2015-05-03 Ice People
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Surge Rogue
GMed by Drake
Title: Ice People

[* X-Mansion: Rec Room *]
The Recreation Room has just about anything and everything a student could want to unwind after a long day of classes. Video game consoles with a massive library of games, a monolithic CD and DVD collection… big screen TVs, projection TVs, couches, chairs, beanbags in all colors… it's comfortable and a great place to relax.
A curved mahogany bar curls around one corner, where a full self-service soda fountain can be found as well as refrigerators with numerous cold drinks (No alcohol!). Snacks are abundant, as is space- the room is able to hold a couple of dozen students without becomming crowded.


It's late - late enough that most students are in their rooms. Curfew will be coming up soon, and it's a school night. But Drake hasn't retired yet; he has enough on his mind to keep him up. If he went to bed now, he'd be stewing and going stir-crazy.

The teen is lying along the couch, remote lazily hanging in one hand. The large-screen television is currently showing Seth McFarlane's latest rerun. Drake's not paying attention to it - not really. It's a distraction.

Marie had been gone most of the weekend, only getting back an hour or so ago. After a brief stop off in her room to drop off her stuff and get into some sleeping-ready-clothes she came down to the rec room. She wears a dark green tanktop, even darker green tracksuit pants and has on a pair of bright yellow socks. Those socked feet of hers move quietly across the floor in the rec room toward one of the fridges and she pops it open to look inside. "Man… who drank all the vitamin water… shit. I just bought it." She quietly says to herself.

Drake is dressed in similar lazy fashion. His P.E. uniform likely sees more use than any other student's. But never fear; what he wears to bed is different!

Drake didn't notice Marie enter the room. The refrigerator didn't register at first. It's only when she speaks that he rotates on the couch to peer around it and spot her. "Hey, stranger," he calls, voice a touch lackluster.

Rogue pulled a tall glass root beer bottle out of the fridge finally and she straightened up and shut the fridge. "Now I gotta brush my teeth again…" She said jsut as she heard Drake's voice and her eyes shot over to the sofa where he laid there in the near dark, only the light from the kitchenette giving any light toward that part of the room. "What the heck are you doing down here in the dark, creeper?" She asked him, popping the root beer bottle open she started to walk toward him.

"Chilling," he replies. "Just chilling." He sits up and draws his knees beneath himself. "Wanna have a seat?"

Rogue steps up to the sofa and sits down on the arm of it and she takes a drink from her bottle before smirking at him. "Getting sick of your room then?" She asked him. "You look a little worn out, there, bub." She gives him a small grin and sets her glass bottle onto her knee. She was not wearing any gloves…


Drake doesn't inquire about it. He notices her hand, but doesn't press it. He just sinks back into the couch and breathes a breezy sigh. "Little bit. Looking forward to moving up." He lifts the remote towards her, wagging it invitingly. "I ran into problems today. Nothing I can talk about out in the open." Not with Jose creeping around and spying on people!
From afar, Betsy makes purring sounds.

Marie smirked at the remote control waggled at her and she lifted up her free hand and wiggled them naked fingers back at him. She dropped her hand then back to the top of her thigh and she exhaled softly. "Sounds serious." She says to him. "You didn't wreck your hot new ride, didja?" She asked, taking another sip of the icey cold root beer.

Drake lets the remote drop to the couch cushion beside him. "Nuh-uh. No way. This…" He hedges around the subject and tilts to the side, dropping opposite of Marie towards the other arm of the couch. "…I can't get into it out in the open. But I found something, and it was bad. It's not the first time I've seen something like it, but it doesn't make it any easier."

Marie watches the remote bounce about on the sofa and then she looks back up at him while he speaks of this. "Huh." She says, glancing back over her shoulder toward the entrance. "Is it somethin with the school?" She asked, eyes going back to him then. "Ya need my help with it?" Another question questioned.

Drake shakes his head, pauses, then shakes his head again. "Nuh-uh. What's done is done," he mentions. "Nothing that's the school's fault." He lifts his head to peer at her. "It'd be a lot easier to explain if we were somewhere less in the open!" He twists over onto his back, propping himself up a little with his elbows. "People got… hurt. Really hurt. Not by me! But by… someone else."

He cants his head, trying to give Marie a significant look. Really hurt.

Marie stands up then and she starts to walk toward the double doors of the entrance. She takes one, then the other and she shuts them witha heavy wooden thump. The sound of keys are heard and she turns around across the room. "Locked." She says as she takes a sip from her root beer and then comes back to where he is. She drops down into the chair that matches the sofa and puts her feet up over the arm, and her head leans back against the other arm of said sofa-chair.

Drake cranes his neck about to watch her, then grins slightly when he realizes what she's doing. But it's an apprehensive grin. "Marie, I met Jose when he was hiding in here. He could be in here now. And this is stuff guys like Jose shouldn't be hearing, y'know?"

"Jose are you in here?!" Marie says loudly from her lounging position on the chair then. "If you are, I swear to god I'm going to smash your headphones and make you… uh… tar the roof." She then raises both of her eyebrows and waits for a response… one does not come and so Rogue tilts her head to look toward Drake. "I don't think he's in here. He's probably out in the woods living in an owls nest, or some shit." She says with a small grin.

Drake blinks owlishly at her, at that. A hand lifts to draw through his bangs as he waits. Nope, no response from an eavesdropping Jose. "People died today," he says bluntly. "People died by being… like… /frozen/. I'm not gonna lie, it was… horrific."

