2015-04-14 Have a Snickers Bar
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue, Jose
GMed by NA
Title: Have a Snickers Bar

[*Third Floor Lounge*]
The lounge is a large open room with five windows along the wall facing the back yard. The windows each have dark red curtains draped down their sides and are usually open to the view of the outside, allowing a wealth of sunlight to shine into the room during the daylight hours.
The overall decor of this room fits that with the rest of the mansion, with wooden floors and beautifully crafted art lining the walls. There are ornate rugs laid across the floor and classic furniture set in groups allowing people to sit in multiple groups within the lounge to have separate discussions. There is one television mounted on the wall furthest from the double doors that lead into the room.
Two glass doors lead out onto a stone balcony that overlooks the backyard and the balcony has outdoor furniture and tables for people to rest out here and enjoy the spectacular view of the acreage behind the mansion, including the forests and lake off in the distance.


Marie is standing near the telvision that hangs on the far eastern wall. She's holding a remote control in her hand and is pressing random buttons. "Come on, ya hunk of shit." She said. "I didn't mean to sit on the remote, I'm sorry!" She isn't sure what button she pushed but now the thing just has a solid blue picture on it and she's frustrated trying to figure out how to fix it.

With silent feet Jose peeks his head into the lounge. He considered things to be a slightly rocky start, but it seemed a good time as any for a practical prank. With a little mimicry here and some ventriloquism there, it sounds as if the T.v is talking with a staticy robotic voice "Yer knowz…it might have helped if you do not violate the prime directivvvve. BUT! If your human species tunrs the romote upside down, it might wooork". Jose all the while does his best to stay out of sight.

Rogue pushed the menu button and that didn't do anything but bring a screen up on the tv she'd seen nine-hundred times already. She exhaled then and thats when she heard the voice in front of her from the tv. She stared blankly at the screen then. "Uh…" Her eyes looked around the room, over her shoulder then, she didn't seem to see Jose as of yet. Once again staring at the tv she lifted the remote up and shut the thing off. "Thats enough of that for today." She decided.

Drat! She turned off the T.v. WIth a quick wit, and some adjust, but still the same voice, it begin eminating from the remote control, though Jose does give a slight muffled chuckle before he begins the trick "Well THAT was rude! I wazzzz only trying to helo you Lady. At least a thank you would have been apprecaited. Hmph!", a bit of sash was sprinkled into the robotic voice.

Rogue was setting the remote back down on the side table when she heard the next round of words from the television. She paused again and drew in a breath of air. "Alright, alright. Thats a laugh." She says to the room. "Who's in here goofin around?" She asked, starting to look around the place. She stepped around the sofa she'd been seated on and moved toward the middle of the room, scanning it with her eyes.

Jose does his best to stay hidden behind a sofa. Unfortanly his large headphone do peek over the top, unbeknowest to him. But in a vain attempt to keep hidden he simply stops talking and hopes he is not found.

Rogue's eyes went to the main entrance to the room and then she started scanning the south wall. She swept her gaze over the sofa that Jose was hiding behind and she saw the top of his head, the little colored plastic of the headset. She smirked. "Sure wish whoever was doing this would show themself." She said. "I mean, I'm a pretty lady… I might give them some of the cake I was planning on makin' this evenin." She released a dramatic exhale. "But, if not, I guess I'll just head on out and go make it, and eat as much as I want, then throw the rest into the trash."

Wait..cake! Next moment Jose is jumping over the couch and with a wild cry of a gruf barbaric voice, being excited he exclaims "Wait! I like cake…is it bacon cake?" And after a moment he also says "And no, eating onions do not make people fat. What are you thinking?" He blinks a moment and readjust the oversized headphones grumbling

Marie hadn't even actually taken a step, she was waiting to see if the kid showed himself and he did. she smirked at him then and folded her arms over her stomach. "Bacon cake? Hell no, gross." She scrunched her face up a moment before she tilted her head at the other non-sensical things he said. "You're, Jose, right?" She asked, glancing back at the tv. "You playing a little joke on me there?"

Radio style voice in sync he make pretend to push a fedora down on his head "Trickster got no jokes. And jose got no cake. But for the mighty low price o 8.68 you can get a complete lie! Course you probaly guessed this is the truth. But I be might hurt there is no cake!". Was that even a completer answer? Well it's the answer he is giving

And for her part, Rogue just stared at him with a blank expression on her face. It took several seconds before she replied with a simple. "What?" She then shook her head from side to side. "I don't think I can reward someone for pulling jokes on folks around here." She told him with a faint smirk. "We don't use our powers on each other here, its one of the first rules, Jose." She tried to explain, but wasn't expecting much to come out of it.

The last statement actauly makes Jose pause. It the second time he has been more or less told to drop using his abilities. Before reply he make a sound like a kokoburra call before stopping in considering "…Hmm, yea I agree Chamber is a cool name. Nah, can't be" not even replying to rouge at that moment still in that radio voice. And then he does looks to Rogue in deep consideration "……Well…uh…but…" the voice has dropped and one can reasonble assume it was his actual words. Jose seemed at a loss for words, always having used his own abilities while speaking. It was a bit alien an unnerving to him. None the less he pushes forward "Kind of…use it..BACAWK….for talking too". Yes that was a chicken cluck in the middle of the sentence, as if feeling nervous or scarred.
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Marie listened to his strange words and she walked over to the table taht her stuff was laying at. She pulled out a chair and sat down on it, then started fishing around in her trench coat. She pulled out two Snickers bars. She shoved another chair out at the table and tossed one of the bars onto it. "You want to chill with me and eat candy bars? Maybe do the cake thing another time?" She asked the kid, eyeing him to see his response to that.

