2015-04-27 In A Quest for Headphones
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Players: Marie, Killian, Jose
GMed by No one
Title: In A Quest for Headphones

[* X-Mansion: East Woods *]

The back yard becomes a bit more wooded the further one goes, providing lots of places to run through the trees either alone or with friends. A path is worn through the high grass a bit further on, leading toward the lake. Otherwise from here one can either enter the woods or head back to the mansion.
The pathway, itself, is not simply here by happenstance… it is infact a cultivated walking path complete with periodically placed small lamps that are near the ground and shine a soft and small amount of light onto the earth at night. There is also an occassional log-cut in half and serving as a bench for hikers to sit upon.
With the sun rising, the forest was slowly comming to life all around. Birds sung their chorus of songs, and bugs rattled and buzzed to the tune. Squirrel skittered, and raccons slept, all in the name of sunrise. But even before first light, Jose was already outside, and currently up a 20 foot tree. Sitting upon a broad branch, he watched the sun rise as he watched dawn come as he waited for Marie to show up. Even if he wasn't at first seen, he was easily noticed by his kokoburra laugh, that stood out among the wild birds of the area.
Jose wore nothing but a graphic tee-shirt with shorts. No shoes, socks, or sandles, just bare feet dangling high above the ground.

Rogue came down the curvy pathway with her hands stuffed into her leather trenchcoat pockets, she had her own white and green headset wrapped around her neck. Her eyes were scanning the foilage around the forest and she eventually came to rest not far from where Jose was, just down below. She looked up at him, finding his laugh and then finding him. "Hey you!" She called up at him, it was early and she was still groggy, but she had her cup of coffee before coming out here and that had helped!

Jose gives a wolves howl as Marie calls up to him! WIth that he carefully begins dropping from branch to branch, searching out the safest path to the ground. When about 7 feet from the ground he completly jumps to the ground and rolls forward before stopping arkwardly on his feet still crouched down. After a moment of steading himself he grins and says in Bugs Bunny voice "WHit's up doc?"

Marie watched the boy come down from the tree at a near-reckless pace and then roll up to her and give her that infamous question in the bunny's own voice. "Wicked morning grogginess, thats what." She then flashes him a grin and looks around their immediately. "So you like it out here quite a bit, huh?" She asked, centering her gaze on him again. "You seem to be pretty happy out here."

Jose stands up and stretches, in his case he seemed wide awake. "I was practicly raised out here. And sides, unlike the city…or school, it not nearly as noisy, and not as many secrets to hear" he says cooly. And then he looks about "And lots of interesting stuff to hear -besides- people complaining about last weeks chemestry test being hard." And then Jose smiles "And I see yer git yer ugly monster on yer ears" he says in reference to her headphones

Marie listened to the boy's words and they made her smile up until the part about her headphones. She pulled her right hand out of her coat pocket and grabbed onto them, they were hanging around her neck, not actually resting on her ears. "Hey now, these are sexy beast headphones right here, son." She told him. "And beside, I thought maybe they'd help us find yours. You know, they could call out to yours in… headphoneese language." she grinned at him.

Jose laughs at that "Headphone language, must be this!" He close his eyes and begins making the same kind of static radios make when they trying to get a clear signal. Walking around, Jose goes around tree, bushes and log benches rather easily despite his eyes being closed, though he does trip up on a rock or two. After a moment he looks to Marie "Sides, unless your headphones are alive, were going to have to go deep in there!" He begins heading further into the woods.

Rogue was pretty light on her feet, so it wasn't too hard for her to keep up with anyone, but she had knee-high boots on that had pretty nice grip on their soles too, so her legs sliding through bushes and forest junk was't too hard on her. "So where did you last have your headset, bucko?" She asked him. "It wasn't like, by the water or nothin. I'd hate to think you dropped them in the lake."

Jose consider this a moment. Since he didn't have any protection to speak of now, he got an occasionly cut here or there from a sharp object, but ignored it readily as if used to such things "Well……last time I had my headphones I was up in some REAL tall trees, trying to jump from one to another! Course wouldn't be the first time my headphone were dropped in a lake". He weaves in and out some tree, doing some additional clicking noises as he does so. He frowns not finding them yet, checking the bases of varies tress they pass by

Rogue watched him bound about the forest with those little bare feet and it made her wince. "Man, just seeing you skirtin the line on a serious toe-stubbin' makes my skin crawl." She told him, hearing then his story about the trees… Her eyes went straight up and she looked up in the branches. "Then you definitely got them hooked up in a tree somewhere, like in the branches. The wire on mine gets hooked around everything it possibly can, like a tentacle with a mind of its own."