Marie looked at him then, with that bottle of root beer sitting on her chest. "You saw dead people in ice?" She asks him then, sounding confused. "Where did you see that at…?" She sat up a little in her chair then. "Was it on the news?"
"I'm.. I'm sure it is at this point," Drake murmurs, glancing away. He doesn't want to turn it on. It wouldn't say anything he didn't already know. SHIELD didn't strike him as the sort who would share unusual details with the police, much less news reporters. "They were people who were frozen solid. Frozen where they stood."

Marie turns in the sofa chair to puer her right arm onto the chair's arm where her head had been. "Did it look like they'd… stepped in something? Had something poured on them? Like a bucket of, I don't know… some chemical?" It sounds like Bobby's power, but obviously it wasn't him so he was looking for other clues. "Are you sure it was ice?" She asked this also.

Drake shakes his head, then nods. "It looks like they were just… coated. No source. And there was ice all over the blank here'n there, too." He stretches out on the couch again, lying back as though he were speaking with a shrink. "Honestly? It looked like someone who had icy powers had done it. Y'know Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat?" He glances over to Marie. "That."

Marie wasn't a gamer, didn't know them very well. "The what? Is that some kind of dungeons and dragons thing?" She asked him then, shaking her head. "So this was at a bank? Where at? Bayville?" She figured maybe Drake went into the town to get some shoppin done or get his hair curled or something.

Drake does not have curly hair, so it would've been a fruitless endeavor. But he shakes his head. "Nope. Hell's Kitchen. Caught wind of a thing happening there, and I decided to have a look. When I noticed the cops were really, /really/ at a loss, I decided to have a closer look."

Marie reacted to this with an exhale and a shake of her head. "My god, why does everything happen there." She says aloud. "Killian wasn't there was he?" She asked this next. "He got some kind of job at a lawfirm in HK. He told me, and then like… low and behond three days later he gets into a fight and comes back with a black-eye." She grunts again another exhale. "That place is a shit hole and ya'll should stay out of it."

"Prob'ly cuz it's… y'know… called Hell's Kitchen," remarks Drake dryly. "Killian's got a job at a lawfirm there? I met one of the lawyers. If anything, they seem really proactive about criminal justice, so it can't /all/ be bad."

"…Except for him coming back with a black eye. I've got no idea what happened there. He wasn't at this crime scene, though."

"Well thats something at least." Marie concluded, shaking her head softly. "I'm sorry ya had to see something like that, it sounds pretty f'ing terrible." She waited a moment, thinking about something. "I wonder what caused it though, be it… a person or a machine of some twisted design. Robbin' a bank is pretty mundane shit… for weak ass criminals though. Maybe just a wild mutant. If thats the case, perhaps the Professor could find him."

Drake shakes his head, "It's something bigger than that. They weren't there for the money, I don't think. I didn't stick around to see if the vault was screwed with. They took off with a person - pretty sure that was the goal. They made their way up to his office, killing everyone else, and nabbed him."

For as grotesque as this scene had been, it wasn't the worst Drake had been exposed to. That fame belongs to the mutant experimentation labs he'd uncovered. So as much as he hates to think it, he's grown a little grit against this - not that it makes it any less despicable or disturbing.

"I already filed my report on it," Drake notes. "It's all in there, for what it's worth. But if we've got a crazy mutant running loose mass-murdering bankfuls of innocent people, that's gonna be a real hitch in relations."

Marie considers all of what he says there for a moment, her free hand coming over to rub softly at her small chin. "Or if its someone who wants it to look like a rogue mutant, no pun intended." She says with a small smirk. She takes another sip from her glass bottle then and draws in a breath through her nose. "I guess its time I go snoop around Hell's Kitchen a bit. I should meet this lawyer, maybe he'll know more about whats happenin' around there."

"Don't go alone," Drake immediately offers. He then pauses and frowns. "Sorry." His eyes shift aside from her, tucking back into the couch defensively. He mis-spoke. She's in the X-Men, he's a New Mutant. He runs a hand through his hair again, ruffling the obsidian. "It's just… if someone can flash-freeze people where they stand…"

Marie flashed a smile at him then and she considered it a moment. "Yeah, but there's quite a few targets for them already, and I doubt I'd be one of them… Probably got a better shot at the mega-bucks lotto ticket." She took another sip from her soda and then stood up from the chair. "I appreciate you doing a report on it, I'll check it out in the morning when I get up, maybe haead out to HK after classse. Since this is the last week, its a pretty cake stretch for us all."

Drake makes a quiet little noise, not entirely satisfied with her answer. "Marie," he says, sitting up. "Look, just… I dunno what the X-Men /do/ exactly, I dunno what sort of action you guys see, but I do know that I don't have a lot've people I… /connect/ to. You're one of'em."

He swings his legs from the cushion to stand up, facing her.

"You're my friend. So just… be careful, whatever you do?"

Marie grinned at him then and she nodded her head. "Hey, my first boyfriend here at the school… he could control ice. So no worries. I know how to deal with ice-makers… I fixed the one in the staff kitchen's fridge too." She flexes her non-bottle-holding arm for him… deceptively strong that arm. "But I appreciate the concern. I'll just be your average citizen strolling around and looking into a few things, no biggie."

Drake draws in a slow breath and exhales it in a sudden whoosh, trying to release the mounting nerves. "Okay," he submits. Then he quickly adds, "You'd better be there for my graduation, see."

Marie grinned at him as she started to walk away, shuffling across the rugs and then the hardwood floor in those super bright yellow socks. "Saturday." She said. "I'm looking forward to it." She stepped up to the door and clicked it unlocked then parted them open again and started off for the main foyer and the stairs to the upper levels.

*< END>*

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