2015-04-28 The favor backfires
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Cat, Black Widow, Iron Man, Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: The Favor Backfires

- JFK Airport --
Yar. Thar be planes. Yar.

It's another stormy night in but this time it's natural. The lightning rolls over JFK causing a few delays and a cancellation or two. Felicia finds herself at the airport today as she's planning to go away to Europe for a few days and take a breather from all the crazy Asgardian's and drama in her life. She has a single carry on and a rolling suit case behind her with a swiss army logo on the back side of it.

Oh geez… DRAMA. Who wants that? Certainly not this entertainer…

After a temporary redirect and the loss of one escrima tutor due to overbooking in Tokyo, Mike's plane has finally taxied over to a gate and the process of connecting the ramp to the side of the plane is nearly complete. On the plane, Mike is gathering his belongings. But this a mute point for the scene building as Mike is STILL ON THE PLANE.

Natasha had gone to the Stark Tower earlier in the stormy night to pick up Tony and take him out for some food, and… apologize for some previous… words they'd shared. She was driving her black fancy sports car, it had a backseat for Mike… sort've. They'd arrived at the airport in record time, as Natasha was a bit of a… speed demon, but she was an exceptional driver at the same time. "Alright, he should be landing." She said, after parking the car in the air ports covered garage. She popped the door and got out. "I guess we just go inside and text him what gate we're at."

Tony gets out walking inside staring at the flight board. "which flight is her on? We can go to his gate or wait at the luggage thing." he motions towards it. "I don't normaly come in here. I just goto my plane and go."

Felicia stops at the baggage check and sighs a breath of distaste. She gives some small talk while running a hand through her hair and passing the luggage to the worker and leaving as she moves about with an oversized towel bag under her arm.

Door to the plane opening, Mike does end up being one of the ones getting to leave first. Guitar case in hand and carry on in the other, he looks to the vacant seat of the connector that would have been for the tutor had he made it on the first flight. Oh well Mr. NPC, your sacrifice was not in vain. Mike's guitar was likely very appreciative. He scoots. Feet making good time to head down the gate before the herd of Section 1 and 2 passengers can follow.

"I absolutely love that a man with such amazing technological prowess, refers to the baggage claim as a 'luggage thing'." She says to Stark as she walks with him toward the bright airport doors, her hands going inside of her dark red jacket. She gave him a grin then and a poke with her left elbow before they passed into the airport and walked toward the luggage area. "Flight 262 is the one we're looking for, yeah…" She glanced at the electronic board. "Looks like its unloading its bodies, so I guess we're good still."

Tony smirks with a laugh at Natasha, "Yes. The luggage thing." he notices someone not too far away. "Isn't that Felicia?" is asks h waves trying to get her attention.

Felicia walks around to the security check place now, making sure to take off all the metal she's got on her person. Belt, earrings, shoes even. It's going fairly smoothly for her.

Annnnnd they're off, starting off in the lead is the woman who was seated in the front row with the cumbersome rolling carry on with the wobbly wheel and right behind her is Mike the Musician with his double threat of guitar and carry on. He shifts to the side, in efforts to bypass the blockage to the gate artery but finds it to be difficult as he has to shift back to allow an airport worker heading the opposite way to offer assistance with other passengers. He ends up shuffle stepping before having to completely stop as the woman does so, to realign her carry on. Spotting the gap being freed up, Mike lifts up his case, and steps around. CLEAR SAILING FROM HERE! Without obstruction, Mike's steps cause for him to walk quickly and with purpose towards Baggage Claim, and consequently the primary exit for arrivals. But prior to that, he comes near the exit point for the security check folks.

Natasha heard Tony's words and she flipped her eyes around to look where he'd indicated. "That is Felicia, all right." She replied, staring at the whtie haired beauty. "Looks like she's on her way out of here, maybe she's sick of Loki." She looked at Tony then and sent him a small grin. "Guy tops my bike over another time and I might put him on a plane out of here."

Tony assumes that Felicia missed his waving, "Maybe.." he looks around, "Why don't you say hey.. I'll go find Mike."

