2015-04-24 A SHIELD Thing
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Wade, Lucy, Matt, Cara, Natasha, Adrea
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: A SHIELD Thing

[*Main Kitchen*]

The main kitchen of the mansion is expansive, to say the least. Its decor'd in black marble countertops and matching stone floors, all spotlessly clean. The cabinets are a bright white and each hold glass windows so one can look inside of them to see their contents.
There is a center countertop for food preparation and pots-and-pans hang overtop of this center counter in an orderly fashion. There are two refridgerators and two stoves, as well as two sinks in this kitchen.
A small seating area with a round table and six chairs around it sits near a large window that looks out onto the backyard.
There is a small dedicated kitchen staff to the mansion providing food to the residents on a daily routine.

"Not the best day. You see, when you walk into the wrong warehouse yesterday when you're hunting Hydra but you end up in AIM-land, you kind of have to finish dealing with both groups. But then I figured that today I should doubleback to make sure neither group was able to recover those locations. I'm trying to be effective. Especially if it means that I get to be a good agent," says Wade as he plays with his smart phone for a second. "I hope Tony doesn't mind but I invited a friend over for dinner as well. His name's Matt. He's visually impaired. Well, he's pretty good looking," says the Merc, "I mean he's good looking but he looks badly because he can't see. He was a brave kid who got involved in some kind of chemical accident when he was trying to save someone and he was blinded. Really great guy and he's a lawyer."
Wade proceeds to start producing burritos from the ingredients on the counter. "I'm trying to be around positive influences so I can be a better person. I'll never be a lawyer… heck, Matt's a lawyer with a soul. That's like an oxymoron!" Wade then grins to Adrea, "So what movie are you putting on tonight? I'd ask if Matt and I can join you but I think he'd be blind. I'd have to tell him what's going on scene by scene."

Adrea moves to one of the counters with her Salad, opening it up and checking to make sure she put all the right ingredients in earlier. She blinks softly as she listens to Wade and then looks up to him, pausing for a moment to listen to him. "Matt Murdock?" she asks plainly. "Good influences…" she says, nodding slowly. "I was thinking of Interstellar." she says. She wrinkles her nose, "Well, I'd see what Matt has to say about that first."

"Wait, how did you know it was that Matt? I am sure there are plenty of Matt's that are blinded in New York! He can be one of many." Wade sticks his tongue out and then continues to get the burritos ready. "I hope Matt likes Mexican. It's my speciality. And I'm making you a special kale burrito if you're nice to me tonight." He winks at Adrea, to suggest he's being playful still.

"That many blind lawyers with the named Matthew?" Adrea asks, arching a brow. "The way you said he has soul, I might have expected you to tell me his name was RAY, but you said Matt." she shakes her head, "He's got a reputation, that one." she says. She shrugs to Wade, "Well, he won't know until he smells it, I suppose." She hmms, "Has he smelled your cooking before?" she teases.
Then comes the doorbell—that must be Matt!

"Shh, Adrea, you're going to jinx my first date with Matt!" says Wade as he smirks. "And by date, I mean first time he gets to hang out at our crib with the Avengers. I think he'd be a great lawyer and common man to be working with us and Avengers." He skips to answer the door, "By the way, I am totally not not dating Lucy for the record!"

"Our…crib…" Adrea says, looking for a fork by opening a few drawers - she still hasn't gotten used to the Mansion. She nodus softly, "I hope the Avengers don't NEED a lawyer, but this day and age I guess you just don't know." she says. She hmms, "Did she say no?"

Opening the door, Wade still has his attention to Adrea, "I think Lucy and I are just officially unofficial. What I mean by that is; we don't have a working title. She sends me all differnet signals that I can't read but I think she's nervious to admit that she's into me." He then looks at his guest, "Matt! My BFF! Thanks for coming by! I have dinner in the oven and I have cakes and such ordered for us. You apparently know Adrea. She works with me as well. She's cool." He then whispers, "I thinks he totally hates me at times."

If Matt does actually hate Wade sometimes, he doesn't show it. Even if so, it must not be enough to really turn him off, otherwise why would he even be here? He smirks slightly upon overhearing Wade talking about Lucy. "Maybe you're not dating her, but it certainly seems as if you -want- to."

