2015-04-15 Toy Story
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Killian Rogue
GMed by Rogue
Title: Toy Story

[*Third Floor Lounge*]
The lounge is a large open room with five windows along the wall facing the back yard. The windows each have dark red curtains draped down their sides and are usually open to the view of the outside, allowing a wealth of sunlight to shine into the room during the daylight hours.
The overall decor of this room fits that with the rest of the mansion, with wooden floors and beautifully crafted art lining the walls. There are ornate rugs laid across the floor and classic furniture set in groups allowing people to sit in multiple groups within the lounge to have separate discussions. There is one television mounted on the wall furthest from the double doors that lead into the room.
Two glass doors lead out onto a stone balcony that overlooks the backyard and the balcony has outdoor furniture and tables for people to rest out here and enjoy the spectacular view of the acreage behind the mansion, including the forests and lake off in the distance.


It was movie day, was being the key word there. A group of younger students that Marie was assisting with today had gotten rewarded for good performance with the chance to pick a movie and watch it. They had picked Toy Story. The movie had just ended as well and Marie was releasing the herd of kids out into the wild, so to speak, the group of ten year olds rush out of the lounge doorway all in various states of hurridness… leaving Marie behind to clean up their mess near the large television area.

"Watch where yo… ow! Sto… ow! No running in the h… ouch!", comes the sound of a aggitated Bostonian accents from the hall anouncing Killian's arrival, "Someone should tell those kids to be careful who they bump into", he spots Rogue and the state of the television area, "Though judging on the sugar high they're probably on, an accedental touch from me wouldn't even slow them down", he rubs is arm, "I think one of those kids were made of stone, hey Rogue, you want a hand?"

"That would be Bull, and he's damn near it, yes." Marie replied to him as she was picking up some napkins and empty juice boxes. "And you're preaching to the choir about the running into bit." She flashed a grin over at Killian. With her gloved hands loaded up with rubbish she pointed across the room near the western wall. "Grab that trash bin over there, would ya and bring it over?" She wasn't wearing her trench coat, but she did have a large baggy black wool jacket on that hung down past her waist and kept her still pretty covered up. "They eat like little monsters too, damn."

Killian chuckles and heads over to grab the trash bin, "This is nothing, you should see the mess me, my brothers and my dad make in the living room on game days, we could fill a landfill", he walks over with the bin and drops it down near Rogue and starts picking stuff up, "Though I don't think we're ever this sticky", he came help but wonder if thats junk food sticky or something mutant related.

It was ice cream left overs in discarded paper bowls, juice boxes and lots of empty chip bags. When he brought the waste bin over she exhaled and dumped a bunch of it in and then picked a few more things up and dropped them as well, two bowls and a few plastic spoons. "Yeah. I don't want to see what adult versions of the same kinds of activities can create." She said with a huff. She then took a seat on the edge of one of the chairs and started putting the dvd's away from the Toy Story collector's edition extra bonus feature set with special documentaries. "Next time I'm going to brain storm up 'quiet reading day', I think." She grinned a little and looked up at him. "What are you up to anyway? You're not skipping on classes are you?" She teased.

Killian smiles, "Toy Story? I actually teared up at number three, my brothers mocked me mercilessly for weeks, mom was weirdly happy about it, said she's managed one kind that's not emotionally stunted, I think that was her way of calling me a wuss in the nicest possible way", he's halfway though putting something in the trash when theres a too long pause to Rogue's question, "No, of course not".

Rogue listened to him as he spoke of the movie and she reached forward to grab a napkin out from under the coffee table. She dropped it in the bin and grinned at him. "I ain't never seen the third one. If it makes ya cry though, I think I might skip it too." She then reached over for her own water bottle that was filled up with ice to the top and she took a drink from it. "I'm just teasing about the skippin stuff." With a sharp exhale. "So you made a team for the Gauntlet. Teddy said you did damn good too." Teddy being the name of that captain that chose Killian. "Did ya have fun?"

