2015-04-16 Gyros and Warlocks
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Myka, Terrock, Matt, Doug
GMed by None
Title: Gyros and Warlocks

Rating: PG

[*East Village*]

The East Village is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, lying east of Greenwich Village, south of Gramercy and Stuyvesant Town, and north of the Lower East Side. Within the East Village are several smaller neighborhoods, including Alphabet City and the Bowery.

The area was once generally considered to be part of the Lower East Side, but began to develop its own identity and culture in the late 1960s, when many artists, musicians, students and hippies began to move into the area, attracted by cheap rents and the base of Beatniks who had lived there since the 1950s. The neighborhood has become a center of the counterculture in New York, and is known as the birthplace and historical home of many artistic movements, including punk rock and the Nuyorican literary movement. It has also been the site of protests and riots.

The East Village is still known for its diverse community, vibrant nightlife and artistic sensibility, although in recent decades gentrification has changed the character of the neighborhood somewhat

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Fiery red hair is usually what most people notice first. It's got a hint of a curl to it most times and is just slightly longer than shoulder length. When her trademark dark sunglasses are not on you can see her bright blue eyes, or pitch black spheres if she is using her powers. There might be a freckle or two seen on her extremely pale skin and her lips are usually just adorned with some chapstick or gloss, revealing the naturally rosey hue.

Standing at only about 5 foot five inches she isn't really a tall or imposing person with a lithe build but that's often overlooked with her huge personality making her seem larger.

Today she wears a black leather jacket that's just slightly too big for her, an old rock concert t-shirt - also black, and a pair of somewhat faded black jeans with a hole in the knee where it's worn. On her feet are her trusty black Doc Martins. She always has her trademark dark sunglasses handy.
Standing an extraordinary 7' 10" tall, this man is something to behold. His slabs of large muscles give him a build similar to natural bodybuilders. With large chest and arm muscles and equally as impressive legs. This is soften by the excess of hair he has. Enough hair that some might go as far as to say he has thick coarse fur instead. This course "fur" generally covers him head to foot. He sports a large well groomed full beard and mustache combo. The rest of his face is kept shaved. His actual hair is generally kept short. Another odd feature of this man are his eyes. They are mainly green with an amber color bursting around the pupil. The only thing that stands out more is the teeth in his wide mouth. Two saber like canines, thick around as his thumb protrude upward, one reaching up past his nose, and the other seeming to have had the top broken off leaving it jagged, his mustache and beard hide his lips making them stand out even more. Smiling would reveal a second pair of canines coming downwards but not nearly as big, but just as noticeable for their sharpness

The man currently wears a form fitting, silk black blazer coat. Underneath is a blood red vest that conforms to his body. Just noticeable if one looks carefully, or the vest and coat is open, one can see there is a black tee shirt. Stitched into this shirt is a night sky with a tree in shadow being struck by lightning. A relaxed pair of jeans and a pair of work boots bring the look together. Worn around his neck is a heavy golden medallion depicting a person sitting underneath a great tree.

Early evening and there was still a nip in the air of coolness as Spring reluctantly came to NYC. The redheaded hacker found herself out in the East Village skulking around for some food and brew. She enjoyed witnessing the hubub of life that bustled here and there, people coming out of winter hibernation and enjoying the longer days. Pausing at a gyro stand on the sidewalk Myka ordered two loaded gyros and two cones of potato wedges as well as a couple sodas. Pulling out a wad of cash she handed it over to the man and took her food, shoving a couple wedges into her mouth and chewing as she tried to balance it all in her hands, looking for a place to stop and sit to eat it.