And with that he begin ascending the nearest tree, even faster then he decends from them. "Well…the wire of mines was ripped off years ago". After he gets up a few feet he scans about for those headphones "I just hope dat no squirrles or nothing took em!" Always seeming to go backwards in answer sentences, he reacts to her first statement "Well! I have gotten a hanging toe or two from stubbing my foot. Almost lost a foot when I met a hungry aligator. Now THAT was a fun time". Was there nothing that deters this ambitiouse mutant? With an adventurous soul he leaps to the next tree. Though he manages to catch the branch, it proved to much and it snaps sending him and the branch tumbling to the ground with a thud.

The branch hits the ground, Jose, however is caught by Marie who had already started floating uptward off of the ground when she saw him getting crazy in the climbing department… she was already prepared for him to fall and when he did, it was only a few seconds of free-fall befor he found himself dropped right into her arms. She smirked at him. "I don't need you breaking your legs, or your neck… trying to find these things." She told him, floating easily back down to the ground to set him down again. "Lets spot them from the ground if we can before we got veritcal…"

Jose laughs, and gives a thankful look "I didn't know you could fly! Hells, have eyes in the sky!" He shakes himself off and shakes a fake angry fist at the tree before turning to Marie "Well I aint seeing them here. But your right bout the nek and leg things, that how I was caught the -last- time. Really sets a fella back, savvy?". And with that he heads further in, weaving and bobbing through the tree before stopping and slowlying down significantly to check the branches above. Though as peer Maries suggestion, he avoids climbing for now.

Marie grinned at him then. "Yep. I got my own built in helicopter. At least the flying part, not the dangerous metal blades over my head." When Jose took off back to exploring Marie just kept hovering now, about five feet off of the forest floor she floated along after him, weaving in and out of the trees and ducking or raising over the occassional branch. "So I'm guessing these headphones don't work anymore? You just love them for what they are now?"

Jose nods in confirmation "Well, they work for what I need them for. And I don't love them" he says more quietly then usual. He has gotten used to many of the strange things that can happen at the mansion, so the flying bit was just cool to him at this point. Eventualy they get to a glade like area. As if having a spark of inspiration, he soars towards a group of particularly tall trees. There were various rock outcroppings, and even some steep hill like parts. However Jose navigated them easily enough "Here! I bet there around here!"

Rogue nodded her head softly to his explanation about them and she followed along behind, and a little above, him out to the clearing. When he bolted off she flew after him, leaning forward some to fly a bit faster… She touched down on one of the rock out-croppings and spied at the trees he was indicating. "Yeah? Well lets start looking up them and shout out if you see'em, I can go up and snag them for you."

Jose looks eagerly through the trees. He goes from tree to tree in search of those headphones. In some cases he even goes inbetween two of more tree looking where their branches meet. Eventualy through, he does shout, and it rings through the forest all around "Found theeeeeeeem!" He jumps happily and points up, and up, and up into an very old pine tree whose branches mingles with other pines trees.

The headphones were just as Jose had described them previously. The band was covered in a blue lightning like pattern, edges with red accent. The cups were large and sported a similar style. But, upon close inspection, something else becomes quite clear. There were -very- old, and pretty beat up. The band was warped, and the pattern faded. Even parts of the cups have completly broken off, and the muffs themselves could do with some replacememnt. It's a wonder that someone could even wear them.

Killian has arrived.

Rogue turned when she heard the boy call out and she floated off of the large rock in the grassy clearing to where he was standing under a tree. She hovered there in front of hima nd looked up at the top of the thing. "Ah man, they're really up there." she said, barely able to even make the headphones out from down below. She exhaled then and shrugged her leather trench coat off, letting it fall down to the forest floor. She had on a green t-shirt and dark grey jeans, tucked into her knee-high boots. "Alright…" She sighed and started to float upward, lifting her gloved hands up to help push off of branches and let herself 'snake' between them, might be a kind of neat thing to observe someone climbiming a tree without really thoching it that much.

Killian is just getting an early morning run in, he noticed during the Gauntlet training session that he's slowed down a little, so here he is. Running through the woods listening to a little Semisonic Killian is a little muddy due to tripping over the odd root here, due to his music he doesn't even realise the other two are there until he's right on them, he frowns pulling out his earphones as he watches Rogue float/climb the tree, "Squirrils talking to ya Jose?"

