2015-05-06 Confusion in the Foyer!
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue, Psylocke, Wolverine, Vincent, Echo, Impulse
GMed by Vincent
Title: Confusion in the Foyer

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With a few clinks on his plate, the young TA slowly puts another taquito up into his mouth with a hard crunch as he eats it. Vincent's sitting in the dinning room, looking out the window towards the back yard, not really paying attention to what's going on as he lifts his glass to his mouth and takes a sip of water.

Soon enough another figure has entered the Dining room. The young mutant Jose. Though his footsteps are ever silent, he isn't sneaking about and looks to be rather exploreing. He lifts his headphone to listen a moment before putting it back. "Hmmmmm. Not seen him before"

The plate was so carefully arranged, one might have considered that it wasn't actually meant to be eaten. Betsy enters the Dining Hall from the Kitchen, idly humming to herself as she does. When she puts it down, it's a single cut of meat, a small steak (considering what Logan probably eats), asparagus, and potatoes - all carefully cut and arranged with a splash of sauce over the steak and the plate - the way you see in fancy restraunts.

To all the world it appears as if Betsy notices nothing else at all going on, as he sets the square plate down between a place setting and pulls her own chair out to sit down. She sits up, prim, proper, still humming, and quietly arranges her napkin in her lap. She smiles, pauses, and then the humming ends, all with a sour face. "Damnit."

Looking to his left from the far side of the table near the window, Vincent spots both Jose and then Betsy are both given the politeness of silence. Vincent looks back to his plate and picks up another bite, this time it's a pizza roll with half it's innards popped out during the heating process. He looks up to Betsy when she expels her expletive, but says nothing before he looks down next to his plate and picks up a paperback book to continue reading it.

Killian wanders into the dining room rubbing his eyes having evendntly just woken up from a nap and having paid no attention to the arrangement of food on the plate he has with him, sitting down at the table he states to eat, awake enough for that process but not quite awake enough to recognise the others in the room just yet.

Rogue was passing by the main foyer when she saw some bodies inside of the dining hall.. she stopped walking toward the stairs and redirected herself to enter the room. She had on a dark mesh shirt that was baggy, you could see her green tanktop on beneath it but the mesh shirt allowed her skin to get some air and yet not allow direct contact should anyone bump into her. "What do we got goin' on in here?" She asked with a small smile, looking about at those within.

Jose looks at the people at the table and cants his head. He has taken his plate and has moved away from the table, and instead eating in a corner of the room. His eye dart to the chandillerr occasional and the table. He dosn't say much except a booming "Hello" to both Rogue and Killian, as well as Betsy and Vincent. Taking a seat, he munches down on cold fried chicken.

Betsy takes her time to collect herself, looking up and raising a hand, "Hello Jose." she says, she looks to Marie and nods to her as well, "Hello Marie." she comments. She takes a breath, and then sets her napkin gently next to her plate, heading back towards the kitchen, and then remembering something and heading for the OTHER kitchen.

Vincent shuts his book quickly, taking care to put the book face side down at the sound of Marie and Jose's booming hello causes the mutant to jump in his chair. "Damn it Jose." Whispers Vince with a frown before he waves to Marie and slides the novel to the far side of his plate opposite the young woman.

Killian groans at the booming 'Hello' and rubs his head again, and manages to respond with a wave, looking round at Marie when she speaks he mutters something barely intelageble but the words 'look', 'nice' and 'today' can probably be made out clearest before he's staring at his food again.

Marie notes the actions of Vincey-poo first, readin himself a book. She flashed him a grin then and put her hands on her hips. "Ya'll look melancholy as hell." She looks then to Jose. "I heard you across the damn building… I see you're still cruisin' for dish cleanin' duty all summer." Her eyes went to Killian then and she gave the young mutant a grin. "Thanks, I bought this in the city over the weekend, and several more just like it. Hopefully I don't sweat to death this summer… but I feel weird without my coat…"

Jose blinks and cants his head "Wait….I get to stay here dureing the summer!". He dosn't seem to believe what he is hearing. But a smile was begining to from on his lips. A happy Jose is a noisy one and next thing you know a cowboy is going "Yea Ha!" completly with pistol sounds fireing into the air.

Betsy comes back, setting a small box next to Vincent without a word as she moves an entire bottle of wine to her place at the table. She sets a cloth down for the bottle of wine, and then her glass. The Dining Hall wasn't in the same part of the manor as the other Kitchen, but she didn't see any reason she couldn't eat with the students. She pours her glass of wine, almost formally, and then settles down the bottle, putting the cork back in it and sitting down at her place setting.

