2015-05-06 SportsCenter
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Players: Natasha Stephen Clint Lucy Tony Wade
GMed by Natasha
Title: SportsCenter

[* Avengers Mansion: Den/Study *]

The private Study for the Avengers is set rather luxurious. A single dark oak desk sets off to the side with a plush leather high backed chair in front of it. A wall is dominated by floor to ceiling bookshelves with varying topics, but mostly of more delicate nature that they might find useful.
Another wall is dominated by a large television screen with a sitting area set in front of it with a couch, loveseat and single chair.
A small liquor cabinet rests in a sidebar, but other refreshments could easily be ordered. A single large window allows for light to filter in when not covered by the long draped curtains, a view of the vast gardens beyond outside it.


The study was one of those places meant to help people get some work done, or just relax. Usually it was used for relaxing as those that were really serious about the 'work' aspect would end up in the workshops, or other heavy duty areas. Currently it's occupied by a pair of SHIELD agents, the younger of whom, Lucy, is draped over the couch with her legs stretched out, and her boots off. One leg was crossed over in her lap to work on massaging her foot complete with the little groans of complaint one might expect. "I hate. Hate. HATE. New boots. I'd keep my old pair forever if I could. At least THEY were comfortable."
Lucy pages, "Actually I kind of liked Magma at first because she was a hispanic slightly over-weight gal. I only saw her origin story and it appears they've done the usual 'slim down and whiten up' shtick to her."

Natasha was at one of the office desks with a tablet computer resting on it and a bunch of file folders beside it. She looked when she heard Lucy talking about hte boots. "You just gotta wear extra socks, right?" She asked. "Thats what I've always heard, but I never really paid any attention to it… I kind of like all new stuff… first sign of wear or tear and I got to throw the set out." She flashed Lucy a grin. "Neweer the better, thats what I say." She tapped the display on the screen and then scribbled something onto it with a pen especially designed for the tablet.

"Shower with them on the night before you wear them full time," says a voice from the door. It's owner — Clint Barton — adds, "If it's a nice hot shower, it'll mold the leather to your feet better, keep them from being such a pain in the ass." The freshly showered looking Hawkeye walks into the den and heads for a couch in front of the television, seemingly interested in enjoying some modern amenities now that he is back in the real world.

Lucy gives a faint, thoughtful noise at mention of new things. "Old habit to keep using things till they're not usable any longer. I didn't always have a nice paycheck for things." Though she did, now, come to think of it and that made her wonder why she DID stick to that old habit so much. When Clint speaks up she lifts her head to look over at him with a grimace of mock horror. "Wet leather? Are you kidding? The amount of polish that would take after…" Sticking her tongue out she gives a shake of her head before chuckling. "Might try it though. It's mostly the fact that I have to keep them from shrinking too much on me. Heat is usually something that I've got no problem with," she admits with a shrug. "Might give it a try though."

Natasha looked up at the sudden familiar voice and she saw the man stepping into the den. She stared at him with her big green eyes and followed him through the room as he moved deeper into it. She looked over at Lucy and then back to Clint while they had an exchange of words. It took her an unusual amount of time to come up with a response for him, this concerned her internally a bit. "Welcome back to the land of the living." She told him, her voice was calm and her expression was quite stoic.

Clint gives a wave and a smile to Natasha at her greeting, "Hi." he says back. "Thank you. It's nice to be back in civilization and not camping in the woods wearing twigs and grass all day." He stretches out on the couch a little bit, and then shrugs a little bit at Lucy's reply, "Suit yourself. I'm just telling you what's worked for me." He does not seem to feel the need to introduce himself, so, perhaps he remembers Lucy. Or maybe he's just being his usual not generally talkative self. He flicks on the television, and tries to find a channel that shows some sort of sporting event.

Lucy shifts to switch foots, starting to rub at the arch of the other. "Fair enough," she responds with a nod. It's the rather… simplistic greeting from Natasha that has her tip her head toward the other woman watching the interaction between the two. Or perhaps the lack of interaction. An eyebrow raises questioningly as she sits up entirely and stands to head for the little bar that was here. "Either of you want a drink?"