"Thanks for the invitation, by the way. So this is the Avengers' mansion? You'll have to talk me through it."

An eyebrow is raised slightly at the mention of knowing Adrea. "I do? Hm, I don't actually think I do."

Adrea finally finds her fork, and then picks up her salad. She nods quickly, "Oh, that's certianly true, I heard him say it myself." she says. She nods to Matt, "You don't, I know you by reputation, I mean…you are Matt Murdock?"

The reason why Wade has taken to Matt is because he doesn't exactly see Wade as the monster that he sees himself as. "Matt, this is Adrea. She's cool for the most part. But she's very prim and proper with her job. While I'm a mess up." He then shrugs, "We can definitely do a tour. I'm not sure if I'll do the place justice with telling you what's here."
Wade can neve properly describe the rooms. He smiles at Adrea. He feels bad about the time she got assigned to work with him on checking out a SHIELD safehouse. Of all people to be stuck with… it was him. "Oh, Matt! Adrea's really smart and knows how to do her job and keep me from acting like I have ADD." He pauses, "Or is now ADHD?"

Well it wouldn't exactly be just for Matt to label Wade as a monster when he himself has actually been questioning a lot of his own moral policies lately. The lawyer nods at the introduction of Adrea. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Adrea." he says with a polite smile.

"Wait, I thought you -did- have ADD." Matthew teases. "But just do your best with the descriptions. I probably won't know the difference, anyway."

"I'm not sure either of us is qualified to make a complete diagnosis, Mr. Murdock." Adrea says clearly. She nods to Matt and puts down her fork to get up and walk over to him. "Doctor Adrea Venoa, a pleasure to meet you" she says, offering a hand to Matt. "Thank you for introducing us, Wade."
"I suck with last names," says Wade, "I keep changing Lucy's last name. I know it begins with O. It's Irish. O'Keene I think. I change it various fake Irish last names all the time. On papers, I now write 'Lucy O'Wilson' and she just signs it without saying anything." Wade shrugs, "But we're totally not-not dating." He tries to gesture to Matt, "This is the kitchen. I kind of like to hang out in here and cook and bake. It's where I calm down. The other night when I was in a bad place, I came here and made sandwiches for the homeless people in Hell's Kitchen. Tony was cool with the fact that I used up his imported cheeses."
Gesturing and stuff doesn't really work very well with someone who can't see. Matt chuckles, appearing as if he did not realize Adrea was holding out a hand for him to shake. "Right, you are 'not' not dating. Which is technically a double negative and is thus another way of saying you -are-."

"As for ADD, you're right Dr. Venoa. But you sound like you'd probably be a bit more qualified than I am."

He looks a little bit surprised at Wilson's addmission regarding the domestic art of cooking. "So you're into cooking, eh? Interesting, you didn't seem the type."

"Well, that kind of Doctor would be a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist. I'm a Robotics and Particle Physics scientist." Adrea informs Matt, "So I'm still not nearly qualified at all to diagnose." she says. She blinks, and then sighs, "I just tried to shake your hand, I'm sure you get that a lot." She says. She hmms, "He's trying to improve himself, so he's bound to learn a lot of things, though I wouldn't be surprised to learn…" she looks to Wade, "That you know how to cook any manner of odd things."
"Mainly Mexican, pancakes, crepes, and some pasta dishes." Wade admits as he rubs the back of his head. "When you're deployed long term on a mission, you might need to learn how to make your own meals because the MREs and ration kits are horrible." He leans against the wall, "Plus everyone needs a hobby. I'm not able to live a normal life but I can eat well."
Wade gestures to the area. "What would you like for dinner, tonight, Matt? I have chicken, beef, steak, pork, and fish burritos. As well as vegan versions. Wasn't sure if you had anything in mind. Plus you seem kind of religious so I was not sure if you could eat meat on a Friday. Though Catholics can eat fish on Friday because it is not meat? I'm confused." He smiles again.
"How is work? How is Foggy Nelson Muntz? I should invite him to join us sometime. And maybe Karen. She might be a good lead to meet this masked hero of Hell's Kitchen. I admire that he has a no kill approach despite what the news says about him." He shrugs, "Even the cop that was slain wasn't his doing. You can tell by the weapon wounds from the perps he has brought in. The fatal wounds on those he got blamed for offing are /not/ consistent with the wounds of the perps he has brought in alive. Why change weapons to something softer when you're taking on the bigger threats? That's not logical. He's logical."

