2015-04-24 Secrets Kept and Secrets Told
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Vincent Marie Killian Jose
GMed by No one
Title: Secrets Kept and Secrets Told

The garage of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is no small affair. This section of the mansion is capable of storing a large number of vehicles each inside of their own 'berth'. The berth's have wooden walls that contain cabinets and drawers, each with tools and parts for their designated vehicles.
The floors of the garage are a polished granite with in-laid designs that are their own artistic displays… intricately placed wild patterns of muted color tones. This, clearly expensive, floor stretches the many yards of the whole garage.
The ceilings of the garage are a good thirty feet off of the ground and contain dark cherry wood support beams. There are tall windows along the walls that stretch up to these high ceilings and some more smaller windows up there as well. There are also silver chandeliers that hang from the wooden rafters that supply soft warm lighting.
Multiple large wooden doors can be raised and lowered to allow for the vehicles entrance into the garage and there are a few large workstations set aside for cars to be parked at for service.
On one end of the garage is the doorways up into the west wing of the mansion itself and the far other end of the garage are the wooden doorways that lead into the horse stables.

Crap! Lost it again! Killian has spent all his time in between classes looking for his phone, at some point yesterday he was in the garage so fingers crossed this is the last place he's going to have to look. Entering the room with his head down (explaining the now day old shiner he's spoting is getting old) he starts heading in the direction of the car he was messing with before, thats when he notices he's not the only one there, "Oh, hey".
(OOC:) Killian says "Hey Jose."

Vincent looks over his shoulder at the sound of the door opening with a metallic rattle. Spotting the car and the driver the black haired man's mouth reforms into a faint smile before he turns around and looks over to Marie as she climbs out and moves to meet her at the trunk. "Need any help?" He asks before looking over to Killian. "Nice shiner there kiddo." Explains Vince with a thumbs up to the kid before he glances to Marie for her answer.

Sliding in from outside in comes none other then Jose. The Garage was the perfect place to get in and out of the Mansion. Though he walks in complete silence, he waves to Marie and Killian before looking Vincent up and down not having met him before. "Lobster arnt born red, they cooked red!" he says, though likely not to anyone here. Adjusting his headphones he strolls over and asks "How yall doing?"

Marie popped the trunk of the car open and it was loaded with brown paper bags of groceries and other items necessary to restock the main kitchen. Often times, the school would pay to have these delivered, but sometimes it was nice to have an excuse to go on a drive. She looked up to see Vince stepping over toward her and she gave him a soft smile. "You're welcome to help me carry some of this. Yep. Headed for the Pantry." Looking beyond Vince she saw two familiar faces. "Killian, what happened to your eye?" She asked him, and she gave a smile to Jose. "Grabs some bags, headphones."

"Hey Jose, Rogue, Vincent", more crowded than Killian thought, he heads over to help with the bags too, "I can tell you what happened with the eye but you might not like it", is warned to Marie as he loads up with a few paper bags, "Up to you if you still wanna hear it", Jose's lobster comment doesn't get a raised eyebrow this time more just a wonder of who he's talking to.

"Hey Killer." Vince says, now thinking the name is appropriate. He grabs a handful of bags, more than his fair share and starts to go towards the door. "Grab the door." He says towards Jose with a smirk before he nudges Marie's knee with a foot as he walks past.

Heads to the door and hit his forhead on it a few times before actualy bothering to hold it open for the group. He states using Estabon voice from the show zack and cody "Of course, Right this way. And don't forget to tip the bell hop!" followed with his signature kokoburra laugh.
Jose heads to the door and hit his forhead on it a few times before actualy bothering to hold it open for the group. He states using Estabon voice from the show zack and cody "Of course, Right this way. And don't forget to tip the bell hop!" followed with his signature kokoburra laugh.(reposed with my name, i always forget that)

"Out with it." Rogue replied to Killian who was hoping she wouldn't want to know… She frowned at the whole concept of him wanting to not tell her something like that too. Thats when she felt the nudge to her leg and she smiled again at Vince who was picking up a large sume of bags. She, herself, had three and they were nearly blocking her view to see Jose pound his head on the door. "Knock it off, knucklehead, you need that part of yourself to not get smacked around!" She looked over Killian then, waiting for his response.
Killian holds up the bags to muffle his voice as much as possible, "Just a power mishap… and a fight… in Hells Kitchen… no big, hold the door Jose", he speeds up to catch up with Vincent to get the bags in doors, where there are not a teacher, "Where you been Jose?"

