2015-04-16 Wade the Dragon Slayer
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Players: Wade Natasha
GMed by Wade
Title: Wade the Dragon Slayer

[*Combat Simulation Room*]
The combat simulation room is easily the size of two football fields. It is equipped with the latest in 'holo-room' technology has a wide array of programmed scenarios for someone to set-up which will let them do anything from fight in hostile urban scenarios to jungle warfare, its the kind of room that would make any video gamer faint.
However, it also has the ability to simply serve as an open room with real obstacles that can be placed out of the storage room, for whatever reason one could think of. When the holo-graphic technology isn't in use, its a very well lit… massive open room.


Inside the CSR happens to be a certain Wade Wilson that happens to be engaged in a fight against giant holographic AIM and Hydra robots. The setting happens to be Time Square. Flashes of lights and explosions that make a Michael Bay film look real suggest that he's trying to take his training to a whole new level. If anyone was monitoring the computer system, all the safety features have been over ridden.
With over half of his attire damaged, Deadpool stands on top of some wrecked bus as missiles are targetting him. With a quick flash, he teleports away from them and appears on top of one of the giant robots. He tries ramming a katana blade through the glass of the mech as his left hand readies a small explosive device to be dropped in. What might be really disturbing is that Wade's not even making jokes or comments as he does things.

Natasha had been in here when Wade had arrived… and at his request she'd gone into the Control Room to start a scenario for him. And this is where she is now, seated at a computer and watching him do his thing. She… knew how to work the system well enough to keep him on his toes as well, or test what he was capable of. So she was adding new elements to the fight whenever she thought he seemed to be getting too comfortable. She lifted a mug of coffee up for a drink as she watched the monitors closely.

Just as Wade manages to get his explosions ready, a giant fire breathing dragon appears and starts to put poor Wade into flames. As he tries to finish the job of getting the robot handled, the dragon gets closer to him. Finally, he has everything set and rigged to work correctly. He leaps into the mouth of the dragon and begins to open fire with his side arms. A small explosion later, the dragon goes down and a heavily bloodied Wade staggers out.

Natasha is impressed by the light show and the gamey-ness of it, who needs XBox when you got this room? She saw the dragon go down, the camera that was following Wade through it all and then she saw him emerge victoriously… And she paused the simulation. "Well done, Wilson." She said over the loud speaker. "But hopefully there won't be any dragons on your next assignment."

With the stimulation being paused, Wade decides to —- Wait, wrong scene.The siumation halted as Wade tried to pick himself back up. He had a limp and seemed to be trying to reset his bones. He looks to where the control room is and just gives a salute as before he tries to force his own vocal cords inside him. Before he can even test them, he goes down to the ground, with one arm trying to support his upper body. He appears to not be doing well.

Natasha notes the condition that the agent is in and she leans forward and swipes a few buttons on the holoconsole display in front of her. A moment later and the paused sim is now gone, the only thing left is the base room around Wade… except there are two holographic medics there now also and after a second of pause they both reach out to assist Wilson. "Sir, we are here to aid you." One of the generic men says, both of them wearing standard EMS clothing… Natasha, stands up from the console and moves around the room toward the hatch that leads into the CSR. It slides open and she starts walking toward them, she's in her full black widow's suit and gear.

The medics approach Wade, sure. He winces as he observes them. Exhaling painfully, he mumbles something that can't evne be translated at all. He shakes his wrists to reveal two small box daggers. He quickly stumbles to stand attempts to slit the throats of the holographic medics. "Ne-never again, Weep—un Sex." He tries to speak but he's in no shape. He's clotting but seems defensive.

"Thats no way to treat a medic, Wilson." Natasha said as she strode up toward him but she kept her distance for now, if he wasn't mentally stable, she didn't need him trying to slit her throat too. "Look at me, Wade." She told him, trying to gauge his well-being… she cursed quietly. "This is why we don't turn off the safety measures in the CSR. We'd run out of agents." She lifted up her phone then and started to tap a few things on the screen, putting it toward her right ear then. "Prep a med team and post them outside the combat room… don't come in yet however."

Standing erect Heheh, we said standing! … Wade looks at Natasha before he drops the daggers. He tries to pull the remains of his mask over his face to cover himself up. "Doughnut do me dicks." He seems to be struggling with getting his words correctly. He looks at her and is aware that she can and will put him into more pain if she can't trust him. He puts his hands behind his head and goes to his knees, as if he was facing arrest from a swat team ready to shoot him should he move. "No doctors. Please." He lowers his head, hoping that she understands that he's not looking for a fight.

Natasha's phone is slipped back into a secured pouch on her utility belt and she eyes Wade as he sinks down toward the ground. "Regardless of your ability to repair yourself." She starts. "You're clearly in pain and should receive some form of medical attention at least." Her hands rested on her hips now while she watched him, trying to recover? "What would you have me do? Just stand here and watch?"

