2015-05-04 Have fun storming the castle (Demonic Dominos Part 2)
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Doctor Strange, Phantasm, Iron Man, Black Widow, Echo, Impuse, Tech-Star
GMed by Doctor Strange
Title: Have fun storming the castle

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PREVIOUSLY on Demonic Domino's…


Mike grabs a to go box.

Old man Strange comes up from behind,"I'm sorry, but it's time."
Magic barrier go up. Strange abducts the children and nearby adults to his home. Creepy.

Strange: "I'm sorry everyone."

People get handed various magic weapons and/or get in their respective attire, while the ominous voice over goes on…

"Mr. Stark, Ms. Romanoff, Mr. Hannigan, Ms. Venoa, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Torres-Ortiz, and Mr. Rosen. …I keep some of my most prized and dangerous possessions in the known world in this room. Tonight, you're all going to have a choice to stay with me and combat a great force, bent on humanities, even earth's destruction."


"…I know that this is incredibly dangerous, but if we fail here there's no other outcome for the Earth regardless."

"Defenders! The Earth shall not end this day!"

Strange passes wind and they appear in a Demon/Hell world.

"Our goal is the throne room. Defeat their leader, and the @emit demonic attacks on Earth will cease."

*cue dramatic music as the group runs and flies towards the army of demons exiting the demon castle*



Phantasm Konami codes people in to the castle. Dramatic lookup and-

*Dramatic Boom before doing black screen*

*Screen fades in to show the inside group standing in the middle of the castle, red rock wall all around, stalactite like adornments clustered in the center of the room.*


Stephen watches Mike vanish along with those that are close enough to get a hand on him or vise versa. Then with a mental blast to those that are flying around, "Move to the gate, we're gonna force our way in." Strange says with a burst of speed towards the gate, his hands sending forth a couple of magic grenades towards the cluster at the front.

The airspeed indicator was starting to roll towards numbers it had rarely had cause to visit in the past, the data scrolling across Sam's consciousness as much as it was displayed on the HUD. Tech Star was pushing boundaries, weaving through the flying vanguard of the swarm. Stephen's command causes the subtle shift of several control surfaces, and the parabolic arc of the suit's trajectory flattens out until it is perpendicular with the gate. No time for subtlety… knock knock.

Jose blinks several time as he finds himself suddenly in the castle along with some of the others. He holds the Shield close to his body guarding his chest and he looks around trying to see as well as hear what was going on around them. "Hope the others will be fine" he murmurs. He looks to Mike hoping he had some sort of idea what we had to do from here

"You can let go." Mike allows, glancing around the room for possible threats. Seeing none he frowns, a brow arching up. What are the odds they'd end up in an empty room? "Quietly." He murmurs. His own walk being such as the natural sounds that come with walking or other natural body functions just don't exist.

Adrea was teleported inside with Natasha and the rest of the non-flyers, as well as her Robot. It seemed odd to hold Armalite's hand, but at the very least, the robot hadn't mentioned being fat since they'd left Strange's armory.

Natasha was with Adrea and Mike and she seemed rather quiet through all of this. It wasn't her 'home turf' by any means. Her gun hand clutched the pistol's grip while her other held onto an elongated baton of some form or fashion. She kept her eyes searching the area around her.

Tony is hovering back a moment watching Sam and Strange going for the gate. "All I wanted was pizza." he mutters before flying forward towards them. "I better get pizza when this is all over. Demon fire pizza with jalapenos!" he settles in just above where Sam is flying.

Killian does surprisingly well as he barrels though the demons knocking them flying as he tunnels towards the door of the castle, suddenly feeling a hell of a lot more aggressive this tactic annoys him but the real fight being inside keeps him powering though, however this is a very new trick for him so aim and brakes are a work in progress so Killian and his fire propelled magic barrier missile crash straight into the door.

(INNER) As the castle quartet make their way quietly through the castle room, there is a pound of the door on the other side. The door cracks open with the force as a larger version of the demons outside strides out, in his hand, a large bludgeon with spikes imbedded into the sides. Giving a snort at the quartet, the demon charges forward. Right behind him another demon of similar proportions follows suit, in his hands, a large, and rather sharp looking blade.