Matt arches a brow at Wade's ramblings. "How did you know I'm Catholic?" he's smiling though, so you can tell he isn't offended or anything. "Anyway, we don't have any weird diet restrictions. Er, that I know of."

He waves his cane in front slightly and finds the leg of a nearby chair, then pulls it out and sits down. "Foggy Nelson Muntz? I know a Foggy Nelson, but not a Muntz, I'm afraid." he laughs. "But yeah, I'll have to introduce you to Karen sometime. She might be able to help you find him. And you do bring up some very good points, Wade. But people will hear what they want to hear, I guess."

"You carry yourself like a model citizen. Clean cut. Clean living. Figured Catholic or Mormon. But I don't think a man of the law would try to have a harem of wives. Just because the prenups and divorce fees would crush you," says Wade as he sets the burritos up for Matt. "Nelson Muntz is a character from a TV show. The Simpsons."

"Karen seems nice and if she can help find him safely though. I don't want any more blood on my hands." He nods about the idea of people hearing what they want to. "I keep trying to tell SHIELD I don't want to be their wetworks merc anymore but I keep hearing that I do it too well."

Matt nods. "Yes, definitely. But you seem like the type to be able to handle yourself." He doesn't want to endanger Karen, but at the same time he doesn't want to seem suspicious, either. "Maybe it'd be better if you conducted your own search—not sure how much she'll be able to tell you, anyway. It was only once. Still, I think you'd enjoy her company."

He chuckles at Wade's explanation. "Er…thank you, I guess I'll take that as a compliment." he says, as he starts in on the burrito. "Ah, the Simpsons. Well as you can imagine, I don't watch TV." Matthew smirks slightly.
Wade nods to Matt, "I'd like to meet your office and with your permission… I'd like to help rig it with state of the art security. I'll ask Tony to get involved since he's better at that. I'll, of course, pay for it. I look at it that with me wanting to work with your firm, I want to make sure you guys are safe." He shrugs, "I'll work on my with meeting him. I might put the clues for him to find me." He smirks, "But I might be careful too. He seems like he'd wreck me with those moves he does!"

A flashlight beam entered the kitchen, followed by the form of Natasha who was wearing all black. Her combat boots stepped onto the hard kitchen floor and she shun the beam about the kitchen, searching… moving quietly she was scanning the beam across the bottom of the walls. She didn't say anything to those within the kitchen as of yet, the beam just kept scanning… moving around the base of the kitchen table now.

Cara stands at the doorway to the kitchen, her hand stretched out holding the swinging door open with a raised eyebrow as she spies Natasha and has no response to the uber-spy other than simply blinking. She looks over to Wade and Matt with a quizzical look distorting her face, not realizing who exactly she is looking at nor exactly what reaction she should expect from those two.
Shrugging as Natasha enters the area, Wade smirks, "I wish you could understand what was happening right now. Natasha… the famous spy known as the Black Widow… is trying to find a midnight snack by coming in all ninja stealth like. She thinks if she surprises her 'prey' that she can afford the calories." He tries to make a joke before he spots Cara. He then tries to figure out who Cara is. "Oh, I think Hawkeye left his leftovers out." Wade starts to move a plate of food into the fridge. "Typical of Barton." He keeps his focus on Cara as he does so. He has no idea who she is and is almost getting defensive. He knows almost all of the people who should be living or staying here.
He then offers Cara a warm smile, "Are you lost from the visiting tour? Can I help you?"
"Uh, thanks Wade, but I don't think that will be necessary. I already took one 'handout' from you, remember?" Matt replies with a smile. "I know you're trying to be a good person, but I'm starting to think that you might be overdoing it -just- a little." he teases.

