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Players: Matthew Murdock, Stephen Strange, Adea Venoa
GMed by Matthew Murdock

[* New York: Hell's Kitchen *]

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River. Daredevil is Hell's Kitchen's resident hero.

Hell's Kitchen isn't exactly a pretty place at night. Corruption is rampant, and crime syndicates rule the dark streets. Illegal drugs are manufactured and sold, and human trafficking businesses bring in even more cash.

Tonight, shots ring out from a run-down looking warehouse in an industrial sector where some kind of confrontation must be going down. Running footsteps clatter upon the ground as men search for a single perpetrator who has apparently single-handedly beat the crap out of ten people at once. They were expecting him tonight, though…unfortunately for him, the element of surprise is something he often heavily relies upon.

Yep, Daredevil is on the job—though it's looking like this might be another one of those 'off' nights.

Adrea is making her way down the streets of Hell's Kitchen. This wasn't the kind of place she drove her McClaren. So she was holding her coat close about herself and idly looking around the street. Sometimes you had to meet people in strange places, but she couldn't deny she was less comfortable here than in Central Park. And that ws before she heard the shots ring out. She turned on her bluetooth headset, calling in to Headquarters, "Any reports of disturbances in Hell's Kitchen…?"

A dark cloud moves over the Hell's Kitchen area, along with most of manhattan, as a mystical force brews in the next dimension over. A lone man, whose past is rich with various types of stories is doing his best to remedy many of the wrongs he committed. This time the Doctor Strange is parallel to this realm, doing battle with a host of demons that have been plaguing this city, and further, for some time now. He isn't physically going to make an appearance this pose, not this round, but he is out there protecting you two and all others in this dimension as best he can.

Ugh, this really -was- one of those off nights. Matt is pretty sure this had been a trap in some way. -Someone- had been expecting him, at any rate. He finds himself running across cracked rooftops and jumping across dark alleyways with more than a few cuts, bruises, fractures, and scrapes where a bullet had -almost- buried itself in his body.

It's a good thing he knows how to tune out a lot of the pain. Not all of it, mind you, but enough of it that he could get by. Yeah, this was an off night, but it's still not a complete waste…yet, anyway. He's managed to get away with some information that the criminal underworld likely doesn't want him getting away with. Thus far, anyway.

That is until there's an explosion in the building he just set foot on, causing the roof to cave in. And that's when Daredevil falls through several floors and lands with a terrible thud on the ground level. Ouch. Okay -now- this was -really- an off night.

The explosion had changed everything. At first she thought it might just be another night in Hell's Kitchen, though she had thought to herself it was a couple shots too many to be normal even for Hell's Kitchen. She starts to clutch her cloak more tightly around her, and then there's the explosion. «SHRT Dispatch, send one of my team…and dispatch Armalite's equipment, I might need him." she says. She takes a breath and sighs, gritting her teeth, «Armalite, dispatch the car to the direction of the explosion, I'll meet it a block away, give me the coordinates when you're there.» It might not be the best idea to order the robot to drive her car, but then, she was short on options right now…She started running towards the explosion, her heels clicking on the pavement.

It's not going to become a better night quickly for the Daredevil and Adrea. Any first responders are going to have a tough time approaching or even figuring out what caused the blast as the clouds begin to flash and roar with lightning, even chain and ball lightning, rarely seen.

As Matt falls the air outside the building's outer wall, just above the ground floor, begins to distort with ripples and waves as if it was great heat. But when a single gold bolt of lightning passes through it, a gateway spreads open for just an instant. The portal is open long enough to deposit a battered man with outrageous attire on the sidewalk, blood falling from the corner of his lip and his hands mangled.

An explosion in the industrial sector, and now ball lightning? Things are starting to -really- crazy here in Hell's Kitchen! The local authorities attempt to get to the scene, but find the strange weather baffling. "The hell is going on?" Some of them can be heard wondering. "I don't remember a thunderstorm being in the forecast!"

