2015-04-18 Scout's Honor
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Warning: N/A
Players: Matt, Drake
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Scout's Honor

Hell's Kitchen: it isn't where most people want to be at any given time. But when the sun goes down, things get even worse. It's dangerous to wander the streets here alone - it could even be dangerous to roam with a friend. Bad things happen here all the time.

One specific bad thing has Surge's attention tonight. He's come to know a local terror in this neighborhood - someone who calls herself the Demon of Hell's Kitchen. It's been a while since he'd seen or heard anything from her, however. He had some time on his hands. No classes tomorrow, homework's done, training complete; it's as good a time as any to do a little reconnaissance.

After finding an access ladder (boy, he sure hopes Dr. McCoy gets back to him about that gadget project soon), the teen perches at the edge of a rooftop to scan the streets below. They seem silent, which for all intents and purposes /should/ be a good thing. But it's unsatisfying and unproductive. Still, he lingers a moment, blending nicely against the starry, moonless night sky.

A yellow taxi cab pulls up to the curb just below the rooftop where Surge is lingering, and a man in a suit and tie steps out. Dark round lenses obscure his eyes from view, which might seem odd at such an hour of the day, except that he is also holding a long stick in front of him—ah, right. He's blind.

Matthew Murdock starts toward a nearby street block with several bars and restaurants—tonight he'd promised to go bar hopping with Karen and Foggy, something that he did not find himself doing very often. You know, given his secret 'night life.' He sighs a bit inwardly though, because knowing this part of town, his time with his friends is probably going to be cut short…

…yeah, especially since someone is perched on the edge of the roof just above him, possibly stalking him. Definitely does not bode well. But who knows, an optimistic person might shrug it off as someone just out enjoying the cool night air or just wanting some peace and quiet.

Optimism is dangerous, sometimes.

The cab rolling up is the most exciting thing that's happened in a while, short of hearing a glass bottle break in some distant alley. It's been a slow night. Wouldn't it be serendipitous for his quarry to just hop out of a cab right in front of him?

Alas, not the person. He's a guy. And when the cane pops out, he breathes a light, frustrated sigh. /Definitely/ not who he's hoping to find, and almost certainly in no way associated with her. She didn't seem the sort to employ blind folk. He considers, if only a split second, using the blindness to his advantage and just asking if he's seen her, but that fails to pass the 'This Is A Stupid Idea' filter: he's /blind/, of course he's not seen her.

Surge spares a hand to pinch a forefinger and thumb against the bridge of his nose, annoyed.

Matt keeps walking for a few steps, though still aware of the mysterious person watching him from the roof. As the seconds tick by, he starts to get a bit more paranoid. Has someone learned his identity? Are they simply waiting for him to join his friends so that they can ID Foggy and Karen too, and hence use them as leverage against him later?

The thought of it makes him shudder, and he suddenly doesn't feel quite so confident about bar hopping with his friends tonight any more. He stops in his tracks, just standing there for a moment - listening and feeling. Yep, still there. Finally, he pulls his phone out of his pocket. Just as he does so, it starts to ring in his hand. He answers—it's Foggy.

"Yeah, hey um about that…I think I'm going to have to take a raincheck." He smiles faintly. "I'm really sorry okay? Just not feeling up to the all-nighter thing today. I know—" A small laugh. "Okay, okay. Next week, I promise."

The feeling is oddly mutual. The man got out of the cab, and he's now… just standing around? That's suspicious in a way, but at the same time, he isn't sure he should be suspicious at all. The guy's /blind/, dangit. Blind and alone, in the middle of Hell's Kitchen. And while no one's come to accost him, this situation is quickly turning sketchy in his mind.

The phone is taken out, and Surge listens in; the quiet atmosphere helps a lot.

He's missing context, but he quickly jumps to the conclusion that the guy's probably having difficulty getting where he's trying to, and he's embarrassed to admit it. That just sucks. But this isn't the place to stand around looking like a prime target.

The self-proclaimed Demon of Hell's Kitchen will have to wait.

Surge departs from his perch to hurry to the edge of the building. He drops onto the fire escape and quickly descends with light steps before finally reaching the alley ground below. From there, he peeks out from the corner of the building at the older male.

"Hey. You lost?," he pipes up.