(OUTER) "Fair enough Stark." Strange says with a glance towards the techno-power house. The wizard is zooming towards the gate just as the two magic grenades he lobbed goes off. Clearing a large hole for just a few brief moment as the swarm hasn't had time for it to fill. The three fliers should be able to sneak into the gate way with minimal trouble until the castle is into view, when the army begins to turn around and chase after the three visible members of the Defenders slipping into their attack.

(INNER)"Rook to Queen!" Adrea yells out, looking forward to the demons. She takes a breath, letting her P-90 hang by it's harness while she loads one of Stephen's 'custom' magazines into her sidearm. Armalite trundles into a run and starts to look a bit more graceful as several tonnes of robot breaks into a run towards the Lead Demon. She fires off a controlled pair from her handgun, sidestepping and taking a knee as Armalite nearly runs her over while he charges past her. Adrea fires three more sets of controlled pairs into the leading Demon, making way for Armalite.

Armalite readies himself, raising both his fists, the high pitched sound of the kinetic-generator working itself up. When it nears the demon, it releases a wave of force directly at the demon in an attempt to slow it or knock it off balance, and then shoulders into it - a signature linebacker attempting to bowl over a defender.

"I was promised a BBQ Hot, and I'll have one… even if I have to knock out every last weird demon thing in this place." Sam retorts, keeping an eye on the system readouts. Not a fun read. In a moment he's at the gate and through, and powering his way towards the castle, feeling like a proper Leeroy Jenkins with the kind of attention they're drawing to themselves. "Hey Tony… you know that reactor you have, that really small one? I never managed it… had to make it a lot bigger… Pretty sure it doesn't have half of the power reserves you have." Letting that ominous statement hang, the mutant opens the throttle of his flight back to the outer maximum, and uses his heavier suit as an airborne battering ram.

Jose stares at the two large demons and then as Armalite springs into action on one demon, he does as well. "Boom!!!" he yells into his shield, and a concussive boom comes out the other side and into the demon holding the wickedly sharp blade. Jose hoping that will at least get the demon to drop the blade

(INNER) Mike turns at the loud bang. But instead of his usual complaints, he instead looks to see where his team members are in relation to the incoming Demons. With Adrea and Armalite focusing on the Bludgeon one, he runs towards the one with the blades. Sticks versus blades, can't be good. But he doesn't have much reason to consider it as Jose sends a blast towards him and the blade wielding demon. Oddly enough, the phantasm's tumble to the side doesn't occur until the Demon visibly tumbles in the same direction.

(INNER) The blade wielding demon does tumble but it rolls, recovering to its feet by the good grace of- well no. But it's on its feet. The blade, does get knocked away but in good timing, as he other demon falls back, and drops the bludgeon, the blade wielding one bends down and picks it up. It gives a snarling smile before letting out a sharp growl that reverberates across the hall.

Natasha lets Adrea and her construct deal with the club-wielding Monster. She focuses on what the young mutant boy is doing… as well as Mike. A sonic weapon, that young mutant… and Mike, still a relatively new wielder of those staffs she gave him. Natasha watches the beast's reaction to the 'Boom' sonic power, she watches it also react to Mike's charge… She, meanwhile, raises her pistol hand and lines up for one shot right between its eyes and takes the shot, whenever the monster gives her the target.

Killian shakes his head to clear it as he gets to his feet, running a hand though his bleached white hair he mutters some obscenity at the gate before following Samuel though it. Stopping near the door as Samuel tries to break though Killian frowns and sparking and idea he places a hand over the top of the staff and calls it into use absorbing the magic energy from the source, "W…what the hell is this stuff?!", magic just feels weird and… and… and another word that has yet to make it into Killian's vocabulary, focusing a solid amount of the absorbed energy into his fist he slams it into the door to try and help Samuel break though.

(OUTER) The four men outside, continue their charge once inside the castle walls are visible, Stephen snaps a finger forward and a single bolt of purple lightning strikes the doorway. "That's where we need to get." Explains Stephen. The warlock moves to stand in front of the door but turns to face outwards to defend against the incoming swarm while ordering. "Any of you three able to crack this door now?" He asks before noticing the two mutants try to force their way into the room.

