2015-05-01 Strange Report
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Warning: N/A
Players: Fury Natasha
GMed by Fury
Title: Strange Report

[* Avengers Mansion: Director Fury's Office *]
This is a simple office, a bit cuttered with a large desk, a window overlooking the yard, and tons of filing cabinets stuffed to the hilt with paper and folders.

Nick Fury
Natasha Romanoff

Natasha walked through the main hallway of the mansion that leads into various offices. She steps up to Director Fury's and she knocks on it lightly… listening beyond the door she doesn't hear anything… She stays out of the office this time, not just going in due to this visit being a surprise and not a summon. The woman is wearing a black business blouse and a knee-length black skirt with some lovely little shoes on her feet. She takes a second to release a light exhale, how to explain this all…
Nick Fury wasn't in his office juet yet. Coming up behind Natasha, "Open the door and lets go inside." he says. Nothing different with this man, he wears what seems to be the same outfit everyday or some believe anyway. Once they are in the office he closes the door, "Have a seat. What's on your mind?" he asks sitting in the chair behind his desk.

Natasha didn't startle at the presence of Fury appearing behind her, she was cold as ice… as ever. She opened the door then and stepped inside. "Well sir, you heard about the attack at the airport. And… well, I went to the hospital to check on Mike last night, before bringing him back here this morning. I had a run-in with Doctor Strange while there…" She sat down on the edge of the chair in front of Fury's desk and put her hands ontop of her knees. "And, as to be expected it got pretty weird pretty fast."
Nick Fury folds his hands together placing them on the desk. "Explain weird." he says to her keeping his attention fully focused.

Natasha heard his quick response and she nodded once before sucking in a breath of air and she started. "While on pain meds Mike was unable to control his phantasm powers. He was spawning random animals within his room, thankfully only within it, infact." She started. "But when I first arrived there there was a man standing outside of his door. A man who looked almost identical to Mike…. except about twenty years older. The Doctor went to approach him but I let the man walk off…" she glances down to her knees and then back up to Fury. "Turns out I was wrong and that that individual was not a figment of Mike's manifested imagination, that… person was real. He walked like a ghost and said nothing, so I assumed it wasn't. But I was wrong. I let him go without asking him a thing."

Nick Fury listens as she explains about all of this, "So you are saying Mike was spawning random animals or Strange?" he asks trying to understand this. "Also you are saying that maybe his father or something appeared. Like a ghost? Do I need to get those three morons from Ghost Adventures to run EVPs on Mike?"

Natasha had a small smirk show up at the corner of her mouth and she shook her head. "It is Mike doing the spawning, though Strange is perfectly capable of it as well." She exhaled softly. "The man was at Mike's door when I arrived, and yes, now that I know it wasn't an… apparition I can only assume it was a family member of Mike's, but rather than speaking to us he simply walked away. It was very ghost-like. Unnatural." She then shook that thought away. "I then went inside Mike's room and thats when I found a dog, and then birds within there as well. But those were infact figments of Mike's creation. As was the wolf that attacked him in the airport, that Stark and I had to confront."

Nick Fury sits back in his chair a little letting this register. "So he spawned the wolf that attacked him and that could of easily killed innocent people. Question is why did he spawn somethign that would attack him?"

Natasha's head shook just once to her left. "It happened because a close friend of his with the same abilities… 'left this plain of existance' and in the process the power shifted to Mike and it was more than he could control, too surprising for him… which lead to it spilling out of him, which created the wolf. So it was like a light bulb exploding." She took in a light breath then. "At first we thought this friend of his had died, but Strange told us that he is not dead, he's simply moved to another place. Another dimension." Natasha isn't sure if its harder to explain this, or harder to listen to it.

Nick Fury raises a hand rubbing at his forehead, "So this makes him a liability. And how does Strange know all of this?"

"I wish I could give you an answer to this." Natasha replied to him. "From my observations, Strange knows all the answers, but only chooses to give us what he thinks we need to know… And his powers are frighteningly extensive. While in the hospital room with Mike. Strange arrived and wished to speak to us in private, so rather than just have the door shut… he transfered us to a 'dimension between a dimension'… his words." She shook her head again softly. "It was an unsettling experience to find yourself suddenly in a place that looks like its out of some sci-fi movie…" she exhaled again. "While there, Mike and Strange had a long back and forth, tug of war on everything going on… but in the end Strange said that there is a fight coming, a horde of demons looking to bust into this world. And that he palns to have Mike and I 'summoned' to help him fight it."

Nick Fury cants his head, "He can't just recruit you. I'm not about to lose one of my best to some Doctor that feels he can do whatever the hell he wishes."

Natasha softly nodded to the Director's words. "Yes, sir." She said, her tone falling a pitch or two. "However, I'm not sure there's anyway to stop him. From my experience, all he has to do is 'want' it.. and it happens. I could be laying in bed, happily asleep and then find myself inside swept away to his world." She looked down toward her knees and then back up at Fury. "So it would sound like this is a foregone conclusion and all I can do is hope I am at my best when he summons me, rather than… well, unprepared."
Nick Fury drums his hands on the desk a little bit. "So he is making you do this. Kidnapping you."

Natasha heard this and she glanced down at the front of his desk. "From a certain point of view. Yes." She took a second before looking back up at him with her green eyes, a serious look on her face. "But defending… all of this… is the responsibility that I have plaed upon myself, whether it be from enemies domestic, or… foreign. Demons? I guess are included in that. Though I am not about to say that fighting a demon is something I entirely believe is within my… wheelhouse."

Nick Fury watches her, "You want to do this?"

Natasha's eyes had fallen down again to the front of his desk when he questioned her like this and she looked back up at him… her eyes flickered a way a moment and then returned to him. "Well someone has to, sir." She said, shooting out a light exhale and a short laugh. "It doesn't sound like a good time, and I'm not sure that it won't be more than I can handle. But, can I just stand by and not participate? I don't know."

Nick Fury cants his head, "Do you need someone with you? I'll put Stark on it. He was there when the wolf attacked. Perhaps he can help with the hunt."

Natasha considered the offer and then she released an exhale. "I'm not sure it would matter." She replied. "If Strange summons me, and does not summon Stark… then there'd be no use to it, sir." She shifted on the edge of the chair where she sat. "It would seem that Strange is building some sort of trust toward me, as he has for Mike. He seems to hold everyone else at a far distance, if that trust isn't there."

Nick Fury sighs deeply, "I don't like this at all. I surely don't trust him either. It seems like there is nothing I can do about this."

Natasha nodded her head softly to him. "I know, sir. Its why I was't thrilled to tell youa bout it. But I know not telling you would be a far worse idea." She flashed him a faint smile. "There's something else, sir." She starts once more. "Strange had bandages wrapped around his hands, and yet his hands were still bleeding. I found that to be rather pecuilar… due to his… abilities, both magical and, well, surgical."

- END -

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