2015-04-28 The Request
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: The Request

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

You see nothing special.
Founded in 1736, Bellevue Hospital center holds the distinction of being the oldest public hospital in the United States. As with all hospitals Bellevue speciallizes in Psychiatric facilities and Emergency Response. It also serves as a home to FDNY-EMS Battalion 8. So when you have a medical emergency, who you gonna call?

Well, 911. But they're going to send you here if you're close enough.

Natasha (IC) is here.

Obvious exits: (or check 'rose' for directions)
<O > - Out

After the events at the airport, Mike has found himself at the hospital once again. If he were awake, he'd likely exhibit signs of distaste for behing here. But, with the generous application of sedative. Mike is still asleep, albeit trying to wake up.

Outside of the room but peering through the doorway, an elder visage of the hospital patient stands, Hair speckled with bits of grey and a firm frown set upon his features. This person does not appear to be happy, nor does he display anything in contradiction to this visual assessment as he turns and storms down the hallway.

Natasha had stopped into the hospital just a few moments ago. It'd been a busy day and she'd had to drive out to Shield HQ and then all the way back… but she needed to check in on Mike… so here she was, walking toward his room, being escorted by a young doctor that was overly eager to assist the redhead in finding her way through the hospital maze. They were having a friendly conversation when Natasha saw the figure outside Mike's door, a moment later the male doctor did too. When the two got near to the 'elder Mike visage' the doctor spoke up to it. "Excuse me, can I help you?" The doctor asked, Natasha just stared at the frowning man with a serious expression on her face.

The man doesn't respond as he continues his leave of the hallway, pale blue eyes looking to Natasha, a look of stern disapproval flashing in his expression before he looks onwards, features shifting to a more neutral one. Apparently the answer is 'no' as he leaves the doctor and Natasha alone.

"Sir?" The doctor was persistent, even taking a step away from Natasha, who quickly reached out and grabbed the doc by his elbow. "Let it walk off." she told him. "It?" The doctor repeated, but Natasha ignored that part. "Get one of your hospital security up here and post him outside the room. Have him bring a camera too that can be aimed at the doorway." A moment later the doctor was walking off and Natasha was stepping toward Mike's door. She pushed it open and walked inside of of his room.

Despite the exchange in the hallway, Mike is still lying in the bed. Eyes closed, he seems to be peacfully at rest despite the drip bags hanging from a nearby stand gradually giving Mike a dose of the contents.


An arm cuff starts to expand as it gives it's boisterous protessts, which is enough to cause the musician to grumble, eyes opening slightly.

Natasha stepped up to the end of Mike's bed and looked down it toward him when his eyes opened. "Can you hear me?" She asked him with a flat tone. Her eyes flickered over to the display monitors on the large screens with their fancy high-def images of all hits vitals. She looks back to him then. "Mike?" She asks. "Whats going on with you, Mike?"

Glassy eyes move, halfway focusing on Natasha in a non-verbal confirmation of hearing her. As the machine finishes with it's measurements, they show the vitals of the musician to be good sans his pulse. That seems to remain on the slow side. If the medical chart is any indication, this is a byproduct of what the doctors put Mike on. "Leo." Mike answers, pausing to take a breath, "he's dead."

Natasha had her eyes down on the chart, she had just pulled it out of the holder at the foot of his bed. When he started speaking she looked up from it and started to walk around his bed on its right side. She now stood beside him, holding the chart. "He's dead?" She asks. "When? How do you know?" She could remember her brief time with this friend of Mike's, he was nice, when he wasn't being possessed.

Mike turns his head, looking over to a nearby wall. "When I got his powers." His head tilts as a much more pleasant behaving dog appears, running over to Natasha with it's tail wagging. "Need a clear head."

Natasha didn't like dogs, or really any animals. She stared at it and saw that it wasn't being hostile like the wolf was… But her eyes quickly returned to Mike as he laid there. "Mike, this stuff is getting out of control. Its already gotten there, actually." She tells him. "It has to stop. What happened at the airport is raising a lot of concerns. There's video footage of the wolf disappearing into thin air… You need to tell me how to help you control, whatever, is going on."

Mike sighs, tilting his head back, a he closes his eyes, growing quiet in concentration. He frowns as the dog fades away. "I need." He murmurs, tiredly reaching towards the IV lines, "A clear head."

Natasha steps through where the dog had just been and she sets the clipboard back where it was supposed to be. "And how the hell are we supposed to give you a clear head, Mike?" She asked him then. "You come to me for combat training, you take off for over a week, and then you come back to… to what? Throw dangeorus magic tricks at us all?"