Whispering to Jose as he passes. "Let me take the abuse." Vince notes as he slips inside while crumbling the bags a little as he squeezes through the door. His bare feet clap on the wood floors as he makes his way to the pantry. He doesn't say anything to Killian or Jose, he's just silent and observant for now.

Jose grins at Killian and makes several owl hoots followed by the sound of a hunters trap snapping closed in answer to his question. And then he glances to Vincent and says in a croaking voice "Abuuuuse abuse. WHere my moose!". Clearly he was in a good mood, or very busy in his head. But none the less he waits for everyone to get through the door

Marie watched Killian rush ahead and she stared at him as he neared Vincent up ahead. this seemed to be the focus of her attention at the moment. "Ya know, I gotta tell the Professor about this." She tells him. "He's not gonna take kindly to you having that job, if its come to this… you gettin' hurt, among all the other details you clearly don't want to share with me." She released a sigh. "Thank you, Jose." She told as they were in the west wing hallway now and the kitchen was just around the doorframe ahead. She shook her head then softly and passed into the kitchen to set the bags down on the counter.

"It wasn't work related, I work for a lawer not a bounty hunter, I spotted something I didn't like after work and something similar to what happened in the gym happened, mutants attract fights", Killian isn't bothered by it, he was terrified yeah but he knows he was in the right. He puts the bags down and starts putting things away before responding to the sounds Jose made, "You were out hunting owls?"

Vincent raises an eyebrow at Jose's noises and then looks to Marie, with eyes that try to convince her to let poor Killian off the hook. "Have you taken any self defense classes yet?" Vince asks towards Killian.

Jose grins at Killian making a ding ding ding sound "You got it right!". Though he cants his head at hearing Killian got into a fight. He never did ask how he got the shiner in the first place. Jose drops into a boxing stance and does a few fake punches complet with sound effects. "Bring me along next time!I can scare folks away right quick!" changes his hand to like he is holding a rifle and cocks it as if preparing to fire

Marie shook her head softly from side to side. "And then you end up in a hospital." She replies to Killian, starting to unpack things and put them where they belong. "Or worse. This is why we don't let students just wander around all willy-nilly wherever they want. Cause we're not some normal case, strange things happen around us, like we're nagnets to the weird… Its not up to me, of course, in the end, but all I can say is this is just not the route your education needs to be headed…. toward some Fight Club in Hell's Kitchen."
"I watched one of Rogue's last week but I've not started any yet, not sure where to fit them in with regular classes", okay that one does get a raised eyebrow from
Killian, "You were actually hunting owls? I know what you said yesterday but really?". "But why does everything I do have to reflect the mutant thing? When I first got here I was terrified, I was even arguing to thats alien guy that hiding was the right thing, but thats not me, I don't hide, I was brought up to stand up for myself", he continues putting things away, "And it's hard to listen to people telling you the right way to do things when there is stuff you're not telling us".

Vince moves to unpack his bags and begins to move from counter top to pantry putting things in their places with haste. He wants to get back to his projects in the garage and then he pauses at Marie's words, moving to stand beside her with a soft bump from his hip, "You don't want to make it to where he can't have a job with the people he wants. You, I would say we but I'm not really here, are supposed to prepare him for life's struggles. Not keep him away from the things he cares about."

Jose emits a series of clicking sounds as himself begins putting things away, and occasionly sneaking a small snack into his pocket. He says to Killina "I wasn't actualy hunting ta eat dem. Jist tryin ta find em is enough huntin fer me. Savvy?" And then he nods in agreement with Killian "He right you know. Folks here are purdy secrative. And then when yer try and find oot more about them secrets, they try and change the subject! But heh, secrets are like dat, and folks donnea like it when yer hear dere secrets". And now he begins dancing to some music that isn't there as he puts things away. Sure he no pro dancer, but a good songs a good song

"What do you think we're hiding?" Marie asked Killian as she opened a drawer and stuffed a big box of plastic forks and spoons into it. "I mean, this school is for mutants, yes, we're hiding that from the public so that mutants can come here and learn to fit themselves into a part of this whackjob world we live in. We're trying to teach a crazy assortment of people who can do a vast array of different things, amazing things, it means this school has to be prepared for anything… or almost. So what is it that you think we're hiding from you?" She asked Killian with a serious tone of voice, glancing to Vince when he bumped her, but she was focused on this conversation at-hand. "Jose, please tell me you're just watching the owls and not… toying with them." She did slip that bit in though.
Killian continues just putting things away for a moment before looking to Rogue and asking, "What's below the basement?". Vince is given a smile of gratitude as he plays devil's advocate as is Jose as he too points out that there are secrets being kept in this school, "Jose do you like the owls because they're like you? silent when they fly?"