He's definitely aware of Cara and Natasha having arrived, however he does not show it. That is until Wade announces them. "Is that -really- what she's thinking?" He laughs a little. "It's a privilege to meet you, Ms. Romanoff. Matthew Murdock."

"Wade." Natasha said as she shun the light around under the kitchen table. "Hawkeye hasn't been around since late last year." She tells him with a distracted tone… while she searches. She doesn't act aware of Matt or Cara's presence at all, infact, until Matt speaks her name. With her flashlight aimed down at the floor still, Natasha's green eyes look up at Murdock. "Your name sounds familiar, Mr. Murdock." She tells him, she quickly ascertains his blindedness and doesn't move to offer any sort of handshake, or anything so silly. She then starts to search again, now looking around the base of one of the two fridges.

"It's not a hand out if you understood some of the issues I've seen. I've had to go to a lot of funerals for friends. There's a lot of people I wish I had taken care of better. So it's a new chapter of being good and generous," says Wade as he smirks about his comment on what Natasha is doing. "Nat, I have Matt here to be our divorce lawyer. That way you can keep the diner when we're seperated legally." He then finally snaps, "What are you looking for? Hank Pym? Did he shrink and get lost again?"

He also gets a horrible clever idea; he is going to program an LMD to be Clint…

Cara looks even more quizzically, somehow, towards Wade. "I- N- No…" She says, looking down and blushing. She's been staying here for months now. At least since October. She does however become very shy and very quiet, or as quiet as a girl with glass slippers can be. She walks with a clap on the floor with every step towards the cabinet with the glasses and plucks one from the shelf and moves to fill it with tap water. Careful to not make any eye contact.

"Maybe it is, it seems as if more people have heard of me than I thought." Matthew replies to Natasha. From the way she is moving, he can tell she's looking for something. Then he raises a brow at Wade's comment about divorce. "Really, I didn't know you were married, Wilson."

However, he nods when Wade admits he has lost people he cares about… Murdock knows what -that- feels like. "I…understand. But really, I think we'll be able to get something decent with that uh," he grins slightly. "Advance payment you made."
Cara leaves IC play and is transported home.

Natasha finally flips her flashlight off and in one swift motion she deposits it into its holster on her belt. "Blasted little mouse…" She utters, her eyes giving one more scan around the room. "I'm going to plant tracking devices…" She huffed out a sigh and then put her hands onto her hips and looked up at Wade and Matt for the first, real, strong stare. "What are the two of you doing anyway?" She asked them, a serious look on her face. "Wade, did you make peace with Lucy?"
"I'm not really married to Natasha. I don't think she'd be into me. Or that Stark would be cool with that. Or heck, Lucy would kill me if I was married even though she and I are 'not not dating.' Whatever that means." Wade grins to Matt as he tries to explain that. "Nat, this is my BFF Matt. He's here because I invited him for a tour of the place, burritos, and I was hoping for him to meet Tony." He then picks up the plate of freshly made burritos and looks at Nat, "I made these. Try some."

"If you are asking if Lucy and I are ok after our fight last night? I sure hope so." Wade looks down at the ground, with a small smile, "I was a bit of a jerk because I was upset that I went into two bad fights against terrorist groups at the same time. But I still don't want Lucy as back up. She means a lot to me and I think she'd be a distraction. That's why I want to see if I can reassigned to a new handler for when I am deployed. I think that horned head martial artist from Hell's Kitchen would be a good partner if we can recruit him as an Agent of SHIELD." Wade considers, "But Spider-Man? Nawh, we'd goof off too much."

"Wade is a fairly talented cook." Matthew asides with a nod when Deadpool suggests Nat try some of the burritos. It's kind of funny how he keeps on mentioning Daredevil, and actually it's starting to make Murdock a bit uncomfortable. Does Wilson already know? It doesn't seem like it yet, but it would be difficult to tell without just asking him directly.

"Ookay, so you're -not- married. Forgive me, it was a little confusing the way you were talking about needing a divorce lawyer." he chuckles.

Natasha listened to them both but she chose to reply to Murdock. "Yeah, we're not married." She tells him. "He got me a poster and since I kept it, I think he thought that was some form of wedding arrangment." She smirks then toward Wade. "You made burritos? Or… did you go get them and bring them back unwrapped, presenting them as if you made them?"

