2015-04-15 More Duck?
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Wade Wilson, Matt Murdock
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: More Duck?

There's a man in red and black spandex on top of the small office building that belongs to some of the best lawyers in the ruins of this city. The man just happens to be Deadpool. He has a flashdrive in his right hand that he juggles back and forth. "I think this is the right place. I hope it is. Or else I'm going to be in bigger trouble than I thought." He leans a wall as he looks around again. "Yep, this is Hell's Kitchen."

'Best' must really be a subjective term, because this particular small building is in a rather ramshackle condition for an office belonging to the 'best' lawyers in the city. The walls, both inner and outer, are in serious need of repainting, the floors of reflooring, and the windows of cleaning. And actually it doesn't quite even belong to them, either. It's just rented space. So yeah, it's a long shot from the more prestigious firms, like Landman & Zack, where they have many floors, with revolving doors and free bagels every day. But, perhaps for some, prestigious doesn't always equal better or best.

Just below the roof the spandex-clad man is standing on, one of these 'best' lawyers in town, one Matthew Michael Murdock, is sitting in his area of the modest office, pretending that he -doesn't- actually realize that there is a strange man standing on the roof of the building with a flash drive in his hand, tossing it back and forth while talking to himself about being in big trouble.

He absently wonders to himself if this man realizes there is a door that is totally accessible without requiring one to climb onto the roof.

Wade knows about how to get into the office pretty easily but he doesn't do so quickly. He seems to be observing the area to make sure that no one and nothing followed him. Even though he's in his merc attire, he tries to not start fights when he's on SHIELD duty; which is almost all the time lately. He eventually makes his way into the building and starts to look for the office that he was hoping to find.

Of course, though, Wade would have no reason to know that a certain blind lawyer goes by another name. The fact that he is looking for the masked hero of Hell's Kitchen and happens to be at this office is pure coincidence. He finally makes his way to the door and spots where it says 'Nelson' so he begins to tape the flash drive over that part. He's hoping that the law team finds these files.
Unfortunately, the sign that Wade is trying to tape the flash drive to is nothing more than a piece of copy paper with the words NELSON & MURDOCK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW scrawled onto it with a sharpie marker. It's also held to the door with old masking tape that has lost a lot of its original adhesive quality. So suffice it to say that it isn't exactly up to the task of dealing with Wade messing with it.

As he tries to hold the drive in place while applying the tape, the sign itself becomes partially dislodged, two of its corners ripping.

Inside, Murdock is totally -not- aware of the weird guy who had been on the roof trying to tape a flash drive to the paper sign on the door. He'll go to the door. Soon enough, anyway.

Fortunately, Wade has always Plan C on his mind. He quickly starts to chew some bubble gum as he uses the remainder of his tape to put the sign back into position. As he chews the gum, getting it softer and easier to use to stick something against the glass, he begins to read the little Bazooka Joe comic. "Man, comics are not at all what they used to be." He glances back at the sign and the drive to make sure that they are secured.

On the drive, more importantly, is some information about the smaller key players of Hell's Kitchen's gangs. The reason why Wade is supplying it is because he has a plan; and it's not to get to Daredevil.

Okay, Matt is finding this guy weirder and weirder by the minute. Not the suspicious kind of weird, but just…the eccentric kind of weird. Yes, he can smell the flavor of that bubble gum he's chewing right now, too. Certainly a resourceful type.

And now he's standing there reading something, presumably a comic given the comment he just made, once again, to himself. Chuckling slightly, Matt finally gets up from his seat and moves over to the door, opening it in front of Wade. Therefore, in front of the merc with a mouth stands a young man in a grey suit and black tie—well-dressed despite the poor quality of his surroundings. He's holding a long thin stick in front of him, and dark round sunglasses obscure his eyes, leading the observer to conclude that he is most likely blind.

"I…thought I heard someone knocking. Were you looking for someone?"

"Oh crap, I didn't know anyone was home!" says a surprised Wade as he leaps backwards when the door opens to reveal Matt. He studies the lawyer and tries to smile. "I'm really sorry… 'Foggy' is it? Please don't sue me. I wasn't trying to harass you or even scare you." He does think that the man in front of him definitely is visually impaired. "I'm part of — neighborhood watch dog type of group. I am not trying to cause a problem at all, Foggy." He assumes from what he has heard about the law firm that 'Foggy' was a nickname given to the blind lawyer.

"I have been gathering some information about what's going on in Hell's Kitchen. I'm trying to track down some of the bad guys to end their crime spree. Peacefully. I've read and heard that you guys are probably the most honest guys in the area and aren't involved in any of those payouts that certain police and officials are somehow connected with."

Deciding to use some of the information he knows about Hell's Kitchen. "I'm friends with that guy with the horns. The Devil from Hell's Kitchen. Kinda. Kinda like… I tweet to him but he won't respond. And I am hoping to somehow help with what's going on down here. My boss, who is not corrupt and part of the government… he wants me to handle the crime lords down here. The problem is that if I take one out of play, others will fight for his place. And that will cause more destruction. I want to get the smaller crime lords off the streets first before I make a move."

"And can I trust you?"