(OUTER) Coming at a distance to the door, "Stand clear." Tony tells them all. "Knock knock!" holding out his hands beams are let loose with small missiles all locked on the gate to hopefully blow it open. "Sam, we can talk shop later. Right now lets keep focused."

(INNER) Opting to remain silent, the Phantasm doesn't move until the creature's attention is away from him. Brandishing one of the sticks in his hands, he jumps up to his feet and runs over, jabbing the stick into the creature's back foot before letting go of the stick. Allowing for the loaned out Phantasm properties to go away from it

Adrea grimaces while the club-wielding demon falls to the barrage of fire and the battering-ram Armalite. She comes up from her knees and starts to run forward to back up the rest of the inner-castle party. She aims for the demon with - now both weapons - and fires a controlled pair at the demon, high in the chest. Armalite squares off, posturing and setting itself as it stands in front of the demon, <I'M GOING TO PUT THE BEAT DOWN ON YOU! I PITY THE FOO!> grabbing at the bludgeon with one fist, while preparing a sniper-blast directly to the face, as it's left fist separates into a Kinetic-cannon.

(INNER) The growl appears to do more than express his discontent as another set of doors slam open. You take one down, more seem to come their way. They too return the growl as they brandish their own weapons, Two swords, Two more Bludgeons, and a crossbow. Got to love that crossbow, which… is starting to turn towards Jose. As for the one Natasha is aiming at, it snarls at her Only to lurch forward in pain. Falling on it's face.

"Get back, time to get cracking." It's the only warning Sam gives as he starts to fly away from the door, picking up speed. His suit was not designed for these speeds, and the turn is slow and sluggish. But what returns to the door is a guided ballistic missile with enough kinetic force to bust through … well, hopefully anything. It's hard to say what finally cracked it, Killian's energy punch, Tony's missile, or the application of enough kinetic energy to bring down a building, but the door shatters… and Sam is through, wreathed in smoke and still accelerating.

(INNER) Jose makes sure -not- to send a concussive sound blow towards Mike. But then there is a lot more demons, and one pointing a crossbow at him. He so hope that demon is a bad shot as he takes off to the left going dong dong dong into his shield sending out three more blows towards the group of demons as he does so. But, he was not exactly experienced in something like this, or trained and he was beginning to slow.

(OUTER) Stephen steps backwards into the now open doorway and with his back to the room he expects the three others with him to keep them safe. For now at least. Once they're all inside, Stephen seals the door with as powerful a spell as he can muster in his weakened state. "Refocus team. We're nearly done!"

(INNER) With another threat down, Mike shifts over, grabbing the stick to Phantasm it back out. It's not a pretty stick anymore but with it Phantasmed it's at least not making a mess. Weapon reclaimed, Mike seemingly vanishes from the spot before appearing right behind the crossbow wielding demon, knocking the weapon up with one stick while the other one aims for the demon's face.

There's the signature 'Vreeee-OooOOOM' as one of Adrea's force-fields materializes and stabilizes - around Jose. Adrea's holding her free hand out towards Jose, while she takes a knee to slip her sidearm back in the holster. She shoulders her P-90 Submachine gun from where it hangs in front of her chest, steadying it in a proper couching position against her shoulder and being sure to aim carefully. She takes a breath and pulls the trigger, firing a long, controlled burst into one of the demons.

Armalite's right fist separates into it's other Kinetic Cannon as it turns to address the group of demons. It aims one cannon at the Crossbow demon, while aiming the other at whichever of the demons is the closest to it. It makes a similar sound to the force-field that materialized elsewhere as it charges up the cannons for a pair of full-force blasts while the stereo hidden in it's chassis starts to play music. The grating rock guitar of Motley Crue's 'Kickstart My Heart' starts only moments before the drums start rolling through the frenetic rhythm. <IT's CLOBBERIN' TIME!>

Natasha wasn't thrilled that Jose was apart of this at all, she wanted to.. have strong words with Strange about this, hopefully someday, hopefully with her fist to his nose. So, the redhead was standing as close to Jose as she could to protect him. All of her combat training would be put in this, to protect the young mutant. Her gun stayed readied and she fired off rounds at the eyeballs of any nasties that came near to her or the child.

