2015-04-14 While You Were Out
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Players: Xavier, Drake
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Title: While You Were Out

It's late; late enough that most students are in bed, or at least in their rooms. Curfew is creeping up steadily, and it's a school night. Classes are set to commence bright and early. But one student is still out. He's seated at one of the heavy wooden tables, a book lain open before him under the light of a small desklamp. His cheek rests in his palm, elbow atop the table as he silently pours over the pages. It's dry material, too - history, early American.

The student pauses to yawn widely before resuming with the slow blink of the fatigued.

This typically bright-eyed teen is Drake. Back in Los Angeles, his scholastic performance was smeared with barely passing grades and attendance that could be called "spotty" at best. But here, he's made a complete turnaround. Classes matter to him here. They represent something he didn't have on the west coast: potential. It's been a rough transition all around, though, changing from a larcenous street punk with a pinache for hotwiring cars, thievery, and breaking and entering to adhering to the rules and guidelines. But that adherence netted him somewhere to belong with people who actually wanted him. When he became inducted into the New Mutants, his dedication only grew. And now, Scott has invited him into the secretive, elite X-Men, pending his graduation - he can't afford to relent.

He wants this.

The teen yawns again. It doesn't make the material any less dry.

There turns out to be another who is still up and about the halls even at this late hour on a school night. In fact Drake might hear the door open.. and then close again a few seconds later. There's no steps that follow it oddly, but if he takes interest to listen, there is another sound implying a different form of movement.

The only sound in the study is the shifting of paper as a page is turned. And then the door opens. Drake lifts his head, suddenly attentive and alert. It's a distraction! A sweet, sweet distraction! But what's that sound? It isn't footsteps. It's… motorized, maybe? Whatever it is, it warrants a little investigation. He lifts from his seat, arching his back to stretch himself out, then moves around the lengthy table.

The new arrival seems to be heading his direction, and indeed about as he nears the door, a seated figure well dressed in a green grey suit and a pea coat appears in the doorway. Professor Xavier, who has been absent for over a month on travel, smiles at Drake's curiosity. "I must say, while I'd be the first to profess the dedication of our students here, I did not expect to find anyone studying quite this late into the evening, Drake." his smile is amused as he notes the folded history book.

Drake halts his approach with a start as the chair rounds into view. "Professor!," he chirps. "Hey! Nice to have you back!" His volume would be unacceptable, were anyone else actually in the study at the moment. But given the sparseness, maybe he'll get a pass. "Yeah, uh, got a test coming in tomorrow, and I wanna make sure I've got everything covered."

The teen steps aside and runs a wrist over his eyes, clearing away the fatigue. "How was the trip? Did you just get back?"

Professor X 's amused expression takes on a knowing cast as Drake lowers his voice on his own, but perhaps he wouldn't have said anything anyways, given the circumstances. He does move into the room though as Drake steps back, nodding. "Only just now, yes, and it was productive, I think. There are many ways to show people that there are better paths to walk, and the more of them we utilize, the better our chances, after all." he says, and one could almost believe he's reassuring himself the absence was necessary as much as anyone else. His smile brightens again though, and he wonders, "And how have things been here while I was away..?"

"Oh. So it was one of /those/ trips," concludes Drake. Even without the ability to read minds, Charles could probably pick up his meaning: a mutant peace treatise. Or an attempt at one, anyway. Have mutants become a fully publicized thing yet? Drake isn't even sure. He knows sentinels were a thing, though. He's been trained to deal with them.

The teen wrangles his thoughts together. "Some crazy things," he mentions. "I think Scott might be getting a little frazzled."

This comment is met with a tolerant smile. It's true these tours and talks put him at odds with some of the most outspoken and hateful people, but one can't change the minds of their opposition if there is no dialogue, after all. "It was." he agrees, though he's attentive indeed at Drake's response to his own question. "Oh..?" he asks, simply inviting more information at this point. Scott is many things, but he's usually very reliable as a cool voice of reason and leadership. Charles worries it would take quite a lot for one of the students to consider him frazzled.

"Well, Pops," Drake begins, giving Charles the same tease he gives Scott - they share (shared, now that he's eighteen?) joint custody over him, "a big ol' Asgardian dropped into the backyard." Drake turns to prop his hip against the table, one hand leaning upon its flat surface casually. "No one had any idea who it was, or what the intentions were. Samuel was out there, Marie was out there, so was Ember, uh.. I think Killian was, too. And Scott, of course."

He pauses to run a hand through his hair, taking a moment to consider how to handle the subject. Blunt was usually the way to go with the Professor. Not like he could hide much from him, anyway.

"Seems like it was happening pretty fast, and with the Asgardians being as, uh… unpredictable as they are, Scott ordered'em off the premesis. Gotta protect the school first. Ember - you remember Ember, right? - she started mouthing off and defying him. Apparently she graduated early or something, and has just been hanging around. Scott told'er she doesn't have a place here anymore, and that she needed to go."