"I'll take a drink." Natasha replied to Lucy. "Whatever it is you're having." She tells her, her voice is a bit dry in tone. She glanced back to Clint then and watched him flipping channels on the overly large television. A moment later and she was looking down at her tablet computer again on the desk's top. "They wouldn't tell us anything about your mission." She told him. "Sounds like it was an unpleasant one." She said to him, while looking down at her work.

"Nothing too exciting. Watch this group of HYDRA, make sure they don't sell any tech to some other regional terrorist group. Shoot the place up if they do. The usual." Clint says by way of explanation, before he looks over at Lucy and says, "Drinks? One here, if you don't mind." He seems to have settled on SportsCenter, perhaps hoping for something better to come on. "What've you guys been up to?"

Lucy nods a bit at Natasha as she pours out a bit of Sprite over ice which she then splashes with some vodka and a bit of midori making it a bright, fruity lime green. She makes two such drinks then grabs a long neck beer for Clint. Padding quietly on bare feet she moves over to give the stronger of the three drinks to Natasha. "You okay?" she asks, quietly, trying not to be overheard by Clint. To cover this she looks back over flashing a grin. "The usual for me. Reports and babysitting."

Natasha looked up when the drink arrived and she accepted it with her right hand and replied to Lucy's quiet question with a small smile. She set the drink down and slid it back to her on the desk… she stared at the bright green beverage a moment before she looked back over to Clint. "Stark was shot. Twice. While not in his suit. So I've been trying to keep him from… being… Stark, and let the wounds heal. Beyond that, you know, the usual…. traveling from dimensions not of this world on the whims of a mad Doctor turned… some kind of freakish Lord of the Rings wizard." She lifted her glass up and took a sip from it.

A slow nod comes from Clint at all of that and says simply, "Ah. Think I'd rather be on assignment to be fair. I always sucked at Dungeons and Dragons. Rolling dice for archery never seemed all that accurate to me." He then turns his head back to the television, "Who'd Stark piss off to get shot this time?" he asks.

Lucy nods softly at Natasha in response. Taking her own drink an the one she'd grabbed for Clint she rejoins him at the couch offering the bottle out. "Surprisingly it wasn't Natasha, for lack of him trying. Sorry I wasn't around to help with all of that, by the way," she adds to the woman with an apologetic grin that fades to a more serious one as she settles back to enjoy her own drink listening to the conversation around her.

"Well the strange part about it, according to security cameras…" Natasha started to reply. "Was the abundance of mutants that were around when it began." Her eyes lifted back up to Clint then and she has a very faint smile on her lips. "Stark always has someone gunning for him, but surprisingly this was a random pair of stray bullets from a jewelry robbery after he'd come out of his building. So random that it makes you realize how close he came to just being wiped out in a senseless fashion."

"Two stray bullets just happen to hit Tony Stark as he's walking down the street out of his armor? Yeah, and I have some oceanside property to sell you in Colorado." Clint replies, before he takes a long swig of his drink.

Mutants. Lucy had just been taking a sip of her own drink when Natasha says that, and she instantly stiffens. Her eyes snap back over toward Black Widow and she listens to the details offered with the drink still pressed to her lips not yet having swallowed the mouthful. It's gulped down, and she leans back into the sofa again. "It's possible, maybe… I mean, tensions have been pretty high with the anti-mutant groups around the city. Stuff like that," she murmers looking back down to her drink.

Tony has arrived.

Stephen has arrived.

Clint is on a sofa near the television, he's watching bro-fest… uh, SportsCenter and is drinking a brobrew… uh, beer. Lucy is not far away enjoying her own drink and Natasha is at the desk she prefers most, with a collection of folders in front of her and a operating tablet pc also on the desk. "Hey, at least the bullets didn't hit any vital parts on him. We didn't have to deal with a world in rage after losing their beloved Iron Man." She took another drink from the bright green beverage Lucy had made her.