Smirking, Wade starts to stand up. "Lemmewalkitoff." He tries to pop his jaw back. "Grenade shrapnel takes a lot out of me. Syntaxes and such fail." He limps away from Natasha, trying to put space between the two to show he's not looking for a fight. "Healing factor recovery time messed up. Pym and his Pimp Articles are working on fixing me still. Still waiting for those Pimp Articles." He shakes his head. "Visions of Stark offering a string bikini are clouding my head. Need to catch up and let my brain heal." He gives Natasha a look. "Don't tell Lucy that I'm this messed up right now. And now medics." He rips the upper part of his costume off and starts to check himself for damages. "Crap. No exit wound."

Natasha stared at the rather grotesque show of it all and she didn't seem to be even slightly effected by it. She shifted her weight from her left foot onto her right and flared her hip out a little while she stood there staring at him. "Do you need to have surgery to remove that shrapnel?" She asked him. "You can't just live your life with bits of metal inside of you. You'd never be allowed onboard a public airplane again." She smirked very faintly. "And no. I don't plan to tell Lucy about any of this. Nor will she be directly involved in the Red Letter assignments that I have mentioned to you. If you're still willing to participate as the postman."

"Mission accepted. Was in Hell's Kitchen looking for intel. Befriended a lawyer. Works at Fonzy and MODOK. He's blind but honest. Good guy. He might be of use," says Wade as he keept trying to crack his own neck. "Lucy can't know how messed up my new assignment is. Or that my healing factor is on the fritz. Training harder now to not rely on my recovery as much as using my skills. Can't depend on always healing from everything." Wade seems to be trying to catch his own breath. "I went postal on the Hand last night. Making new chain mail friends for you already. Need to get closer to their chain letter circle to get on their Christmas card list." He looks at Natasha before he tries to cover himself up. "I don't do medics and I don't really fly public anymore. Got nowhere to really go. I send Lucy on solo vacations. She doesn't need to know what I do when she's off in Ireland."

It was like trying to intercept scrambled code from a foreign enemy's radio communique's, understanding Wade Wilson. Natasha's expression was flat and emotionless as she stared at him, not really interested in how much of him he was trying to hide or not hide from her view. "You met a lawyer in Hell's Kitchen that you think may be of use?" She asked then. "Well… when you're feeling better you can tell Director Fury all about that." She told him, unsure of whether to bring the medical team in anyway or not. "Your first schedule delivery is at the end of this month. But I need you… and Dr. Pym… to come to me and tell me that you're ready for it, and able." Her head shook again softly. "And Lucy won't know anything of it. These are missions specifically chosen for you."

Tossing the mask shreds off from his face, Wade smirks, "I took on all of Robotech and Lord of the Rings but you don't think I am ready for this? I can handle it. Who else are you going to send?" He reaches into his utility belt pouches and starts to pull out a small package that looks like a condom in the wrapper. He rips it open and pulls out a Deadpool mask to use. "Gotta keep them sterile during combat." He quickly puts it on and smirks again. "Nat, if I tell you I can handle it, I can handle it. I can't have Lucy aware of what I am doing though because she's a risk factor for me."

"Lucy will be told that you're on a mission, and that she is not cleared to know the nature of the mission." Natasha quickly replied to him. "However, should you wish to share information with her, you are cleared to do that at your own discretion." She then pulled in a breath of in through her nose and her body rose at the intake of oxygen. "And I still need to hear from Pym that you're cleared to play." She tells him. "Thats how it works in the big leagues… we play the stars who are cleared by their star doctors."

"Pym is the only doctor trust. Though his keeps telling me that I have use a microscope to really understand how these Pimp Articles work. He must be doing something wrong if you need a microscope to read his version of Playboy." Wade then pauses, "Unless he's making 'Playant?! No way! He's not that crazy into ants. Or uncles." He smirks and looks back at Natasha, "If I don't get cleared, you do know I'll go rogue and do it myself without permits and all that. It kind of goes with my line of thinking."
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"Stark is going to be your handler on each delivery." Natasha says in response to him having listened with a continued flat expression. "He will conduct your briefings once you've arrived at the next mission. So your knowledge of any of it will come once you get to your location…" She flashed him a soft grin then and turned to walk toward the CSR's main exit. "So good luck trying to go rogue agent on us, Mr. Wilson." She told him. "If you're good, I'll leave you to it."

Shrugging, Wade exhales. "Whatever. I didn't sign up to be part of this top secret bull crap where I can't go off and kill my targets without having to accept terms and conditions." He winks at Natasha, hoping she moans at his bad joke. "And while you're at it, you probably want me to have Stark shot in the legs so you can keep him out of trouble."

* END *

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