2015-04-27 Friends of the Rec Room
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Players: Killian Jose
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Title: Friends of the Rec Room

The Recreation Room has just about anything and everything a student could want to unwind after a long day of classes. Video game consoles with a massive library of games, a monolithic CD and DVD collection… big screen TVs, projection TVs, couches, chairs, beanbags in all colors… it's comfortable and a great place to relax.
A curved mahogany bar curls around one corner, where a full self-service soda fountain can be found as well as refrigerators with numerous cold drinks (No alcohol!). Snacks are abundant, as is space- the room is able to hold a couple of dozen students without becomming crowded.

Classes are done! Does Killian have homework? yes, does he have a lot of homework? yes, should he be doing it now? yes but the big screen tv in the rec room is calling out to him. And… yes! No one seems to be here, hopefully no one will show up and he won't have to explain again the fresh new shiner he's sporting, throwing himself down on the couch he starts flicking though netflix.

Ahh the rec room! There was always something to be found there! Well, at least various items that make noises. Sure Jose has homework, but he wasn't worry. As usual, he moves without a noise made into the room, aside from muttering nonesense to himself. He cants his head as Killian flicks through the various channels. And eventualy approches the crowd silently…that is untill he perks up with a "Whits you watching?". His headphones slide down and as such he slides them back up in a never ending war.

While over the last few weeks Killian has noticed that his hearing seems to be getting better and better, it still can't hear someone entering whose mutant powers allow them to make no sound. So at the sudden voice he jumps and almost pulls off one of his gloves before spotting Jose and settling back down, "Dunno, this place has a netflix subscription, thought I'd have a scroll though", weird he understood Jose that time!

Jose voice tunes into a radio announcer voice as he says, with static and all "Tune into Channel 567, to see the old classic scifi channel, and catch a taste of The Alien Express!!!" he says with a grin. He hops onto the couch right next to Killian, thinking nothing of it "No no no, the square root of pie is not an actual pie. Come on man, he explained this to you, like…five times?". Clearly that sentence wasn't directed at Killian…but no one else was here, but none the less Jose presses on after adjusting his headphones again "Whit kind of movies ya like anyways? If I had ta guess, yer a cops and robbers kind. Action flicks" which is followed up with a -very low- car crash sound, low enough to just be in the room anyways

Killian is quiet for a moment as he tries to filter though everything Jose just said so he's got the sane parts, finally he shakes his head, "My dad is a cop, so not a fan of action movies no", they used to scare him when he was little and understood less of what real police work was like and that distaste just sort of suck with him, "I like different movies, depends who I'm with and my mood".
For perhaps the first time Jose looks rather serious as he looks Killian up and down "Dads….a cop" he shakes himself off "…I ain't a real big fan of coppers truth be told." rubs the back of his head, in a bit of wonder "Errr….whit's yer dad's name?". Who knows, perhaps Jose had met him before. He emits a serious of clicking sounds before just looking at Killian

"Sparrow Rosen but I don't think you'd have run into him, he's based in Boston and he works Vice now so… yeah", Killian fidgets awkwardly not sure how to continue, he rubs the back of his head trying to think how to end the awkward silence…

Jose thinks on this "Hmmm, nope, havn't been to Boston. There's florida, Lowell, Geogia, lexinton, New York, and a few others". As he finishes he says Killian fidget and offer him an easy grin "Oh relax, ain't like I going ta hate yer pa fer doing his job. SHake it off a little!" He begins slapping his belly like a drum, and it amazingly enough does come off as a drum.

Killian actually chuckles at the belly drum and his eyes briefly glow a light pink colour, "You are utterly nuts man", and this time he does mean that in the nicest possible way, this crazy Jose he can understand and actually kind of likes, "Don't do that around the kid with the Cruela DeVil hair, he'll be start to the nearest teacher to report you for unortherised power use, kid is such a grass".

Jose crosses his arms, catching the friendly vibe. A kokoburra laugh latter he says in his best imitation of said Cruela DeVil Kid voice, with added in sobby accent "To late fer that. He already reported me SEVERAL times. Hahahaha. Such a bore, I "made" him fart a few times in class" He slaps his leg in a laugh just thinking about it "No whoopie cushion needed!"

Killian chuckles, "Thats funny", he grins, "He reported me because my eyes glowed, said I was threatening him with my powers, he's also complained and said I should have to wear a helmet because I'm dangerous, been considering asking my twin to come down and freak him out by trying to touch him but might be going too far there", he offers Jose the remote, "Wanna pick something?"
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Accepts the remote. He quickly begins flipping through the channels, after muting the T.v. He wasn't actualy looking at the T.v itself as he does this saying to Killina "Well, that whit I call a two timing yellow belly land lubber!" As he flips through, the channels, he eventualy stops on none other then the thunder cats. The intro was just playing, and despite the fact that it was muted, one could hear their intro clearly. Jose was indeed very liberal in using his abilities. Though it does pause a moment as he asks Killian "Do…your eyes change with your emotions or sumthin?" And on goes the theme song with an added "Oh shut up kyle. I really don't care!!!" in reference to another student…who isn't there. Jose grumbles

Killian raises an eyebrow at the muted tv and the sounds still playing, "Now that is just showing off", he shakes his head before frowning at Jose's question, "My eyes?", he has to think for a second to work out what Jose means, "Oh the glow thing that sometimes happens? I'm not sure but I think it happens when I either used my powers or get some sort of energy in my system, why when did you see it happen?"

