2015-04-20 A Day for Heroics
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Drake & Myka
GMed by N/A
Title: A Day for Heroics

Rating: PG

It's a bright, clear day in New York City, and Central Park is as welcoming as ever. The birds are chirping, dogs are walking about on leashes, and joggers are running the paths cutting through the grass. It's getting closer to summer, and people are really starting to embrace that!

Drake, for his part in all this, happens to be one of the joggers. He wears a simple gray tanktop, black shorts, and gray Nikes - uninteresting, but perfectly functional for the activity at hand. The Xavier Mansion has some nice scenery and plenty of space for a jog (not to mention treadmills), but it doesn't have that 'open' feeling trotting about in public offers. Being out and about just happened to be appealing this weekend.

At this point, Drake's been jogging a while. His skin has developed a faint glint under the sunlight with a thin sheen of sweat. The teen comes to a halt at a bench and props his foot over its edge, fussing with a shoestring that's come loose.

Out of her element, Myka strolls along the park goers, dodging joggers, bicyclists, and the occasional horse drawn carriage along the paths. But being out in all this nature wasn't all bad. Central Park had a LOT of little food carts and vendors just waiting to sell overpriced snack foods. It was a little slice of heaven for the hacker as she made her way towards the Museum of Natural History. It was about to get a nice little boost in it's donations thanks to the hacker. She liked to make sure that deserving organizations got contributions.

With her dark sunglasses on and leather jacket to fend off the light chill in the shaded areas she really wasn't paying attention to where she was going as she took a huge bite of the hotdog with everything she'd just bought. That was when she collided with the jogger with his foot on the bench, losing her footing and going sprawling on the path. As if getting embarrassed wasn't enough she added injury to insult as the bit of hot dog stuck in her throat and lodged itself there. No matter how much she tried to cough or breath it just wasn't happening.

Drake is spatially-aware enough to see the girl coming. But with her wearing shades, he isn't sure if she's about to divert her path to avoid him, or if she's seen him at all. When an impact becomes imminent, he starts with a quick, "Hey, w-"

Too late. Bump ensues.

The raven-haired teen is knocked from his position, stumbling to plant both feet on the path again. The girl isn't so fortunate. She drops onto her back, and she looks to be… struggling? Gagging? The remainder of a hotdog is noted - clearly the culprit.

Without any further consideration, he leans over her to grab her by the shoulders to draw her up to her feet again. From there, unless she pulls away, she'll find herself spun around with a pair of toned arms looping her midsection. And suddenly, with a slight upwards pull, the forearms squeeze into her midriff.

Good ol' Heimlich.

There was a little panic creeping in as she struggled to breath, so much so that she didn't even realize she was being picked up until the bit of hotdog went flying out of her mouth with the projectile force of a small torpedo, smacking some blonde jogger bimbo in the back of the head, drawing a "Hey!" from her until she noticed what had just happened. Sucking in great lungfulls of air she drew it in and then….

….then there was a burst of laughter that was probably unexpected. She couldn't help herself, the expression on the jogger's face was just too priceless. Turning her head a little to look up at her rescuer she grinned at him. "You always pick up chicks in the park by saving their lives from the evils of hot dogs?"

Drake experiences a flood of relief when a small projectile launches out of the girl's mouth. She was, indeed, choking. And now she isn't! …In fact, she's laughing. Drake continues to hold her securely against himself, his head tilting to look back down at her eyes - or what he can see of them over her sunglasses at this angle. Her question earns a lopsided grin. "I thought I'd try a new tactic today," he jokes. "How's it workin' for ya?"

"Can't complain." the red head says with a smirk and waggles her eyebrows. Yeah he was a young one but she was a flirt by nature. Nothing wrong with flirting. Harmless and all. Disentangling herself from him enough to turn around she pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head and gave him a once over with a grin. Nope. She had not one ounce of shame. "Well thanks. If not for you I might not have lived to see the next season of Game of Thrones." She glanced over at the vendor across the way that she had bought the hotdog from. "Can I buy you a drink or.. oh.. a hotdog?" The last was said with a smirk and roll of the eyes.

Drake loosens on her enough to let her turn, then finally just lets his arms drop to his sides, freeing her. As she gives him a once-over, he rolls his shoulders back and tilts his head slightly to the side, those hanging bangs wafting further over his right eye. She's pretty. Good sense of humor. That's always fun. And, indeed, apparently a bit shameless. Not that he minds. It's flattering, really.