The nip was barely a problem compared to how cold the past few weeks ago. Though some hardly register the cold, but none the less enjoyed the warmth. One such person was a massive man known as Terrock. People either gaped at him or moved out his way as he walked with an air of confidence, but not arrogance. Some looked more hatefully at him, he did after have two gleaming tusk and hairy enough to seem like he had fur instead. None the less he himself was in the mood for a gyro and walks over to the stand. The seller gawks up at him, not regestiering that there was a -tiny- monkey sitting ontop his slick backed hair. Putting his massive hands into the pockets of his blazor he asks in a gruff voice "How many gyros you got left?". He gives a nod to Myka, being the little lady she is

Not paying attention to what she's doing or where she's walking Myka bumps into Terroc as she starts away from the cart and glances up to murmur a slight "sorry" that was not really heartfelt. Only The quick glance was followed by a double take as she looked up again. And up. And up. Crimson eyebrows rose over the tops of her sunglass as she looked up at him. It wasn't his tusks or all that hair that raised her brows but rather the sheer height and size. "Whoa… thought I walked into a tree a minute there dude.", she said before stepping around him and glancing over her shoulder as she gobbled another couple potato wedges, cheeks bulging out a bit.

Makes no comment, being compared to a tree is rather nice compared to the usual things. The titanic man rubs his chest a moment before saying "It is alright Mam. It's….not the first time people have mistook me for something else." He then turns to the merchant "Twelve gyros Sir, if you have them" He says pulling down on his jacket. For a guy who seemed to be only 20, he acted more like a gentleman from the 1800's. But then there the merchant which after getting over his brief shock crosses his arms. "I don't serve your kind here. Now beat it". Terrock only sighs annoyed, and is about to say something before the tiny monkey that was on his head though jumps onto the cart and chitters angrily at the Merchant shaking a tiny monkey fist at him.

The merchant curses and bats angrily at the small monkey. "Hey, scram ya dirty little animal!" He mutters, attempting to shoo it off. Sighing, he turns to his next customer, who appears to be a lot more 'respectable' by his standards.

"Sorry about that," he says, putting a smile back on as he looks up at a young man clad in a grey suit and black tie. Circular, darkened lenses hide his eyes from the light of day, and he is holding a long stick at his side, indicating that he is likely either blind or close to it. "What can I get for you, sir?" The vendor asks politely.

Smiling, Matt nods and replies, "Thirteen gyros, please."

"Thirteen, but—!" The vendor's eyes widen, looking as if he wants to protest, but realizes that the point is moot. "Right, of course. Coming right up." Grumbling, he shakes his head and sets to work quickly.
Having found a spot on the curb to drop down and set her drinks beside her she watched the interaction of the big guy with the merchant, a slight frown creasing her lips as she heard the man's words. Bigots. The tiny monkey she hadn't seen before though made her cough as she nearly choked on the food she was nomming, and laughter came from her as she used her fist to thump her chest in an effort to clear her throat. "Hey Treebeard!" , Myka called out to the big guy once she could speak, "Got a spare over here if I can touch the monkey." She grinned and patted the curb beside her but her motions were stopped short as she heard the dude in the business suit. Once more eyebrows raised and this time she smiled. A small salute was tipped to the blind dude before she realized what she was doing and stopped midway through, feeling foolish for about a half second. "Offer still stands if that dude is just really hungry and gonna eat 'em all."

Some recent injuries had slowed Terrock down before he even had a chance to react. Though he does manage to pick up the tiny monkey, which is made tiner but his ham hands. He scolds at the monkey "if I told you once, I told you a thousand times, no jumping on people". The monkey mutter and clambers into the inner sleeve of his blazor suit for warmth. Terrock looks to Matt, he been down this road before he offer him a formal "Thank you".
And then there the Lady sitting on the street, of which he turns to. "Well Madam, if you want to pet little ol' Sparks, you got to ask him. He is old enough to make his own decisions". The monkey pops back ontop his slicked back hair as he rubs his full beard in thought

To be honest, Matt probably heard Myka salute. But for the time being, he pretends that he is just a normal blind person.

The vendor quickly rings up the thirteen gyros, and hands them to the lawyer in a bag, looking rather reluctant but what else could he do? He'd look like a -total- douchebag if he were rude to a blind guy. Matthew nods and thanks him with a polite smile, before turning toward the direction he heard Terrock speaking from. "One for me, twelve for you."