A deep breath, she looks to Marie for a moment and offers her a nod in greeting. "Alright." she says to no in particular, and starts to cut her steak.

Killian is about to respond to Marie when Jose starts making more of those sound effects, "Jose? drop it". Moody, sleepy Killian is a little harsh, he raises an eyebrow at Betsy, "Where'd that come from, I thought this place was a no boose zone?"

Vincent sends a smile towards Marie as she notes about their melancholy state with a soft shrug. "I always look like this Marie." Is the self healers explanation. Though when he looks back down there's a box in front of him which he then opens slowly and then blinks at the contents a few times before looking back up at Betsy and blinking a few time. "What is this for?" He asks, confused and a little worried.

Marie watches Betsy set the gift down in front of Vince and she grins when he opens it, she tries to get a peak but can't quite see what it is. "Damn, son… you're getting gifts from the hottest teacher in the school?" She asks, giving Betsy a wider grin then. Her eyes went over to Jose and Killian then. "Yeah, Jose, you're allowed to stay here if its where you want to be. A lot of the kids want to go back to their families, but others stay for summer classes too."

Jose may have been litterly a loud mouth, be he is nice enough, cutting back on how 'loud' his effects are. But his voice sounds like it comming by Killian, but it is at least at regular voice volume "Whit's wrong Kian, you looke wose sadder then a drowned fish". But for his part, he hasn't moved from his corner using his knees as a table instead

Vincent stands up quickly and gives Marie a quick hug while cautious not to touch her skin he whispers something in her ear before he steps away and heads towards the door. A firm hand gives Killian's shoulder a brotherly squeeze as he walks past and out the room. His gift, plate, drink and even his book have all been left on the table.

Moments after the young mutant leaves the room, the school's door bell rings echoing through the halls with heavy bells and chimes, signaling a stranger, but a friendly one would like to get into the building.

Betsy nods to Marie after a moment and then comments, regarding the wine, "Well, Our Dining Room is over in the other Wing, but I don't see any reason why I shouldn't dine with the students. It's been a long week and I think I deserve a glass." she says warmly. She enjoys a bite of steak and a potato before she finally looks to vincent, "It's a Tetsubin, you're going to learn how to serve tea."
Killian looks to Jose and nods as he quiets down, "Headache, just not good headache", he frowns and looks round as Vincent squeezes his shoulder, wondering if the guy is ok, he starts getting up to follow before the bell goes off, "Was that the doorbell? do people even come here?"

The sound of a doorbell of all thing actualy makes Jose jump. He shakes his head furiously before asking "Guess so…" He carefully listens and cants his head "Knew someone was comming….just don't know who" and then to Killian "Drink Ginger tea with apple slices, cinnmon and honey. Fix you right up"

Marie hears the chime at the door and she shares the slight confusion with the others, though she's heard the doorbell many other times. It oftne chimes.. "We aren't expecting any grocery deliveries… Hang tight, ya'll." She says as she strides out of the room and into the foyer, moving up to the first set of doors, she opens both of those and then to the main door. She cracks it open to look outside.

Standing at the door is a taller gentleman, with broad shoulders, long black hair down to his shoulders though it's kind of wavy from being some what uncared for. The man has striking brown eyes with a long time of melancholy washed away the kindness that was once there. He has a thick strong beard that's shaved short, maybe a quarter of an inch long. He stands there peeking into the door, with clothes with large plates of metal divided into sections on his chest peaking out from under a beaten up and dirty grey leather duster. "Ma- Marie!" He says with his eyes widening at the sight of the young mutant!

Jose ears twitch as he hears some excited man call out Marie's name "Well….whoever it is. They sound like a dude that is happy to see Marie. And" he makes a rapid clicking sound that quite auble "Tall too, taller then Marie"

"Someone we know?" Betsy asks, sitting up and reaching out with her mind towards the door. She waits for a sense of alarm from Marie or anything, reaching farther to see if she can see who it is. In the mean time, she takes a sip of her wine, and another bite of steak…."never a dull night…" she comments.

It's funny how here something as mundame as a doorbell can put you on edge, Killian watches as Marie heads to answer the door before following behind to look though the crack in the door, "Yeah Jose, he's got a beard too, kinda hobo drifter looking".

Marie's eyes go wide at the sight of the person on the other side of the door. At first she thought it was a relative of his, but when he spoke she could recognize the voice and the… feeling from the person. She quickly looked back over her shoulder to see the others from the dining hall looking at them. Her eyes went back to the man at the front door. "Vince?" She asks. "What the hell?" She looked back into the main foyer, Vince had JUST been in there with them, and this guy… something wasn't right.