Wade nods to Matt, "I know you feel that the extra security is too much but I might need to use your place as a safe house or something should shit ever get real in Hell's Kitchen so by keeping some supplies… Nothing violent. Just med kits and tasers there. I'd, of course, give Nelson and Karen the security codes to see what was in the brief case. I figured if the gangs try to take over and block the streets to prevent the police from coming through, it might not hurt if your firm had some good medical kits. Especially if something was biological or chemical."
"Why can't I make burritos? I'll make more." Wade rolls his eyes and goes into the fridge to get more of the burrito making supplies. "Beef, chicken, fish, pork, steak, or bacon?" He grins at Natasha, "For once I can do something you can't."
Wade is completely unaware that Matt is someone he is looking for.
"If I really did need a lawyer, though, Matt… It would be for Lucy. I somehow ended up in a real sticky situation with her last night. I learned to never use industrial Crazy Glue as a band aid and then hug someone you really care about. Especially if your kinda covered in superglue. I'n lucky she's so-" He coughs, "Yeah, about that burrito, Nat. What do you want?"

Speak of the proverbial devil—No, not Matt. Lucy comes into the kitchen around this time wearing some new clothes since, well, uh. She needed new clothes. A few bags are clutched in one hand with a few retail clothes store names on them, and she pauses in the doorway with eyebrow raising. "Need a lawyer for me… why?"

"Whoa, whoa." Matt waves his hands in front of him at Wade's suggestion of a safe house. "A safe house? I'm not so sure about that part. I mean, every company should keep first aid kits just in case, but I doubt our office is anywhere near as secure as it should be for something like that."

Then he starts going on about crazy glue and Murdock tries to discern if he's being literal or metaphorical or both. And then Lucy walks in. Speak of the devil, right. "Lucy, how are you?"

Natasha watches Wade rumage around for more supplies. She shook her head then and spoke out to him. "I'm about to leave for the night, Wade. But thank you. You'll have to make one for me another time." She started to turn then and she gave a look toward Matt. "Mr. Murdock. Just speak to Lucy about anything Wade says that concerns you." Aaaand then she looked to Lucy and gave her a grin. "You look well rested, Agent." She tells her, the grin blossoming a little. Natasha, in her full gear, turned and started to leave the kitchen. "Have a good evening, you crazy burritos." She told them all.
Wade blinks as Lucy shows up. "Um, I'm sure you're hearing things, Lucy. I was not talking about you at all." He turns red. "Would you like a burrito?" He pauses, "Oh, you went shopping? Get anything good?"

He nods then to Matt, "Gotcha. It was just a thought. I understand. I figured no one would look for your firm for medical supplies so it might be safe there but it's your call. Do you think Nelson or Karen might have an idea of where I can put some supplies then? I'd let them see what was in and give them a key. In the event that someone needs access to it, I might not be able to get there in time. Especially if I am part of the event going on." He pauses, "Man, I wish I was important enough to be part of a big disaster to actually save people. Not that I want a disaster but I always am on that C-List of names. Like, 'Good job, Wade. You helped that woman cross the street while the Avengers actually did the big stuff."
He tries to bide his time while Lucy responds with how she is doing.

Lucy glances around uncertainly at the group of people, and the topic at hand, and finally her gaze settles on Natasha. Only for that little knowing smirk to cause her to blush in response. "Ah, thank you, Agent Romanov," she offers as she steps aside trying to look very non-plussed about the whole thing. Clearing her throat she deposits the bags by the table, out of the way, as she pulls a chair out to sit. "I'm doing fine, Matt, thanks. Just had to replace some items. There was a fire I helped out with yesterday, and… Smoke, everywhere," she adds as an excuse. Nevermind there was also that super glue incident.

"It was good meeting you, Natasha." Matt says as Black Widow leaves, smirking a little bit, because Wade was -totally- talking about Lucy just now. He finds their awkward relationship kind of amusing, actually.

"Yeah, you could ask them." he replies regarding the medical supplies. "Not that we have any kind of special locker or anything. Probably just stash them in a file drawer."