"Ooh, couldn't have that. I can't imagine a more sure-fire way to cause someone to come back as a ghost than not let a fan see the dragons actually tear stuff up."

His vibrant gaze follows her to the vendor, then back to her face, bemused. "A hotdog? What, hopin' to return the favor?," he teases. "A drink's good, though. Just pitched my bottle a bit ago."

"Damn skippy. Those dragons are the shiznit." She said with a nod and a grin that widened at his comment about returning the favor. "Nah.. if you choked you'd just be screwed. I never learned the Heimlich." With a bit of a bounce to her step she turned and began walking toward the vendor would looked a little scared at first, afraid she was going to come over and blame him for her choking. Apparently he was used to less than pleasant customers.

"Sal! Get this man your finest bottle of water and another hotdog with the works for me." At the vendor's dubious look she squinted a bit at him and said in a deadpan "I fear no hotdog."

As they waited for the stuff to come up she stuffed a twenty in the vendor's cup for payment and looked at the guy. Normally she didn't give out her name but then again, normally she didn't nearly experience death by hotdog either. Extending her hand she spoke "Myka… nice to meetcha."

Drake observes the transaction with that persistent, but increasingly natural smile. When she offers her hand, he gently takes it into his own; no shake given, just a brief, gentle holding. It always feels weird shaking a girl's hand, moreso when there isn't any actual business afoot.

"Drake," he replies. "Drake Vyril. Pleasure's mine. I wonder how many people know the Heimlich and never get to use it? Much less on a pretty girl? And even then, get free water out of it." His smile edges a little further, a playful quality to it.

Myka gripped his hand tightly and gave a bit of a shake when he didn't move it. She seemed to recall her father or maybe it was her godfather saying something about how important a good handshake was. It had always stuck with her. "Drake… ah ha! No wonder the dragons stand out for you." She said with a grin. Taking her hotdog from the vendor and walking a couple steps over to the bench after he had his water she sat and looked to him. "And you didn't even try to cop a feel. Kudos on the manners I must say. I might not have been so considerate."

Drake finds his hand shaken, despite! He takes the water once his hand is freed again, and he moves to sit beside her - a bit closer than one might sit with someone they'd just met, but Drake's never been one to care much about personal space.

"Dragons or, y'know, ducks," quips Drake. He then lets out a soft laugh and cracks the cap of the water bottle. "Well, do you want a do-over?," he teases, leaning aside to bump his shoulder against hers, rolling right along with her jokes. "'Sides, what're you talking about? I got to squeeze ya, didn't I?"

Her mouth opened to say something crude about squeezing but she, uncharacteristically, tempered herself noting his age all the more up close and just gave a little chuckle and grin, shaking her head. "Yep. You sure did." Taking a very unlady-like sized bite of her newest hotdog she chewed, cheeks bulging out a bit as she did and spoke around her food. Nope.. not so much with the manners this one. It wasn't that she didn't know better she just never saw the practicality of a lot of them. Not to mention the double standards of things it was acceptable for men to do that women were not supposed to.

"Well if oo ask me, oo don woo uck-ike ah all." She swallowed the big bite and patted her chest with her fist before glaring briefly at the hotdog "Victorious once more vile processed meat." She didn't seem to mind the closeness of the personal space at the moment, not really even considering it as she took another bite. She'd need a ll the calories she could get before pulling off this 'donation' "So apart from the obvious…" she gestured to his clothing.. "What brings you out here? School out already? I thought that had a month or so to go at least." No use tiptoeing around the age difference.

"Then my shampoo's doing its job," nods Drake. Oh yes, he's fluent in Mouthful.

Her next question gets a blink. He leans a little closer to her, achieving a conspiratorial distance. "Wanna know a secret?" He shoots a furtive look leftwards, then right, and finally back to her face. He holds a few moments, simply to let the anticipation build. And then, in a whisper: "There's no school on weekends."

Straightening his posture again with a boyish little smile, he asks, "What about you? Just soakin' in the weather now that it's finally changing over?"