Jose turns to Killian. Instead oa simple hello, he simply begins emitting squirrl noises to Killian in answer. He then turns back to the 'climbing' Marie, finding it rather cool the way she is doing it. He jumps onto a branch hanging into it before pulling himself up. He calls up to Marie "Watch out for the Raccon family!" he says in warning before saying to killian in a yosetime sam like voice "Whits yer doing down there varment! Come on up, plenty of branch fer everwan!". Even if Killian didn't exactly like Jose, Jose was none the less still friendly towards Killian

Marie continued to floaty-snake her way up the tree, waving her body through branches until she found herself sitting on one directly in front of the headphones. "That raccoon vamnily needs to watch out for me!" She called back down to the kid below her. She wasn't aware of Killian having arrived near them as of yet… With a heavy sharp exhale she started to untangle the headset from the branches and pulling bits of leaves away from them and little sticks. "I think a bird was trying to turn them into a nest!" She shouted down below.
Jose gets another raised eyebrow before Killian shrugs and starts climbing up the lower branches, a work out is a work out afterall, no biggie where you get it from, he bumps his head a couple of times and the hit spots turn wooden for a second or two before fading back to normal, "What are you looking for!?"

With a voice like Zues, or an annoucer telling an adventerous tale he answers with "Join us in search of The Golden Heaphones! The worlds most coverted treasure! Fame, Power, and Fortune will be YOURS!!!!!!!". He contines to ascend the tree at a rapid pace, being rather reckless but easily moving up in the tree. He calls up to rouge "Take that bird to make like a tree and leave!"

With a voice like Zues, or an annoucer telling an adventerous tale he answers with "Join us in search of The Golden Heaphones! The worlds most coverted treasure! Fame, Power, and Fortune will be YOURS!!!!!!!". Jose contines to ascend the tree at a rapid pace, being rather reckless but easily moving up in the tree. He calls up to rouge "Take that bird to make like a tree and leave!" (repose with my actualy name, i occasionly forget that x.x)

Rogue smirked at the sound of the voices… voices? She pulled the headset out of the twigs and mud that had been caked onto them and looked down to see Killian was here now too… and both of them were up in the tree now below her? They probably had some twigs and mud falling down on them from the half-nest that she just broke apart and dropped. "I got'em, ya knuckleheads." She said loudly down at them. "If ya'll climb up this high you'll be liable to get stuck and then I'll have to get you too!"

Killian shakes some of the mud out of his hair, "Really gotta ask more questions before I start climbing trees", he climbs down a few branches then drops to the ground bending his knees to brace the impact, he leans against the tree waiting for the others to climb back down while pulling bits of mud and twigs out of his hair.

Jose shakes the dirt out of his hairs and retorts back to Marie "Me Stuck!? May I remind you who got them up there in the first place, byhimself to boot!" he says proudly. but none the less he dangle from a branch and begins to swing. One two and three and he jumps off towardas a rock cropping. He lands witha loud thud, but sticks the landing produly. "Haha! I am master of fire, water, earth and air!"

Marie smirks at the words that Jose says as she looks over to see him on the rock now. "You're master of gettin your neck broken someday." She says down at him as she stands up on the branch below her and just peacefuly floats out of the tree, spreading the branches apart in front of her with her arms, like one might go through a doorway. She glides down past Jose and tosses him his headset. "Mine headset is nicer than yours." She says to him sticking her tongue out before she comes to settle her booted feet onto the ground and looks at Killian, she grins at him and then nods toward the ground he was standing on…. her trenchcoat.
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Killian chuckles and shakes his head at Jose before Rogue floats down and points out what he's standing on, then transition to him jumping to one side grabbing the coat and brushing it off while apologising profusely, "I didn't realise, the ground is soft and the coat, I'll have it cleaned?", is offered with despiration, girls can be funny about their clothes.

Jose chuckles like a hyena at Killian. He easily catches the tosses headphones and give them a high toss into the air before catching them again. In all truthfullness, his headset looks like crap compared to Rogue, but to Jose there was no comparison "Yer headset may look nicer, but mines is way better. Has more history then a book on revolution!" And with that he places the almost falling apart headphones on his head, which quickly slide down where they shouldn't be. Fact is, Jose is eventualy, probably does need a new pair.

Rogue had her own headset still around her neck, a bright solid white and neon-green set that looked brand new. She'd brought them to talk to Jose's headset in their own language to help find his and it worked! (sure it did). "I like dirt." Marie said back at Killian then taking the coat from him when he offered it. "As long as it don't smell like a dog's butt, then its all good, it'll fall off on its own time.. and its leather, so I'm sure its fine." She puts the longcoat around her shoulders and back on, tugging it by the lapels to even it out onher torso again while looking at Jose. "I'd rather have the history book." She said with a playful grin at the kid. "But you look whole again, so I'll take that instead."
Killian nods glad theres no comeback on the coat issue and just watches the headphone comparisions, he's happy with his earphones hanging round his neck, "So, anyone gonna explain why those were up a tree or is that just a stone better left unturned?", that seems to be the attitude when it comes to some odd things round here.