At Wilson's lament of being on the C-list he shakes his head. "Hey, just because you don't have a magic hammer or a flying suit doesn't mean you're any less important, -and- it certainly doesn't mean the lives you save are, either. Every life is precious, Wade. Remember that."
As Wade tries to figure out what Natahsa meant by that comment as she left, all he can do is realize that he's going to get into trouble. He doesn't recall saying anything too bad but he still knows he's in trouble. He quickly grabs pen and paper and scribbles, "I said nothing!" He tries to show it to Lucy. "You did a great job with that… fire." He looks at poor Matt who is kind of lost yet not lost with what is going on. "I'm just a little eager to map out escape outs and safe zones in various locations. Plus I want to make sure the people I care about are safe. You're on that short list as well as your crew." He looks at Lucy, "Don't worry, you're on that list as well and I know we'll be working together so I won't have to wonder where you are."
Wade swallows hard as he thinks; 'She'll set me on fire if she thinks I said too much about being glued to her.'
Lucy quirks an eyebrow further, but she does sit down kicking her feet out beneath the table to stretch some. "Good," rshe agrees only to pause a moment, and then reach down into one of the bags. She searches through it apparently dismissing the conversation at hand while going through some of her purchases. What she withdraws is not a purchase though—It's a small gun-shaped device with a medical syringe affixed. With this in hand she stands, and walks over toward Wade reaching to take hold of his arm. "Speaking of medical things," she begins as a means of distraction. Unless he stops her she jabs the item into his forearm, and pulls the 'trigger' which creates a pneumatic hissing noise followed by a sharp sting.

Matt knows Wade wrote something on a napkin. But he'd have to touch it to know what it said. He definitely heard that injection though. "Missing immunization? Tetanus booster?" he guesses. "So what happened, anyway? Wade said something about super glue and a sticky situation. I'm not quite sure if I should take that literally or figuratively."
Smiling for a second before he notices what is going on with his arm, Wade looks at his arm as he feels the sting. He doesn't exactly resist because he's sure his healing factor should help him recover eventually from whatever she just attempted to do to him. "Et tu, Brute?" He winces as he tries to feel any change in his body. He then softly whispers, in a questioning tone, "Hail Hydra?"
He tries to reach for something behind him should he need a weapon. All he can grasp is a spork that he holds behind his back. "Frigging Taco Bell." Submissively, He seems to accept all of this.

"If you're SHIELD and you finally figured it out, the plan changed because I went legit. I took down the 'Club' and I never accepted the check. I still have it as rpove of what I was up to because I knew this skeleton would eventually come out." He exhales, still waiting to find out what is going on. "And if you're Hydra or Cobra, I'd rather die than go back to that line of work. And if you're Hellfire Club, you should know that if you harm me, you'll never see Shaw again because he's my insurance." He clenches his fist in his right arm where the sting happened and he sees the steak knife that he can grab with his left arm. He begins to smile as he figures out his next move already.

Lucy just… lifts an eyebrow and pulls the pnuematic syringe gun back releasing his arm in the process. She was pretty sure she could handle defending herself against a spork, but the rest of what rattles out of his mouth just has her smirking with vague amusement. "Relax, Wade," she responds with a shake of her head. A step is taken back and away, though she doesn't take her eyes off him JUST in case that knife he was edging toward ended up coming her way. "I just lo-jacked you so /I/ can know where you're at in case something goes wrong." With the explanation given she shrugs at Matt forgetting that he can't 'see' it. "No, I leave that stuff to the docs."
Matt chuckles as Wade ignores the question about the glue. He'd kind of expected it, though. He notices Wilson tense up at the syringe gun. There is a spork. And a knife. Oh dear. "Might have been easier for him to relax if you'd given him a heads-up. Or discussed it with him beforehand." Hopefully they don't hurt each other.