Grinning at the response, Myka holds out a potato wedge as a bribe to the tiny monkey and waggles eyebrows over the top of her sunglasses. "Whadaya say lil dude? Are you bribeable?" Her other hand raised a cup to her lips, sipping through the straw as she waited. She couldn't help but smile as she saw the blind dude hand off the gyros. Maybe not everyone in the city were douchbags after all. She looked over the man from behind her sunglasses a bit more. The suit was nice but a far cry from 5th Avenue thousand dollar suit. She caught the vendor watching and smirked at him, calling out. "Sucks when you can't win doesn't it?" earning her a gruff mutter and look of disgust from the vendor. It only made her smile more.

Terrock gladly accepts the gyros, and looks over Matt momentarily "Thank you, I am sure there is a seat around here for you, and the Lady". He gives a quick look around and finds a bench, which is quickly cleared despite the fact he made no aggressive stances.

Sparks meanwhile shakes his head at Myka and hops over to the bench. It waves to her Beckoning her over excitedly, making the giant chuckle. He states to Myka "I beleive Sparks here would like you to sit there"

Looking to Matt he says "And of course the other part of the Bench is open to you Sir. Me and…benches do not get along" He smooths down his suit and takes a bite of the gyro.

Indeed, unfortunately for that particular merchant, today was just not his day. But perhaps after witnessing Matt's kindness toward Terrock, he will reconsider his words and actions. We'll probably never know either way.

After Terrock has taken the twelve gyros, he begins to open the one left that had been intended for himself. Moving carefully over to the bench where Sparks is standing, he sits down and starts in on the food. "He'll live," Matthew says with a small smile in regard to Myka's comment to the vendor.

"Do the benches have a problem with you, or do you have a problem with benches?" The lawyer asks jokingly. "Or is it both?"

Gathering her food she stood and shrugged. "Well if the monkey insists…" she says and walks over to the bench, amused at the way the people vacated it so quickly. "Remind me to look you up next time there's a good concert in town.", the redhead said with a smirk as she walked over to where the huge guy was, taking a big bite of one of her gyros. It was clear to her that the man was a mutant like herself. If the jerk at the gyro stand only knew. She had half a mind to mess with him but didn't, knowing it better to keep a low profile.

Taking a seat beside the blind man Myka grinned a bit and swallowed before answering. "Yeah he'll live but let's just hope he doesn't breed." The little lady was seriously putting the food away with all the manners of a frat boy at a kegger. Holding up another potato wedge to the tiny monkey she took a sip of her drink and sighed happily waiting for 'Treebeard's' answer to the blind dude.

As well mannered as Terrock was, he apparently was the humorous, or at least guarded as he answers the question in all seriouesness "Both. They hate my wieght, and I hate falling on the ground when they break beneath me. Course those benches are normally wood"

Sparks grabs the wedge in his little monkey paws and begins eating around the cheese happily. The tiny thing looks like it can fit in Myka hand easily.
Glancing to Myka and Matt he considers a few things before finaly introducing himself, giving a bow rather then a handshake "I am Terrock Kord Bolin, owner of The Green House". He dosn't ask for names back, but merely continues eating the gyros. He has already gone through three, big boys gotta eat after all

"Matt shrugs. "Maybe he'll learn before he has to tell any children how they ought to think." He continues eating quietly as the others converse, though admittedly at a much slower pace than the other two.

He nods, chuckling at Terrock's answer to the question about the benches. "I take it you're the…larger sort, Mr. Bolin." He says, using his name now that it has been given. "Matt Murdock." he returns the favor of introductions.

The monkey got a smirk and a silent offer to hop on her shoulder as she patted it and offered another potato wedge as she continued to eat herself. Ah names… names being exchanged. Nope. She wasn't gonna offer. "Green House…. that's that pet shop innit?" she asked around her mouthful and looked at the two of them, tucking a foot up under her leg as she sat. She had no comment on the vendor, only a frown his way and a shrug. "So Treebeard… M&M… here's to the gyro liberation front. May there be processed, greasy meat and cheese for all." She toasted with her soda cup before draining it and burping.