Fortunately though, the mysterious occurrence also puts a damper on the crime ring's efforts to find the thorn in their side and make -sure- he's -removed-. Speaking of that thorn, Matthew is still lying motionless on the ground floor of the building, his body bleeding and his uniform tattered beyond recognition.

It takes a few minutes for Adre ato get close to the explosion, and her car already seems to be parked on the street when she gets there. SHe knows better than to think it's really convenient, as she walks up to the modified Supercar and opens up the hood/trunk. She looks around, before pulling up the bottom of the storage compartment to pull out her SHIELD bits. She looks around and dissapears into a nearby late-night store, asking to use the restroom with her duffel bag in hand.

The cameras are mystersiouly inoperable at this hour, if they were even operable to begin with, and Adrea comes out wearing what looks like sunglasses, a comm-set over her left ear, a bulletproof vest over her collared shirt, tactical pants and a large coat. The glint of metal is seen above her waist on her sides as she comes out, and she offers a salute and a 20$ bill to the store clerk, "You uh, didn't see anything." she says, making her way out into the street.

There was at least a couple of SHIELD Operatives in her unit brave enough to bring the robot to her, and Adrea hoped that the Quinjet with the outsized bodyguard would arrive soon. She goes to the car to pull out a hard drive from a hidden compartment and put it in her armored vest, making her way towards the explosion with haste.

As Adrea continues to get to the center of two separate conflicts, Matt begins to hear a voice. A male voice sounding like it's coming from the walls of the building but growing closer by the moment until it's practically in his ear. "Vigilante. You are alive and you have much work to do. Stand now and move outside or forever be lost to the coming darkness." Whispers the disembodied voice.

The clerk in the convenience store just ogles Adrea, holding the $20 bill in one hand with his jaw hanging open. "I—-uh…ahem. Sure." he stammers, staring at her back as she leaves. That's certainly not something he sees every day; even in Hell's Kitchen.

Meanwhile, Matthew is jerked to his senses by a strange disembodied voice. It creeps him out, to say the least….it sounds as if whoever this is, they're coming from every direction at once. Oh, maybe it's just because he's disoriented from the blast and the fall, and all the injuries he'd already sustained beforehand. He tries to sit up, but pain shoots through is body and he groans, putting a hand over his face. Crap, the mask's gone, probably got torn up or incinerated in the blast. 'Coming darkness'? What the hell was this person blathering about? "Ughh…whoever you are…you need to get out of here…before they get here…"

Speaking of 'they'. Adrea may catch sight of a group of armed criminals going charging into the engimatic storm. Some of them apparently aren't fazed by it. Either that, or they're just incredibly determined to get rid of this guy. This 'Daredevil' as the community has taken to calling him.

Adrea knows exactly who daredevil is, and as the criminals continue to move towards the blown in building at the storm, so does she. She continues running down the street until she jumps, a bubble forming around her with a 'freee-oooom' sound, going from high pitched to low as the Force-field becomes self-sustaining around her, pulling her up into the air as she soars towards the building. <Armalite, ETA?> she asks.

The pilot responds to her, <You know, ma'am, that people actually do fly the Quinjet for your robot, don't you? We'll be there in just a few minutes, ATC is having a shit fit.>

"I-" Stephen's invisible astral form begins, "That's going to require some assistance." He stretches his hand out to probe Matt's mind just for a name and he then says, "Several people are coming. I can only help you if you help me." Strange explains, not going into the whole routine of his code of conduct as the Sorcerer Supreme. His attention is snapped towards the sound of the technology outside. "Make up your mind quickly Matt." The voice moving from a body-less voice to an actual message directly to his head.
People are coming. Yeah, -that- much is pretty obvious. To say Matt is confused and bewildered by this …person, would be an understatement. Is he hallucinating or something? It's really starting to creep him out. He finally is able to push himself up off of the floor, grimacing in pain and leaning against a wall. "What are you talking about? I never asked you to help me—-gah…" Definitely some fractured bones. "I asked you to help -yourself-…trust me, these guys aren't exactly the friendly type…" He pauses. "…what do you want me to do exactly, anyway? And how did you know my name?" Did someone just speak to him telepathically? Well whoever this was, getting someone else tangled up in the crap he deals with at night is about the -last- thing he wants.