It takes a moment for Jose to recognize the voice "Vince" and then Marie is saying vince, yup this was odd and the next thing you know, Jose is right by Killian peering out into the foyer curiously. He calls out "Whit in the world happened to you vince! You look like been gone a few years!"

"So much more than you could possibly know." New Vincent says looking over his shoulder and then asking, "Ca- Can I come inside?" He asks quickly, his eyes pleading for help from the young woman. He's several inches taller and a lot heavier, having bulked up. His left hand moves under the strap of a beaten up back back that has seen just as many days as the coat he's wearing. Then a gentle smile forms on his lips, "Wow, Jose, Killian." Then he looks up past them towards the Kitchen then asks again, "Please Marie?"

"Jose that can be Vince, I mean he was just…", Killian frowns as he looks at the strange man, there is a sence of familiarity about the guy, he steps back and opens the door trying to gently move Jose away from the crack of the door so if Marie lets him in, he has a clear way though to the room and they can find out what the hell is going on.

Betsy starts to get up, lying her silverware down on her plate after a moment. She pushes her chair in and starts to walk around the table. She' sheading for the door, reaching out with her mind again. "Marie…?" she asks, and then blinks softly, "What in the heck?"

Jose steps aside for both Betsy and Killian nudgeing him. Infact he is comming out the dinning hall into the foyer for a closer look saying to Killian as he does so "I do sounds, and that sounds like vince!". When he does get into the foyer, he isn't exactly heading right for Marie but is just observing in a way wondering what is going on

Marie looks back first at Betsy, she didn't know what to do, to be completely honest here and that expression would be seen on her face to Betsy. Her eyes swept back to Vince and she thought about reaching out to touch this… aged Vince… but she didn't. She backed up instead, taking a few steps back into the main foyer. "Look. I don't know what this is about, but… Vincent is around here somewhere…"

"I- I know." He explains as he steps into the foyer and looks at Marie with his hands kept at his side and under the bag. "We can't meet." He says before he falls to his knees and slams onto the floor with his face down. Suddenly knocked out.

Killian has no idea whats going on but he has noticed one thing, "Marie? the defences aren't going off, doesn't that only work with people it knows?", without the memories of their resent trip into hell, this is definatly the weirdest thing to happen here this week and… oh crap the guy collapsed! Killian runs into the foyer to see if he can help.

"Well to be fair, yer the one that called the guy Vince Marie" says Jose, and then he see this 'old vince' collapse "That's not good" he makes his way over quickly and silently unsure what to do "Whit do we do with him?" and then comes "Mabey…check his bag?"

"Can't meet, so like, if they should ever meet, world ending paradox sort of deal?" Betsy sighs, "There really have been far too many calls for medical around here…" she says. She looks to Marie, "DO you need help carrying him?" She asks her, "Or want me to do it…just in case?" she asks. She hmms, looking back to Jose, "Take him to medical, just like everyone else."

Marie yelped a little when the heavy hobo Vince fell onto the floor of the foyer's doorway. She looked up at the others when they started toward him. "Stay back!" Se shouted. "We, we don't know whats going on here. We can't assume this is what it looks like. Just… just chill, okay?" She tells them. The young woman kneels down beside the collapsed man and she grabs onto him and rolls him over onto his back. He was a heavy heavy dude, but it was nothing for her. "Hey." She says to him, her gloved hands going to frame his face she lightly taps on his right cheek with her left hand. "Wake up, ya bum." She says softly. "God… damnit." She mutters in a whisper. "Wake up!"

Killian is severely tempted just to go back to bed but was raised better than that so has to help out, "I can get him down there if you two need to alert a staff meeting or something or if he cant see Vince Vince I could put him somewhere else?", he only came down for a bite to eat, is the food in this place cursed or something?

Assuming this Hobo Vince has dropped that bag in the collapse, Jose goes street ninja. While people are going back and forth over this Vince, Jose is silently going for the bag hoping to steal it away. Old habits die hard and well, you take what you can get

Marie gets no response out of the grizzled Vince so she simply reaches down underneath him and lifts all… nearly 300 lbs of the man up into her arms. She rises up off of the ground with a visibile gritting of her teeth and then starts in toward the center of the foyer, holding the large man in his stinky clothing. "Someone go find Vince…" She shakes her head and adds in. "Our Vince… don't tell him about this, just go find him and see if he's okay!" She turns to the East wing and starts carrying the passed out man toward it, toward the elevator.

Betsy shoots Jose a glare, <Don't you dare, that's not how we take care of people who are friends.> she says to him mentally. She takes a breath and starts to mentally collect the facts, "I'll meet you in medical." She says, "I'm going to go look for him." If anything, that was certailny in her wheelhouse.