Felicia isn't looking anywhere near the baggage claim, that's not where she's headed. The white haired woman has a smile on her face as she starts to put her belt and earrings and her shoes back on without registering a need to be searched more in depth. There's a loud thunder clap above the airport suddenly with a frown from Felicia as she looks up. Cat's definitely don't like thunderstorms.

As Mike rushes to the exit, the familiar glimpse of white hair paired with the familiar features triggers him to stop for a double take at the woman getting readjusted in the post security check area. The half wall separating the two isn't enough to give that much privacy to the thief. "…Felicia?"

Natasha shook her head at Tony's words. "Nah. Lets freak her out a bit." She said, her phone already up in front of her face she zoomed it in on the white haired woman, nice and close…. spy phones work really well. She snapped a picture and then a moment later she had the image sent to Felicia's number in her contact list with a message. ~I'm watching you…~ included on it. She then put her phone back in her pocket and looked at Tony. "Mike'll come here to get his stuff, I'm sure. We don't have to split up and then spend an hour trying to find each other. Besides…" She grinned at the famous billionaire who was probably about to get spotted by adoring fans at any moment. "I don't need you getting shot again without me around." She teased him.

Tony smirks at her, "Alright fine you win." heavens forbid he get shot in an airport.

Felicia looks up towards Mike with a confused brow lifted on her face. "Who- Whoa!" She says with a wide smile growing on her face. "What're you doing here?" Asks Felicia with a tilt of her head as she plucks her phone out of the container and walks over to the wall, "Hold on." She says as she looks down at her phone which causes the other brow to shoot up and she looks back over her shoulder before replying to the photo with a soft smirk. "So what's going on?" Felicia asks, her attention going back to Mike.

"Just returning f-" Mike pauses, waiting as she looks to her phone and then behind her. Eyes glancing in the same direction, he spots a couple of Avengers and gives a bit of a smile before looking back to Felicia, "Uh, just returning from Tokyo, you?"

Natasha spied Mike now having met up with the white haired wonder. She glanced back down at her phone then and smikred at the text response she got from Felicia. She put her phone back in her pocket then and went over to the baggage claim as it started up. "My favorite part. Watching the bags flop out of the tunnel, sometimes they're busted up and people's stuff is all spilled everywhere, thats… somehow satisfying, in my twisted mind." She told to Tony… who was… talking to a young kid that apparently ID'd him and wanted an autograph. "And, here I am a Widow talking to herself. How typical."

"Looks like your ride is here." Felicia says with a soft frown as she looks down and then back up to Mike's eyes. "Would you be mad if I hit you up when I got back home?" She asks quietly towards the famous musician, even as she starts to push away from the wall and leaning towards walking towards her terminal.

Mike nods, "Sure thing, Felicia." He gives a nod to the ex, "Have a safe flight." As Felicia heads off, he turns his head to watch her for a few more moments before he starts continuing his way to Baggage Claim.

Natasha watched Tony talk to the little kid, kids actually now and she smiled at the display of it… she didn't like kids, but he sure was good with them… she liked that much at least. Thats when she looked back at the luggage turnaround and sure enough, there was a bag flopping out with a weak zipper and a bunch of plaid shirts all spilled out of it. "Heh heh." She uttered quietly, quite amused, to herself. She then saw Mike approaching and she lifted her right hand up to him in a small motionless gesture of greeting. "Welcome back, blues traveller." She told him when he got close enough.

Tony is giving autographs and allowing a few pictures. He takes a moment to kneel carefully by a girl in a wheelchair. Once the picture is taken he gives her cheek a kiss and rises back up moving towards the others. He then trots past them towards Felicia, "Not going to say goodbye?"

Having taken a few steps, Felicia stops to turn around at Tony's words. "Figured you weren't going to say hello." The young thief says with a smile to Tony her blue eyes locking onto his. "I'm not gonna be gone forever T." The burglar notes, keeping the smile on her teeth. "I'll see you when I get back." Before she turns on her heel to leave to the gate her plane will be at.

Mike lifts up his bag slightly in a semi wave. As Mike comes closer to Tony and Natasha, his pace suddenly starts to slow. Eyes darting around as he looks at seemingly nothing. The smile fades suddenly as his glance drifts away from Natasha entirely and follows something, leading in direction of a stragling fan kid who has wandered away from his family and is near Mike. And suddenly, there's a wolf in the airport running straight towards the kid. Gutiar and suitcase falling to the floor, Mike snatches the kid, turning to run before getting knocked down by the wolf himself.