Tony is having a little bit of trouble breathing and at least Natasha or Adrea might hear him laboring due to an injury that isn't one hundred percent. Heading inside on foot he glances around to get a feel for whats happening.

There's no fancy three point landing or any of that nonsense when Tech Star throttles back, trajectory simply flattening out until Sam is skidding across the floor on his chest plate, kicking up sparks, smoke and the smell of badly damaged electronics oozing from the suit's backpack. Motors and actuators whirr while the mutant gets back to his feet, taking a moment to just stand and look around before he falls into step next to Tony. "I'm down to 25 percent."

Killian follows though the door and having a quick look around and that wave of aggression kicks in again and he wants to hit something, now but right now theres other priorities, keeping an eye out for Jose and Samuel, Jose is looking pretty protected but something Samuel said to Iron Man has him on edge, why bring up his energy capacity at a time like this? "Sam! Can you keep this up?! And DO NOT lie to me!", and then the little guy in the big suit is skidding across the floor, running over to where Samuel is with Tony he holds out the staff Strange gave him, "Sam, take this and keep safe, did you hear how it works?"

The Crossbow wielding demon stomps towards the bulk of the group with a massive bone rattling roar while the one with the blade and now the bludgeon begins to step forwards, raising his weapon to lay the heavy spiked weapon down on Natasha's skull, regardless of bullets fired into his eyes or not. The crossbow one is priming another round as he roars, seeing the rounds come towards him, he lifts his hands to try and block the potential onslaught but nothing hits him. "By the will of the seraphim HALT!" Shouts Stephen during the chaos. His impenetrable shield is formed around the demon with the ranged weapon, doing his best to protect Mike from the incoming barrage. While he's standing with his hands stretched upwards to catch the blow intended for Natasha, the weight of the attack causing him to drop to his knees with his hands battered and damaged with a blood curtailing howl from the sorcerer.

Tony turns to face Sam now and holding out a hand he touches the arc. The light of his hand glows and passes into the arc to charge it with his back up source. "There.. He has this." he tells Killian now backing up. Now taking off towards Natasha to scoop her up even though Stephen took the blow he won't take chances.

Jose looks quite a bit thankful for the shield. His ears twitching underneath his headphone, he hears Strange's scream. Never staying in one spot completely, he is running silently towards Strange. Of course the young mutant don’t quite realize how the forcefield works and is running towards Strange to help. Let just hope that force shield lets allies through, or that Stephen has a real hard head.

Natasha turned just in time to see the save from Strange… That wouldn't change the punch he has coming for his nose, but, maybe she'd not aim to break it, maybe. She was about to say something when Tony arrived and she found herself on the Stark Express Train. "Tony." She said his first name for a rare time. "We need to keep the kids safe, this isn't their god damn fight…" She lined up another target while in-flight with the Iron Man and she fired off three quick shots from her gun.

Armalite trundles, looking far less graceful when it walks, towards the Demon with the crossbow. With a few clicks and whirrs, it's fists reform before it slams both of them into The Demon's chest and face, respectively. <YOUR BREATH STINKS AND YOU CAN"T HURT MY FRIENDS!> the robot says, squaring to form a physical barrier between the demons and Natasha/Tony, while materializing it's own Forcefield around the two in a bubble with the signature 'fweee-oooOOOoOm' sound.

Adrea gets up to sidestep from the bank rank where she is, continuing to protect Jose with her forcefield, she shoulders her P-90 s she moves to cover Natasha/Tony's retreat with a pair of bursts from her P-90 (aiming clear of Mike), deftly moving the weapon from her shoulder to let the magazine drop; the weapon made a wall of lead when she needed it to, but it paid the price. "From up!" she calls to the kids, she can only protect so many at once…

"Hah, no. At this rate I have…" Sam begins to admit to Killian, and only then starts to notice the power reserves replenishing. "What? How… Tony?" Whatever the Iron genius was doing, it was working… Capacitors mostly replenished, at least now Tech Star has some fight left in it, even though the flight systems were irreparably damaged. Still recovering from the kitchen incident, the young mutant inside the armored shell isn't at his best, which goes some way to explaining what he does next. Brain hitting overdrive, he accepts the staff from Killian and points it at the demon attacking Stephen "SERAPHIM BLAST!"