Jose laughs and turns the t'v sound back on "Not showing off. I just enjoy doing it! I practice on radios, cars, t.vs, computers, people. Even make up me own little stories sometimes" he states cheerily. He then nods and answers "Well, when you were busy calling me nuts again, your eyes glowed pinkish. WHen I first met you, they glowed more red then anything" he nods in affirmation "You saying something like"…replaces his voice with Killians as if echoing the past "Cut it out Ororo" cracks his beck "Or something like that"

"You should get a puppet, make a killing as a ventriloquist", Killian frowns again as he tries to work out when Jose means, "When you first met me… Oh! When I was asleep in the backyard, yeah I think I thought my brother was there making noise", he shakes his head, "Is that really what my voice is like? I didn't think it was so Boston". He hmms for a second, "I think the redish glowy colour is when I get energy from the sun but I'm not sure about the pink… must be something round here".

As if to prove Killian point, Marie voice comes from behind Killian, very much like how they met that first day "Well you have a point there Bucko. Jose used to do those kinds of thing to make cash. Also, don't turn around, I ain't really here". Jose tumbles from the couch to his feet and stretches, he never did sit still long "And yes, trust me on that. Never gotten a voice wrong before!" And then he nods at Killians explanation "I would say, let test the emotion theory….but I rather dig a hole I can't climb out of!" he laughs. Pacing about he glances up and whispers to Killian "Pop quiz tommorw, math" and then he jumps rails again "Still, I wish I had your tick. I like it way better then mines"
Killian shakes his head then says it again, "Show off", when you get past the crazy Jose is actually a nice guy and is pretty darn funny and Jose is right, testing the emotions of someone with little to no power control is a very bad idea, "My tick? sorry what's my tick?" he makes a note in his phone about the pop quiz.

Jose raises an eyebrow "….the whole eye color changing thing. You know tick, side affect of your abilitiy or whit not. That kind of deal!" he shakes his head chuckling "You know, for a fella who calls me crazy, boy do you have a hard time keeping up!" he states jokingly. He once again fixes his headphones, but end up just removing them and fidgiting with the band. "Darn things, stay on!"
"Oh, that. Theres more to the side effects than that, I can't touch anyone", he holds up his gloved hands, "And theres a few other odd things happening that I've still gotta get used to", Killian goes a little red at the 'keeping up' comment, it's not the first time someone has pointed out that he can be a little slow, "Have you thought about getting some new ones? One's that, you know, fit?"

Jose blinks and looks to Killian, and back to his headphones. Everyone and there sister have made that suggestion. He knew they ment nothing wrong about it, but still he hols the headphones just a bit closer "These fit just fine. Just need and adjustment is all". Ha! There busted, disgusted and cant be trusted is what those headphones are. But none the less he rubs off a bit of dirt and put them on his head. But as usual they slide down to where they shouldn't be "Whit other odd things?"

Killian holds his hands up again, "Chill Jose, no one is gonna take them from you or make you replace them", he shrugs at Jose's question, "My sight keeps going funny sometimes, sleeps been getting weird and theres a few other things I really dont want to talk about, we've all just got our own power downsides I guess, at least we look normal, some mutants aren't so lucky".

Jose gives Killian an apologetic look "Sorry, there just real special is all" He then procdes to raid the fridge and shouts to Killian "Think fast" tossing him a can of coke, and grabbing one for himself. Jose then leans agaist the fridge saying "…I never really considered it lucky or unlucky. Folks are just nasty is all, mutant, normal, alien. But, life to short to look on the bad side. Got to look towards the bright side. Know whit I mean?"

Killian catches the can with no problem, he may be a little slow on the uptake but no problem on the reflexes, "Thanks", he rubs his chest when Jose talks about people being nasty, "Yeah I know what you mean", he pulls off a glove and holds his hand next to the can so he's nearly touching hit, his eyes flash a light red colour and the can frosts over, pulling on the glove he opens and takes a sip of the drink.

Jose opens his can and drinks deeply before commenting to Killian "Now there's a handy trick. Makeing things cold. Can you do the oppisit as well?". It was curious, he hardly ever inquire about other peoples abilities, and now seemed a good time as any. He find himself a seat on a couch once more, his ears twitching as he listens to various conversations happening around the mansion.

Killian nods, "I can but that works differently, to make things cold I just need to absorb the heat from the thing I want to freeze, to make things hotter, I need to absorb heat from somewhere else to use, so freezing is the easier one but I can absorb heat from the air in theory so not that much harder to do". "Is your quiet thing similar, do you absorb the sounds you make?".

