2015-04-15 Chance meeting
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2015-04-15 format
Players: Jose Samuel
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Title: Chance Meeting

As one steps through the large front door, the first they see is this magnificent foyer. It fits the mansion, being in a graceful and classic style that seems so uncommon for a modern era like this.Dark wood accents take the primary amount of space within the foyer, as well as with the rest of the building. There are two expensive hallways, one going east and another west and these halls are lined with large wood doors, paintings on the walls and sculptures resting atop simple pedestals. There are chairs and tables setup in groups in some of the more open spaces of the foyer where classes are sometimes held in conjunction with one another.
The other main feature of the foyer is the staircase that sits against the wall opposite of the main entryway. A very wide set of stairs lead up to a mid-level landing that has a very large picture-esque window with gorgeous stained glass tinting the sunlight when it shines through to a golden-hue in shade. The staircase splits and two additional cases lead one upward to the east and one upward to the west.
With classes out, and the sun shining, most of the kids by now had headed outside. But, being so new to the school, one has decided to stay inside to check out the place. With oversized headphone on, one can hear muffled music playing by his headphones, as if there were on full volume. And the young mutant thinks nothing of sliding down the Banister of the staircase like it was the most natural thing in the world. He peers about looking, searching, taking in the surrounding as if trying to figure things out. If there one thing to know in life, is that nothing is what it seems.
Classes are out, the sun is shining, and even the board students are out enjoying themselves, giving the school the air of being completely deserted. At least, that's how it seems… but appearances can be deceiving. With steps that barely seem to sound on the stairs, Sam ambles down towards the foyer. Towel over his shoulders, the young mutant is dressed as if heading to a gym, and the Bluetooth headset over his ears is leaking tinny music into the surroundings.
Jose spins around, apparently detecting this 'tinny music'. He spots Samuel and cants his head in wonder. Headphones shifting as if wiggling his ears, it takes but a moment for him to begin copying the song, except this time it was at full volume for everyone to listen too. New noise, new sound, new fun as it was to Jose. And it was nice to see someone shorter then him for once!
On his way past, Sam gives Jose a nod and seems to just keep going until suddenly the music is everywhere. Experimentally, the youngster lifts the headphones off his left ear, as if to confirm he's not suddenly hearing things. A big smile appears on his face as he takes off his own headphones entirely, letting them hang around his neck along with the towel. Oddly enough, the music seems to stop the moment he does that, as if he had just switched off the set. "Nice trick."
Jose actually frowns "Ahh man, those were some wicked tunes going on!" he says with a rather robotic voice. It doesn’t let off as he offers Sam a grin "No tricks here, just some split ears" wiggling his brows he laughs. After a moment he stretches and ask "So what cool cat be here with me?" as if one of the boys from Grease looking directly at Samuel.
Although Sam cocks an eyebrow at the 'cool cat' comment, he's still young enough to smile unashamedly and offers his hand. "Name's Sam. I take it you're new? Welcome to the school, forget everything you think you know."
Jose accepts the hand and shakes it, not half-heartedly, but certainly wasn't trying. Though he responds back using Sam's voice "Well according ta the system, I don't know much. So gots to keep what I do know for now. Also that dress does not fit on you at aaaallll" Wait, what? Samuel clearly not wearing a dress, but none the less Jose makes no further comment
Over the years, Sam has seen all kinds. He even keenly remembers his own first few days at the school, so there's not even a twitch when he gets a reply in a perfect mimicry of his own voice. "Well things like your name, maths, geography and all those things, I suspect you can keep. But what you know or don't know, I'm pretty sure there's no system out there that's going to teach you about being you. Did anyone give you the grand tour yet?"
He shakes his head and gives a tip of an imaginary hat, and says using a more western movie voice "Nope. I reckon none of them can really find me. Sounds the game, being caughts -their- bane" followed up with a demonic laugh. Jose had no shortage of sound, noise and voices to use. Though with a cock of a brow he asks "Course….I not really looking forward ta class to be honest. Sitting in those chairs drives me crazy! And dang teacher always makin me take me headphones off" he grumbles. "Anyways Names Jose, insane in the membrane, kk?"
"Sounds like we're going to meet each other a lot then." Sam laughs, hooking his hands behind his neck. "At the moment I hold the record for most frequently grounded student in the school, but it sounds like you're going to be giving me a run for my money. In a few years, the title of troublemaker can be yours, Jose. And if sitting around isn't your thing, maybe you'd prefer a few laps in the gym?"
Perking up Jose considers this "Well….running laps aint me thing. But better then nothing. Though the forest outside aint bad" He howls like a -pack- of wolves. With a genuine grin he asks "And sides, hard to ground what you can't keep down. Though, if I'm lucky I'll be 18 by then." gestures for Sam to lead the way, coming up with an 80's track of workout music to accompany them, though it kind of sound like it comes from a scratched up CD
"Lots of good spots in the forest, but I'm strictly not allowed out until the weekend. Long story." Sam explains, leading the way into the east wing, where he comes to a stop by an elevator. He doesn't press the button, but the board lights up regardless, showing that the cab is on the way "How do you do the music thing? It's not hidden speakers, I know that much…"
Jose cants his head "Errr…no idea really. I just do" With a spin on his feet he proclaims "Looking me move, got nothing to prove. Welcome to the league of me!" in a rockin voice. He laugh before asking "How you do that thing with the elevator?" he chirps out as they enter the elevator.
