2015-04-17 Classroom Meet
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Players: Marie Jose Killian
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Title: Classroom Meet

The Classrooms are rather spacious, but comfortable, designed to put the students at ease and allow them to focus on their studies. Large windows let in natural light, with shades that can be drawn to completely black out the room if a student has an intolerance to sunlight. The desks are made of a rich cherry hardwood, as is the teacher's desk. Around the room are various teaching aids such as globes, computers and maps, and the room can be used to teach a variety of subjects without needing to be rearranged.

Marie is seated in one of them large fancy chairs with the high backs and all leather. its the teacher chair! She's got a small wooden companion table to her side and an active iPad is sitting on it propped up facing her. "Et que nous enveloppe pour la journe, la classe. Vous tes tous libres de partir." Some of the students (in their own fancy chairs of various shapes and sizes) get up and start putting their things away, getting ready to leave… a couple stare ahead at Marie confused. "Class is over, and we'll keep working with you two." She said with a grin. They shot up from their seats then and both bolted out of the room ahead of the well-trained students.

Within the shuffles of students, one rather sneaks into the classroom. Light of foot and finger, he weaves through the other students doing his best to not draw attention. And soon enough he hid himself behind a computer monitor, possing as a student who might have just decided to stay late, keeping his head down behind the monitar. Of course his over sized headphones stick out a bit. But that just Jose for you.
It has been a long couple of days and Killian has spent them firmly under s thundercloud (should say here not literally bacause with Xavier's you never know), he did his best to stay focused and keep up with class today but at the back of the class becoming more and more visible as other students leave is Killian head on arms, arms on desk, fast asleep.

Marie was speaking to two students, a teenage girl and a guy. She was laughing at something they were telling her, so she didn't see Jose sneak into the room. When their conversation ended, the two took off together out of the room. Marie'e eyes first went down to her tableet PC and then she caught sight of Killian who was asleep. she smirked and wadded up a ball of paper, and threw it across the room to hit him square on the head with it.

Rule one of sneaking, don't reveal your hidden location untill the right time. Though he does give a -very- quiet chuckles, he stays behind the monitar, using his ears to tell whats going on. Waiting for the right moment to spring.
Killian head snaps up as he's his with the ball and his eyes glow a brief solar colour before fading, "Rogue? why are you in my r…", and this is a classroom, blushing a little he sits up straight, "Deso… Diso… Sorry", he then spots Jose and points in his direction, "Crazy at two O'clock".

Rogue watched Killian wake up from his nap and she smirked at his initial words. When he pointed to the side her eyes swept over to the monitor on the companion table beside another chair. She tilted her head to get a look around it and she saw the edge of a headphone. "Jose?" She asked then. "You're not apart of this class, what were you doing in here?"

Ahh man! With Killian revealing his hiding location he stands up and stretches, making a croaking sound similar to the Grudge, before he contines on in a ghostly voice "I aint crazy!" before he turns to Marie and asks in the same voice "Depends….why didn't you notice I was here? Thought you teacher types always kept track of who in yer class and whit not!". He may have snuck in at the end of class, that dosn't mean he going to say he did. At least not immediatly.
Killian raises an eyebrow at Jose, "Sorry for the passout Rogue, I'll do any detention or makeup work you want and it won't happen again", he gets up grabing his bag as he does, "Jose?, Do you wanna have a little respect there? Rogue's cool but she IS a teacher", something about the kid's attutude when you take away the crazy just p**ses Killian off.

Marie's eyes remained on Jose as he said this to her and then she looked back over at Killian when he got up from his seat. "I'm not going to punish you, this time." She said with a smirk at him. "But you need to get some sleep and come to class fresh. I am going to mention this to the other teachers though, and if they decide on any other actions then its their decision… and… if you fail the class, thats on you, monsieur. Its your life, afterall." Her eyes went back to Jose then and she looked a little annoyed at him, or tired of his antics. "Considering you're seated in Jacob's spot, I'm going to go out on a limb and figure you snuck in here while everyone was rushing out. Because, unless you were hiding on a desk or some'n, I do not believe you were in here."

"Ding ding, we have a winner! The young misses wins the noble peace prize! Have any speech to give?" His voice rings out. But then Killian comment causes Jose to pause, and he is actualy quit a moment. "Lizards don't have brains, they have tails! Brain tails, or tail brains. Hell if I know" And then he turns to Killian, ignoring whatever he himself just said and asks him confused "Whit exactly is the big deal about a teach R. Didnea even know et was disrespectful or nothing. You kin?" Jose scratches at his head in wonder
Killian nods, "Yeah, again I'm sorry, I've just not been able to sleep properly over the last few days", he nods again as he's told that this will be passed on to other teachers, he rolls his eyes at Jose, fairly sure that he's either putting this on or he can control this and just choses not to, so for now he elects to ignore him, Rogue doesn't need his help to point out that he's talking to her like a dick, in her class of all places.

Marie listened to Jose's reply and then she looked back ti Killian. "I think you need to have a meeting with the Professor to discuss whats keeping you from sleeping." She tells him. "I'll see if I can arrange that, okay?" She didn't really wait for a response while she uncrossed her legs and gathered her iPad up onto her lap, she stood up with it. "Jose, where are you supposed to be right now?" She asked him.

Jose sticks his tongue ou at Killian. As it stands, he was rather childish after all. But then he looks to Marie And scratches his head. A few dead t.v sounds afterwards, he answers "Not sure really. I think it's either history, or err, english?. Probably english. I avoid those" he nods at this not really thinking it's a big deal.

Killian sighs, "But you wanted me to talk to him about the power thing right?, I can't keep going to him", he leans back on one of the desks, "Shame I can't just…", he touches two gloved fingertips together, "…and drop out for the night", but as with many the rule of mutation, his powers don't work on himself, good thing to as it would make taking a shower a total nightmare.

Marie regarded Jose with a continued disinterested expression. "Jean is your reacher then." She tells him. "So go to class, its the last class of the day… just go do it and then go do your assigned work for the night, and then… just relax and chill out… be a kid, but behave. We're doing all of this for -your- good, Jose. So play along." She looked back at Killian. "I saw the Professor on a nearly daily basis when I was a student here. I had to see him to help deal with my past and how to move on. So don't think that going to him is an odd thing to do." And she smiled at Killian a bit when he did the finger gesture.

Jose may not argue with authority figures, but that dosn't mean he listens either. "Soono mashitio funaca!" Which translate roughly to nothing, they were made up after all. Despite Marie's disinterested look, he simply gives a two finger salute and a genuin smile. Though he does say to Killina "You and every other insomniac wishes that one!" he says followed with a kokoburra laugh. And with that he heads out, though weather or not he actualy goes to class is a whole other matter.
Killian nods, he almost wants to tell Rogue about his worries that Xavier can't be trusted but Rogue does trust him and as much as he trusts her he doesn't want a potential threat to know he's distrustful of them, he figures he'll just find an excuse not to show up. "Dunno if I'm allowed to ask or not but what's Jose's deal? is he just rebelling while going though his 'OMG I'm sooooooooo random' phase?"

"Sensory overload." Rogue replied to him as she picked up the remainder of her things and moved toward the door as well, this class was going to be occupied by Storm any moment for her next course. "He's had to deal with a ton of information hitting his head and I guess its kinda bouncing around n there like a wild rubber ball in a dish shop." She flashed Killian a smile. "He may seem like a bit of a cartoon character, but there's a good kid in there that just needs to find his way, and build up some trust in others along the way."

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