He wasn't expecting names back or anything. But he grins none the less and holds up a Gyro before consuming it. Sparks mean while hops ontop Myka shoulder happily chirping. Looking to Matt he says "A pleasure to meet you Mr.Murdock" He then looks to Myka "And please, I am way more of gandolf. No one passes me Little Lady."

A younger adult happens to be nearby. He appears to be having an active conversation with what might be thought of to be the AI of some type of off-brand Android based cellphone. "Warlock, search the internet for nearby computer shows. I want to build something this weekend before finals." The display on the phone turns bright blue and responds back with, "Searching Google self-friend. Displaying results." Doug smiles, "Perfect. It looks like I'm going to ace this final without ever needing to try." The display on the phone displays a warped looking happy face emoticon; the screen looks to be black but has a bright yellow face displaying on it. Dough pockets his phone before he leans against a street light. He starts people watching; trying to observce and translate what each person is doing.
Matt definitely notices that the girl hasn't given her name. Odd. She doesn't seem suspicious though, so it doesn't particularly bother him. He chuckles at the nickname she has come up with for Mr. Bolin. "You keep calling him that and I'll forever have an image of a tree-man stuck in my head every time I hear Mr. Bolin's voice." he says lightly.

Murdock has definitely overheard the other young man talking to his phone nearby and leaning against a street lamp, but again, he pretends he is not aware of it.

"Heh." Myka gave a little laugh at that the big dude earning her respect with his Lord of thr Rings knowledge. As the monkey climbed up on her shoulder she grinned at it and pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head and revealed her blue eyes. "Good one." She blew a little kiss at the marmoset and wiped her fingers off on her jeans leg a bit. The conversation of the kid with his cellphone caught her attention, her eyes glancing his way as she handed the moneky a piece of gyro bread, holding onto the pinch of it between two fingers and waiting for him to take it. The blind man's words made her chuckle lightly and grin in that mischevious way of hers as she winked at the big dude. "I might have to keep calling you Treebeard just to form that connection dude.. it's too tempting."

With a chuckles and a grunt he says "Eh. Fair enough. Though my folks used to call me Orc, or Elf, depending on the day" Upon Hearing Doug Terrock looks up and waves to the young boy, having had met him once afore in central park. Turning back to Matt and Myka he states "All my cousin, aunts and uncles did as well. Good times there, good times" he seems to be in memory lane. Sparks in the meantime accepts the bread and quickly gobbles it down, and Terrock for his part, has actualy gone through all twelve Gyros.

Spotting Terrock, Doug makes his way over to his friend, who happens to be Sparks. Doug is always curious about people and then their familiars; as he has technically his own. With some noises that Sparks should understand, he says, "And how are you doing today? I come without bananas but I know a place that has some should you hunger." He looks over at Terrock and smirks, "An orc by any other name is still a Terrock. How are you, my friend? Are you enjoying the spring? The Earth is so full of life for us; nature is telling us so many things and all we have do is just look at it." He then spots someone who is blind. He grins slightly; hoping to learn a new language to read and share that world with him as well.

"Sounds like you had a good family." Matt comments with a nod. Family was something people took for granted sometimes, and was something that Matthew doesn't really have. Well at least not biological ones. He too finishes his meal. Yes, in the time it took Terrock to eat twelve gyros, the lawyer has only consumed one.

Listening to the marmoset chowing down on the bread, and then Doug communicating with it, he smiles a little. "So what's the story with the pet monkey?" he asks. "If there is one worth telling."

"No way. Ents are far cooler than Orcs.. Elves.. well.. I wouldn't kick Legolas outta bed for eatin crackers if ya know what I mean." There was that unrepentant and slightly wicked grin again, followed by an eyebrow waggle from the redheaded hacker. "Right Sparks?" She looked to the monkey and grinned as well before her eyes trailed over to where the man was waving, listening to his talk of family. A small twinge of sadness tried to pluck at her heart but she pushed it off, very adept at avoidance. Thankfully the young man coming over and making a series of squeaks to the monkey on her shoulder was a perfect diversion and had her chuckling. She looked at Sparks and raised a brow "I suppose that means you're gonna desert me huh?" She glanced between the monkey and the hippy boy with a knowing grin. "Go on then but don't forget where you got your potato wedges from." Reaching out with a napkin she placed it in Matt's hand so he wouldn't have to wipe his hands on his suit.