The trick, if it is a trick, is repeated when Sam enters the cab of the elevator, the basement floor selected. As the doors slide shut, the boy grins. "Same, really. I just do." Luckily the ride down isn't too long, and the doors open onto a basement hallway every bit as grand as the hallways above. It seems the mansion extends quite a bit underground as well. "C'mon, this way. It's pretty easy to get lost here."
He follows closely behind, and says with a ghostly voice that moans "Well, only lost souls ever venture deep into the CAVERNS below. And those who do make it back, are never the saaaaame little one". Jose chuckles and says "Oh HELLS no. No going to put a finger on my butter finger". With a hmm Jose readjust his headphones grumbling
Samuel looks over his shoulder to the other student. "Do you always talk in soundbytes? That's six impersonations, good ones too, but I don't think I've heard you use your own voice yet." He pushes open the door to the gym which is, surprise upon surprise, utterly deserted at the moment.
It doesn’t take long for Jose to zip past Samuel with a literal and humorous zipping sound. He takes off down the side of the gym, however his voice remains ever clear, despite the distance. This time though his voice was airy and childish "Purdy much! Sound is what I do, it's what I am. Don't need no school ta tell me that" a high pitched laugh latter he continues "Aint that the point? And yes skittle taste good. But mm have more chocolate. Wait wait, what do you mean there a test on thursday I aint even in that class"
Samuel starts to stretch, throwing his towel over a weight bench which is currently set for two tons. Given that he doesn't know how much Jose knows about the school, he made sure the towel is obscuring the weight of the discs. "When'd you get here, Jose? Or, well, if you don't mind telling me, who found you?"
Jose begins using the benches as obstacles courses, actually he was using everything as an obstacle course, doing jumps, dives and slides all while trying to keep up a running pace. He wasn't super human in regards to athletic abilities, but he certainly was athletic enough to be doing these things despite starting to slow down. A kookaburra laugh latter Jose answers "Two, and the government" he states dryly with a rattling voice
The jog starts slow but picks up speed after a short while. It's like watching a train get up to speed, and soon Sam is running along the track with wide even strides. He's no Usain Bolt, but for a kid he's pretty damn fast. "Pretty sure they didn't. 'cause if they had, we wouldn't be talking to each other."
With a grin he wiggles his brows at Samuel "Well, were talking right now arn't we" he says in a teasing way. But either way he continues moving running alongside Samuel. He states in one of those cookie old man voices "If it ain't family, it's the goverment, plain and simple! Jist cause they think sticking me with foster parent or whit not makes them me family, they git another thing comming. Derefur youngster dere the goverment!". After a moment he adds "And why is my crab apple! I want crab apples!!!!"
"Trust me on this…" Sam begins, easily keeping up his pace even as he talks, seemingly quite used to running a lot. "… if some kind of government agency had found you, we really wouldn't be talking. The Sentinels would have had you, and that'd be the end of that. We'd never see you again."
Jose wiggles his brows "Oh those big robot dudes? There fun to outrun! One almost killed me before" He slows down but keeps up not being as fast as Samuel "Sides, where else would you say a kid from the adoption agency is from?" He seems to have dropped the sound bits and feel comfortable enough to just talk at the moment.
"Wherever he's from. Doesn't matter much when you're here, I'm just curious." From the corner of his eyes, Sam is still tracking Jose, slowing down his pace a little to see if he'll catch up again. "The big robot dudes are the ones that are easy to spot. It's the guys in the black vans wearing those black action movie outfits that'll get you."
Jose manages to catch back up. Raising an eyebrow he wonders "…don't think I bumped into any of them. And…well I ain't a fighter. I'm a runner. Have been for the past three years" He doesn't actually sound thrilled by that. He shakes his head causing his headphones to fall off. Unprepared his practically slaps his hands over his ears "Dang it! Quite already!"
"Running is usually a better option than fighting, unless you're…" And Sam never gets to finish that sentence, watching Jose's reaction when the headphones come down. "You okay?"
Jose doesn’t answer with words, but a serious of various boat noise, car/truck hunks and an assortment of other sounds in place of swearing. Most time sounds don't bother him, but he usually prepared for the 'rush' and increased volume of noise without his headphones. If anything he was more startled as he back tracks to his headphones. Snapping them up he places them on his head, but there a lot looser than they were before.
Samuel jogs in place for a moment and then stops, feeling decidedly stupid and suspecting he looks like an idiot. Instead he keeps his eyes on Jose, and comes to a fairly rapid conclusion. "I'm pretty sure I have a pair of massive noise canceling headphones in my room somewhere, used to wear them a lot when I was new here. Would they help?"
Jose takes a moment to center himself before answering. "Depends, what they look like, brother gots to keep his looks up" he says chirping like a bird at the end. His headphones were at least to him stylish. He looks to Samuel "Ta be honest, these cancel noise well, nice and big and all that! But…the band been getting too lose" as evident by them sliding down a bit before he pushes them back up.
Samuel scratches the back of his head. "Just plain black, nothing fancy, just had to have something to keep the noise out with so many people running around in the evenings. Don't have the money for a pair of Beats. But how 'bout I make you some? You tell me what they need to look like and I'll build them for you. I'm pretty good with that stuff.
Jose jogs over to Samuel "Hmmm. How bout you build them off a word?" After having his headphones back on, he pushes them up every now and again like a person would loose glasses. A grin latter and he howls like a howler monkey before becoming quite again.
Samuel just shakes his head and starts jogging again, taking his time to get back up to speed. "Y'know, you're pretty weird."
Jose keeps jogging as well keeping up with Samuel "Yea. Seem when it comes to mutants and humans, I am decidedly weird." taps the side of his head “But me. I just say, I ride the waves of life, no worries!" With a laugh before saying "Also :Echo"

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