"Dead men keep no secrets" is Jose's creepy reply, completly with ghostly voice. He grins and explains "Last night, I went aclimbing, and jumping and running through this here forest. Up and up and up I went. No light needed, no souls pleaded. Just me, the sky and lack of sunshine!" followed with a kokoburra laugh. None the less he contines "While tree hoppin, me headphone slipped off, probaly need more duct tape. Anyways I was going to search for them last night, but Marie here didn't quite like the idea. Savvy?"

Marie let Jose do the explaining and then she nodded a bit and looked at Killian. "Yeah… he was going to come out here after dark and trudge around here hopping around trees and rocks… little bugger will end up with a broken back here in the woods all by himself." She then looked back at Jose. She grinned at him. "Don't even tell me how many times you've already snuck out at night that I don't know about either…"
Killian nods as Rogue translates Jose's explaination, "Jose, no more Pirates of the Carribian for you ok?", one person talking like Captain Jack Sparrow is more than enough, "I get enough of that from Charlie". He looks up at the trees, "If you're really worried you could just have him tagged or get the Cuckoos to keep track of him".

Jose crosses his arms "Don't bother tagging. Jaws of life get thopse right off." He glances about and begins rock hopping saying to Marie "I won't tell you how many, I'll just tell you were to start. Day One". Jose never was much for rules, as he rock hops he chitters out "Four stones lay where three roads meet. Two white clouds, cloak one sun's heat!" He spins on a rock facing Killian and Marie again, he fixes his headphones, but they just slide down.

Marie put her hands in her pockets and listened to Jose's words and then looked over at Killian. "The Cuckoos can contain you, you say?" She asked with a grin. "Come on, guys. Lets start back. Ya'll got class soon." She turned and started to walk throughthe clearing again toward the dirt pathway that curved through the eatern woodds.

Jose just gets another, "uh-huh" from Killian before he looks back at Rogue, "I actually don't have any classes this morning, I've gotta go speak with a member of the medical staff, so I've been cleared for the morning thats why I figured I had time for a run", still he starts following up the path behind Rogue waiting a little back for Jose to catch up.

Classes….yea not Jose thing. He sees Marie and Killian begin heading to the Mansion, and he himself looks deeper into the woods. It would be easy for him to run, his foot steps at least untracable as far as noise is concerned. Sneaking off would be easy…but, then if he is caught he might have to go back to somewhere other then here. Choices, choices. With a whisper of a sigh he trudges behind not really trying to keep up and rather hoping they lose him.

Rogue keeps walking down the pathway, but she does glance back to see if they're on their way. "Jose!" She shouts back past Killian at him. "I got that bag of snickers bars that you earned! But its back t the schooooOOooool!" She tells the kid, trying to bribe him into acting more energetic toward keeping up. She glanced at Killian then. "You going to keep jogging or are you coming in too?"
"Is giving him sugar really the best idea? he's hyper as is", What Jose might be like on sugar is a worrying thought, well actually he won't have to tidy up so meh no worries, "I'll head back with you guys, hitting the showers would probably be a good idea before the thing, don't want 'kid smells' on my notes right?"

Jose raises an eyebrow "I ain't hyper…never have been" in large contridcation to Killian statement. Though Killian proably is rather right. None the less the call of candy dosn't truely get Jose moving, but he at least keeps up, his bare feet making the leaves crunch beneath his feet. The adventure in the wood made him covered in dirt "Why don't you just skip the shower?"
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"Skipping showers is what leads one to having no friends!" Marie called back to Jose then with a grin. "Makes ya a smelly pod, and nobody likes the smelly pod in school." Marie hopped over one of the log's that was split in half to serve as a bench and she landed in a puddle that was hidden on the other side. "Ah… son of a bit—-" She said, getting mud all over her boots…. this made her groan loudly as she stepped back onto the pathway and headed toward the school. "I just had these cleaned…"
"Like the lady said, no one likes the smelly guy, plus showering after exercise is just a good habit to get into, morning and night too man", this does call into question how often Jose showers but he doesn't push the issue, "Can bring your boots into the shower with me if you want? Water, soap, shampoo, spotless shoes".

"Once a day is enough showering to me. Mabey twice if particulary messy" Jose states as he looks down at himself "…I guess one wouldn't hurt" He take off his heaphones and looks them over "And these could use a cleaning too. Happy headphones make for happy ears" As they get closer and closer to the school, one of Jose odder 'ticks' starts up again "No, I do not like tricks yogurt. Yogurt is disgusting!". He rubs his head in partial annoyance and takes a deep breath "Come on Jose, just another day"

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