"I didn't know he was going to die!" Mike snaps, jerking up only for the IV lines to tug at his skin. He falls back, closing his eyes as his head hits the pillow "I haven't seen him since we rescued him. I was fine til I got to baggage claim and then, suddenly that wolf." He grumbles, "hard to focus right now…mind's foggy. What did they give me?"

Suddenly. Birds.

"You're on pain killers, you big oaf." Natasha replied to him in a calm voice. She walked around now to the left side of his bed and she picked up a plastic cup with a straw in its top, she looked inside and it was fresh ice water. "Here, drink this." She said to him, offering it to him. "Well, something's going on and its directly tied to you, so you gotta churn those brain monkeys of yours and help me figure it out so I can stop it."

Mike grumbles, the chirp of a bird triggering him to grow quiet once more until the birds vanish. Tired eyes open, looking to the water, and taking the offered cup. "No more pain killers." He sips his water. Body untensing for a few sweet moments.

Natasha hadn't paid much heed to the birds or the sounds they were making, and they were gone. She felt like she was in some kind of a cartoon, like that movie about that rabbit. "You got pretty tore up by that wolf in the airport, Mike." She says to him, taking the cup back when he'd had enough. "If you don't want pain meds, I'll tell them, but I think its unwise."

A sigh. "I need. A clear head." Mike repeats himself, shaking his head, "Have to get this under control first." He gives a weak laugh, "Been through worse."

Natasha walked over to the large chair that was bside his bed and she sat down on its edge. "I swear to god, Mike." She starts, leaning back in the chair. "Sometimes its like I'm talking to someone who's not even in the same room with me." She tells him.

Mike's weak laugh repeats once more, "Close to it." He turns his head, looking to a wall. "One Phantasm, split amongst two… now back to one. But, never had a chance to practice Leo's abilities. Not evven a warning when they hit…"

Natasha sits there, leaned back in the chair with her arms on the wooden arms of the chair. "So thats what happened." She replies, staring at him. "Leo died, and his abilities rushed you… quite literally, without you knowing how to control them?" She glances around the room. "Same with the birds, dog, and the creepy old version of you outside your room?"

Mike blinks, looking confused, "What version of me? I haven't seen that dream."

Natasha tilted her head to the side a little as she stared at him. "Version?" She asked him. "He was older, twice your age. He turned and walked away when the doctor spoke to him." She tells him, drawing in a small breath. "He wasn't much of a talker, like the version I'm speaking to now."

Mike tilts his head, "I don't think I made that."

Natasha sat forward then and she put her elbows onto her knees. "He walked off." She said. "Are you telling me that it could've been a real person?" She cracks a grin then and starts laughing as she looks down at her feet.

Mike turns his head, looking towards the open doorway. "Outside of my room?" His frown deepens, "I'd assume so. They looked like me?"

Natasha pushed herself off of the chair and she stood up again. "They did indeed, Magic Mike." She told him as she stepped around his bed to the foot of it again, her eyes were down on her phone now and she was typing some stuff into it. "I'm going to have to post up some shield guards for you, just as I did for Tony. I assumed that that was another one of your phantasms. But that was sloppy of me to do."

"Tony's here?"

Natasha's head shook as she stared at her phone, texting away. "No." She replied to him. "He's at his home. He hurt myself coming to help you, so he's lying down again, an all new injury for him to deal with." She said.

"Oh." Mike pauses, "Tell him that I'm sorry. I didn't know that wolf thing was going to happen. Didn't even realize what it was until that device didnt work on it."

"You don't need to apologize." Natasha said to him as she lowered her phone and put it back into her red jacket's pocket. "He's an aging super hero… he's bound to hurt himself in the job." She flashed Mike a very faint smile then. "I'll have three guards here soon… but I think its best that they don't sit in here with you if they're going to be dealing with random animal apparitions."

"Good call." Mike murmurs, glancing back over to the wall. "Be glad those are the ones that got through. The dream three doors down is a doozy." A brow arches as he grimaces.

"I don't even want to begin to imagine." Natasha replied to him then. "Do you need anything? Food or more to drink?" She asked him then. "I can go and grab it."

"Maybe an idea of when I can get out of here." Mike answers, giving a small smile to the female Avenger, "… Short that, more water is fine."

Natasha took in a breath of air and she gave Mike a nod of her head. "I'll find out, I'll speak to your doctor. The guards will be here within the next twenty minutes as well." She told him, making for the door.


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