Jose dosn't argue with authorty figures, but the moment Marie and Betsy is out of the room, he is picking the bag up again. He looks it over carefuly saying "Wonder whit's inside"

Jose looks about, with Marie taking care of Hobo Vince and Betsy out to look for their Vince it was a good time as any. Jose opens the bag and peeks inside to see what it was that was inside "Let take a look at this!". He wasn't really thinking about Killian at the moment

In the nearly 50 year old Jansport bag is a silver egg, large bigger than Killian's head. It's almost perfectly smooth except it's got sections like old scale mail only they always over lap there's no beginning or end to the egg. It's polished silver and roughly forty pounds heavy.

Killian wanders over to Jose and the open bag, "Guessing you're just checking thats all safe before you hand it in Jose?", hey he's not gonna call the kid a theif but he knows he has no fondness for the police force, plus twitchy.

Jose looks over to Killian "Eerrrr….well…..no. I figure I'll just keep it safe. Check it out, you know?" Speaking of which, he carefully and with a bit of effort trying to be careful with a potentionly fragile egg considering how heavy it is, take it out to look over "What do you think it is?". Tries to see if there any symbol or anything on the egg turning it over this way and that

The moment the egg is touched by Jose the spot where his finger touches instantly gets hot and there's a small red impression of his finger print, burned into the side of the metal. "Director not found." Emits the device in a perfectly recreated female voice but still purely robotic.

Killian frowns at the egg's reaction to Jose's touch, "Thats weird", he pulls off a glove and tentitivly places the bare hand onto the egg to see if it does the same thing.

Jose blinks at the voice comming from the egg, and holds it steady for Killina. He copies the eggs voice flawlessly and says "Mabey we can have Samuel take a look at it. He's a technopath right?" glances about "And, my bet is, there going to keep this underwraps anyways"

The egg then says, "Two chances remaining."

The rumble of a motorcycle can be heard outside of the mansion, its one Marie may even hear no matter where she is.. Seeing the door wide ope Logan wlks inside closing it, "I'm sure the Professor wants to cool off the neighborhood." he grumbles. Finding the kids, bag, and egg thing. "what are you doing?" he asks with a raised brow.

Jose looks up and see's logan, he may have heard him before, but wasn't quite paying attention "That depends, who are you?" he says, echoing Logan voice back as if disguising his own. He put the egg back in the bag, but dosn't quite zip it up as he slings the bag onto his back, with quite a bit of grunting considering it weight 40 pounds.

Killian very quickly pulls his hand away when the egg talks again, "Well that can't be good, put it down!", he's about to pull his glove back on when the somewhat intimidating figure of Logan cames though the door, "Nothing, we're doing nothing", he smiles as innocently as a sixteen year old boy can, "See? nothing".

Logan looks between the two rather not buying this, "The name is Logan." he tells Jose looking at the egg. "Some ind of experiment?"

Jose dosn't move yet, at least Logan dosn't look like he's about to go after them. But when asked he shrugs "Found it" both a lie and a truth, they found the egg, but at least Jose stole the bag with the egg. None the less he goes on still using Logan's voice "So…Logan…are you like a teacher here, or umm looking for someone?" Hopefully that gets the subject changed

Killian pulls his glove back on, he doesn't wanna make the situation worse by accedently putting someone into a coma, "Logan? as in the phys ed teacher?", he'd heard people meantion the guy but he hadn't come across him himself, though something tells him phys ed might be getting a little tough now that he has.

Logan looks around wondering where everyone else is, "That would be me. I am also known as the Wolverine. "And you making fun of me kid?" he looks at Jose as he mimics his voice.

Jose cocks a smile and still using the voice says "No. But, yea no idea who you are, and last thing I need is someone who can track me by voice. I seen it happen in a movie. Fello tracked a guy, and reconize him just by the way he said Good Luck. So, yea, you look like you've killed folks, so there that. Got to be prepared". Well that was blunt.

In a haze of motion Rogue comes running from the east wing with her sheer over-shirt flowing around her upper body… she sees the kids and, Logan and the young mutant teacher feels like she's moving in slow motion as she comes to a stop just a few feet away from the formerly MIA Wolverine. "Logan." She gasps, looking more than a little shocked. Her gaze lingers on him for a good several seconds before going to Jose and Killian and… what the hell is that silver egg? She looks completely and utterly frazzled, with her wild mane of brown/white hair frazzled all about her shoulders, compeltely unkempt from all her running around the past many minutes.

"Killian, or Kian, either works", he offers out the shorter version of his name as he's trying to discontinue the idea of calling him 'Killer' for short, he looks round when he hears someone running down the hall, "Rogue, I met Logan…" he goes quiet at the look on her face, she was not expecting to see ol' Wolverine.