In that tight little conspirator's huddle she did a mock gasp and covered her mouth. "Oh no.. it's happened again… I've time traveled." Returning his grin she shrugged a little at his question. "Just out strolling. Taking in the sights.. " she lifted her hotdog "And the tastes. But seriously.. I didn't even realize it was the weekend. Man time flies…" Myka brushed some hair back from her face and readjusted her sunglasses. "Thought I might drop by the museum while I was in the area. Wanna tag along? "

"Y'know," says Drake at the suggestion, "I've been in New York nearly a year, and I've never been. Sounds fun." By that, he means the company sounds fun. A museum sounds boring as Hell. Nevertheless, he takes a swig of his water, recaps it, and bobs it towards her hotdog, "But I suspect you've gotta finish that off before they'll let'cha in."

"Ya know.. you're right." She said with all seriousness and proceeded to devour the hotdog with no manners at all, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Standing suddenly she tossed the wrapper expertly into the garbage can on the other side of him at the bench. "It's a natural history museum. Got all sorts of cool stuff. There's an exhibit on the science of natural disasters and one that had a tardigrade and a mantis shrimp. They're kinda like mutants of the animal world. Pretty cool." Of course she had a soft spot for other living things that were outside the norm like herself. "Come on slow poke.. let's motor."

Drake recoils slightly as she tears into the hotdog like a ravenous badger. "Whoa!," he laughs. "There're way easier ways of getting my arms around ya than asphyxiation!"

The teen pops up to his feet shortly after her, careful to avoid getting tagged by her wrapper. "How far off did you say it is?," he asks. "I parked thattaway." A thumb motions westwards.

"Well you're in luck then. That's the way we're headed." Then the red head gave him a funny look. "Who drives in New York City?!? Seriously?" She grinned and shook her head. New York wasn't exactly a drive friendly city. It's public transit was pretty good though. "Are you an upstater that's posing as a Manhattanite?" she said only jokingly. Shoving her hands in her pockets she started off toward the Museum.

"I'm a Lower Westsider myself. If you can avoid the Banking District clones there's some pretty cool people down that way." She kicked at a rock that was on the path with her Doc Martins and watched to scurry across the pavement. "But The Village is where it's at. Still got some of those left over hippies from the sixties there. Of course Moonbeam and Flower are well into their seventies themselves now."

Drake glances down at himself after he catches up with her again, regarding his attire. Would he even be permitted into the museum? It's worth noting he's never been to one before! But he opts out of drawing attention to his concerns. If someone raises a fuss about it, he can respond then and there. No big!

As they near the edge of the park, Drake gestures forward to a candy lime-green motorcycle propped neatly at standby. "I drive in New York City now," he mentions. "And you sound like a native. Grew up here, did'ja?"

It was a total lie but it flowed fluidly off her lips as she nodded. "Yep… all my life. Can't beat the Big Apple. Always something new to see and do." She glanced over to the motorcycle and then back to him. "Well maybe you have some common sense after all. A car in the City is just a nightmare." She hooked an arm through his as they kept walking and approached the big steps leading up to the museum. No one seemed to stop them as they entered or appear to try to kick him out. Dropping a couple twenties in the donation/admissions box at the entrance for both of them she went on in.

[*American Museum of Natural History*]

Filled with countless exhibits on a broad variety of subjects, the American Museum of Natural History is among the largest and most comprehensive the world has to offer. Dinosaurs, environmental science, planetary studies, human culture, mammals, and more are all covered here. Additionally, the Rose Center for Earth and Space continues the look to the stars with the magnificent Hayden Sphere, including a planetarium of the same name. Nearer to the Central Park West entrance can be found a singular memorial to Theodore Roosevelt, who in life was a passionate conservationist, matching with the values of this museum.

Her arm links with Drake's, earning a curious glance, but no protest. It's a fun sort of classy that he rarely gets to indulge in, especially considering his lack of present decorum.

Once they're inside, Drake slows his pace to scan the interior. Suddenly, his mind races. He actually /has/ been here before; to stop a robbery. He just didn't take the time to take in his surroundings. His gaze turns towards the Human Biology and Evolution exhibit, recalling whacking one of the thugs with a wooden club.

Good times.

"So, is this what you do? You're a history buff?"