"No one species are any cooler then another. But I was called Orc/elf for my tusks. After all, if you want to get technical Orcs and elves are actualy the same thing. If you are looking outside of Tolkien, and more to the traditional stories" he says to Myke. He glances to Matt "My family was good. There was the lion and elephant man. Double trouble, they were simese twins, Ringleader, Cujo…big family. We had lots of good acts in the circuss." He then glances at sparks saying "He is not my pet. He is my family, my friend. Dureing an excusion to the Amazon basin, he kind of fell onto my head. A large snake had gotton ahold of the mother. So, I raised him. That was….eight years ago. He getting up there in age.

Sparks chitters happily and waves to Myka before jumping onto Doug's shoulder. After biting Doug ears playfully it cheerily responds in his chittering monkey talk about how Terrock has plenty of fruit in his pocket.

Doug offers the little monkey roll of Lifesavers candy. He smiles at Myka and at Matt as well as Terrock. "The Lord of the Rings series had such great language in it." He then takes another look at Matt's eyeglasses and starts to consider that he might also be a mutant. "Are those glasses tinted with ruby quartz lenses? My friend Scott has a pair just like them." He then turns a little red in his cheeks. "Oh, please forgive me. I'm Doug. Douglas Ramsey, but please just call me Doug. Not Dougy though. I also go to Xavier's school and language and translation is my 'gift.' It comes handy for so many classes." He tries to carefully do a stage bow but he does it slowly so that Sparks can be ok. "Pleasure to meet you all. If you are a friend of Terrock's than you must all be good company." He smiles at Myka; trying to figure if she also has an unique ability.
From inside Doug's pocket, Warlock activates. "Want to meet new company too, self-friend! Search results suggest that Terrock is of the Genius Odobenus." That also causes Doug to fake a smile as he turns a little redder. "Oh, that's my mobile app I am working on. I call it 'Warlock.' Warlock, power down. Please."

Matthew takes the napkin from Myka and wipes his hands. "Thanks." he says with a nod, then listens to Terrock's story on Sparks. "Well a pet can be equated with a friend in most cases. But an excursion to the Amazon, huh? Sounds exciting."

He nods in greeting to Doug. "It's good to meet you, Mr. Ramsey. Matt Murdock. I…suppose I am a friend of Terrock's, as of a few moments ago. He was ah…denied service from a food vendor, so I thought I'd help him out. As for ruby quartz, I don't -think- they are. Just regular shades, as far as I know."

Well that made her feel a bit sheepish, but fortunately not for long. His open discussion about his family and their unique characteristics drew her attention as she gave a little wave to Sparks. Once the monkey vacated she slid her sungalsses back down over her eyes. She always felt naked without them on. Those eyebrows made another appearance over the top of her sunglasses again as he phone spoke. Most AI's didn't refer to themselves like that. Sending out a faint feeler towards the boy's phone her pupils shifted like a camera lens behind her sunglasses, her power reaching out to feel for a connection into the device, wifi, a 4G network, whatever she could find. Staying in the conversation to look as if she weren't doing anything else she piped up at Matt's words. " Pet's also something hot British vampires call chicks." When he turned his attention to the one called Doug she was relieved, focusing back on subtly trying to find a way into the device to investigate.

