. flipping her hands over to look at them front and back. "I am rather certain that no one n the history of ever has called hoods provocative!" She said looking back up at him with a smile. "And these gloves are like… I don't know, functional, but far from 'come-hither'…"

- END -

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