Clint shrugs just a little bit from the couch and then takes another long sip of his drink, "Maybe. But, just don't seem likely though. But, I aint no fancy big city detective." He says with a smirk and a wink, and then goes back to watching some sort of sport thing happen on the television.

"Why don't you tell me how you really feel?" comes a voice from the doorway Tony is watching Natasha. "If I am such a bother to you then why do you care?" he asks. Arms folding over his chest he sighs deeply, "Maybe I should just step away from all this. Then you won't have to worry about what the world thinks. Because it won't be your business."

Lucy for her part was sitting a bit awkwardly in regards to the topic of conversation at hand—Tony's situation being shot while there were a lot of mutants around. Not exactly a good topic, really, and she was working on downing her own bright green drink with more than healthy sips. She's oddly bootless as a new pair of boots rest beside her spot on the couch and her socks were oddly rainbow striped. Hey, she could wear whatever she wanted for socks. Then Tony steps in, and … She can't help but crack a faint grin. "Hey now, no fighting around the kids," she teases.

Speaking of fighting in front of kids, an unusual pair of feet clap on the hallway looking for a certain avenger. Stephen Strange, or simply Doctor Strange steps up behind Tony with his elbow knocking on the door frame, his hands unable to knock, covered in the bandages, barely had time to settle on the wounds no one here would even know he's sustained. Stephen looks to the floor behind Tony's feet and waits for someone to answer his knocking. "Hello?" He asks simply.
I don't understand that.

Natasha's eyes raised up again from her work to the door where Stark spoke from. She put her foot in her mouth again… she released a soft sigh. "Stark. I didn't mean it like that." She tells him, closing one of the folders on the desk before her. "Obviously your presence here is more valuable than mine. You're an icon to this city, the nation its apart of and likely to the rest of the world thats worth protecting. All I meant is—-" Her words are cut off by the voice of Strange and she can see him behind Tony now.

Clint takes another long swig of his drink, and then looks over at the new arrival, "Hey Tony. Good to see you're on your feet." He then hops up from where he is sitting, and adds helpfully, "I gotta use the head, catch up in a minute?" before he does that weird acrobat-can-fit-through-even-the-smallest-opening trick he has and slips by both Tony AND Doc Strange, before heading off to the bathroom.

Tony watches Natasha, "You never do huh… Their beloved Iron Man. You always have something smart to say about me. Know what. Don't worry about me. Got it?" he looks over at Strange a moment, "How did you get past security?"

Lucy clears her throat and shifts on the couch watching Clint… move like… Huh. Interesting. Hey she could take a peek! Tearing her gaze away she looks back to Tony, and the newest guest, Stephen. "Hey, you're the guy that Loki hides out with," she states accusingly as her glass-weilding hand lifts to point at Strange. He's now on her 'watch warily' list.

"Tony, I was the sorcerer supreme. I did a lot of work with shield you'll never know about. Your IFF tags have me tagged as friend." Explains Stephen with a soft smirk, sliding his hands under a blazer he's wearing. "Hey Natasha." Then with a pause he leans to look over to Lucy and give her a polite wave with his gauze wrapped hands.

"I have something 'smart to say' about everyone." Natasha shot a sharp response back to Stark. "Its not limited solely to you, Tony." She shot out a sharp exhale then looked over at Strange. "What do you mean 'were the Sorcerer Supreme'?" She asked then. "What about this mission you spoke of with Mike and I? You're not here to start it are you because I just had the longest, most shit, day… I think i've had in the past five months."

Tony looks at Strange before glancing back at Natasha, "Just me the most. Can tell Fury something for me. I quit…" he walks forward taking the badges he has for the mansion from his pocket dropping it in Natasha's lap.

"So…. I guess this is a bad time to ask if you're hiring, Stark," Lucy pipes up in an effort to bring a little brevity to the moment. More importantly however she places her drink down, and scoops up her boots in hand as she rises. "Seriously though, I think you two should have a private tete a tete without people like me eavesdropping." She strides for the door and Strange with her free hand lifting, "If it's a mission, I'll handle it, Romanov."