Vincent does interrupt Marie before she can talk to Killian. "That's why they're secrets. You're not supposed to know." Vincent then grabs a handful of canned goods and moves to put them in the pantry with a wink towards Marie while his back in turned on the boys.

Jose goes wide eye at Marie and says in an offended yet goofy tone "Excuse me? Do I look like some crazy" gives killian a don't say it look before continuing "mad man to you? I don't toy with owls, I just seek them out". He then turns to Killian and smiles "Aye. And loud when they got somethin ta say!" He turns and actualy stuffs an entire can of chefboyarde into his pocket. People may or may not noticed, but within his 'cough' there is a very subtle mention of xmen.

Marie noticed, and didn't care, she bought a lot of that stuff for the younger students and Jose was one of them she prepared for… She glanced over at Vince and then back to Killian. It took her a second before she exhaled. "This property is old, this building has been around a long time. But after world war two it underwent a lot of foundation changes. There's the high tech basement, that you've seen, and there's the basement below that. It contains a fully stocked bomb shelter, built after the war… because of fears toward nuclear war with Russia. There's a medical lab… which is pretty standard. And the Professor has a meditation chamber that he uses to find mutants who're in dire need of help… He used it to find me, infact, and thats what lead me to being here." Her shoulder shrugged as she rolled up one of the empty bags and stuffed it into a drawer with a bunch of others. "Its off-limits to student cause there's a ton of stuff they could get hurt dinkin' around in down there… Like Chef Boyarde here." She smirked at Jose then.
Killian listens to what Rogue has to say and actually catches the cough of 'X-Men' from Jose, "So meditation and shelter? And the 'New Mutants'? 'X-Men'?", he remembers something , the thing he came for, "Back in a sec", not waiting for his answer Killian heads back to the garage.

Vincent steps out of the pantry and moves behind Marie as he gives Jose a pat on the shoulder with a soft smile as he whispers something to the young mutant. His eyes locked onto Marie with a wink over one brown orb. He then moves to the last bag and pulls out the oversized bag of chips and cheetoes as he moves back into the pantry. "Nearly done."
From afar, Vincent nudges. He whispered Don't be stirring up conspiracies, and he also swapped out the chefboyarde with a can of green beans. ;P

Jose leans away slightly when Vincent goes to whisper to him. Fact is, he can probably hear whispers just fine within the same room. But as it turns out Jose can be just as stubborn as anyone. He sits ontop the counter and get out a can opener and begins to open the can of green beans that was swapped for his cheboyarde by Vincent. His ears twitch behind his headphones "It's not a conspiracie if et's true." he says directly to Vincent before looking to Marie "But….." shrugs and sets back stuffing some green beans into his mouth "Dead Men may tell no secrets. But it's the live ones who hear it" he shrugs a bit "Nothing new there" for now he dosn't look directly at anyone, and simply stares at his can of green beans

Marie was about to reply to Killian's next set of questions when she heard him and watched him step out of the kitchen again. She released a sigh then and shook her head, placing her gloved hands onto the granite counter top of the center ktichen counter. "I don't know how anyone could see this place as anything short of a… heaven on earth… sorta deal." She utters to those still in the room with her.
After a minute or so Killian returns with his missing phone, "I just want all the cards on the table is all", he tosses Rogue the phone with a message open from 'S' reading 'What have they told you about Xavier, the X-Men and the Brotherhood?', "Putting our safety in your hands right, we should know what's going on".

Vincent shrugs at where the conversations going and decides to take a break for a little bit as all the chores are done and he moves back into the garage. "I'll be back in if you all are still here in an hour." He whispers with a squeeze of Marie's hand as he walks past.
(OOC:) Vincent has to afk for food stuffs.
(OOC:) Killian says "have fun"

Jose cant his head at Marie "….no one saying it's not. But…" he stops himself and gives a small sigh himself and just eats the green beans, watching as Killian tosses a phone towards Marie.