Myka steers them towards the Life at the Limits exhibit the the 'mutant' animals and organisms. "History, science, all kinds of things really. I just like seeing cool stuff. How about you kiddo? You like this kind of stuff?" she asked and started trying to figure out how she was going to pull this off. She glanced around at the security cameras and things. Slipping her sunglasses down onto her face to cover her eyes she kept her arm in his to let him lead her as she opened her powers up and felt out the systems and tech in the room. It kinda left her blind so she was relying on him for it all.

Drake gives her another glance when she slips her shades on. It's an odd sort of behavior, and in any other situation, would make him suspicious. He's very familiar with the discretion game; the subtle things done to avoid cameras, to keep attention off yourself. But one of the things that pulling off a heist requires is mobility and freedom. She wouldn't get much of that with her arm linked in his, and should she plan on palming something into his pockets, there isn't much that his shorts would hide.

So maybe she's just trying to look cool?

Drake doesn't question it for now. He simply moves along into the 'mutant' exhibit. He has a mixed sort of reaction to this. "Easy now. I'm eighteen," he points out. "Unless you want me to start callin' ya cougar, don't start the kid-stuff with me." His attention refocuses on the exhibit ahead of him. "…I don't usually think about this kind of thing. This is my first museum, really. Never thought of'em as really my speed."

"Oh no.. I'm not a cougar yet.. but I'm looking forward to the day I am. I'll make a helluva good cougar." That mischievous grin shows on her lips as she talks, her senses lightly touching over the various electronics in their immediate area. "Wow!! You mean.. " she does a dramatic hand to the forehead "I'm your first? Oh the honor, the pressure. Well this has definitely got to memorable then", she says as they walk while manipulating the cameras away from where they are. "This exhibit has all kinds of awesome stuff."

With her power she reached out for the information kiosk closest to them and read the information it held. "Like that one there. The Olm salamander. It has no eyes but has a heightened sense of smell, sharp hearing, and organs that sense bioelectricity. It also boasts a line of specialized cells running the length of its body that can detect other animals moving in the water."

Drake comes to a stop at the salamander exhibit, staring down at it. "Yeah, that's cool, I guess," he murmurs. Something about a museum just dulls his brain. He's a guy for the beach, for high-octane action, for - more recently - combat situations! Animals are cool and all, but he'd rather see them in a zoo. Museums are just daggum stuffy. But he's trying not to seem too bored with it. He plasters on a thin smile and nods to Myka. "Yeah, like…" …what else does that? "..like.. a spiderweb. If the web was the air. And the air was water."


There it was. Her access point. In the caves exhibit. Bonus was it would be dark enough that her creepy eyes shouldn't draw too much attention. Withdrawing her powers from the search she sniffled a bit to keep the little bit of the nose bleed that had started at bay. Once she could see again she pushes the sunglasses up on her head and looked at him arching an eyebrow. "You sound sooooo enthusiastic. Come on.. I know what you'd like. How well do you see in the dark?" Tugging on his arm she headed toward the cave exhibit.

Drake's thin, fake smile blossoms into a more sincere, but apologetic one. "Yeeaah, it's just.. nothing wrong with the company. But museums haven't grown on me /quite/ yet."

Still, her question gets an odd look. Drake shifts his gaze ahead to the cave exhibit, then back to her. "Better than you wearing shades," he teases. But otherwise? As good as any regular ol' human. No mutant vision here!

Myka chuckled and dragged him over to the exhibit with her hand still in the crook of his arm. She'd have to be careful with the nose bleed situation. It wasn't bad now but it was going to get worse when she finished what she was doing. "You know, you can learn a lot of useful things in a natural history museum. It's not all boring artifacts and paintings." There was a sign at the entrance to the cave exhibit explaining that there was very little light and enter at their own risk and all the other things that they had to put on there to reduce liability and make the lawyers happy. "I'm sure they'll have some of the bioluminescent creatures in here. Can you imagine being able to generate your own light? Pretty darn cool if you ask me."

As they entered the caves she took her hand from his arm to touch the walls and feel her way through. It was really, really dark in there and cold, like a real cave. Little pockets of light could be seen here and there as you rounded curved walls where the exhibits were showing various cave dwelling organisms. Her target was behind a panel built into the walls to look like the cave. All she had to do was get close to it.

