2015-04-29 EXPLAIN
This scene is rated Everybody
Players: Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Phantasm
GMed by NA

Founded in 1736, Bellevue Hospital center holds the distinction of being the oldest public hospital in the United States. As with all hospitals Bellevue speciallizes in Psychiatric facilities and Emergency Response. It also serves as a home to FDNY-EMS Battalion 8. So when you have a medical emergency, who you gonna call?

Well, 911. But they're going to send you here if you're close enough.

Another day, another problem. As the appointed SHIELD types are guarding the door to his room, Mike lies in bed, eyes closed and teeth gritted. He remains still, avoiding any unecessary movement. Everything aches right now and the musician hates it. But. At least there haven't been any random animal appearances since the meds wore off. So that's kind of nice.

Natasha moves down the hallway carrying her tablet computer in her hands, she glances down at it after stepping out of the elevator and then starts to walk down the hallway toward Mike's room. When she reaches the two guards standing outside the door she looks up again, lowering the computer to her side and closing its black cover. "All quiet?" She asked them and the one on the left replied shortly. "Yes ma'am." Natasha then moved forward and pushed the door open, stepping inside the room she looked over to Mike on his bed. "How are we feeling today, Magic Mike?" She asked him.

Stephen walks into the room behind Natasha, without being carded, or even noticed by any of them. It's good to be the Sorcerer Supreme. He moves to a corner of the room and waits for a good opportunity to reveal himself to those present.

"Keep calling me that and I might get the wrong idea," Mike responds with a low growl, eyes remaining closed. Taking a deep breath, he lets it out slowly, pointer finger tip touching the tips of their respective thumbs as he's going for a rather zen look right now. Minus the saline drip. And the occasional loud whrr of the monitors. He gives a small sigh. "Hurting. But it's easier to suppress without the pain killers." He takes another deep breath.

Natasha stepped up to the foot of Mike's bed and stared at him while he spoke, she had a deadpan expression. "Thats good." She replies to him softly. "I hadn't gotten any reports of any odd behavior and no sign of that person again, peering in the room at you." she released a light exhale then and put both of her hands on her tablet that she held in front of her lap. "You should be able to be out of here tomorrow. I hear."

Mike gives a nod, betraying a small smile at the news. "That's good. Never was much of a fan for hospitals."

Now's a good a time as any. "It likely will be sooner than that Natasha." Stephen says as he slowly materializes into existence. "Things are happening rapidly." The warlock says cryptically before casting his gaze onto Mike, "How are you coping with you're new abilities?"

Natasha looked back to her right to stare at the man who'd appeared out of thin air. She sighed softly and then glanced back toward Mike. "Would you like to share, what, exactly it is that is materializing rapidly, Dr. Strange?" She asked of him.

Mike's eyes open as his moment of zen fades away as he looks towards Strange. "Thi-" He pauses, "Do you know what happened to Leo?"

Standing over in the corner, near the corner of the bed. "I do." Stephen says then falls silent, looking to Natasha and then Mike with sorrowful lingering in the corners of his eyes.

"Yeah." Natasha said then as she walked over to the chair for visitors to lounge in and she sat down in it, she liked these chairs, they were large and able to fold back into beds of their own. She lifted up her tablet, crossed her legs at the knee and started to thumb the screen of the computer, not saying anything else, it would appear.

The rocker eyes Strange as the doctor halts his response. "…Elaborate?"

"He volunteered to go help defend the dream realm and abandon his phantasm duties." Strange says softly, but honestly.

Natasha was shoe shopping on Amazon on her tablet while she listened to theo thers speak. "That sounds like a noble cause." She says, thumbing past a pair of boots. "I'm glad to hear he's not simpley dead then. I wuold've liked to have had the chance to get to know him more." She squints her eyes at a particularly ugly pair of footwear.

Mike's head tilts at the explanation. "Leo never said we could do that. As far as we knew, the only way to lose the powers are to get killed. And that's kind of iffy if there's just one of us." His eyes narrow at Strange. "Who was asking for volunteers?"