Unbeknownst to Surge, Matthew is tracking his every move. He heard his light footsteps on the fire escape, and heard when he touched the ground and approached him. Thus he was fully expecting -something- to happen, either an assault, or an address. Fortunately it turns out to the be latter as opposed to much less preferred former.

He bids Foggy farewell and puts the phone away, turning toward the sound of Surge's voice. Despite having fully anticipated this, he feigns mild surprise. "I'm not, but thank you for your concern." he replies, smiling. "Always good to know there are still people around these parts who care."

Surge is operating under the belief that this fellow here is a normal, if unfortunately disabled guy. But that blindness might help a bit, given he's currently costumed. People have some… varied reactions when it comes to encountering someone dressed as he is. So this affords him the opportunity to play this situation as naturally as he likes.

"Well, it's not exactly safe out here on your own. And you might make a tempting target." He grins, hesitating a beat before concluding, "I mean, that's a snazzy cane you're flashin' all over town." Because of course that's what a mugger would want: his cane.

Matt nods, smirking slightly at the irony of this conversation. Yes, it's true, Hell's Kitchen at night is far from the safest place to be. Especially for someone who is alone, and not to mention disabled. So to anyone who doesn't know his secret, it would seem reasonable to be worried about him. But is this guy actually worried, or just trying to gain his trust for an ulterior motive? That's one of the first things Murdock searches for in anyone he encounters—honesty.

"I won't disagree with that." he concedes, laughing a little. "But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you're -not- a police officer."

Surge nods, despite being essentially (or allegedly) invisible. "Right. I'm not a cop. I'm just a guy - a student, actually. Saw ya standing around by yourself'n figured you might like a hand getting wherever you're going. If nothin' else, keep the crazies away."

In a way, Surge is entirely too amused by this. He's heard the word "superhero" tossed around a few times, but right now, the only one going through his mind is "boyscout." There's no shame in it, of course; if he's fought back a small army of Jotun to protect a panicked crowd, he can certainly help out a disabled person.

Hm, this young man does appear to be telling the truth, so Matt relaxes a bit. Perhaps his paranoia had been misplaced after all, which is definitely a good thing. "Thanks for the offer but," he shrugs. "I don't know. I kind of already told my friends I wouldn't be joining them tonight. Not always an all-night type of person." Well Surge might not be hiding anything yet, but that is certainly a lie right there. Murdock often stays up all night—just not doing the same things his friends are doing.

"What are -you- doing out here alone, anyway? You don't…sound very old. Teenager?"

"Two for two, shades," quips Surge. "I'm not that old, yep. I was looking for someone, but this seemed a little more… I dunno, important?," he offers, raising his shoulders in a loose, reflexive shrug. "I'm not gonna badger you for something you don't want, though. I get it. Just thought I'd offer!"

Surge drifts to the side, propping his elbow against the wall of the building. "You at least a native around here? Know where you're going?"

"Matt Murdock." The lawyer decides to give his name when Surge defaults to a nickname. Not that he resents it, but it brought an introduction to mind. "And yourself?" he holds out a hand for the teen to shake.

He nods at the final question. "Yes, I grew up here, actually." Matt replies with a smile. "So suffice it to say that I know the area -very- well." He pauses, frowning slightly. "Who are you looking for?" he can't help but ask.

"No one you wanna find, Mister Murdock," replies the teen cryptically. But he doesn't leave the hand hanging. He takes it, and Matt's almost certainly going to realize he's grabbing a flexible, but durable glove. "Surge." He'd toyed with what he might present him with, but this way's safer. If he gave him his real name, anyone who happened to be watching them would be able to get that information out of him and put everything at risk.

Not to mention that it's kind'a funny! The reaction could be priceless.

"Oh?" An eyebrow goes up at the cryptic reply, though he does shake the gloved hand. "If I wouldn't want to find him, then why would you?" It's a bit of a rhetorical question. Matthew already knows the likely answer to this question.

And once the teen gives him what must certainly be a code name, it solidifies his suspicions. The blind lawyer smiles a little. "Surge?" he repeats. "So…you're like, some kind of vigilante?" Well wouldn't Daredevil know.

"Ehh, /something/ like that," Surge replies. "I can't talk about it too much. Security risks, y'know?" No harm in being straight about that. And given Matt's lack of shocked reaction, he can safely assume he'd understand the risks in divulging too much.