Drake remains totally unaware of her nefarious(?) intentions. And once he's released, he similarly gropes his way through the cave. "Sounds like a great way for predators to catch ya, though. Unless they're at the apex of the food chain in here…"

"Might say that about colorful things too but they tend to be the most dangerous of all. Look at the Mantis Shrimp. It's like superhero shrimp. It stores up energy in it's arm and when it's released can hit with the force of a 22 caliber bullet. It's been known to break aquariums. And that's just one of it's quirks. It can see in infrared vision. it can create light from the explosion of bubbles from it's pinchers. It's amazing. Tiny but deadly." She moved in deeper and paused by the mantis shrimp exhibit that showed all about the colorful little mutant. This was where the panel was.

Placing her hand on the wall where it was she turned her head to make it harder to see her eyes going black as she opened up her powers and dug into the museum's systems, burrowing through database after database until she found the financials. It didn't take long for her to find them and she began the bank transfer to their account. The museum was about to get a million dollar donation today via anonymous bank transfer.

Drake pauses in front of the shrimp and cocks his head to the side. "So it's like Little Mac," surmises Drake. Even his humor runs on the dry side in a museum. But at least this has an aquarium. That's closer to a zoo, sort of. "That's cool'n all. But yeah, the really dangerous ones can afford to be colorful. The weak ones, maybe not so much."

Drake mulls over the shrimp's bio in his mind, eyeing the critter and paying Myka no attention.

"What the heck preys on this thing, anyway?"

Myka speaks while her attention is elsewhere, her brain subdividing tasks like the supercomputer it is. "Certain types of fish, octopus, humans." She could feel the power leaving her and it draining her but she kept the connection tight and cohesive as the digital money fairy kept rolling the ones and zeros into the museum bank's databases. When she let go a soft sigh left her and she knew that the blood was likely running by now. Grabbing for a tissue in her pocket she dabbed at it as her eyes shrank back to normal and turned to look at him. "There's a lot of creatures that are like this one."

"Seems weird that humans would wanna eat a shrimp like /that/. Unless it's just a case of 'any ol' shrimp'll do'." Drake finally returns his attention to her in time to see her dabbing at her nose with a tissue. "Feelin' alright? Cold air gettin' to ya?," he chances.

"Allergies." She lies. "Gives me nose bleeds, all the irritation and whatnot." The tissue is dark where it's soaked and she might look a little tired around the eyes. "No big." It was done. The museum would not have to worry about funding for a little while. Tilting her head back she spoke kinda muffled from the tissue, grabbing another out of her jacket pocket. "So.. looks like you might have to guide me outta here. Are you up to the challenge? Spelunking in the darkness, danger around every turn, massive rolling stone balls and a Mayan curse.. oh wait… that's Raiders… but yeah think you're up for it?"

Drake squints a little. Allergies? That bad? "You might wanna get that checked out. They may even have a clinic in here. It'd make sense, right?"

As for the challenge? Drake doesn't shy away from it. He turns back the way they came and sets a hand to the girl's shoulder to ensure she's beside him. His other hand resumes groping about, hoping to avoid finding other bodies in the dark. "Y'know, boulders and Mayans shooting darts might make things more interesting," he notes wryly. "I think the one thing I've really discovered today in this museum is that museums are boring." He can stand to be respectfully attentive in the presence of curators, faculty, and anyone who might give half a damn, but Myka doesn't seem the sort to be broken up by this honesty.

"Yeah, I have. Thinned membranes that dry out yadda yadda yadda. It'll be better when the pollen count is down." She's so glad it's spring. Spring and winter tend to be the best times to use that excuse. Fall even worked but summer time was a pain to explain it. Holding onto his shirt as he lead her out slowly she made mental note to grab some chocolate as a chill went through her. She really needed to build up her stamina. She'd been slacking off lately. At his admittance of not liking the museum she chuckled lightly. "Eh.. it's not for everyone I suppose. Personally, I like to acquire random knowledge. Never can get enough of it it seems. Gives you interesting party conversation." Stumbling a bit and a shoulder bouncing off a wall she caught her balance on his arm and paused a moment.

"I'm more visual. I'll look at all the things, but reading about'em? Snore." He doesn't mind looking at the things; they're interesting. But that's as invested as he's going to be, short of some extenuating circumstance. But none of this matters when he feels the body beside him jolt. He instinctively relocates the hand from one shoulder to the other, securing her close to his side. "Hey, careful." He can't see her too clearly in these shadows, but he tries to get a look at her regardless. And when it proves near impossible, he begins moving again - slower, more deliberate, and holding her close enough that their bumps brush.