One thing is evident though—there isn't much time left. Footseps and shouting can be heard as the group tears into the building and is alerted to Adea's presence with the sound from the forcefield. A couple of them split off from the main group to search for her.

Adrea lands on the roof easily, the forcefield easily taking the brunt of her speed. Her landings are always smooth. She runs forward and jumps into the gap, eyes searching through the rubble quickly, her digital sunglasses helping. She starts picking out details, while she pulls out her sidearm, getting ready for a fight, "Who's there?" She calls, "This is the Jade Fox, I'm here for SHIELD, speak up!"

«ARMALITE IS ARRIVAL in 20 seconds.» the robust voice say into her headset. «Alriight big boy, it's showtime. I hear movement on the side of the building, find a good group with the FLIR and Fastball him in, Banshee.».

The pilots responds, «<Ah, she speaks to me! I'll mark it on my calendar. Sure thing Doc.» The pilot flies around the opposite side of the building from where Adrea landed on the rooftop and lines up on one of the groups getting ready to enter the building. He makes a pass at them, shooting towards the door with the gatling turret, «Alright, pickle in Three-…twoo….have a good night Armalite!»> he says, pickling the robot off like a bomb.

The robot generates it's force-field immediately, using it's own form for an truck-sized bowling ball as it heads in for the group of assailants.

Again, only in Matt's head, just to make sure their conversation is safe and not heard by any approaching ears or wondering tech, [ I can't help myself at the moment. I need you to go outside the window to your left and move the unconscious man to a safe location. I'll tell you what to do after that. Wait!] Adrea's entrance was a surprise and he quickly make's his voice known to the woman, mentally also. [ You have an injured vigilante in here being pursued by a handful of armed men. You will assist him in his escape. Do not allow the pilot to put a spot light on him.] Sometimes those hover jet pilots try to be helpful like that. Not good in this case.

"What do you mean, you -can't-? Who exactly are you?" Matt is really confused right now. But there really is an unconscious person outside the window, so he doesn't balk any more. His body is protesting all over the place, but he moves toward the window anyway, searching for the person in question and upon finding them attempting to ascertain how injured they are and therefore how safe it is to actually move them.

When the AI barrels toward the assailants, they quickly open fire on it, shouting warnings to their allies. The robot isn't their primary objective though, thus they attempt to run for cover inside the building so they can continue their search for Dardevil. Fortunately, the distraction has bought Matthew and his new…acquaintance some time.

Meanwhile, the two who had been searching for Adrea find her near an upper floor after she jumped through the broken roof. One of them ducks behind cover for now, while the other lobs a small grenade at her.

Armalite hit the ground and 'slid' as one might not exactly expect the large robot to be able to do! He barreled through the group of assailants, perhaps even knocking a few of them down. The forcefield remained up as he turned, slowly standing to his full height and looking to be about the size of the Hulk, if not bigger. His voice was loud, booming, when he spoke. "PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS, YOU HAVE TWENTY SECONDS TO COMPLY!" he booms at them. He points his forearms at them and the hands seperate or fold to make way for what look like large guns in his forearms, "YOU HAVE 15 SECONDS TO COMPLY!"

Adrea can't help but snicker inside as she hears the robot outside, starting to raise hell. She raises her sidearm to take a few pot shots at the one that flees, but she doesn't miss the grenade flying towards her. It was one thing to attack the woman in the forcefield with a burst weapon, it was quite another to do so while in bad cover yourself. Adrea holds up her left arm towards the grenade, thinking quickly in it's direction. A mathematical equation, a single willful thought as the grenade sailed towards her, and her forcefield pulsed, releasing a wave of kinetic energy in the direction of the grenade, sending it back in the direction it came from.