As Lucy speaks, Wade does manage to pick up the knife and he closes his eyes as he swings it towards his right elbow; as if he was going to amputate part of his arm rather than let whatever was injected into him take control of his circulation. He drops the knife and plays out the scene still in his head. He was going to cut his arm off, yell at Matt to run as he bled all over the place while trying to get Matt to safety.
But that is not what he was going to be doing now. Instead he looked at Lucy, with a questioning look. He wanted to ask her why she took a step back; expecting him to attack her with the steak knife but he realizes that she'd yell at him for thinking that she was harming him. He's not looking for that fight. And so far, he doesn't feel any side effects.
"You could have asked or told me that you were updating the chip that Phil has put inside me that also is his nuclear option when it comes down to stopping me." He then looks at Matt; "I'm sorry you had to see this. But thank you for understanding. I promise that next time, if you still want to hang out, that it will be a normal day I hope. I was thinking we go to Central Park and I'd wear a blindfold so I can get closer to how your world is so I can do more than make you eat Mexican or Chinese food."
He rubs the back of his neck and still eyes where the injection happened.
"Yeeeah, about that 'chip'… I looked into it." Lucy shakes her head a moment, and then stoops down to pick up the dropped knife. "You don't have a chip, Wade. You never did. You just assumed you did and everyone ran with it." Standing again she plops the knife back on the kitchen counter, and turns to head back for her bags. "Sorry for the surprise. I should have told you. I've already given myself one, too, so I'll send you the app that can look up our chips." … Nevermind it's based on the same chips that vets use. It wasn't exactly a SHIELD sanctioned thing after all, but she had a few tricks up her sleeves. Yep. Glancing over at Matt she grins faintly, "Wade was a bit cut up yesterday and did the old 'superglue' trick to close up the wounds. … I made the mistake of hugging him after that. So. Sticky situation." At least she answered it.

It's a good thing that Wade decided to -not- actually do that. Because then, Matt might have had to reveal something about himself that might have compromised his secret identity. Which he would not have appreciated at all. Well anyway at least it wouldn't have made him suspicious of Lucy—he would have realized Wade cut his own arm off. He probably wouldn't have been very happy with him, to say the least.

Instead, Murdock laughs lightly. "Don't worry, I didn't see it." Of course not. "I'll just assume it's a SHIELD thing and not an invasion of privacy or an excessive amount of paranoia." he grins. "You don't have to do that," The lawyer shakes his head at the blindfold idea. "What do you mean do more than make me eat Mexican or Chinese food?"
After hearing her comments about there never being a chip in him and that everyone made it into a joke about it, Wade felt angered with SHIELD. And then he felt even more upset that he now had a chip inside him after voicing how there was a chip in him. He reaches for his upper chest and slams his wrist against himself three times; really hard as he gets a frustrated look. "Wah? Oh crap." He sighs, "I guess this is the price I pay for not having my gear on me. I'd like to teleport out of here but I can't so I'll deal with this awkward turn of events."
Wade lowers his head, "Frigging wished I was dealing with Hydra. That'll be easier to deal with." He goes into the fridge and takes out some pastries. "Eh, Matt, I want to Little Italy and tried to find something fun. I read online that blind people enjoy food because it works with so many senses. Taste. Touch. Smell. And maybe sound?" He shrugs. "They have these sprinkles on them and then we have something called cannolis. They look like a burrito but have a crunchy taco-like shell but a rich, creamy filling with chocolate chips." He ponders tossing one at Lucy to as revenge and he smirks.
"Oh, yeah, next week, Matt, I know the perfect coffee house I want to take you to. It has these waitresses that are really friendly too. I'll treat. I have some cash that I was saving for a fun day and I think 'Melon Shakers' might be the place. Just ask for the Watermelon Jug Milkeshake Special." He keeps his focus on Lucy; trying to see if she reacts to the plot he is now making. "I've never been there, but my friend, Weasel, said it's great." He's actually telling the truth. Wade's too cheap to pay for a stripper.

"It's not a SHIELD chip, Wade," Lucy states quietly though loud enough to be heard. Instead she looks over toward him apologetically. "It's just an insurance policy. Between us. And don't worry, there's no bomb or anything, it's just a GPS locator." She pauses, and pulls out her phone to tap at it sending him the app in question. "It's not even active yet. It needs to be registered." Looking between him, and Matt, she listens to the gift he'd gotten Matt as she sinks back down to sit again. Crossing her arms lightly over her chest she leans her chair back on two legs casually. "I'm registered as an Irish Setter named 'Sparky.' You get to pick yours."

