2015-05-01 The Thief and The Lawyer
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Players: Matt Jose
GMed by No One
Title: The Thief and The Lawyer

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.
This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. This part of NYC is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.
The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.
Hell's Kitchen is constnatly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.

It was a late night today. The time of night, hoodlums, late night workers, and all manners of odd folks come out. Among them was Jose, a young moment, who moved about without a sound. A habit he has developed since living on the streets. As he wanders about through Hell's Kitchen, he keeps a low head as he looks about, curiouse to New Yorks seeder area. But…fact is, he was probably going to be in big trouble if he ever get back to school. For now though, he simply slips past a few people minding his own buisness

Matthew Michael Murdock steps out of a taxi that pulls up to the curb nearby, and starts to head back toward his apartment for the evening. The door is just a few steps away, though at this time of night and in this part of town, he may appear to be an easy target for honorless thieves. He is quite obviously blind, after all. However, he doesn't appear to be at all concerned, his gait casual as he walks with a thin white cane pushed in front of him.

And just like any old theif, Jose picks Matt out. Moral is an odd thing to him, he was kind of hungry, and did need some cash for a ride back "home" and a blind person would be the perfect target. Choices choices. With a sigh, Jose begins to make his move, planning to take only what he needed, and leaving the rest hopefully at this guys door. With the ability to become completly silent, his footsteps make no noise, his breath leaves no trace, and his gut no rumble, all things he learned to silence when getting a job done. As such he casually makes his way past Matt, and quickly but lightly tries to get his hand in and out of Matt's pocket, where he believe the Wallet to be hidden.

Jose may have learned to walk without a single sound and even prevent his guts from rumbling with hunger, he still has a heartbeat. And skin that gives off body heat, just like any human being would. So while Matt is a bit puzzled that he can't hear any footsteps approaching, he can certainly feel the micro-fluctuations in the temperature of the air around him, as well as smell whatever Jose had for his last meal. Though it is rather faint, which indicates that he hasn't eaten for a while, which means he must be hungry. And that, Matt wagers, is likely why the young burglar is trying to sneak a hand into his pocket.

However, instead of doing what he typically does to criminals—that being beat the crap out of them, Murdock simply keeps walking, not even turning his way. He does address the young man, however. "What was it going to be? Pizza? Burgers?" The lawyer smiles slightly. "I bet I could get you something better." Is he on the phone? Nope. He's talking to Jose.

Jose was about to check the Wallet before blinking and looks towards Matt. He was stun "How…wha…", it was clear Matt had detected him, but how, Jose obviously dosn't know about Matts abilities. It was a bit arkward, normally he would have to find a way to get away or something when caught…no one ever done this. Nervous, Jose emits a series of irregular clicks before speaking "…just some…chips to hold me over." Though he remains the ever silent phantom, he slowly approches Matt "…I wasn't going to take it all. Just enough Sir. Was goin ta return the rest." which was the honest truth.

Yes, it was the honest truth, and Matt is immediately aware of that fact. It's certainly something he appreciates. He stops walking and turns in the direction of Jose's voice, resting both hands on top of the cane. "I believe you, don't worry." he replies reassuringly. "Just some chips, huh? Hardly sounds like a decent meal. So what'll it be?" he asks. "I know of a few good places around these parts."

This was certainly odd. And Jose slips the Wallet back into Matts pocket as he took it out "…..Any chinese food? Also, Wallets back in yer pocket." Though very suddenly his head 'whips' towards the north as his ears twitch beneath his headphones. Gunshots, not exactly close, but close enough for him to hear even with his headphones "….and anyplace…avoiding the north" He shiver all over, unsure of how to take any of this, and emits a kokoburras laugh before asking "Sir…why yer being so nice? Most folks would be cryin bullets"

Matt nods. "Yeah, I know of a nice buffet a few blocks south of here." He turns in that direction and begins to head that way. Upon being asked why he is being so nice, he just shrugs. "Why not? You're an honest kid, and you're hungry. Might as well make sure you won't have a good reason to walk away and steal from someone -else- less observant."

Jose follows alongside Matt "Less observant eh? Well I'll certainly give you that. Never met a …well…you know. Blind fella, who could find me before" an indication that this certainly wasn't his first time. "Though it getting to school thaat going to be the real problem. It kind of a long way from here. Bayville. Mabey I can, I don't know, wash your windows?" Thief, to worker, two sides of the same coin for this young burgler. If you have a good thing, hang onto it and do your best with it. He is quiet awhile, he wasn't on the job, and Matt was blind, so he was responding to a variety of conversations with just as many different voice, not thinking Matt would realise it him, but rather people on the street, though some things just didn't add up. Eventualy he asks "So, whats a suit doing out at night anyways? I hear this ain't exactly the safest hood in the streets"

Oh, Matthew definitely realizes it's him. Though he doesn't mention it. "I can make sure you get back to school safely…but if I may ask, what are -you- doing out here at such an hour, if your school is over in Bayville? Like you said, not exactly the safest neighbhorhood; though I just happen to live here." he replies.

After a few minutes, he stops in front of a typical sort of asian buffet—the one he and Wade had visited last week. "Think this would be it." He turns and moves toward the door.