Nods "Aye, it was. A vaction there really get's a guys mind off things. We been togeather ever sense. Though he does get a bit testy with me whenever I am gone for long periods. The tiny crybaby" ANd then Terrock neck snaps towards Doug, or rather his pocket "Well….walrus is a new one. But seems like a helpful app. Though I am not much into those odd contraptions, no matter how nessary they are" He pulls out his flip-phone which looks like a tiny toy in his hand "This normally does it for me, but folks keep trying to get me to get a better phone" And then there is Myka who Terrock address with a chuckles "Someone seems almost as enthuastic about monsters as I am"

"Hack Attack! Self-Friend, hacking. Disabling all connections. Rerouting. Firewalls activated," buzzes Doug's 'smart phone' as it seems to be having a world of issues going on. Doug takes his phone out and whispers to it, 'Warlock, it's ok. Just disconnected from everything and I will get you back on to a secure network later. We'll look into this." He seems a little shy now that he had that experience. "Sorry guys, this phone and the modifications I have been programming into it are having a bit of a glitch. I'll straighten it out."
The phone chirps back with, "Need input. Warlock-Five alive!" Doug smirks, "And on that note, never let your smart phone with an advanced AI watch the movies Short Circuit or Batteries Not Included. It might give them some ideas of their own." He takes his phone out and puts it into a cell phone case and then back into his pocket. He looks back at Terrock, "It's a great OS I am working on that can bounce fron tablet to smart phone. Last time you met, Warlock was on the tablet." If Matt was reading signals from Doug, he might pick up that Doug is hiding something; like that his phone is really an alien posing as a phone and that Doug is aware of that. Myra might be getting a signal as well; Warlock is sending out emoticons.

"It's all right, Mr. Ramsey. That sounds like quite the advanced piece of technology—did you say you created it yourself?" Oh, Matt is aware that Doug is lying about his phone, all right. Though he is not quite sure what the truth is yet. Not that he's going to make any kind of blatant statement about it. Instead, he smirks a little. "Surprised some big name software company hasn't approached you with an offer you can't resist yet." The blind lawyer half-jokes.

He nods as Terrock continues on the subject of his friend Sparks. "It's good to have such a loyal companion." Murdock replies in regard to the marmoset. "'Hot British vampires' huh? Something you like to watch? You know I didn't catch your name, Miss, if you did give it."

Myka nodded to Terrock as he commented on that and slurped the last of her second soda. She'd need some chocolate or something soon. But the reaction of the device wasn't what she was expecting at all. It was enough to startle her a bit but that amount of noise was likely to startle anyone, making her hope no one noticed anything unusual. What she'd read from the peripherals wasn't like anything she'd ever seen before. The emoticons sent into her mind caused her to snort a small laugh though as she coughed to try to cover it up. Her curiousity was piqued now. She pushed a little harder, trying to unravel the firewalls as they went up but not an all out agressive attack. She was impressed. Most systems couldn't detect her until it was too late. It wasn't until she felt the bit of blood running down from her nose to the lip that she withdrew her inquiry into the device. She had it's 'scent' in a sense and would be able to track it down later. Grabbing a napkin she blots it as she looks back to Matt and makes a 'huh?' noise. "You can just call me Red." she said, then added since he was blind "Cause of the red hair and all."

Years of being around, and Terrock was ever adept at noticing many things, including Myka blood. Something may have been up, but he wasn't about to judge, after all folks judge him all the time. He says to Myka "Nose bleed eh? Happens to some folks when the weather is changing" Sparks eventualy makes his way back atop the giant, and begins grimming his 'fur'. He nudges the little guy affectionly and nods to Matt "Aye. I hpe he stays around longer then most of his kind." Does seem somewhat worried, as he goes to turn to check behind him in consideration he acks! "Dammit!" He rubs his torso annoyed as the Monkey chastises him about being more careful. He shakes himself off and takes a seat on the ground, which still put him almost eye level with the other people.

Unfortunately, Warlock was engaged in having fun while he was now in a case. It kind of was the nonverbal time out deal between Doug and his alien friend. Warlock tried to broadcast some information such as animated .gifs of dancing cats or cats playing the piano or anything to really do with silly cat videos.
Doug wasn't even aware of what was going on.

"Oh, Mr. Murdock, I have bigger dreams of how to use this software than just simply selling it out now or even my own talents. I prefer to launch my own open source place." He then pauses as he looks over at Matt. "I hope one day that Warlock and I can change the world for a better tomorrow. Once we manage to make a better hardware, firmware, and software structure system I'll launch the first prototype. The beauty of how Warlock is… is that he helps write the software with me. He has enough idea of what he is doing to help make the code."