Killian grins, "Yeah it was awesome, the other guys there were really cool, I can't wait to start training and to play the first game, a friend said I should work on being as versitile as possible with my powers so I can take the other team by surprise, I think someone told me I'd be tested to see what I am capable of at some point", he shrugs, "The captain was cool, he was really nice, reminded be of one of my brothers, so I'm psyched".

"Excellent." Rogue replied to him haaring this summation of his experience. "I'm hoping for a drama-free run this time. Last season we had some unhealthy competition going, but I think we've dealt with it." She put her arms on the arms of the chair and leaned back in it with a sigh. "But yeah, thats the point of it all… fun sports and team work… strategies and such. I've seen some really unique shi—- er, stuff come out of the Gauntlet matches." She smiled then at him. "I think we got some new courses coming in too, if they're done being computer'd up by our tech gurus. People kept asking for like, outdoor simulation, so the techies are working on like a beach course and one over a waterfall. It that sounds really wicked, I think."

Killian nods, "And that would be the Danger Room right? why are people so vague about that place when ever I ask about it?", people seem about to say something but then shut up, he's a little dim at times but even he's noticed that, "Thanks for putting me up for the Gauntlet Rogue, I need something to focus on, I was starting to pay attention in history".

Rogue grinned at him and lightly waved one of her hands on the arm of the chair it rested on. "Nah, no worries. We need more players and you clearly are the perfect fit for it." She said to him before she cleared her throat a little. "The Danger Room is addictive to some folk. Ya know, like them XBox's times nine million." She shook her head once then. "We've had students didn't want to do anything else but work on their abilities in there, and it kind of made them got a bit loopy. So we're hesitant about letting people use it unless we're really super confident in their mental… uh, fortitude? I'm not sure if I'm making any sense." She adds a soft laugh then and takes another drink of her water.
Killian ahhs, well then he doesn't see himself getting a go in the Danger Room any time soon, he got in trouble twice this week for trying out thing with his powers 'outside a safe designated area' but they won't tell him where that is! "But surely really knowing how your powers work is better than not knowing how they work at all right?"

"Absolutely." Rogue replied to him, setting her water bottle onto her knee then. "But its also a skill to know when to use them and to know when not to use them. Like… lets say… you don't see Logan popping open beer cans with his claws. Or the Professor telling lottery winners to give him all their winnings." She flashed a small grin then. "Sometimes, a mutant learns the ins-and-outs of their 'powers' and that power then just rushes to their head and they forget whats right and whats wrong. The Danger Room can sometimes accelerate that, but simulating realities where there are no consquences in yer own actions, see?"

"But I've only been told a vague name for what I and been given a way not to hurt people, no one's actually really spoken to me about what I can do and how to do it, the trick with the electricity and climbing the wall? I was told that by… by someone else", Killian shrugs, "I'm stuck with this now and I'm making peace with that, I'd just feel better if I knew more about it, that make sense?"

Rogue listened to him then and she drew in a breath and then tapped her fingers on the side of her water bottle. "It sounds like you need to have a sit down with Professor Xavier and get a little more insight. The climbing the wall stuff was pretty impressive, as as the absorbing of the electricity… but that absorbing one concerns me, Killian." She told him. "I've seen stuff like it before, and I've seen it come with a limit… a point of no return, where the person doin' the absorbin' turned into the energy that they were drawing on. I've seen it with electricity and I've seen it with, light." She shook her head again. "I don't want to see you find that limit, even if you have it, cause thats a new life you may not be able to come back from."
"I can't do the wall crawling thing without the absorbing one, and thats always going, recently I noticed I glow faintly in the dark, took me a while but I figured out that I spend the day absorbing small amouts of solar energy, not much because I'm not trying but it's happening", Killian nods, "I get that I wanna stay away from my limit like you said but how do I know what the limit to avoid is if no one will show me how to find it?"