Once his hand is released, the teen props it to his hip casually, still leaning against the wall. "Someone's been causing trouble out here and laying low. I was hoping to find'em and get an idea of what they're up to, but…" But the whole 'laying low' part seems to be getting in the way of that. "It's not someone you wanna run across."

Matthew nods. Oh, he knows. From personal experience. In fact, the paranoia from just now was a direct result of it. But now, this 'someone' who Surge is talking about has caught his interest, and he wonders if he himself hasn't run into the same person at any point in time.

"What sort of trouble?" he asks, prodding further. "Theft? Assault? Murder? Do they have any associates you know of?" He seems to be quite interested in crime, for a blind guy, but—well, criminal justice -is- his occupational specialty after all.

Surge lifts a brow behind his mask slightly as the questions needle onwards. "Hopefully just the first. Probably the second. We wanna avoid the third. Unfortunately, it's all really likely with her. And no, I don't have names of associates." He cants his head slightly. "The less you know about it, the safer you are. So try not to sweat it."

He'd originally ran into her by complete happenstance, but he'd encountered her over and over afterwards. Each time, she seemed to get a little worise. So there's a good chance she's escalating - certainly nothing for a blind fella' to get caught up in!

"Ah, 'her'. So it's a woman." Matthew states. "Petty theft, or something bigger?" He chuckles a bit when Surge doesn't seem to want to divulge any further information.

"I'm a lawyer. Criminal justice is my specialty. So trust me when I say I've been in a lot of situations that were a lot more precarious than this one. I can handle myself."

Surge clicks his tongue lightly at the lawyer's apparent cavalier attitude towards danger. He has no interest in leading a blind guy into a slaughterhouse, though. "Like this? Talkin' to someone? I believe it. But like what she does, nuh-uh. This is a case you don't wanna touch. 'Something bigger', in other words, yeah."

Surge leans off the wall and folds his arms loosely over his chest. "I'm happy to make sure you get wherever it is you need to go, but I'm not cool with putting a target on your back. So what's the verdict?"

Matt grins. "Something bigger, so what exactly did she steal?" No, he doesn't just mean handle himself in conversation, of course. He has definitely made a -lot- of criminals simultaneously sorry they left their homes at night—single-handedly, too.

He sobers up a bit at that thought, however. "Look, Surge. You want to find this woman or not? If you tell me a little bit more of what you know about her, I can probably dig some leads out of the woodwork for you." Being able to hear -everything- helps, too. Oh and there were those files SHIELD gave him the other day, too. "I know this city, and if there's someone running around causing trouble? Chances are I can find out what they're after—at least in the short run. And once I know what she's after, I can figure out where she's probably going to be and when."

"She'll probably be here. This is where she works out of, looks like. That's why I'm here," Surge replies impatiently. "And I'm really not comfortable endangering citizens. If you went nosing around and got cooked alive for your trouble, that's on me." Hints, hints! "I'm sure you've had more than your share of trouble in your line of work," and with the disability, living in this particular neck of the woods'n all, "but this is something else entirely."

Cooked, eh? Hm. The detail is picked up and filed into the back of Matthew's mind for later. "I understand your concern." he sighs. "But in this case I believe it's worth the risk. Yes, I've had more than my share of trouble, but that just means I have -experience-, because I'm standing here talking to you right now, correct?"

The lawyer shrugs though, and pulls a business card out of his suit to hold out to the teenaged mutant. "Well, I'm not going to force you to talk, but if you ever change your mind—you'll know where to find me."
The card is plucked deftly between his index and middle finger, then given a quick glance. "I'll consider it. That's the best I can offer." Especially in public. For all he knows, his target has a network of spies. Giving Mr. Murdock here an absolute could put him directly under fire. Possibly literally.

"Now, about that escort. Are you good? I mean, for real, are you good? It'd suck if I took off only for some twerps to jump out'n mug you."

Matthew laughs, because he knows how Surge is feeling. He has been in that situation himself. That is, the situation of feeling quite obligated to protect those who cannot protect themselves, even if they say they don't want it or need it. And being driven mad thinking that they might be in danger and you missed the opportunity to save them, especially if it was because of -you-.

Thus, he nods and obliges him, even if he really doesn't need it. "Well alright Surge, if it would make you feel better." he replies, still chuckling slightly.

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