2015-04-28 Asking Leo For a Favor
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Leo (NPCed by Phantasm)
GMed by NA
Title: Asking Leo for a Favor

Hoboken, New Jersey

It has been said that Hoboken is THE only place worth visiting in New Jersey by some. Well, at least by one. That one would be Leo. And the reason would be because of his bar of course. He can use the business.

The elder bartender, older than he may seem, is situated behind the bar, cleaning glassware as he looks to the empty establishment. Business has been quite slow, which, although appreciated by Leo from time to time when he needs a sanity break is lamented when it occurs too many times in a row. This is the latter. Giving a sigh, the blondish, scruffy man reaches up to thread a wine glass on the overhanging rack.

Opening the door to the bar with a silhouette cast into the door, Stephen Strange steps into the place with a frown as he slips his hand back behind his back. "Leo. I require words with you." Explains the sorcerer as he steps up to the bar.

With the voice breaking the silence of the room, the bartender looks over towards the door expectantly at the source of new business. But upon seeing who it is, the smile waivers. "I don't know, Steven. With all of the people here You may not even get a word in edgewise." With the LACK of customers in the bar, the presentation of the words can be interpreted as Sarcasm. Or a serious case of denial.

"Leo." Begins Stephen, moving to sit on one of the many empty barstools with his bandaged hands showing to Leo. "I could use your help." Explains Stephen while looking down at his gauzed hands. "Many forms of evil seem to be converging. I have come to ask you a great favor." The warlock informs Leo with a wide frown on his lips as he looks up to Leo's eyes with actual fear.

Leo frowns as the serious tone of the doctor reaches his ears. The hands stop drying the glass he just recently picked up , "A great…" He pauses, eyes widening. "You mean-?" He pauses before immediately shaking his head, "You've got to be joking!"

"No. I wish I was able to joke on this matter Leo. I'm going to give you an option though I am already leaning towards one over the other." Stephen says, his fingers moving to interlace but he stops himself with a frown and a wince. His grey eye look up to Leo, "I need you to either fight along side Mike and myself and hopefully others, or I need you to abandon your earthly phantasm abilities to protect the dream realm from further attack." Strange tries to give the bartender a choice in his fate.

The bartender's frown deepens as his voice becomes more irate, "What the HELL makes you think you can come in here and throw your weight around like that? We have NO obligation to your personal agenda." He points to the door. "I am NOT a pawn of yours to use NOR is he ready. GET. OUT."

"I have no personal agenda other than to defend this planet and it's citizen's way of life." Stephen says as he stands up. "I'm not trying to throw my weight around Leo. I'm trying to save everyone…" Strange looks down to his shoes with a soft frown as he steps over towards the door. "You're right, you don't have an obligation to anyone other than yourself Leo." There is a hint of harshness in Stephen's tone, maybe he hopes to tug on the chance that Leo cares for at least one person other than himself.

"Almost. Everyone." Leo snaps, "You know very well what those options given mean."

Stephen simply nods. He does. "I know exactly what I ask. I am asking you to make the greatest sacrifice but to be one of the greatest versions of yourself." Stephen says as if he's seen several of Leo's future selves.

Leo stares at Strange quietly. Glaring for a few more moments before he sighs, turning away to pour himself a drink and mutter a curse. He doesn't argue but simply sips his drink, giving a reluctant nod.


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