Rogue nodded softly to his question. "Its a complicated problem." She told him. "I could be wrong, and don't hold me to this… but there may not be a way for any of us to know where that limit is for you." She frowned very faintly then as she lifted her right hand up to lean her head into the palm of her glvoed hand. "I want you to set a time to speak to the Professor about all of this though, you can mention everything I've said here and get his feedback on it. I'd be willing to help you explore your abilities more, to test these boundries, but I don't want to do it without permission as it may be something for a 'higher-up' to help you with, rathern than lowly lil' ol me." She gave him a faint smile then.

"What about you? you're a bit like me right? You can't touch people either, do you have a limit? How did you work out the flying trick?", Killian hasn't really any knowledge of Marie's powers beyond that both of them suck the life out of people, "Xavier sketches me out a little, the mind reading thing is freaky, I never know what to think", or if it's what he's actually thinking.

Rogue stared at him while hs epoke with her chin resting on the palm of her hand and her fingertips tapping lightly on the side of her face. "Xavier's the best of any of us. Yeah the head stuff is pretty un-nerving, but you can trust him… he's only out to help us be better." Shen then pulled in a breath between her lips and lowered her hand from her face. "The flying thing came because I tested those limits of absorbing on another person… when I thought I was doing what I wanted, for people I thought were my friends." She glanced down at her lap and shook her head. "They weren't my friends and what I was doing was wrong." She looked back up at him. "This was when I was your age. I stole the flying from another, along with all her memories and some other abilities. I had her in a… hold and I wanted to put her out, but she was stronger than anyone I've ever met and it ended a lot different from how I thought it would." She definitely doens't seem proud of these actions she's speaking of.

Killian nods, "So you did what I did before but on purpose?", he's not really sure what to make of that, Marie is what's given him the most faith in this place so far, the idea that she was the bad guy once… He's quiet for a good minute before asking, "Do you ever feel like you can hear them? in your head I mean, the people who you've done that too?"

Marie flashed an embarrassed little smile and she nodded a couple quick times. "I did it on purpose, yes. I was mislead into believing it was the right cause, but when I did it… I realized that it definitely wasn't." She then took a breath and looked back down toward her knees where she sat in the chair. "I hear them all the time." She tells him. "Especially that one in particular. and sometimes it feels like she's talking and its not even me speaking. Specifically when I'm teaching the combat classes." She glanced back up at him. "Its an un-nerving thing, to say the least."

Killian still needs a little time to process what he just found out but that can come later, this is something he wants to know now, "That's how i ended up in New York after I got my powers, the person I touched likes it there and feels safe there, it was like a voice telling me to go there, how long does it last? because sometimes I feel like I can still hear it faintly".

Marie adjusted her black wool-knit coat around her where she's seated and she looked at him while hs spoke. "I was told that due to the level at which I lingered the touch on the woman, that the effects are permantly imprinted onto me and that they're not going anywhere. My second longest touch was from Logan, and I did maintain some of his abilities for about a month, but those faded away… but some of his memories are still inside me still also and I am told that I'm a bit more of a 'wise ass' since that imprint." She flashed a small grin. "So it hints at that Limit that I spoke of… an extended contact can cross a 'line' so to speak, it would seem anyway."

Without thinking Killian slams his fist down, "Sorry, um yeah sorry", he puts his face in his hands for a second while taking a deep breath, looking up he forces a smile, "So yeah, looking forward to the Gauntlet matches starting, something to focus on, something good, something normal".

Rogue watched him slam his fist down and then apologize. She share his frustrations in these regards, even if her stealing of additional abilities has lead to benefitting her life, its still not something she's proud of. "A week from Saturday. Practices this week and next and then we'll get some games going." She told him, smiling for him again.

Killian nods, "Yeah I'll be there", he goes quiets for a moment looking down, "Errm I've gotta go, classes and stuff, nice talking Rogue", then he's heading towards the door, "Can you not tell anyone about what we talked about please?", with that he's out the door and hurrying to the stairs to take him down to the dorms, he really needs some time on his own right now.

*< END>*

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