He spins on his feet doing a shrill fluxating whistle and rather jumps onto the chair excited picking up the snicker bar. A little wild…or at least unorthodix is one way to put things. He dosn't open the bar immediatly but insteads sayto rogue first "Thanks alot Lady" in a sixities commercials voice. He opens it up and takes out a large bite of it

Rogue watched him bounce into the chair across from her and she smirked at his actions, as well as his voice. "You're welcome, Mister." She said back at him. She opened her own candy bar then and took a small bite off of it. She glanced away a moment and then looked on him again. "So, what do you think of it here? Enjoying it so far? Hate it like crazy?"
He takes a moment to adjust himself in the chait. His butt agaist the back, and his back on the seat, his head hangs off with his legs hooked over the top. After careful consideration He hiss like an angry cat, followed by a choir of singing halleluah. People here weren't exactly his friends yet, and didn't know how Jose 'talks' at times, but who knows the point may come across. But for now that is all he 'says'.

Marie stared at the kid as he sat on the chair upside down in front of her and then hissed at her before playing the music bit. She chewed on the peanut and chocolate treat before she nodded a pair of small times. "I can see why your parents were eager to send you here." She said with a dry bit of humor. She took another bite from the candy bar, crunching the paper lightly in her gloved right hand. "Grew up in front of tvs or radios?" She asked this question next.

There is an immediate change of mood in home. No words or sounds were needed for his sudden change. Soon enough Jose has righted himself up on with his arms crossed. He dosn't looks directly at Marie but replies with a curt and monotonic "No". His eye twitches a bit as if keeping something in

Marie nodded her head softly once at his words, looks like she got an honest reaction out of him. She lowered her partially eaten Snickers down to rest her hand on her stomach with it. "No?" She asked. "You got all these sounds and noises down pretty darn well then, kid." She told him. "How'd you pick them all up then?"

It sound like a foot is rapidly tapping, except his foot wasn't. He goes to answer before making a sharp and very loud sudden wail, inhuman and hurt. But within moments it stopped, and Jose is left blinking a few times. Either ingorering the scream he just did, or not registerit it he answers her "Well…yes lots of T'v and radios. But the internet even more!" he says cheerily as if he never changed moods

Rogue's eyes clamped shut at the loud sound and she almost put her hands up to cover her ears but stopped when it stopped. "Damn, Jose." She said. "Thats just not even slightly cool…" She released a sigh then and sat up in her chair a little more. "You've gotta understand that we're all friends here, not looking to use our powers on each other… and the Internet is the last place any of us needs to be."
Jose blinks, he seems legitametly confused a moment before it dawns on him. Another stroke of sincerity, seems to resound "…sorry…that one…I can't really help" He nibbles on the snicker before twiddling his thumbs "Happens in my sleep too. Pretty much any time I am not prepared". He dosn't specify what, but his eyes keep doubting about before he relaxes "…we…internet WAZ the most legal way for me to concetrate on sounds! And listening through white noise is a pain".

Marie felt some bit of pitty for him and these challenges he's facing. She knew only a little about him from what she'd briefly read. He wasn't in her age group of students, so it wouldn't ultimately be on her to help him just yet, not primarily anyway. "Spending all day on Youtube isn't the way you should be learnin' sounds, kiddo." She told him, glancing out toward the backyard. "We got a lake on the property with a nice lovely dock. You should sit out there and listen to the birds chirpin, the frogs croakin and the nice calming sound of the lake water splashing." She grinned faintly. "You know, peaceful stuff…"

Hops aboard the move on train. And simply grins "Oh trust me, I get alot of sounds from nature." He jumps up and stretches. Taking a deep, deep breath as if to let out his lungs - heaven help us now. But when he stops taking in air and starts letting it slowly out, it was a chorus of crickets, birds, and things that go bump in the night, not scary, but the soothing country kind.

Rogue did look pretty damn clinched up when she saw him preparing for this, expecing like the sound of an elephant or tiger or something… But when it came the sounds of a country night she relaxed back in her seat and even flashed a smile. "There you go…" She told him. "Thats the stuff that people pay money for on little alarm clocks beside their beds." She listened to it for a bit. "You're an entertaining little one, if I do say so myself."

He stops a moment raising an eyebrow. With a voice like Thor he puffs out his chest "Hey now, I'll have you know I am 15! Don't let my size for ye my Lady!", before grinning "And yea, I do instruments too. I do a mean air guitar and ocarina. Great way to make money. Course people start looking at you funny when they relise yer fingers aint moving"

Rogue grins softly then at this from the kid and she lifted her candy bar up for another taste from it "Well, I'll tell ya what." She says. "If you track down one of our students, Drake Vyril…? He's eighteen.. and you play him your best Ocarina song… I will give a whole bag of mini snickers bars. Hows that sound?" She asks with a still grin.

He consider this a moment and ponders in thought. Closing his eyes Jose concentrates on listening before saying "Errr….I think he talking with the old guy. Named…Proffesor X." Nods seeming confident. "Well…at least I think so. Not really sure I want to go meeting The Mysterious X while on a man hunt". He gives a cock eyed grin, a tip of an imaginary hat and an old western cowboy voice "Sides Little Lady. Not sure a mysterious stranger would appreciate the the fine singing stylings of RANGo"

Marie laughed softly then and she waved her right hand dismissively. "Well I didn't mean right now." she said to him. "Just sometime." Her shoulders shrugged then and she stood up to pick up her trenchcoat off of the table. "All the same, it was just meant for a little fun. I gotta get going though, Jose. Feel free to track me down to chat any time though, okay?"

Jose smiles and with the crackling of a whip - he did after all have to stay in character, he states "Very well little Lady. Go with the setting sun. Just watch out for those good fer nothing bandits!"

*< END >*

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