"Killian, or Kian, either works", Killian offers out the shorter version of his name as he's trying to discontinue the idea of calling him 'Killer' for short, he looks round when he hears someone running down the hall, "Rogue, I met Logan…" Killian goes quiet at the look on her face, Rogue was not expecting to see ol' Wolverine.

Logan turns his attention to Marie and moves to her hugging gently, "Whats the matter?" he asks rather concerned before looking back at the metal egg. "What is that thing?"

Marie's in, Jose out, or at least he tries. Jose wave to Marie and, still using Logan's voice mind you says "Well, seems you too have some catching up to do so…." even with Logan mentioning the egg, Jose is attempting to walk away with it. Course it's in vain, but he's trying none the less.

Marie hesitantly returned the hug to Logan, her oldest friend from… this school. She was about to unhinge, and if this had been the Marie from a few years ago she probably would've, but she managed to keep it together now and she put her left gloved hand onto Logan's right arm. "I don't know… The Professor is in New York for a conference, Jean and Scott are on their date night, Hank is with the Professor… Betsy—" She turned to see Killian and was going to speak to hinm, but there goes Jose walking off… "JOSE!" She shouts at him louder than she's shouted at any student ever. "Bring that back here, we have no idea what it is!"

Killian averts his eyes from Logan and Marie, they're not doing anything but it feels like a sort of private moment, he spot Jose trying to sneak off with the bag and the egg, he is just reaching out to grab it and pull the bag back when he actually hears Marie shout, he freezes looking over, wow, whatevers going on is serious.

A yell like? Jose knew there was no getting away with his lose this time. He sighs and comesback, not slowly either. He's never heard Marie yell before, and there has been plenty of time she could of, so unfortantly this MUST be important. He take the bag off his back and take it off holding it out to Marie "Don't touch it. Apprently some kind of director need to touch it. And there are only two chances left" summerzign what the egg had told them

Logan is rather confused and reaching out he takes the egg from the bag. "what are you talking about? What director?" he asks looking it over. "Like a metal egg, think we can make an omelet with it?" its tossed to Killian.

The egg grows hot, very hot under Logan's fingers as it speaks, "Director not found. One chance remaining."

Killian reacts without thinking and catches the thrown egg in both hands, though he may or may not be lucky here, he's wearing his gloves and it's unclear if the egg needs skin contact or not…

The egg sets in Killian's hand, remaining silent as the glowing red finger prints fade away back to silver.

Marie's left hand was still resting on Logan's arm when she saw him take the egg up out of Jose's possession and she got this look of horror on her face when the damn thing speaks… and is then tossed through the air to land in Killian's grasp. "Ah…" She waits… "Killian… why don't ou go ahead and put that back in the bag and hand it to me?" She asks him. Her eyes go up to Logan then who was considerably taller than her 5"8 form. "You aren't involved in any of this?" She asked him. "You've been gone for months, and get home literally five minutes after this all goes down."

Jose Looks almost horrified at Logan when he 1. touches the egg and two tosses it to Killian after he just said his warning. Man was it a relief to see that it didn't go off in Killian hand "Okay……make that it only has ONE warning left. And I have no idea what happens when they all go off" Holds the bag out to Killian, holding the bag wide open so his finger don't get near the egg.

Logan blinks as a warning comes from the egg. "One more chance or what?" he asks taking out a cigar her lights it taking a few puffs enjoying it since Prof X isn't around to yell at him about it.

Killian just stares at Logan for a second, "Logan? The hell!?", yeah one more chance or??? lets throw it at Killian, still he does as Marie says and carefully places the egg into the bag, "Can we not throw what is possible some sort of live grenade at me in future? and put out the cigar, I don't wanna choke cause you do", yeah Killian is both unsettled and pissed off.

Marie reaches out and she snatches the old beatup bag with the egg in it. She twists its top to seal it and then takes a step back. "I better put this down there, with… whoever he is." She says to them. "Ya'll go see if Vince is okay, our Vince. He's probably in the garage tinkering on his Bike." She looks at Logan. "Hey, you better come see this, if it is who he seems to be, he's got a healin power like yours and the same kinda…" She glances down at Logan's cigar holding hand. "Extra stabbin' bits."

"Kian as a point. Probably shouldn't be throwing live grenades around, espeicly at him. He blows up enough stuff" Jose says with a chuckle and then he looks to Logan "And sides cigar smell horrible" and then he looks to Marie "Oh, he left on some motorcycle, I think. I know before Logan came back I heard one leave"

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