"The realm itself was being defended by mostly children's dream psyches, not the best option in my opinion." Stephen says, avoiding the question slightly. Then he gives a nod to Natasha agreeing with her.

Natasha doesn't ask anything. She's asked her questions in the past and she's received completely unhelpful responses. Its a game she's played and isn't interested in playing anymore. She sits quietly in her chair staring at the computer screen in front of her. "I'd be terrified of children's dreams. Especially the kids of today… they're sugar filled monsters." She thumbs past another set of boots.

Mike shakes his head, not happy with the response and repeats his question, biting the words out, "Who. Asked. For. Volunteers?"

"I asked him to do it." Stephen says flatly.

Natasha stared at the screen of her tablet and shook her head softly from side to side. "Nope. I'd step in one puddle and that pair would be ruined for forever." She quietly mumbled to herself.

With Strange confirming the suspicion, Mike takes a deep breath. Gritting his teeth. "Natasha." Mike states, looking over to the other Avenger, "Please close the door. I don't want the kids down the hallway hearing this…"

Stephen stays silent as he waits for Natasha to shut the door, and braces for the ass chewing he's about to receive from Mike.

Natasha stood from her chair and she walked over to the room door. She closed it it softly and then she even turend to the bathroom door and she shut that one too for the hell of it. She walked back toward the chair she'd been in, her boots quietly clopping on the hard hospital floor.

Mike's lips remain clenched shut. Giving Strange a visual chewing out while waiting til he can follow up with the audible. When the second door shuts, Mike's expression breaks, as he gives a forced chuckle. "You know. This seems awful familiar. I wonder wh-" He pauses, "Oh yes. That time when you almost got Wade killed by that cult by NOT. TELLING. ME. ABOUT IT. FIRST." The years of performing and vocal control is evident as each word crescendos, "FOR A GODDAMN SORCEROR SUPREME YOU ARE A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!" There probably would have been some hand gestures to go with the arguing but well, someone got attacked by a wolf. "No warning. Really? I damn near got a kid killed when you did that! Do you realize I was flying back to the states on an international flight? What if you were an hour earlier with making Leo volunteer and someone there was taking a nap after watching Nightmare at 20,000 feet?! CHRIST! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND WARN SOMEONE BEFORE YOU FUCK WITH THEIR LIFE!"

Stephen snaps his hands out to the side and the eye of his hidden amulet suddenly makes itself visible on his chest. With that the room seems to fade from existence and be replaced by something totally new and foreign. Islands floating off to the emptiness and white void. palm trees on some, and large taffy looking structures connecting all of them as some sort of psychedelic walk ways. "I am telling you everything I am able to Mike. I try not to be cryptic but by my role as Sorcerer Supreme I must, or lose the title and give it up to far more dangerous beings." Stephen says with a wide frown before he winces and clenches his fingers in pain.

Natasha closed her eyes when the fade-out began and she didn't really want to open them, either. But when she did she found herself staring at Mike's hospital bed, Doctor Strange near it and the rest of the mad land… around them. "Mike… Doctor… what the hell is going on?" She slowly released the question, standing up from her chair, scanning her eyes in every direction around them.

Something about being able to travel through dream worlds does lend to a form of exposure to what most scientists would lovingly call 'weird shit' and that's where Mike's bed is situated. In the middle of weird shit. He looks to the scenery, unimpressed. He remains quiet to allow Strange his rebuttal but gives Strange a disbelieving look. "So, a 'Hey Mike, don't go to crowded places today, trust me on this.' is considered, TOO much information?" He gestures to the scenery and then to Natasha, "Also, was the scenery change necessary?"

"Yes it was. You demanded privacy, you get all the privacy you'll ever have." Stephen says, hiding his hands behind his back. "I was going to inform you as soon as I returned from Jersey, I didn't expect Leo to make his choice as quickly as he did." Stephen says, looking down with towards the grass covered tile. Then he glances to Natasha with a soft frown, "We are in a mystical dimension between the dimension. It's a private sanctuary were we can talk in certain privacy."