(inner) Mike turns his head in time to see the chaos coming in but before he had a chance to move, Strange was just, there. Annnd now he's in a bubble with a demon, who still has a crossbow. Hey wa- He turns to the demon and while it's still processing what's going on, continues hitting it in the head til it falls down, dropping it's weapon. THERE.

Killian gives Ironman a thankful smile when he refuels Sam, nodding when Sam takes the staff from him he follows the kid's lead and throws an energy blast at the demon too, this feels a hell of a lot more natural than the staff and it works out this new found aggression.

The bubble around Mike falls almost as quickly as it went up. Strange's connection to the magic is simply shattered with the bones in his hands. The warlock is left on his knees as the team launches attack after attack on the room while many of them flee. The demon in front of his is pinned to the wall opposite Sam by the blast of pure magic and slumps to the ground nearly at the same time as the Crossbow wielding foe. Stephen seems to have fallen to despair as an Ankh appears on his forehead and the shield around the door holding the hoard at bay dissipates. Just as the army begins to rush towards the defenders, "HALT!" Bellows a new and commanding voice. Deep and sinister the new comer sounds. "These petty humans are mine to finish." Says a finale looking foe, two stories tall and yellow with red glowing eyes. He steps forward into the room from a door opening out of no where.

Killian eyes widen as the Big Boss enters the room and he tries to figure a way to keep the others safe from the thing now that Merlin seems out of juice, thinking quickly only one idea comes to mind, "Anybody able to get me up there?!", if he can just get his hands on that thing he might be able to bring it down before it can do any real damage.

Jose stops and looks to this towering creature. And gawks a moment. But it not long before Jose is talking right back at it using the tower demons voice "Petty! Who you calling petty! Your -army- of demons bud can't even keep us out, and your calling US petty Lizard Lips!". Yea, probably shouldn't be back mouthing to a demon lord thing, but he panicked a bit

Tony flips Nat up to his back where she can basically be aboard like he is a vehicle. "Well look who has come to join the party. Should we play as the welcome wagon?" he hovers watching this big boss. "Hold on tight." he tells Nat turning he swoops toads Killian to grab his hands flipping him up with Natasha unless she decided to leap off of course. "Going up!" he heads towards the big bosses head.

Natasha did not leave this position. She nearly held onto Stark's metal form by the metal plate on his left shoulder and she straddled his back, like a pony! She was using this vantage point to aim her gun at this new arrival, but thats when Killian showed up behind her on the Iron Pony and she looked back at the young kid. "Are you sure about this?" She asked Killian.

Being released, Mike stumbles forward for a moment. Sticks still present. He looks to the group and then over to Strange. Being the others seem to be focused on the newest threat, Mike moves over to Strange to check on him. "Strange?"

"Ehmm…" For a few moments, Sam stands utterly rooted to the spot. He'd been steadily retreating towards Adrea, firing blast after blast towards the demons coming through the now open doorway, keeping them away from Stephen, when Big Bad appears. His optics take in the situation, calculate weight, height, distance and potential kinetic force. Conclusion, stay away. He looks over to Jose and Killian, figuring at least they would understand his meaning. "Standard raid boss tactics. Pummel if you can, blast if you can't, try not to get hit." And with that, the staff is pointed at the challenger. "Seraphim Blast!"

Killian takes a deep breath as he's lifted onto the Iron Pony express and shakes his head at Natasha, "Of course I'm not, thats why I'm called Impulse". As soon as Iron Man has them within range Killian will drop and grab hold of that things head and focus everything he has into draining that mother f**ker dry before he can hurt anyone there.

"Stop him." Strange says looking up to Mike. The cloak on his back not quite resting on the sorcerer any more as it floats away from Stephen's shoulders. He looks to Mike with a knowing glare and a soft smile as the cloak rests on Mike's shoulders. "They need your help." Stephen says before he slumps down, still on his knees, defeated and no longer able to assist in this fight.