Oh um, well this was sort of awkward. It's one of those moments, you know, when someone gets something wrong and you are trying to find a way to correct them without sounding condescending or interrupting them. But then they keep talking for a while and it becomes harder to get back on the subject.

Matt nods, listening to all the man has to say. He isn't lying, but the lawyer finds it odd that he hasn't really given anything in the way of specifics, not even a name for himself. "I'm sorry, it sounded kind of like knocking, but not quite, hence the hesitation." He says with an apologetic smile. It's not really true, he was fully aware of exactly what Wade was doing. But Matthew is, to say the least, very practiced at keeping up this particular act.

"Uh, anyway." he clears his throat slightly. "Well, you certainly sound like you want to help, though you haven't given me a name yet." Speaking of names, here comes the opportunity to correct without really sounding like a correction. "Mine is Matt Murdock." He holds out a hand and waits for this newly made acquaintance to shake it.

Regarding the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, he doesn't make any comments quite yet. Can anyone trust him? That's a question Matt has been asking himself for a while, now. It's not as if he doesn't have any secrets, after all.

"Thanks, Mr. Nelson," says Deadpool as he tries to shake hands. "I'm an agent of a group called SHIELD. Well a contract to perm position. I used to be a guy who did some bad stuff but it was all because I was hired to be that guy. Now I get to be a good guy. They call me…. 'Deadpool.' But I prefer to keep people alive if I can," says the man.

"You can also call me 'Wade' or 'Wilson.' But I am a good guy named Wilson. Well, last named Wilson." He stops, "Oh, on the USB, there is a file card with my info. Should you need help. Ever. I'm a big fan of Law and Order SUV. I love just us."

But seriously, I heard a rumor that the Foot Clan is planning on moving into Hell's Kitchen. I'm going to stop Shredder if I have to." Wade smiles.
Matt is probably rolling his eyes behind those darkened lenses. Didn't he just tell Mr. Wilson what his name was? Okay, he resolves to correct Wade just -one- time, and if he still gets it wrong, well—it'll be at his own expense. "Murdock, actually." he reminds the other man with a chuckle. "Nelson is my partner. It's a pleasure to meet you, though, Mr. Wilson." he says pleasantly, shaking Wade's hand.

"And thank you for the information." He nods at Wade's final assertion, smiling politely. "Best of luck to you then, Deadpool."

"More duck? No thanks. I prefer turkey," says Wade as he tries to remember how to associate the name to Matt. "I believe you are going to do well. This city needs a good person and his partner to save this city. I have a checkered past and I wish I was not so questionable or ethically flexible because when I want to help out, I get caught up with the past." He grins, "Still, it's a pleasure meeting you, Mr. MODOK." Wade pauses, "Murdock. Mr. Murdock. MODOK is someone else."

"Oh, here's a check for 5,000 too. Get some security systems and a sign. It's an advance should I ever need to be offended in court." He winks.

Matt can't help but chuckle. Okay, okay. As weird as this guy is, he's really starting to like him. The fact that he's being honest though, really helps. Honest people tend to be people of integrity. "Thank you, Mr. Wilson. Well, I suppose if I ever had to provide a meal for you, I'll make sure it's turkey."

"…" Oh, Matt is definitely surprised at the money. His natural response would have been to reject the offer and tell Wade that he is in no need of charity. But… "I—" he begins to protest, but decides to give in. "All right, since you put it -that- way." He replies with a smile. Besides, if Foggy ever found out he turned that down…

"Never fell that you must provide a meal for me, Mr. Murdock. I have access to the best chimichangs this north of their natural habitat. I'll bring some over for you and your staff sometime," says Wade. "And thanks for treating me as a human and like we're friends. I'd offer to invite you over to watch Golden Girls tonight but I got a feeling you have better things to do." He tries to not call too much attention to asking how blind Matt really is. "Plus that check is yours with no obligations. I'm glad to see good people out there. It reminds me to be one of them." Smiling that he now can say he is friends with a blind person and that he has not offended him yet.

"Oh, by any chance do you know Stevie Wonder?"

Matt laughs. "Okay, maybe I shouldn't have said 'if I -had- to'. More like if I ever -wanted- to. And I'd probably have to get a chimichanga in there too." He tilts his head slightly to the side at the comment about being treated like a human. "Treating you like a human? Why, have other people made a habit out of treating you otherwise?"

"As for Golden Girls, you know I'd love to listen to it with you but maybe another time. With a little more, you know, advance notice." He smiles.

"Stevie Wonder, of course. And what about him?"

Ah, so all the blind people do know each other. But do they have special shirts for their meetings? Wade tries to imagine that. "Definitely, Mr. Murdock. We can do a Gold Girls marathon sometime when you are free. I'll bring the chimichangas." He bows slightly, "I must be heading back to the office that pays me and I don't want to keep you. I know you have some important cases and I don't want to get you in any trouble. At least for now." He grins again, under the mask. "It's a pleasure and next time I come, I won't be wearing this silly spandex attire. I'll be wearing a suit and tie. I bet you never will know how horrible these tights are. Ties are cooler!" He then heads off.

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