Quickly, Drake adds, "Now, I get why you let her join the New Mutants, I do. I was in the room when she started getting all.. demanding and mouthy with /you/," of all people, "but I'd strongly say he made the right move, given Ember's history. That chick's gonna get someone killed, and she don't even care. But her attitude started rubbing off on Samuel. So Scott was kind'a feeling low about having to lay the law down."

Professor X looks pained at the news, but replies, "I appreciate your candor on the subject, though I'm sorry to hear Ember hasn't been able to overcome some of her more concerning behaviors.. she showed a great deal of promise." but the school is a community.. and as much as he wishes he could, he knows they can't spend all their resources trying to help those who aren't willing to work as a team or help others. There are so many more who need them that need to be thought of. He'll have to check in with Scott about what happened. "But what of the Asguardians? Did they comply with Scott's boundaries?"

Drake nods quickly, bangs abounce. "Oh yeah! After the awkwardness settled, the Asgardian left. No big. I don't know if Scott's had a chance to talk with'em yet, but I know he plans to. From what I hear, he's pretty nice." Beat. "Amiable." Trying out a wider lexicon.

Drake leans off the table and strolls a few paces towards a window overlooking the grass outside. "Besides that, Scott invited me into the X-Men." He's entirely certain Charles is aware of their existence. But Drake's own knowledge of what they do or who they are is limited to, basically, an advanced and even more highly-selective version of the New Mutants. "Once I graduate, that is. I plan on accepting that offer."

When he was accepted as a member of the New Mutants, he was thrilled at the prospect of using his abilities towards a good goal. He dove into the physical and combat training with as much dedication and tenacity as he had his power lessons with Ororo. It's essentially turned the worst part of his life into the best, most positive aspect. Since joining, the teen he's done a plethora of things he never would've even considered in Los Angeles; he's fought criminals, Jotun, world-devouring god-serpents, uncovered and shut down mutant-splicing laboratories, and a score of other, equally insane things. And now, Marie - the combat instructor since Logan's disappearance - has told him he's, "one of the best fighters around here," and not just in his age group. He's in the best shape of his life, and in the best state of being he's ever known - all because of what he's become a part of here.

But he really doesn't know much about the X-Men, beyond that they're secretive, elite, and selective. He knows a few members and their codenames, like Cyclops and Rogue, but little else. He has to imagine it's like the New Mutants.

Professor X nods, listening to all of this with increasing good spirits. While those who never really find a place here are dismaying cases, then there's those like Drake. Those who were sinking, slipping through the cracks. Those who truly needed nothing more than a chance, a home, to bloom. He's still the same boy that first came here, and yet in some ways so very different, and it's a pleasure to see.

The Professor nods to the news about the Asguardian, lip quirking at the conscious attempt at an expanded vocabulary, though he replies with all solemnity, "Very good to know." and at the information about Scott's offer, Xavier's eyebrows raise.. ahh. That explains the almost tangible tone of excitement surrounding the young man, even when in the midst of some less than engrossing study. "Did he now..?" is all he says, but his expression suggests he's pleased to hear it.

Drake spins to face Charles with an unfettered, radiant smile. "Uh-huh. I mean, I don't really know a lot about it, and he said he had to make sure everything clears, but if it's anything like what I've been doing as a New Mutant, I'm up for it!" His hands prop to his hips, stance squaring. His smile edges into a wryer variety soon enough, "At least, I think I am. Happy to learn, anyway!"

Oh yes. The excitement is palpable.

Professor X chuckles. "I'm certain that will all come in time. It's not like Scott to say such a thing were he not exceedingly sure, and from what I've seen tonight, I don't expect his faith to prove misplaced in the meantime." his own smile widens as well at the comment about being happy to learn… it's a wonderful feeling to be in the presence of. "I'm very glad to hear that, Drake." though he turns a wry look to the clock. "However, perhaps you should consider continuing your studies in the morning..it's quite late, and even learning must occasionally give way to necessities like sleep." he observes.

Drake spares a hand to place against the back of his neck, gaze flitting aside modestly. "Well, the graduation ceremony can't come fast enough," he muses with a quieter, lighthearted tone.

Though when Charles directs his attention to the clock, Drake's eyes snap to it and widen. "Ack! I totally lost track!" He moves to the book and frowns, not satisfied he's covered everything. Will he have enough time when he wakes up? …He'll get up early. Or go to class with bedhead. Something. He'll figure it out. Right now, the headmaster is watching him risk breaking curfew.

"I'll run this book back to the library and be right back up." 'Up' likely means his room. "But, uh… glad you're back, Professor! G'night!"

Without missing another beat, Drake rushes for the door to hurry out.

Professor X chuckles at the energetic student, turning himself back towards the doorway as well. "Goodnight, Drake!" he calls, then adds with a contented tone that is addressed as much to the building as a whole than any one person; "It's good to -be- back."

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