"Actually, that conflict is mostly concluded, Natasha." Explains Stephen and then looks to Tony and says, "Thank you, thank you both for all the help you've given me." Is all the Sorcerer says with a soft shrug before he looks out the door towards the hall. "It seems Mike has now become the Sorcerer Supreme, and he's taken the duties entrusted to that position." Strange says, hoping he can finally explain why he's kind of been a dick all this time.

Natasha watches Tony do this… she then stands up from behind the desk. "Don't you put this on me, Stark." She tells him. "Just because I make one little snide comment that was completely without malice or actual inteded grievance… don't you put the 'quitting' card down on me." She looks more than a little pissed off now and her eyes go over to Stephen. She glares daggers at the Doctor and hears his words but seems to be taking time to process them. "So you're not the burrito supreme anymore? Fine, great… We helped you achieve this? Wonderful. Now give me a reason why I'm not supposed to just put your ass in a cellblock for all the god damn run-arounds you put me through, Wait, no, I'll give YOU a reason. Because I want YOU to go and explain everything…" Her hands come up and spread out on either side, her head shakes back and forth. "Eeeeverything… to Director Fury. Just spill it all out for him… That way -I- don't have to do it. Cause i'm -sick- of reporting on your mysterious mysteries, Doctor Strange." She started picking up her file folders and her tablet.

Tony shakes his head, "Right… whatever you want to think Romanoff." he glances at Lucy, "You have my contact information. Call me." is said simply. Walking towards the door he walks out.

"You helped me save the world, me losing my position was not a desire effect. It's actually about to play hell on Mike and his psyche. He's going to need his friends." Stephen begins to explain without explaining the whole thing. "I came to offer my help in all you need. I was bound by the position to not do that, but I've come to help shield as a consultant." Strange says with a frown towards Natasha, before stepping out of Tony's way. "Good luck Stark." he whispers. "Fury already knows." Stephen reports to Nat.

Lucy hesitates when Tony brushes by still standing there with boots in hands. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other, then glances between Natasha and Stephen. Normally she would keep her mouth entirely shut but she had a problem with her partner rubbing off on her as of late. "Wait, was that a 'call me' call me, or a 'Call me winkey-face' call me?" Letting out a sigh she shakes her head and just steps out of the way of those exiting stage right. "The hell crawled up his butt?"

"I don't know." Natasha replied to Lucy then with a cold look on her face as she stared at Strange. She looked back at Lucy then. "But he'll probably tell you more than he'll tell me, if you're interested to find out." She took a deep breath in then through her nose and glared at Strange. "Help us? Fine, go find Mike. Bring him back here."
Back through the door comes Clint, looking much more relieved. He looks over his shoulder and asks, "So, what's with Tony?" motioning with his thumb down the hallway, "He seemed a bit grumpy just now as he was leaving."

"I…" Lucy pauses, regarding Natasha, before she responds simply, "You know my situation on that already." Complicated. She wasn't out to chase after Stark for a date to say the least. As she'd stepped to the side she plants her hand on the wall ducking over to begin pulling her boots on while balancing on one leg. Clint's return causes her head to jerk up with her hair in her face. "Long story. Who the hell is Mike?"

"I could do that, but he can't." Stephen says, motioning to Natasha to take a seat, if she will. "Please. I'm here to help you. To explain any questions you might have." Stephen wants to sit, he's sore and battered but he's not rude. "Mike, the Jr Avenger that's been helping you all for months now." Stephen says towards Clint with a raised eyebrow.

Natasha's eyes caught Clint stepping back into the room and yet her full attention remained on Strange. "I don't have any questions then!" She shouts at him, her voice noteably higher in anger than before. "If you've told it all to Fury, then my part in this is over!" She points at Strange with her tablet-holding-hand. "If you can't get Mike back, and I can't get him back… then he's gone. Fine! This is -your- game, not mine, Strange." And with that Natasha was walking out of the room with a clear pissed-off step in her stride.