Jose for his part, has a limited understanding of his own abilities, using more instinct and practice then anything. But he does his bes to explain "Well….no. I affect…I guess the waves that make sounds. Sound isn't an energy, but…if I understand a shift or something that already exist. It causes a pressure wave that we call sound. So, I guess I more or less change how the waves work?" He scratches his head, not comeptly sure if that is correct or not.

Killian actually doesn't understand his powers much better than Jose does, some stuff he's been told by staff but most of the tricks he's tried have been suggested to him but another mutant that he's been talking to online, "That makes sense I guess, I don't really know how sound waves work exactly so I'll take your word for it".
Nods "Hmmm. You know…have you ever sought your oppisit?" is Jose seemingly random question. He takes another swig of coke before begining to chew on the can itself. He might not be eating it, but he sure was chewing

Killian frowns, "My opposite? what do you mean by that?", the can chewing gets a look but he doesn't comment on it, maybe thats another one of Jose's little quirks, instead he jst drinks from his own can.

Jose then grins "Well, if your power is absorbing things…and borrowing powers. Mabey if someone has the oppisit of your power, and you guys touch. Then BAM, your power get neutralized and you wouldnt have to wear gloves all the time. Savvy?" He nods to himself thinking it not completly thought out, but it sounded reasonble enough to him. After the can get a good amount of chew marks he tosses it into the can

Killian says, ""I can't borrow powers, I don't think so anyway", Killian thinks about the suggestion for the moment, "Where would I even find someone like that? and what IS the opposite of my powers? Even then I'm not sure how that would work but it's an interesting suggestion, would you get rid of your powers if there was a way?""

Jose cants his head "Shell no! I like my 'powers' even for all the trouble that cause me. As for where…not a clue. And what is the oppisit of your power…not sure of that either. But there is an oppisit to everything!" He places his hand behind his head in thought "But, I can imagine some people, just wouldn't want to be mutant, or have powers. Fishy was like that. Lived her whole life in the ever glades, she couldn't go far from water"

"Is Fishy another mutant you know? Where are they now?", Killian has only met mutants from the institute, well other than talking to 'S' online that is, he saved Charlie in New York but they don't even know if he'll grow up to be a mutant or not yet.

Jose nods "We didn't quite expect to meet each other. Last time I saw her, was last year. I was in deep trouble, and had to leave. She dosn't have a computer or anything like that. But she was nice" He nods confirming this to himself "When you skirt the fringes of society, you find out it's a pretty big world out there, with some wicked weird things. Cool too!"

"Not spent much time on the fringes of society, might not seem like it but back home I was one of the more popular crowd, I played sports, people liked me, now I'm that mutant kid who got sent away cause he was dangerous, things change so quickly", Killian misses just being normal than he did being one of the popular group, still it was fun.

Jose nods, but he dosn't seem to completly understand, and his expression shows it. "Not me. one way or another I was always on the move. I guess I was born already a mutant, I guess. I hear plenty of times that some mutants abilities don't show until later in life. Though I got to say, with how catious you are, I never took you for a people person" STreeeetch! ANd relax "But yea, I know what you mean bout things changing so quickly….it is odd around here. And not becuase of mutants mind you"

Killian chuckles, "Yeah, little more cautious these days but I didn't used to be, things change when you can kill with a touch", he listens to what Jose has to say, "If its not the mutants you find odd, what is it that you find odd about this place?", he knows what worries him but it'll be interesting to see what's bugging Jose.

"Well for starters, the bed. There are no benches, branches or soft dirt to sleep on. And all that is avaible outside, or here. Couch is closest thing to a bench. And I never seen a place stocked with so much food. Only place I seen with this many books is a libary. And then there the whole having to sit on your rear for hours on end! And it feel like someone is watching me all the time. And all these rules. Not that I follow most of them mind you." and a pause. That alot to take in already. "I'm not saying living out there was easy…it just different"

Killian chuckles again, "So the weirdest thing about this place to you is the home comforts and the fact the place seems to be run by a really rich guy?", he thinks for a second, "Ask for a tent and sleeping bag and see if they'll let you sleep in the backyard if that feels more comfortable".

Jose nods "Well yea. Caves, trees, the ground, sewers, those are the places I am used to being….and yea this guy is ridicuosly rich!" he chuckles "Anyways, what would I need a tent, or a sleeping bag for? I just sneak out at night. Which let me tell you, they have some tight security!" He glances about and whispers "The ears have walls. Beware!"

Killian whispers to Jose, "The bathroom on the floor of the boy's rooms, the window right in the lefthand corner of the room is right next to a drainpipe, easy way out", he noticed it last week when he went in there to take a shower, "It's the wall's have ears by the way".

Jose nods before rasing an eyebrow "Oh? And how many walls have you seen with ears?" Though one can almost see the gears working in his head as he tries his best to commit Killians escape route to mind. "Personly, I like going out my own window. Problem is getting back in."

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