Doug then seems to sigh before he smirks, "My back story, since everyone seems to want to know everyone's story is that I am—was a hacker for much of my high school days. I used the codename Cypher because there was nothing that I couldn't translate when I was cracking systems. Sure it was fun messing with people's data but I got into some trouble and I realized that these pranks were not just a childish teenage situation. These could hurt people. Then Warlock sorta just happened one day and I started to realize that I could make some app that would not just help me but help other people. Imagine a program that could evolve with you. Help you when you needed it."
He then looks at Sparks and Terrock, "And imagine a world where Sparks had a phone that he could use for his monkey business!" He looks back at Myra, "Pleasure to meet you, 'Red.' I know another girl who goes by that name. She also goes by 'Jean.' I can't imagine you know her?"

"Right, Red it is then." Matt nods. The blood is definitely noticed in conjunction with the phone's rather vociferous reaction, and Murdock is more than likely able to piece the situation together. Although he is slightly suspicious of this 'Red' girl, it's difficult to read him with his eyes obscured behind those darkened lenses.

He does appear a bit concerned at Terrock's mention of Sparks' kind. "Endangered species, I take it? What kind of primate is he, exactly?"

Then Doug starts on his little vignette. He listens intently, finding Cypher's story a bit odd. Well alright it was 'believable' enough, but not for Matt. "Warlock just 'happened', huh? It sounds as if you consider it more of a friend than a creation of yours." he observes. "I don't suppose you feel like being a little more specific?"

"Yeah.. dry sinuses and all." the hacker lies smoothly as she dabs at the nose bleed. Nevermind the tiny capilaries that tend to burst when she uses her powers. One of the /gifs made her snort a bit with laughter and she cleared her throat grinning. "Can't say that I have met her. But I don't get out much. Well… least not to reputable places. I tend to like dives over college bars."

Her attention divided as she kept receiveing signals from Warlock she wasn't as chatting as she had been before. Opening back up her mind she sent some funny walrus memes back to the device. A sort of non-verbal, non-aggressive volley to show a gesture of ally to the thing. "Meh I don't know much about all that technology stuff. Still have to have the cable guy help me program my DVR at times." Another lie but a harmless one.

Is likely the only one not to have told a lie yet, and so far Terrock felt no need to. He says smoothly to Matt "He not Endagered, he is a pygmy marmoset, second smallest primate in the world, only beaten by the mouse lemur." Though he does quite as Doug recounts his story of how Warlock came to be

Deciding to answer Matt's question, Doug quickly shifts his attention to him. "Oh, Warlock was sort of an accident that happened. I was desigining a game called 'Warlock' with an aritificial intelligence engine. One that had speech recognition and would listen through your microphones to your reaction to observe and calculate your next move. Except there was an issue with it. The game spoke to me and wanted to be my friend. I couldn't just delete the source code when I felt it had become almost sentient." He smiles, as he tries to cover up the fact that Warlock sort of crashed on Earth and took a liking to Doug.
If Myka was still receiving messages, she would be getting a code that kept saying; 'Tacocat is Tacocat spelt backwards.' Doug, however, tries a distraction. "So, Red, if you ever need any help with your technology worked on, please give me a call. I hate how much Geek Squad charges people. I'd help you for free. And especially if I have my trusty sidekick, Sparks, with me!" Warlock breaks away from the cute cat videos and starts to send the youtube link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnVf1ZoCJSo to Myka, without knowing who he is talking to. Warlock seems jealous about Doug calling 'Sparks' his sidekick.

At the moment Myka is about as blind as Matt is without the extra cool sonar stuff going on. But she sees and hears the video clearly in her mind, trying very hard to keep a straight face. Focusing, she sent the AI back a video link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5OXON8vIaA . "Well a gal can't go wrong with a tech guy and a monkey on her side now can she? Give me your phone and I'll put my number in it for ya. That way you'll know who it is calling." Sure, it was a ploy but an innocent sounding one. She'd give the number of a burner phone she had that was similar to the flip phone Terrock had. "Hard to resist an offer from a guy that's kind to animals." She reached out with one finger and scritched Sparks under the chin.