Marie's eyes went down to the phone that Killian gave her and then over to Vince when he strided on out of the room. She heard Jose's comment. "Implying that we're doing something shady around here is implying that we've got ill-intentions." Her eyes then rose back up to Killian and she gave him the phone back. "The 'X-Men' are the school top tier of trained mutants. Tasked with rescuing mutants around the world, who're in need of aide and assistance, its little more than that." She tells him. "The 'Brotherhood' is the tag for another group of mutants, not associated with this School. They're mantra is that mutants are the future of this planet, and that humans are a dying breed who deserve less respect and less care." She pauses and slowly shakes her head. "We here… at the school, we believe this world is big enough for all of us, and if we can show ourselves to be wholely good, that a peaceful co-existence is not only possible, but absolutely essential to a better tomorrow. What you're looking for answers on, Killian, is just the two sides of a coin with the mutant race as its label."

Killian takes his phone back, "So the X-Men are based here?" he slips his phone into his pocket, "Ok, now I know, thank you", he puts the empty paper bags in the trash, "It's just scarey getting all my info on everything from an outside source, you're the only teacher that really seems to talk to us so you're the only one I trust, even 'S' says you're one of the ones I can trust. This is a whole new world, it just feels better to see it with both eyes open".

"I never implied you had ill-intentions. I implied you keep secrets" says Jose as he settles back. "But it nice someone is at least willing ta give it straight" he states in agreement with Killian. But jose makes a series of clicking sounds again, these clicks are are uneven, as if he was nervous about something. "…Marie….why is it kept a secret? Isn't what you guys doing…well a good thing? Why underwraps? If the brotherhood is…I guess the oppisit of x-men…does that mean they are bad. Do they know where here?" his eyebrows quirk up as he starts with those questions

Marie looked between them both, listening to both of them, her hands were still resting on the edge of the granite counter. "Yes." She tells Jose first. "The brotherhood knows that we are here and they know everything about us, inside and out." She tells him. "They're lead by a nam who was a former… presence here. He was an old friend to the Professor." It was hard to pick what to say and what not to say for her, she was at the bottom of the totem pole in the X-Men. Her eyes went back to Killian. "You're talking to a member of the X-Men. Yes, we are based here… we are your teachers. Some of us anyway." She then took in a deep breath and let it out. "The Brotherhood stirs the nest with the humans… the humans who hate mutants would see no difference between us and the Brotherhood, they would storm this school's gates like an angry mob from a monster-movie if we -didn't- keep secrets. Thats why the secrets are essential here. We're trying to keep our kind safe here."

"And because it's not technically legal Jose." Vincent says showing back up through the doorway.

Jose looks to Vincent "There no technical. Either it is, or it isn't. Not that I'm complaing. I picked…used to pick pockets for a living sometimes" He then looks to Marie there a certain twitch in his eye as if thinking real deep. An angry mob in a monster movie…the people here getting hurt or worse. To him it was like a flash from the past as he thinks on it. Eventualy he can't help but do what happens next. Utters an ear splitting, inhuman scream, that lasts but a moment thankfully. He makes no comment on it, but instead moves on as always asking a tentative "Then…are people really safe here?"
"You're in the X-Men…", then it slots into place for Killian, "Rogue? Thats why you're called Rogue, it's a codename". He clutches his hands to his ears and his eyes flash a light pink colour for the moment Jose screams, "Ach…ow, Jose what was that?", he shrugs and sighs at Jose's question, "No, we're not but we're as safe as we can be being what we are right? In one place with people like Rogue is safer than out there alone".

Marie was about to respond when Jose did another oen of his screaches and this time her eyes just shut and she bared through it. A slight shake of her head to shrug it off again and she opened her eyes again. She exhaled softly. "Partly, yes. I use it as such… as well as many of our kind do use names like it. But I didn't come up with the name, and I had it with me long before I got here." She tells Killian and then nods over to Jose. "The alternative to this place, is far worse… but that is my opinion and it may not be the same as others, the members of the Brotherhood, for example."

Vincent leans against the door frame with a scoff but no real judgement until he's doubled over with his hands against his ears. He looks up to Jose and frowns but decides to not say anything after this kid has bared his life outwards.