The head demon, steps forward, the whole room shaking when his foot falls. "What do you hope to accomplish against me? In my own realm. You are all fools for trying to stop me." Says the creature, "You could have simply allowed me to expand my domain to your world and you might have lived out your simple lives as my pets." His right arm is reared back before it's swung forward, trying to swat Tony and company out of the sky like an annoying armored gnat.

Okay, new strategy… with the bolts of the staff seemingly doing nothing to even annoy the big demon, Sam changes his target. Luckily the optics that usually are used to govern his flight path make excellent back-up target indicators, who knew? Going for broke, the young mutant aims the staff at the demon's fist, aiming to trap it so it at least can't hit any of the others. "Seraphim shield!"

The head demon, steps forward, the whole room shaking when his foot falls. "What do you hope to accomplish against me? In my own realm. You are all fools for trying to stop me." Says the creature, "You could have simply allowed me to expand my domain to your world and you might have lived out your simple lives as my pets." His right arm is reared back before it's swung forward, trying to swat Tony and company out of the sky like an annoying armored gnat. He simply squints his eyes at the young mutant coming towards him and with a thought Killian is caught by some telepathic hand. "Nice try human." He says, looking the kid in his beady little eyes, suspended in mid air, at least twenty feet up. Then a blast from a magical source causes him to real back, the demon's back cracking the wall where he collides with it, bricks raining to the floor as he moans pain, dropping Killian to the floor.

Tony has to be sure Natasha is safe and he dodges or tries catching part of the blow against his left side. She can like hear the groan of pain not just over the com. "NO!" he zooms down in attempt to catch Killian before he can hit the ground.

Jose falls down when the ground rumbles but quickly gets back up"Okay Now your pissing me off" is Jose response to that. Ain't no going to even hurt his friends like that and get away with it. Shield up! Breath in! And….."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jose goes into the shield sending a constant flow of concussive sound blasts at the giant demon. And even more so, his voice was reverberating through the castle, he was putting his lungs into it! So, best not to get in a screaming match with him

Natasha subsequently loses her grip on the Iron Pony and she finds herself tumbling to the floor herself… but she was a lot closer to it to begin with than Killian was and she nimbly rolls across the floor and comes right back up to her feet, looking up at that giant beast boss with an angry scowl upon her face.

"It doesn't … like… magic." Sam comments, likely needlessly, as he continues to fire blast after blast into the big demon. Even with the power boost he got a short while ago, there's a finite supply of energy he can bring to bear, and enough of his onboard systems have been compromised that he can't stand around and wait for someone else to deal with the problem. It's the battle of the dark elves all over again… He doesn't know if there's a limit to how often he can fire the staff, but he's peppering the thing with magical energy before in hopes he will never have to find out the answer to that question the hard way.

Mike frowns as he sees Strange's cloak just seem to float off. That's just… not normal. He gives a bit of a nod. Turning to move over towards the demon. Being that he's a much taller villain than the previous ones, he doesn't have to go far to get a good view. But he does make sure to move away from Strange. As the others attack, Mike uses his momentary period of being ignored to his advantage. Once he's sure he has Natasha's attention, he tosses her the imbued Escrima sticks. And then steps away from the group, circling around the Demon to where he has a position by himself.

Killian starts pounding his fists as he's telekineticly caught in midair, "Either put me down or kill me, cause your breath is…", Samuel's blasts make there connection and Killian is going down, he inadvertently absorbs some sonic energy from Jose's attack just before Iron Man manages to grab him, breathing a sigh of relief he hears Samuel, "Can you drop me from above again? I've got another idea!"

Tony takes Killian back up dropping him off. Then he ducks back down towards the bosses legs and shoots out a grapple to cling t the ankle or something in that area. He then starts going circles around trying to bind him up enough to make him tumble and if he does everyone will hear, "TIMBERRRRRRRR"

"You are all ridiculous fools." Says Belt, his gravelly voice chuckling as he moves back onto his feet solidly. "I mean, you brought children to fight me. What did you think was going to happen?" He continues to taught, the walls of sound seem to never reach him as they vanish against a wall of reality between the demon and the physical blows. "Cut it out." Shouts the oversized demon as his hands summon a dark curved blade to swing through the air towards Killian and Sam. Tony is a nuisance as well but the cable isn't quite at the forefront of the being's mind. Natasha, and Mike aren't even considered and Stephen is considered done for. "You are beaten children. Go home to die, or surrender and live a while longer-" The beast says before he begins to wobble from his legs being tied.

