2015-04-16 Getting a Tutor
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: Getting a Tutor

The combat simulation room is easily the size of two football fields. It is equipped with the latest in 'holo-room' technology has a wide array of programmed scenarios for someone to set-up which will let them do anything from fight in hostile urban scenarios to jungle warfare, its the kind of room that would make any video gamer faint.
However, it also has the ability to simply serve as an open room with real obstacles that can be placed out of the storage room, for whatever reason one could think of. When the holo-graphic technology isn't in use, its a very well lit… massive open room.

Natasha has been in the combat room for about an hour now, she'd gotten her gear ready was now simply running a target practice scenario on the holo-projection system. What one would find is the redheaded age standing in the center of a city street and a series of targets making their appearances in random locations, be-it inside windows or behind cars and sometimes ducking in and out of cover. They were not firing back at her in this particular training course, it was merely a 'gun sight exercise' typically used to get used to a new weapon. Natasha was popping off rounds from a large handgun, that was making unique sounds with every blast… to most easily describe the weapon, it was a laser gun… however the ammunition that it fired wasn't visible to the naked eye like you'd find in some flashy sci-fi movie, no this gun fired invisible rounds that caused their target's heads to rupture in their foreheads and burst violently out the back. It was clearly not a weapon you'd use to take prisoners.

Still a bit damp from one of his many lessons, and not having time to cleanup before the other practices, Mike has come down to the combat simulation room. A stickler for punishment? Hmm, maybe another day. But he has come down here for good reason, even if it isn't to partake in a combat simulation just yet. He's been looking for Natasha and this seemed as good a place as any to look. Sure enough, she's inside the room, practicing. Giving a sigh and not wanting to interrupt the practice, he waits from the safety of the viewing room as Natasha continues to decimate the field. As he waits, he fishes out some drumsticks from his back pocket and starts idly running through his flip tricks… which eventually drifts into a slow motion single weave practice. Don't want to accidentally hit something in the viewing room after all…

Natasha moved from one target to the next… from a man firing an AR on police-officers to a woman holding a dog hostage (?) to an oncoming SUV with men firing their own automatic weapons out the windows at her. She takes the driver out on the SUV and starts to swerve out of control before it de-materializes into thin air just as it reaches where she's standing. The gun eventually starts to beep and Natasha lowers it to her side. "Pause Simulation." She says outloud, and the sim freezes instantly with a number of wild things happening in the chaotic city street in front of her. She turns round and walks toward a table that has an array of weapons laid out in a circle on it and she begins to fuss around with them.

With the sound of the simulation being paused, Mike's already slowy moving weave comes to a stop as he looks to the monitor. Oooh. Better pop in before she starts again. Sliding the sticks into his back pocket, he moves over to the door and pops his head out, "Hey Natasha!" He calls out, "Can I talk with you for a second?"

Sure, there was probably an intercom button or something but hell if Mike knows where it is.

Natasha had set her gun down on the table amidst the wide array of others and she'd been messing with their loadouts when she heard the familiar voice. She looked up toward the view room and stared at Mike with her green eyes for a few seconds. "Come on over." She said back to him then, her eyes quickly falling back down to her gear.

Taking the invite over to mean that Natasha's going to avoid accidentally killing him with one of the weapons, the musician makes is way over. A side glance looks to the weapons lined up on the table. "Hey. Sorry to interrupt. But something came up and I had to ask you something."

"Its fine." Natasha said as she set a pretty gnarly looking SMG down on the table and looked up at him, her hands going onto the utility belt around her waist. "I was just killing some time before a meeting, and testing out some new hardware. Whats up?" She asked him then, appearing to be in a fairly decent mood.

"Well, it seems I'm going to be traveling for the next couple of weeks," Mike looks over to Natasha, "So, I'd end up missing training. Do you know of any Escrima tutoring types that would be open to traveling with me?"

Natasha looks down at the table and she picks up a pair of 'flashlight' sized cylinders. She then tosses them both at Mike. "Push the buttons on the side." She tells him. They're telescoping batons that have shock technology built into them. "They'll down a full grown elephant, or Hulk… we thin, we don't want to try it on him.." She then took a breath in and released it. "You want a trainer to travel with you?" she asked then.

Natasha looks down at the table and she picks up a pair of 'flashlight' sized cylinders. She then tosses them both at Mike. "Push the buttons on the side." She tells him. They're telescoping batons that have shock technology built into them. "They'll down a full grown elephant, or Hulk… we thin, we don't want to try it on him.." She then took a breath in and released it. "You want a trainer to travel with you?" she asked then.

Mike lifts his hands catching them. Once he gets a good hold of them, he looks at them to make sure that the part that's going to extend outwards doesn't go towards him. THEN he pushes the buttons. "Huh." Mike shrugs, "Last time I just pulled Hulk into a dream filled with ponies until he calmed down. I think I got quasi-permission to do that again if need be." He lowers the batons, "If possible. I'm not going to learn much if I stop every time I have to travel somewhere. Music tours and fliming schedules have a tendency of making me have to do that."

Natasha watched him as he readied one of them. "This should potentially be much faster than calming him down with a pony-dream. But… thats certainly a nice trick if you don't want to get close to him to have to tap him with one of these." she said with a slight grin. "And there are a plethora of agents who're trained and capable of being assigned to you for your trip. I'll send you a list of some and you can choose one, let me know and they'll get their immediate reassignment to join you." The gun on thet able that she had been using in the target range started beeping again, getting more and more rapid in its beeps before Nat reached down and smacked a button on it, causing it to vent a geyser of white steam… and it grew silent again.

Mike snerks, shaking his head, "Not how it works. I still have to touch him in order to bring him into the dream." He looks to the sticks and presses the button again, drawing them back in before setting them back on the table. "And thanks." He pauses, "I leave tomorrow. So that might narrow the list a bit more."

Natasha had a small smirk show then. "Ah, yes, well lets hope none of us have subdue to the big guy any time soon, either way." She says idly while she picks up one handgun and slips it into her left thigh holster. "I can think of three qualified Shield agents off of the top of my head who are in-house right now waiting for a new assignment. I'll finish up here and go get this in motion for you, since you're on a dwindling clock."

Mike nods. "Excellent. Once I know who it is I can make arrangements for one more with the flight." He steps back, "Speaking of which, I have to get back to packing up my own gear."

Natasha flashed him a smile then, an all-business kind of smile. She added a small nod. "Enjoy your time away. I'll make sure the home fires are still burning for you when you get back." She narrowed her expression at her own choice of words. "Stark has had me watching too much of that Game of Crowns…" She uttered a soft exhale.

"I'll try." Mike replies, giving a small smile. His head tilting curiously for a moment before he turns for the exit.

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