Doing what he can, using his words and not the magic he's currently struggling to maintain at the moment, Stephen is doing his best to not break his code. Thankful that Adrea's co-worker-bot has showed up just in time and is distracting the correct people, the mage is free follow up on his own promise to Matt. The non-corporeal form of Doctor Strange begins to give Matt some added benefits by doing what he can to coax the vigilante's body back to its former, non injured state. He doesn't try to communicate with Adrea again and allows the Shield woman to do her work.

Matthew pulls off a glove and puts a hand on the unconscious man's back, running it down the length of his body and listening to it. Quickly he determines the hasn't sustained any injuries that would make moving him dangerous to his life. If he does notice that his clothing is rather oddly shaped, he pays it no mind—-there are more important matters to attend to. Like getting out of here before his time runs out.

Despite his own injuries, he grabs the man under the forearms and hefts him up, doing his best to pull him away from the building. He heads toward a alleyway nearby—-there's some decent cover there, maybe he can slip into a neighbhoring structure. It's a good thing his attackers are pretty well and distracted right now…

Adrea's deflection of the grenade is super effective! It flies back toward whence it came, exploding instead on its original wielder and his partner. They yelp and fall to the ground, bloodied and unconscious—or perhaps dead. Meanwhile, the crime syndicate, or whoever they are, realize that their weapons appear to be ineffective against the giant robot. Shouting into their radios, they start to fall back…

That's when Armalite is blasted head on with a jet of icy air—frigid enough to cause metal to become brittle and fragile. Then comes what looks like a giant, very pointy icicle headed the robot's way. It's starting to get awfully cold in here, as if winter had come early to this particular building. Who's doing this? Why it can't possibly be that innocuous-looking young man standing right in front of Armalite, who must only be barely out of his teens?

Armalite turns and bellows as his Forcefield goes from semi-solid to solid to attempt to block out the cold. The robot doesn't need to breathe like Adrea does, so it can make it's forcefield completely solid when it needs to. It hunches down, growing a little shorter, "A CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED!" it bellows. Music starts playing from spakers…somehwere on Armalite, not even from where his voice is coming from. The Robot stands it's full height again, with it's defenses up, and starts blasting sphere shaped bursts of kinetic force in front of it, releasing it's force-field all at once to create 360 degrees of semi-truck running into things force around it. The force-field rematerializes after a few moments before it bellows, "YOU ARE ASKED TO CEASE AND DESIST HUMAN."
Adrea rushes past the assailants who she bagged, looking for a door so she can head out and join Armalite. She's having a conversation with the robot, who, in spite of his icy shoulders is making some fuss about finding a worthy opponent while Adrea calls him a moron.

The blast shatters the incoming ice, bits of it going flying in every direction. Armalite's request is ignored, and as the robot sends its spheres of kinetic energy in the man's direction, a mini-glacier appears to absorb the hits. It cracks, and he dives behind some empty shelves. Putting a hand to the floor, ice begins to spread quickly out from under him, covering the entire area. Let's hope Armalite took some skating lessons, or something, because it's getting -very- slippery in here, like a hockey rink!

While the robot is preoccupied with Blizzard, the rest of the criminals attempt to slip out unnoticed in order to continue their search for Dardevil. Speaking of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, Matthew has pulled the Strange (ha) man into the loading dock of a nearby restaurant. He calls the police, then quickly leaves the scene, hoping the authorities are able to find him before the baddies do. Having detecting the oddly drastic drop in temperature, he hurries back to the abandoned building…what the hell was going on in there?

There's a low hum from Armalite, and the robot's forcefield takes him up off of the ground as he begins to hover. One of his guns turns back into a hand, while he lines up another shot with his right arm - using it as a sniper shot this time with increased force. It makes a 'come at me gesture' with it's left 'hand' while booming, "COME AT ME BRO." before blasting the sniper round, further bellowing, "BRO DO YOU EVEN FROST?" he attempts at humor. His remaining 'gun' turns into a hand again and he holds both hands out in Blizzard's direction, sending a WALL of force blasting in his direction.