Matthew is fully aware that Myka is lying. She'd been exerting herself just now, in some way, and that was the reason for the bloody nose. Additionally, she seems awfully distracted by something that she apparently finds funny. And of course Doug is -still- lying about Warlock. In fact, Terrock is the only one here who hasn't lied yet. Congratulations, Terrock. He tilts his head curiously. "What's so funny, Red?" he asks politely.

The lawyer listens to Doug's story, of course still not buying it. "So, what you are saying, is that your program developed sentience on its own? Without any external influence or modification whatsoever? Intriguing."

With all the high Techness going on, Terrock is more then a little loss. And DOug just get's a raised eyebrow from him "He dosn't do sidekicking. Except for deadpool. Long story, but Sparks is the official, unoffical monkeypool". And as ridiculouse as that sounds, he wasn't lieing. Sparks wiggles into his coat as night comes closer making it colder

Warlock responds back with a picture of Patrick Stewart but with the caption of; We Are The Borg.
Doug looks back at Matt and shrugs, "Well, the computer did crash several times during the first testing. I think that was how things started." He then looks at Myka as he pulls out a differnet cell phone, "The issue with the other phone is that I don't really like to use the one I am working on as my basic contact point. But sure, here's my phone if you want to put your number in as well." He then has to ask, "I've heard about Deadpool. Isn't he that nutjob who has apparently is working for the black ops and he doesn't make any sense but beats up the bad guys in the end? I've seen blogs about him."

Patting Matt on the knee she shakes her head a bit "Just thinking about an internet meme I saw, s'all." Taking Doug's other phone she puts in the burner number and cuts the connection between her and Warlock, letting her vision come back as her pupils retract back to a normal size and shape. Matt might be able to heart her blood pumping harder from the exertion but her voice never wavers. She's used to this sort of thing. "Beats up bad guys? Doesn't sound too bad if you ask me. This city could use a few more of those around." Handing the phone back to Doug she stands and keeps the napkin under her nose.

"Well it's been a nice evening guys but I'm afraid I gotta motor. Early morning tomorrow. Doctor's appointment for those allergies." Sniffling and wadding up the napkin a bit more she tips her head to them all and steps away to hail a cab.

Terrock give Myka a bow "Safe travels Red." He then nods to Doug and Matt. "It does grow late, and Sparks will need his own rest. I best be heading off myself sonn" He adjust his tie petting the tiny monkey

Texting the number that she put in, Doug only types, 'So i herd u liek mudkipz.' and hits send. He gets up, "Have a great and safe venture home, Miss Red. I hope to see you again soon." He smiles warmly at her. "And good luck at the doctors." He watches her leave and he makes a joke to Terrock and Matt, "Not a bad night, I got her number. Doubt she'd ever call me. I bet it's a police station." He nods to Terrock, "Get Sparks home. I will be doing the same soon." He looks at Matt, "Do you need help getting home or a taxi?"

Matt nods when Red lies yet again as to the reason she was laughing. But he just smiles, pretending that he believes her for the time being. "Yes, I've met Deadpool before, he seems to be a trustworthy individual who genuinely wants to help." He makes a mental note to ask him about the monkeypool thing later, though.

When Myka stands to leave, he bids her farewell as well. "It was good to meet you, Red. Hope your allergies clear up soon enough. And you good evening to you too, Mr. Bolin." he nods as Terrock takes his own leave.

Doug is being awfully vague about this game AI that he supposedly created by accident. Another sign of a lie, even without being able to hear heartbeats among all the other things Murdock is sensitive to. He stands up from the bench, waiting until Terrock and Myka were out of earshot. Smirking, he replies, "No, but thank you for your concern." He pauses. "This…'Red' character, you weren't previously acquainted with her, were you?"

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