SIlent as ever Jose creeps past and opens the door for Matt "After yall" and he adds in quickly "I know you coulda done it. Just figured it the right thing" As soon as there in, Jose considered the question. He looks about a bit nervous, he didn't normally do resturaunts "…I guess I just didn't feel like…going back there back so soon. Jist some…thoughts rattling in me head. Yea kin?. And, well I'm used to these kind of places, feels more normal then anything" His ears begin twitching quite a bite as he hears the cooking in the back and even mimics some the voice in a whisper. He then looks back to Matt "Anyone can live anywhere. Guess you just don't seem the type"

Matt follows Jose inside. "Hm. Something bothering you at school?" he asks, as he walks up to the register and pays for a meal for the young man. The waitress then shows them to an empty table. "Why don't you tell me about it?" The lawyer asks as he takes a seat at the table.

Jose manages to grab a pair of chopsticks just before sitting. He slides into a seat across from Matt "…No no. School's great! Well not great, I do like skip half the classes. And this is probably going to get me grounded." he remove his headphones and ends up jumping bagging the table quickly slipping them back on, muttering "Right right, it's the city". Jose looks Matt up and down and watches the table "…guess I just don't want to get used to something that won't last"
Matt frowns. "And why don't you think it'll last?" he asks. He's certainly noticed Jose's odd behavior, but again he pretends as if he is oblivious to it. It's something he's rather well-practiced at.

"…because it never does. The system knows it, I know it, and my 'forced upon' so called 'parents' know it" states Jose, and something in his voice is pained, and he certainly beleive it himself. Soon the food comes out. He pushes around the general sou with his chopsticks before actualy using them, properly none the less. "…and when summer comes…I'll be gone." he cants his head back and forth before popping some chicken into his mouth "Do you think words die when they are said? Or do they live and thrive?", it was his turn to a question.
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"Maybe," Matt sighs. "Don't give up on it, though." He's definitely picked up on the pained sound of Jose's voice. "You never know when something will finally come through for you." he tries to encourage the young man. There's a pause as the food arrives, and the boy begins to dig in.

Murdock doesn't answer the question yet, but rather asks a question of his own. "I don't think I got your name."

"I reckon that becuase I never gave it" was his reply followed with "But…I guess I owe you that much. Jose". Jose thinks on it a moment eating silently a few moments before saying "19" He slurps up some veggies and swallows some coke. Like any teen, he can fit his fair share of food.

"Matt Murdock." Matt returns with an introduction for himself. He leans back in his seat a bit, raising an eyebrow at the stated number. "19? Is that your age?"

Another pause, and he considers the question posed previously. "I suppose it depends on who said them, and what -kinds- of words they are. There have certainly been words said by people in times gone by, that were remembered for years to come."

"It's the amount of families I have had. Less then two months with anyone of them, except one. Florida, Geogia, New York, Massachuets, Rhode Island, and not even sure where else. That whole mess started three years ago" Jose states sadly. Why poor all this out on a stranger? Guess he is just hoping he won't even run into him again. And with the amount of trouble he going to be in, that might be true. He glances about "Ms.Frederick, cats don't eat kix!!!" in response to someone who is not even there.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Jose." Matt replies, frowning. "Well if there is anything I can do to help—" he pulls out a business card with the words NELSON & MURDOCK, ATTORNEYS AT LAW emblazoned on the front, with office and cell phone numbers, placing it on the table in front of him. "Here."

He feigns surprise and confusion at the abrupt statement towards a 'Ms. Frederick.' "Ah, has a friend of yours joined us?"

Takes the card, and looks it over "Don't be. I been labled a runner a long time" and then he gives Matt a look "Sir. I mean no dis respect by this. But either you think I am stupid, or you are the dumbest layer I ever met. And if you can find me stealing your wallet, then I know, you know, there aint no one else at this table.". Jose waits a moment and give off a kokoburra laugh "But no, is the short answer. Real question is, what you hiding this time" He watches Matt carefully.

Matt shakes his head, laughing softly. "Okay, maybe not at the table, but I thought you might be calling out to someone or something." Heh, he probably should have said 'Will someone -be- joining us' instead. Well not to say Murdock doesn't slip up in his act every now and again.

"In fact, if I'm not mistaken, you've been calling out to all sorts of people the entire time we've been talking." he observes. "People who aren't with us. Is that right?"

Ding ding ding. As in an actual dinging sound "Yea. Scitzifrenic, mild case" he says, though there a rise in his heart beat and pulse. If he wasn't getting all the details, he certainly wasn't giving it. And certianly not to a lawyer. "So…I talk to folks, no biggie"

An eyebrow is raised at Jose's answer, making it apparent that the lawyer doesn't quite buy this story. This was the first time the teen hadn't been completely straight with him tonight. However, Matt just runs with it for now.

"Right then." He reaches into his wallet once more and holds out a reasonably thick fold of cash to the kid. "Promise me you'll use it for a cab to get back to school or home. Or more food. Just not drugs or booze." he grins.

Jose hisses like an agnry black cat "Hells no. Drugs and booze can stay the shell away from me!". He accepts the wad of cash saying "I'll get the rest back ta yea, soon as I can." He pockets the cash as his ears twitch, preparing for what might be around the corner. But, old habits are still hard to break and Jose slips away, making sure to pocket the lawyer card as he does so, the only clue of his leaving, being the ringing of the exit door itself

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