Jose looks about, very quickly becomming somewhat red in the face. Glancing to Killina, he answers "A memory" and that was it. He tosses the can and scores it into the trash, as an audiance of voices cheering rise up at the score! Someone had to lighten this darkning mood. Jose settles back and goes on to say "I seen alot of roads….and well, this one is not so bad, that much I will admit"

Killian nods at Jose and doesn't press him any further, an answer like that from Jose? doesn't need pushing. "Well it's not exactly a secret that I'm kinda dumb and I do things without thinking, so when theres a big change coming I like to have all the points laid out so I can see what I'm getting into, but this change happened before I realised it did, so playing catch up here, don't think I'm not gratefull, I'm just still scared".

"We don't want any of our students to be scared." Marie replied quietly as she turned and and walked over to one of the fridges that was behind her. She pulled it open and took out a bottle of vitamin water. "We hope that ya'll can just enjoy your time here, gain the education that you need and want, and move on to having happy lives." Twisting the cap off she turns around and closes the door with her booted left foot. "But some of you have those pesky abilities that lead to you finding out about some of the stuff 'in the basement' and it can lead you to not trusting us… I get that. I wish there was a clear answer to it all, but there's rarely a clear answer to anything in life." She then took a drink from the bottle she'd gotten.

Vincent continues to lean against the doorway, not really contributing to the conversation until the idea pops into his head. "So, when do I get to try out?" He asks, snapping his brown eye'd gaze towards Marie, the smallest hint of a smile that likely only she can see.

Jose blinks a moment "…try out?" another blink. And that when the question hits him "…how does a mutant end up in the x-men or new mutants anyways?". A fair question, given the conversation. Though Marie earns a grin from Jose "Whit can I say, Lady Luck didn't just give me spirit. But ears with a brain!" followed with by his signature kokoburra laugh

Marie's eyes went to Vince when he asked this and then she looked to Jose. "Attending all of your classes is a requirement… to start." She said to him with a grin before looking back to Vince. "Ultimately, in your case, Vincey-poo… You'd have to talk to Scott about it. But I think he'd want you to finish up schooling here as well before you put any focus into the group, or training to be in on it… Those who are in it, generally have to take up permanent residence here as well."

"I'm not against any of that…" Vince says with a smirk especially at Marie calling him Vincey-Poo…

Jose hangs his head "Well my case is hopeless. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate in those classes dureing the day! It's hard enough at night!" he rubs his ears or rather around his headphones but then there a sparks nin his eye "Wait….perment residence? A person wouldn't have to leave…back to where they came from or to whoever sent them?"

Marie smiled at Vince then and swept her eyes back over to Jose. "Jose, if you're having trouble in class with that sort'a thing, you need to tell your teacher about it… we clearly have to find a more unconventional way of teaching you then. Like, a study-hall kind of thing, more one on one… like assign you a tudor." She drew in a small breath. "And yeah, we often bring on people who graduate that show an interest in working here and living here. Its a big place, and you know how it is during the main semesters, its like a madhouse around here."
Killian shrugs, "Well I don't know about the X-Men thing, I just want more help power-wise, they're still going all weird, you know?", he looks over at Jose, "Looking to sign up for those home comforts? or just to keep the owls on their toes?".

Vincent just looks over the three fellow mutants and sighs softly, yet contentedly. It's nice to actually have a home again. It's nice to feel safe, and then it's that thought that causes the raven haired 'adult' to frown softly. Lowering his face he shakes his head, hair rustling for a moment before falling like normal before he turns to go back to the garage with purpose in his step.

Jose cants his head at Marie "That's a thing?", when it comes to how school works….Jose is defintly not the smartest there is. He always thought it was just him and something to live with, not something to do something about. "…I guess that can help. Never really had a tuder". He then looks to Killian, he at first emits a series of uneven clicking sounds before saying "…sure…lets go with that" his tone suggested neither the given reasons were the actual reasons.

Marie watched Killian for a moment, she then saw Vince make for the garage direction again and then she looked over to Jose. "There are sound proof rooms in the basement, Jose." She tells him. "We can have you work with a tudor there and… I mean, it may not solve all the issues you face with your abilities, but I can't imagine it couldn't help at least a little." She then looked to Killian. "I can make some more time to work with you on your abilities, Killian." She took in a breath then, another drink from the bottle of water she held. "I don't know when, off hand, but I can tell its a concern and we should fix it."