"Well Wade, I've read that -everyone- enjoys food." Matt replies with a smirk. "I mean, it's kind of necessary for uh, staying alive. But that does sound like an excellent dessert for tonight."

He listens to the descriptions of this coffee house Wilson is talking about now. "'Melon Shakers', huh?" he nods. "Sounds good for next weekend. I guess we'll take your friend's word for it."

Lucy's reply gets a faintly surprised look. "Oh, not a SHIELD thing, then. So I guess it's…your thing?" He's beginning to think she's a bit overboard. Stalking him at the buffet, and now injecting him with a GPS locator. She -really- wants to keep him close, doesn't she?

Shaking his head, Wade just mutters, "Mutt. Wilson." He looks at Lucy. "I'd call you Gingersnaps. Because gingers have no souls apparently." He tries to offer some snakcs to Lucy. "Bichon. Ricky Ricardo." He then pauses, "Wait, that'd only work if you were still Lucy." He smiles at Matt, "Is being injected with a dog tracking chip grounds for wanting to set up a prenup?" He sits next to Lucy and leans against her before he texts her with a message; "Keep your friends closer, keep your enemies even closer. I'm getting out that Crazy Glue for you."
"Melon Shakers is great but just be careful of going on the second Saturday of the month. It's the…" He pauses as he tries to remember the term, "LBTGBLTBBQ event. I don't get why that's scary. I'm sold with the BBQ and BLT part right off that bat and I don't know even know what the first part is. I heard that they have drag racers and Cher look alikes doing things on the drag strip."
Wade actually thinks it's a coffee house and doesn't know about the other part.
Wade also comments, "We can take Foggy with us to the BLT if you want. I'm sure your partner could use you a guys' night out."

Lucy bats her eyes innocently at Wade. "I think my soul burned up when I was in the fires of hades for like a year. Or maybe it just got a little crispy around the edges." She's joking, right? Right. Of course. Glancing down at the text she smiles, and shifts to lean against Wade a bit more as she texts back: 'Kinky. I was just thinking a hot shower.'

"Sorry for the weirdness. Aaaand…" A glance aside causes her to smirk. "I don't think that's what you think it is, Wade, but by all means. You should totally go."

Matt tries to keep track of that voluminous acronym. "LBTG…" he trails off. "Well, I guess there's only one way to find out." he laughs. "Drag racing at a coffee house? -That- sounds exciting." It doesn't sound like a coffee place, that's for sure. "Lucy has a point, Wade. Are you -sure- this is a coffee shop you're talking about?"

"You can come with us if you promise to not inject random things into me anymore, Lucy." Wade leans against her before he reads his new message. He tries to do everything he can to prevent his jaw from dropping like a Tex Avery wolf. "So, I think it's safe to say we're dating. You put a tracking device in me. That's like an engagmeent ring when you're nuts for someone."
He shrugs to Matt, "Maybe it's a rib and coffee place?" He then smiles, "Famous Dave's could be fun but I don't want to do the chain. I want something more down to earth."

Lucy gives a faint snort of amusement at that and leans in to kiss Wade's cheek. "Brilliant obseration, Sherlock. Yes, we are. Since it's apparently the worst kept secret to begin with." If even Natasha was teasing her… Or heck, Tony. She reaches for the bags by her seat and she chuckles quietly, "I'll let you two figure that out. I want to get these home for now."

"I don't know, it kind of sounds like a club of some sort." Matt remarks dubiously. "Maybe your friend Weasel isn't as honest as you think he is." He chuckles. "Well you did mention you were not not dating, I think that counts as actually dating. But congratulations on making it official anyway."

"Or could be a prank," says Wade as he leans again Lucy. "I think I am going to crash soon. I didn't get much sleep last night. Matt, we do have a guest room set for you should you want to stay. Maybe this weekend, you can meet Tony. I bet you get more chicks thean him!" Wade holds Lucy's hand still. "Matt, you're a great BFF!"

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