"Klutzarella.. tha's my name." the little redhead spoke and held on. "I'd make a terrible bat. Darkness is so disorienting." Walking on they can see the light at the end of the literal tunnel that the cave exhibit provides. "Well at the very least I hope this wasn't terribly boring for you. I mean.. it's not everyday you get hijacked into an impromptu museum visit by a freakin adorable redhead and all." There's a grin on her lips as they emerge from the caves but there are also some faint dark circles under her eyes like someone that's exhausted.
"I prefer Fumblina," Drake posits with an invisible grin.

As they emerge, the teen is shaking his head. "No way. I mean, the exhibits are kind'a boring, but the company's nice. I've gotten to play hero twice today," he chirps. Drake gives her a fresh glance under the artificial lighting, originally looking for blood, but instead lands on those darkened, bleary eyes. "Eesh. Are you feeling okay?," he asks. Allergies don't make someone sleepy. Allergy meds do! So what gives?

Myka rubbing the bridge of her nose as she takes the tissue away from her nose she glances at the bloody thing and shoves it in her pocket. "I could use some noms. Something sweet and fattening. Blood sugar musta taken a dive when the nose bleed kicked in. There's a snack bar around here somewhere." If she stopped to think about it, really think about it, it might disturb her how easily lying as a way of life was for her. Dropping her sunglasses back onto her face to hide her eyes she shrugged and let go of him, giving him his space. "Bee Tee Double U… Fumblina…WIN." She grinned even if she looked tired.

Drake looks a bit unconvinced, and her growing evasiveness is becoming more apparent. So he squares up with her, positioning himself before her and planting his palms to his hips. "I kind'a wanna make sure you're not really bad off. If you gush like that often, there might be something else going on. And you look sort'a…," he pauses, lips twisting, "…wiped out. Are you anemic?"

It was a challenge not to grin as he was looking so serious. It really was. But she tipped her sunglasses down toward her nose and looked over the top of them at him with all seriousness and held his gaze a moment. Then with a sigh she pushed her glasses back up and let her body language read as defeated, shoulders slumping a bit. "You got me. I am but it's not like I'm gonna let that get me down or stop me. I just don't like being seen as weak so let's not dwell on it. M'kay?" He made this all too easy and for that she was appreciative. The fact that half of ti was true helped too. She did hate to be seen as weak. "Don't worry Hero… I'll be fine. Just gotta recharge is all."

Drake breathes a soft sigh and shakes his head. "Should'a just told me," he mentions. Does he believe her? Of course! Why shouldn't he? He's not a naturally suspicious person, typically erring on optimism. And so, now that she looks kind of defeated, he feels obligated to help her feel a bit better.

"Something sugary. Let's find that snack bar." He turns, pauses, and glances back to her. Without a word, he juts his elbow out in offering.

Myka with a small grin she took his arm and hooked her's through it once more. "Gotta say Hero, I think it was fate I ran into you today.. literally ran into you." There was a small chuckle as they walked toward the front of the museum where they sold small treats like slushies and giant pretzels and various candies. Her stomach grumbled at the smell of it as they got closer.

"Maybe next time we run into each other you can take me out for a spin on your bike. Have to admit I like the adrenaline junkie stuff too."

Drake isn't far off from the same reaction. Oversized, soft, salty pretzels sound amazing. Of course, he had /just/ finished jogging, and most of these things would complete negate the whole point of it. But screw it. He's in the company of a fun girl, he may as well indulge.

Drake comes to a stop at a table, grinning. "Then get ready for the safest, most cautious adrenaline rush ever!" Beat. "Because I've gotta take care of that bike. It's awesome. And if I wreck it, the folks," hahah, 'folks', "would never trust me with something like that again."

He nods to the table. "Have a seat. I'll get'cha whatever you feel like."

Myka smirked and waggled her eyebrows, "Then maybe I oughta buy one for myself and take you for a spin then." She did however take the seat he offered and sat down, resting her arms on the table. "Chocolate, salt, sweet. I'm good with all of it. Oh and I'll warn ya.. I don't count calories. The more the better." Leaning back in the chair she propped her feet up on the other one and considered her companion. He was a young one. She'd never been a cradle robber but flirting never hurt anyone. As she sat there she watched an official looking person quick step over to another official looking person and speak in hushed, excited whispers. She saw the smiles on their faces and the embrace they made briefly before separating quickly and trying to compose themselves. Sometimes being a thief, even when it's a thief in reverse, could be very satisfying.