Natasha didn't see the wolf coming as it was approaching behind her. But she did turn when she heard the subsequent screams just in time to see a flash of its grey-furred form right before it lunged at Mike and the kid he picked up. All oddness aside, it was time for her to react and so she charged at the threat and… shit, she had no weapons on her, this was just a casual pick up night! not a combat operation! So, improvise! She drew close to the wolf that had lunged at Mike and she did a soaring strike-kick with her right foot toward its furry ribs!

Tony is watching as Felicia leaves spinning at the sound of screams. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a small device, "Natasha!" he tosses it out for her to catch while she strikes at the thing. She will recognize it as a small device that can paralyze anything for fifteen minutes.

Felicia turns her head at the sound of shouting from fairly close behind her. She hesitates as there are Avengers over there to help but she does decide to stop leaving and move back to the wall. Her bag is left on a nearby bench with a frown. It better be there when she gets back. The woman only observes for now, watching Natasha and Tony work for now.

With the wolf knocking him down, Mike forces himself up despite the weight in order to shove the kid out from under him. "RUN!" He snaps at the kid before his head snaps back in pain from the claws raking his back. "The f-?!"

The attack Natasha tries on the wolf doesn't work quite as expected. While she does come in contact with something tangible, the wolf does not even seem to notice her presence as it continues on it's set motion.

Natasha's kick didn't really, do much… but her eyes went up as she heard her voice called out and like a lightning reaction her right hand was up and holding the device that Stark had tossed at her. She goes down at the Wolf on Mike and slaps it onto the beast's neck and then activates it with a punch of her same hand, the devices SPARKS and sends a massive wave of energy into the canine's neck, while Natasha herself, rolled off to the side on the ground now.

Tony moves towards Felicia in a guarded position. Calling his suit would be stupid since he hasn't been cleared to wear it yet.

"What're you standing near me for Ironman?" She asks, her voice dropping to a whisper. She just assumes he knows about her abilities, or at least some of them. "GO. Go help." Felicia attempts to request Tony to be helpful.

Mike turns his head, getting the slightest glimpse of the wolf as the device activates, the light of the spark a good indication that it packs a whollop but with the creature still moving, Mike's face grows pale with realization. "Tash-" He grunts, "Knock." He grimaces as he tries to focus, blood becoming apparent on his clothes, "-me out."

Natasha had rolled away from the shocking device when it went off and was laying there on the hard floor on her stomach, she eyed the beast to see what the weapon did to it… Then she heard Mike's struggled words, and they made her eyes narrow in a moment of confusion. She didn't vocalize it. She knows what she heard him say, as odd as it was of a request. She punched him, right square in his nose, and a Natasha Romanoff pucnh was no mere jab, but more like a Mike Tyson hit.

As Natasha follows up on Mike's request, Mike's head moves back with the force of the punch, the back of the head smacking the floor. As he blacks out, the wolf's fierce presence lingers but a few more seconds before vanishing, leaving the torn up musician lying on the floor.

Tony isn't a hundred percent but when a woman demands you help it won't go questioned. He runs towards them and slides across the floor picking up the device. Flipping a switch he puts it on full power and leaps out to tag the thing on the side of the rear while trying to ge this other arm around it just as it vanishes making him land on the floor on his injured side. Pulling his coat off he then takes off his shirt moving on his knees to press it on the wounds that is on Mike's back. Taking out his cellphone he dials 911.

Felicia's head turns to make sure that her bag is where she left it. Who trusts anyone in this airport anyways? She looks back to see that Mike is taken care of, and quickly resigns to give him a call as soon as she's landed. It's been one of those days.

Natasha watches Mike, after he was hit by her fist… She cared for Mike, in her own cold way, but she knew she hadn't killed him. She's punched more men than she count (she can count every one of them, actually.) It was a precision punch that neither did 'too much' damage, nor too little to get the job done. She looked over at Tony then to see him calling on his phone and she did a swift push-up to lift herself off of the ground.


"Catch phrase!"

Natasha looks in the camera, "Boom goes the dynamite!"

Mike twitches, "Nggh."

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