Killian nods, "It's apparently not just a touch and absorb thing, I'm absorbing energy I can't see, like the sun and it just builds up until something happens and my sight keeps going funny", thats the more worrying one, blind and can't touch, that'll end well. "Or if you can't find a tutor what about Jose skyping to class, then he can stay in his room and control the volume".

Jose blinks "Dosn't quite work like that Killian. My room didn't exactly come sound proof. I can't turn off my hearing. And I can't control other peoples sounds, let alone a whole entire mansion." and then he looks off to the distance "Whit's you talking bout willis" and he's back shaking his head off "And to be locked up, in a room…unable to leave. It's like torture!" he visible shudders. It would certainly note in recent updates of his file about how much Jose keeps moving, along with his 'outbursts', and that it may simply be another side affect of his abilities. "And….truth be told…the idea of no Sound…as a big as a pain as it is sometimes…it kind of scares me. Never been in a world without noise"

Marie lets the two of them speak to one another before she chimes in. "Jose, you wouldn't want to deprive yourself of all sounds all at once. That'd be like a car crash. What we'd want to do is slowly ease you into a place where fewer and fewer sounds were. A slow decline, like a submarine going down in the ocean." Her eyes went over to Killian then. "Its possible that doing the Skype thing in the basement rooms could help him yeah, but after we eased him into it." She then took in a breath of air and another drink from her water bottle. "We're going to have to find a way for you to control your siphoning, Killian. But it might be above my pay-grade, so to speak. I think its something that Professor Xavier or McCoy need to weigh-in on."

"Well if theres anything I can do to help out Jose I'll give it a go, even if it just means chilling with him while he takes some classes", he shakes his head at Rogue, "Thats the issue, my powers are always active, I can increase the absorbtion rate but it can only be suppressed so far, otherwise I wouldn't need the gloves and I'm not signing on for a helmet no matter what tattle-tale-devile says".

The rumble of a motorcycle roaring on and the clatter of the door opening can be heard out in the Kitchen as Vincent rides off into the night.

Jose emits his kokoburra laugh at tattle-tale-devil "I think yer refered ta him as grass last time. WHich aint far from the truth!" and his smile even brightens as Killians offer "To bad where not in the same grade though. As it stands, it still being debatted if I will be going to 7th or 8th grade next year. On account of just getting put back in the system" he nods at this. But he begins to wonder "You know…that's the second time I seen your eyes turn that pinkish color around me…." he makes a more sonar like sound, similar to the effects done in Movies and watches Killians eyes like a hawk, a small test. Mabey he absorbs sounds?

Marie listens to them, smiling softly here and there at some of the things that they say to one another. "But thats the power of this place. We got our own Research and Development team here. We can, and do, troubleshoot mutant abilities and come up with sollutions with technology. Look at Scott, for instance. He can wear his sunglasses so he can see, or his visors to control the intensity of his eye beams…" She sips her water again. "I full well believe that both of you can receive similar bonuses. We just gotta put the time in to figure it out, and be willing too, that of course helps." She grins some. "Alright, I gotta go close the car up and then take care of some stuff." She starts to make for the exit. "You guys come find me if you need anything."
Right on cue Killian's eyes flash that light pink colour as the sonic energy is absorbed into his system, "So? I sleep though history anyways, I'm sure I could skip it if it's for a good reason right?", he raises an eyebrow at Rogue, "If we're talking some sort of all over body glove, I'm out now, nada, not happening, I'm covered up enough as is".

Jose ding ding "Congratulations Killian! Turns out my sound DO affect your abilities!" He waves to Marie as she goes to leave "Sweet dreams and wonderful monsters!" He then looks to Killian again "History…..to be honest, I havn't attended a single history class. It's in the middle of the day. I normally go dump diving at that time. See whats being thrown out. Savvy?" he then ponders "Yea…full body suit…avoid that like the plaque. Your already a walking fashion nightmare" he states jokingly

Marie glances back at the two of them before she leaves, grinning toward them. "You never know what science Hank McCoy could cook up for you both. You guys may not even realize that there's a wardrobe piece missing from your lives that you could never go another day again without it…" She offers them a small wave and steps out toward the garage direction again.

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