Drake repeats it, "Pregnant."

The teen gestures to the officials as they part. "One of'em's expecting." He'd noticed her attention cast in their direction, and that's his take on the situation. But after giving his theory, he quickly excuses himself. No need to keep her waiting! After all, if eating will help her regain her balance and such, some haste would be in order. When he returns, it's with a small selection of things: a slice of pizza, two salted pretzels, chocolate-covered peanuts, and a small bag of popcorn. Two cups are included.

"Mountain Dew," he says, pointing to one, "Coke." She gets her choice.

Myka nodded. "I bet you're right." she said with a grin, agreeing with him even though she had other ideas. She continued to people watch as she waited for him, turning to look at him when he returned with arms laden with food. She deadpanned a moment and then looked at him over her sunglasses, "…… but what are you gonna eat?" She gave it a pause then grinned at him and reached for the Dew "Dewski.. always. it's not orange soda but close enough." Reaching for the peanuts she she opened them and poured some into her mouth. Chewing a little so that she can talk she looked over at him. "You ever people watch?"

"Sorry, Kel, they didn't have any," quips Drake. Oh, but would she catch the reference? Was she tuned into the same things he was growing up? This is a terrible important moment!

Drake takes a seat beside her, as her feet are kicked up on the chair opposite her. It's fine. Again, personal space isn't much of a thing for him. He lifts one of the pretzels to nibble, turning his attention to her. "Sometimes." When performing surveillance. "I prefer being on the inside than out, though. S'more fun that way!"

Queen of all media.. of course she caught the ref and smirked at it. "Don't sweat it Keenan." She munched as he talked, answering her question and watching the passerbys. "I suppose. " She shrugged a little and munched some more, feeling the sugar hitting her system and converting to energy.

"Sometimes though I like to imagine that everyone else are players in a sitcom and make up scenarios of what they are doing and talking about. Like that one over there. That girl with the blonde ponytail that is as high as the empire state building talking to her friend? I can just hear her saying 'Oh Mah Gawd.. did you see Captain America butt on the news? He could totally save me any day. Hee hee hee.'" She imitating the girly high pitched voice then twirled her hair and did another voice for the friend. "Oh no wHay… I saw Spiderman the other day and I swear he totally winked at me while hanging upside down. I mean sure you can see his eyes but I -felt- it.. you know?" She grinned at him with sideways eyes from under her sunglasses.

Drake nibbles on the pretzel with a growing grin, letting her be as catty as she likes. When he swallows, he wags the half-a-pretzel at her in faux-admonishing manner, "Not a fan of the boys in tights, huh?," he teases. Despite his given tone and demeanor, he really is curious. They've been play-flirting back and forth, so he has to be curious how she'd react to seeing him in his gear. Not that he wears it simply for the reactions, of course!

When he wagged the pretzel at her she took a bite of it and grinning. Yes, she was catty. Taking a sip of her soda she shrugged and turned her attention to the pizza slice, picking it up. "Meh.. I can take 'em or leave 'em. I mean it's great they wanna help and all but in the larger scheme of things there's always bigger, more powerful government entities that ultimately make the bigger impacts. Thing is you don't always see what they do so you kinda forget they're out there. But hey… I'm all for seeing fit guys wearing tights. Purrr." She grinned that wicked little grin of hers and bit into the pizza.

Drake's pretzel is nommed! He feigns shock and dismay, flickering his gaze between her and his pretzel. But he drops the facade quickly, chomping off the baked good again. Germs? What's that?

Her explanation earns a curious tilt of his head, those hanging bangs drifting further over his right eye. "You're not one of those paranoid types, are ya? Should I call you Rusty Shackleford?" In the end, he lets out a quick bark of a laugh and turns his knee to bump at hers under the table. "Well, I guess I can't fault ya for that. But I'll say there's a definite shortage of fit females in tights. Travesty!"