"Must've been a HECK of a speech you gave him." Mike replies sarcastically, rolling his eyes, and folding his arms. An action he momentarily regrets as he ends up using the muscles around his wounds. He looks over to Natasha, "Hey, did Hulk ever tell you about the time he got pulled on to a team to save the world from a really powerful entity that is so addicted to games that he destroys worlds for refusing to play with him? He nods over to Strange, "He was team captain."

Natasha had started to take a few steps away from her chair then to look around behind where here ahir was. "No. He never told me about that." She replid to Mike then as she started to slowly wander around the area they were in now, curious to explore it a bit, it would seem.

Stephen looks to Mike and then to Natasha. "These are the kind of things I deal with on a near weekly basis, and having to keep it a secret is difficult. I do apologize for being so cryptic all the time, but do know I have your best interest in mind. But my office prevents me from interfering with maters born in our world." He finally explains that oath.

"Hmm." Mike considers, "Guess Loki wouldn't have mentioned his being on the team either. Kind of was going through a self-loathing phase at that time." He looks to Strange, "So, basically, your oath doesn't give a shit if some five year old gets killed by a powers misfire that could have been prevented by giving someone a minor heads up about an action you're doing 'for our own good'?" He gives a shake of his head. "That is a stupid oath. And it goes against another one you probably took."

"I am not allowed to intervene unless our planet is under attack or assault by an outside force. You fall into an odd category being a phantasm. I already explained I was going to warn you, Leo didn't give me time." Stephen does admit fault.

"That doesn't make the oath any less stupid." Mike replies, he grows quiet, looking to the scenery. "So. Can you tell me WHY you asked Leo to split?"

"I don't disagree, but I'm doing my best with what I can. Why do you think I've been teaching you?" Stephen asks, crossing his arms, again, keeping his hands hidden. "I told you already, the realm the phantasms are based out of are mostly children guards, and it's a prime target for Nightmare."

"Seems like he was more focused on coming to the waking world last time… Is he attacking now?"

"That's always his main goal." Stephen says flatly, "And I can never be sure, but I certainly feel more confident with Leo being there."

Natasha stood off from the medical bed several steps away, she was listening to the conversation but it was… out of her realm. She merely listened and let her eyes look about the strange, dimension, that she found herself within now. "Is this matter settled then?" She asks. "Because I think its time to go home."

"That depends." Mike replies, looking to Strange, "Is there ANYTHING else we need to know that you haven't covered yet? Like, what was happening rapidly… If Nightmare hasn't attacked the dream realm yet, I don't think that's what you're referring to."

"It has to do with the demons…" Strange says, trailing off as he pulls his hands into view, bandaged up and still bleeding somewhat, he allows Mike to see them as the world begins to shimmer and fade once more to normalcy, or at least normal for these people. He casts a frown towards Mike and Natasha. "I tried to infiltrate their home realm and was beaten back."

Natasha looks at Strange's hands and her eyelids narrow some. "You can teleport us to a far off plain of existence, but you can't do a sufficient job at wrapping your wounds?" She asked him, sounding shocked by this small bit of information about the Doctor and his 'still bleeding' hands.

"Not a very good Doctor, is he?" Mike quips, glancing over to Natasha, giving a slight smirk. The smirk fades quickly as he looks back to Strange. "Demon Infest as well or just full on demon?"

"There's not really a spell to heal your hands…" Stephen says to Natasha with a frown. "Trust me." He says with a glance to the floor. Then he looks to Mike shaking his head slowly, "Full fledged demons."

"Tell that to Wilson." Natasha replies with a small frown. "He'd give you a bottle of super glue and shout, alakazaam." She then took in a breath and turned away from the two of them to look around some more. "Demons, knocking at our doors. How wonderful. Fury will love to hear this." She dryly spoke outloud to herself.