Taking a breath, Mike steps forward, slowly raising up an arm to the right side of him, hand balled up as if he's holding an unseen handle, "A guardian's request, Protect your Kin, violence reject, STRIKE OF THE SERAPHIM!" With the last phrase, Mike slings down his arm, swinging whatever it is he's pretending to hold towards the demon, striking at him. There is a flash of light from the motion, extending towards the demon.

Killian starts glowing a sort of silver/red colour before Iron Man even drops him, he gets brighter as he fall and at the moment Iron Man causes the demon to wobble and Killian is close to it's face he releases all the magic energy he absorbed as a big magical energy pulse extending outwards with Killian at it's center, Samuel did say magic is what hurts this thing and Killian's giving it all the magic he can.

"Ahhh man" goes Jose. Of course, it has a barrier like THAT. With Tony, Killian, Samuel and Mike actual seeming to affect the creature, Jose takes this opportune moment to check and make sure the other demons aren’t coming in. He was fairly useless at the moment.

Tony continues wrapping him up and releases the cord. "Watch this." he flips to his back flying between the legs of the beast pointing a hand sending a beam straight at his personal parts, "Have a little nutter butter!" he comes up flying up behind him. "I think I see a stripe of yellow back here. Do demons pee out of their neck? Tsk tsk we got you scared." as he flies up he gives a version of a Gibbs-smack Iron Man style with a punch.

With the demon falling forward and meeting with Mike's massive magic based attack, an angled slice starts to cause the demon's upper half and left arm to slide downwards away. "Whoooo?" Is all the demon can say in his dying breath but as his wound beings to emit a fiery light. The mystic energy exploding out from Killian does seem to have a finale effect as the magic erupting from the demon spews and bounces off the wall of energy from the mutant until it connects with the demon's physical body. A blinding light of whiteness overcomes everyone in the room and as color returns to everyone, they appear to be… at a Dominoes Pizza across from the avenger's mansion.

First rule of the caster standing at the back throwing damage at the big boss is to never be anywhere near melee range. Sam doesn't even have time to attempt to swear before the big sword comes at him, and all bets are off. With a speed only power assisted armor can provide, the staff is brought up horizontally in both hands in a classic block. And then, suddenly…

"One BBQ Hot, large coke." With a blink, Sam pulls himself to the present, wondering why he zoned out there for a moment. Yes, pizza ready, and he gets to talk to Tony Stark. Best. Day. Ever.

"Well….I never say no to free food!" Jose says cheerily as he sips on his bottle of grape soda. "Trust me when I say, yer going to like Sam's stuff. Real smart kid" and he goes back to whistling. He looks around and shivers as if something just happened? Meh must've been more white noise

The Dominos worker comes over to the counter with two non pizza sized boxes, "To Go order for Hannigan?" She waits, looking around. "Hannigan?"

Killian is where he was waiting for his boss's pizza, he's got a weird burning sensation under his skin but he shrugs it off, probably a power thing. He frowns looking at the clock, he doesn't wanna be late.

Tony would have been satisfied with a job well done if he remembered what just happened. Ordering his pizza and helping with the drinks he sits with Adrea as they wait for Natasha. He of course has aid for whatever everyone wants.

"Eh Killian! Did I hear you right when you said you work for 'Murdock'. Heh, who knew lawyers liked pizza" Coincidence maybe, but how many Layers called Murdock can there be. "Yer Murdock happen to be blind?". But none the less Jose waits for Killian's answer

Killian nods to Jose, "Yeah Matt's blind, why do you know him?", at least he thinks Matt's blind, the guy always seems to know it's him when he comes to work.


Killian takes the wad of cash, he was going to ask about why and what but in the long run, probably best he doesn't know.

Jose might not be a mind reader but it doesn’t't take one to know what Killian thinking "I'll tell you latter if he doesn’t" and with that, he takes his pizza that was payed for and chows down

"Hannigan. Your. Food. READY…"

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