Myka flicked his bangs a bit and set her cup down. "I'm way cuter than Dale." She smiled and finished off the pizza slice. "Maybe when they create a zero gravity bra there might be more. Not a lot of room in those tights for supportive undergarments." she mused and grinned. Looking at the few chocolate covered peanuts in the bag she laughed a little. "I know I'd never be caught dead in tights. Well… unless I was doing CosPlay or something. "

Drake's eyes lift to her hand as she flicks at his bangs, then return to her eyes, unflinching at the proximity. She's not the first to bat at the hair. Won't be the last. "You're two for two so far, red," he muses back at her. "And you're not being creative enough. You can totally get around the support thing. 'Specially if it's, like… a two-piece dealie." He twirls the remaining bit of pretzel as he winds his wrist listlessly, "Not that I'm any kind of expert in the field. I'm just a fan of seeing attractive women in attractive things." The thought is punctuated with a wink.

"Now, what's this about cosplay? What do you go as?"
"A lot of anime characters. I've been all the Sailor Moon gals at some point or another. Done some Mortal Kombat and World of Warcraft too." She shrugs as if it's no big deal and picks at the popcorn. "How about you? Ever get crazy and become someone else entirely? It's kinda liberating really. Well I guess it is if you're not me. I'm me no matter what I wear. Unapologetically and out there."

Drake clicks his tongue, chiding. "Pics or it didn't happen," he challenges. "And nope! I'm /always/ me, unapologetically, and unrelentingly! 'Sides, who else /could/ I be?"

Without a word, pulls her cellphone out and flips it to the photos. "BAM!" showing him her photos at the cons. There's even one as a female stormtrooper. And of course in all of them she's making a funny face or in character. She wears a little smirk on her face as she hands it over to him. "Don't worry I keep the naughty ones somewhere else."

Drake thumbs through the photos, appreciating the design and obvious effort put into each one. At her remark, however, she gets a coy look through his lashes. "Now that's a shame," he teases. Finally satisfied, he offers the phone back to her. "Alright, alright. So you're legit."

Myka takes the phone back and teases him a little. "Wouldn't want to upset 'the folks'" she says with the air quotes on 'the folks' as he's mentioned before. Tucking the phone back into her inner jacket pocket she readjusted the leather on her shoulders as she raised her sunglasses to her head again, looking better than before. "You should try it sometimes. Pretty fun. Chaffes a little though." The last was a joke but also true in some instances.

Drake wouldn't know! The only costumes he's worn were for Halloween (halfhearted), and for the New Mutants (which is alarmingly comfortable). He pops the last bit of pretzel into his mouth and leans over, nudging his shoulder to hers. "Why's that? Are you the sort of girl my parents warned me about?," he teases further.

Myka smirks that little half grin of hers and leans in really, really close to whisper. "You have No. Idea." and winks at him before leaning back and finishing off the peanuts and her drink. "Well.. I should be heading out. Got a gaming tournament later tonight and gotta get geared up for it. " Dropping her feet to the floor from the chair she sighed and rolled her neck to pop some of the joints in it.
Drake doesn't shy back as she closes in. He simply lifts an eyebrow at her with a boyish grin of his own.

As she announces her intention to leave, he lifts the small popcorn bag and tilts it at her, letting her have first crack. The top popcorn's always the best. "Well, it was fun hanging with you while it lasted, Myka. Don't you leave me with this other pretzel. You specifically said you wanted something salty."

Myka takes a handful of popcorn off the top and snags the pretzel. "One for the road." She said with a grin. "Hey.. maybe we'll see each other again around town sometime." She pulled a business car out of her pocket that only had a phone number on it and handed it to him. "Gimme a ring if you get lost or need to feel heroic. I'm sure I can manage to wrangle something up for you."

Drake pinches the card from her and glances over it. "Wow. Really detailed print you've got there." He wags the card at her. But it's quickly slipped into his pocket. "So you'll choke on a hotdog just for me, huh? You flatterer," he notes with a coquettish smile. "Until then, frag some newbs. Or… whatever game you're about to play."

Myka chuckles and winks at him. "They won't stand a chance against my awesomeness." She stands and tugs on her jacket leaning down to kiss his cheek. After all heroes got rewarded, right? "Catch ya later Hero. I'll beware errant hotdogs until next time." With a small grin she turned and headed to the entrance, passing a museum worker whispering to another about a mysterious donation that just came in today.

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