"Well that's fucking lovely." Mike says, mirroring Natasha's sentiments before looking to Natasha , "It's not like it hasn't happened before. Loki and I had a few run ins with the lesser ones before I ended up with you guys. And we do have that problem with the uptick of people getting possessed by demons." He pauses, looking over to Strange, "Speaking of which… There have been encounters in Asia now."

"Wilson?" Asks Stephen towards Natasha with a raised eyebrow quizzically. "Who's Wilson?" Then he shakes his head, it's not important, what's important is, "I may ask for your help too Natasha should the time come. You handled yourself well when a giant snake showed up in the battle we shared." He then looks to Mike, "I can't say I'm surprised. Are your songs catching on over there?"

Natasha ignored the question as to whom Wilson was, she merely looked at Strange when he said that hse might be of assistance to him. "These phantasms seem to not like large bursts of electricity. Thats about as much as I've come to understand about them. I'm not yet sure how bullets would do, but I've guessed up to this point that trying them might prove to be a waste of time." She exhaled and then quietly added. "But if it came down to it, I'd try that too…" She looked away again.

"It's another guy named Wade." Mike supplies to Stephen, "Only worse." He looks over to Natasha, "No. Humans don't like large bursts of electricity. Leo didn't have the ability to take the phantasm form since that ability went to me. He could SEE dreams and pull out elements into the waking world, but he himself was always in human mode. So… shooting him, would have likely killed him. And jump started that problem in the airport much sooner." He sighs, "And I feel the need to state that Phantasms are more your ally than enemy. We don't like demons either."

"Demons seem to be vulnerale to magic." Explains Stephen towards Natasha, "If you prefer bullets, I could craft some for you but I have a person stipulation that they are non-lethal." He says with a stern look.

Natasha turns around again at the words spoken by Strange. "Wait, non lethal?" She says. "To the demons? Why on earth would you want them to be non lethal…" Her eyes peered once more. "Seems to me that killing the things and sending them back to the Hellverse they came from, would be the most appropriate reaction."

"Sometimes the demons possess people." Mike replies, "Leo was possessed when we fought him. Doesn't mean I wanted him shot dead. Hence the preference of sticks over bullets for me." Mike looks over to Strange, "The Asian countries are a LOT more receptive to the St. Raphael and St. Lucia tracks. Ideally enough members of the fan clubs there will circulate them around to where they can hold off any growing problems until additional help shows up."

"Because my plan is to return to the hellverse and put this uprising to an end." Retorts Stephen, figuring the aged spy would be more willing to kill than anyone else he's worked with. Mordo excluded. "Good to hear it Mike." Stephen says with a soft smile on his face. "I'll likely snatch you two up whenever the time has come to invade." Stephen says as he moves towards the door, the amulet on his chest disappearing once more and slips out, unnoticed by the guards again.

Natasha steps over toward Mike's bed after Strange walked out once more. She was quiet a moment before she looked at Mike. "I'm not sure that the two of us, and… Bandage Hands there are a strong enough army to fight off a horde of… demons. Are you?" She asked the associate of hers.

Mike watches Strange depart but remains. Because, well, hospital bed. He doesn't get cool exits. "Considering We prevented the world from being destroyed before with him in the lead, I'm not going to mark him off just yet." He gives a half smile, "Besides, I'm sure we're not the only ones on his 'to call' list. There are a lot of people with the potential to fight these things on our planet alone."

Natasha then listened to Mike's response and she sucked in a deep breath before slowly releasing it and looking back to the doorway. "Well, that'll be a motley crew that I look forward to seeing." She quietly replied before glancing back to Mike. "Okay. I'm going to go check on some things, do you need anything?" She asked him.

"The next ticket out of here hopefully," Mike quips, leaning back in the bed, momentarily grimacing at the jab of pain in the process. "And maybe the rest of the week off from training."

Natasha shot him a soft grin then and she reached out to pat him on the arm. "I'll pick you up in the morning. They shove people out of these hospitals faster than you can blink." She then turned and started to walk toward the exit.


The next morning…
Mike wheels himself out of the room.
~double fin~

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