Wade has arrived.

Almost like a curse, Wade Wilson struts in. "Did someone say something about Beetlejuice? Because he's on. Seriously, it's amazing what On Demand gets you here." He has a grocery bag with him and several small single serving containers of ice cream. He spots poor Natasha flipping out and leaving, "Heyya, BW. I got you some Cherry Garcia. I know how much you like it." He tries to see if he can get a reaction out of her, "And if you're in a fun mood, we can always go out and pick on this group of AIM scientists that I have been studying. My Hydra contact, Bob, set up my TV to get me live streaming access of what they are doing." He shrugs his shoulders, "The weird thing is that most of their new events happen only once a week."
Wade grins, "Seriously, though, if you want to go after them with me, let me know. There's this really prissy one named Sheldon and another one named Leoard who is in this complicated relationship with some wanna be actress named Penny."

Clint looks over at the storming off Natasha, and scratches the back of his head. He then walks back to where he set his beer down, plops back onto the couch, and goes back to watching sports. "Good day to come back I see." he comments to nobody in particular.

Lucy shakes her head a bit at the rather… chaotic evening that had blossomed around her. So much for relaxing and kicking back with friends tonight. Wade's arrival garners a faint grin. "Big Bang Theory is not AIM scientists, Wade," she informs before looking over to Clint again. "Lovers spat," she explains, simply. With that done she hops on her foot to stamp her foot into her boot again fully while standing up once more. "Eh, I'm not around enough to meet every Avenger or Junior Avenger myself. I just know that if you gave her half as much of a headache as you gave me when I was trying to run down Loki… I can't blame her for being that pissed off."

Stephen sighs heavily as Natasha storms off. He's trying to help and do the right thing, and then he gives a shrug to Lucy and Clint. "Maybe I'll work with you two soon." He whispers before simply disappearing.

. I was really hoping that they were AIM scientists because they seem to be annoying and give geeks and dorks a bad name," says Wade. "And now I have to go after Bob for once again tricking me into watching TV instead of going after targets." He tries to hide the fact that he's really playing dumb to distract from the tension, "But I think his lead on 'the cartel' is pretty good. This Dora might be an explorer but she'll be on a journey with my fists soon!" He starts to try and distribute out the ice cream among those who are gathered. "I wanted to do something nice for once."

Wade ponders about the Avengers comment that Lucy made, "Yeah, it seems like the Avengers roster keeps updating more often than Stark updates his armors lately. I heard that there was an 'Aunt May' on the team at some point. Who the heck is Aunt May?!' He grins and shrugs, still trying to be goofy for the sake of everyone even though Natasha left and Doctor Strange left. "So, I gotta ask. When did Johnny Depp learn to do magic? I mean, he casts a spell on me everytime I see him in a movie but he's an Avenger as well? And he was bitten by a radioactive David Copperfield? Man, all I got bitten with was cancer. This not fair!"

The ice cream is taken by Clint, and he takes a bite before he asks Lucy, "Tony and Natasha? Huh." He then asks Wade, "You know that's a cartoon right? I mean, I don't even have kids and I know Dora the Explorer is a cartoon."

Lucy snorts faintly at the mention of Dora, though she just allows Clint to fill that one in. Instead she nabs the offered icecream and spoon with a grin. Perhaps… It wouldn't hurt to just sit for a bit and enjoy some icecream. "I think they were trying to keep it a secret. Or at least not make it a huge public thing. Though," she adds as she steps back to the couch to reclaim a seat wagging her spoon over her shoulder. "That might be past-tense now after that little spat. I'll check up on them later… Though you might have better luck checking on Natasha," she adds with a tip of her head toward the archer. Plopping back down onto the couch she grins up at Wade. "You and I need to just sit down with the TV guide sometime and go through the list. Though if you feel like punching Sheldon, go for it."

- END -

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