Adrea slips out into the street, mentally asking if the man she doesn't take orders from actually made it out OK. If she runs into any of the criminals, she proves more deft at using the Force-Field than Armalite, using waves of force to lift, smash, and sweep aside multiple thugs at once to clear the way. SHe was going to need to get in touch with Daredevil, she couldnt' use Armalite's IR eyes to find him or risk the Quinjet until it was time to extract her - and she couldn't talk to him on the radio or ph-…she pauses, mentally telling her bluetooth set to dial Murdock's cell phone while she attempts to see if she's found any more criminals.

More ice goes up, and more ice shatters as energy blasts forth. Blizzard seems to be getting tired, though…or is it confused? He's quite young, looks like a college freshman in fact. The final blast sends the young man flying, slamming him into a back wall. Matthew flinches at the sound of it, who was this kid, anyway and how did he get tangled up with these guys? …Something was off about him. He wasn't like the others. His heartbea was—-he was scared.

Thankfully Adrea has taken care of the rest of the thugs for now, freeing him up to do what he does next. He's not sure if the robot will listen to him, but he jumps in front of it, waving his arms. "Wait, stop! Don't hurt him any more!" he yells. "He's—" Suddenly there is a tone. From Matt's phone. Oh geez, not -this- again. Is it Foggy? No, the computer declares that it is Adrea Venoa. "Dr. Venoa? Um…" he coughs. "Sorry but this is kind of a bad time."

"Well, on the street they call me the Jade Fox, and you're waving down my robot. He was going to try to take the kid in. What do you have for me? I think now is probably a good time for me to go home if we're all finished here." Adrea says to her headset. She puts away her side arm, her force-generator proving far more useful anyway.

Armalite adapts what could safely be called an 'Offensive Posture', pointing his entire body at where he'd sent the kid flying, waiting to see if he tries to threaten Armalite again, while quietly cataloguing everything about the young individual he's collected.

"Jade Fox?" Matt's brows go up slightly. Drat. She must have seen him. How he's not sure, but if she had been on-site it was entirely possible, given he'd been rather distracted with weird telepathic presences in his head. "Heh, not bad."

Armalite's scans, with facial recognition referenced to SHIELD's database will actually reveal that the individual in question is one Donald Gill, a former student at SHIELD academy who had gained superhuman abilities when a project of his went terribly awry. He was then sent to the Sandbox to be kept under strict surveillance, but eventually escaped and went missing. As the robot takes an offensive stance, Gill doesn't attack but instead turns and runs, jumping out a window behind him.

Adrea sighs, "I pretty much knew that would happen as soon as Armalite was distracted. But I get the feeling he's not in this on purpose. Alright Mr. Murdock. We're definitely going to have to debrief this later. I take it this is your time to dissapear into the night, or whatever it is that you do?" She hmms, "Yeah, one of my pilots saw me drive once and decided I was the Jade Fox…what of it?"
Matthew chuckles. "It is time to disappear into the night." he shrugs. "I don't know, it sounds nice."

A pause. "So does everyone at SHIELD know who I am, or just you? Or did you only just figure it out?"

Adrea starts to walk towards her car, "I'm in charge of one of thier Research Labs and I'm qualified as a Field Lead, I take it upon myself to look over dossiers fairly regularly. There's an operative named Tess who likes to frequent your neighborhood, so your dossier ended up on my table. There's been a lot going on here lately."
"Okay." Matthew replies. That didn't really answer his question at all. "Sooo…that means what? SHIELD knows, but that doesn't mean everyone knows? There's a hierarchy in your organization, and you just happen to be on a level that's allowed access to that information?" He supposes it doesn't bother him all that much—thus far, SHIELD has proven itself to be rather helpful.

"Yeah, something like that, and I happen to do a lot of reading of that sort of information, you see. I like to know who we're working with, and around." She says. She gets in her car, sighing and starting it up, getting ready for the drive home, "Do you need a trip out of here, or are you alright?" she asks.
Matt smiles to himself, pausing momentarily. He's actually okay with that…surprisingly. Well, SHIELD did just get him out of a pretty serious predicament just now. "No—I'm good. Thanks, Adrea." Murdock says before hanging up the phone putting it away. He then climbs back to the roof and disappears into the night.

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