2015-05-07 Field Day
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Warning: N/A
Players: Logan Drake Marie
GMed by Logan
Title: Field Day

[* X-Mansion: Back Yard *]

The backyard extends a good few acres, providing enough space for a basketball court, a baseball diamond, olympic sized pool and other recreational facilities. It's surrounded by trees on all sides, the very back edge of the yard ending in a steep cliff. Watch your step here! The garage is a part of the back of the mansion, holding several cars and X-Vechicles and it sits off to the eastern side of the house with many large wooden doors for vehilces to enter and exit from.
Along the entire back of the mansion is a stone walkway and lounging locatins setup with furniture, lounge chairs and fancy tables with umbrellas to block the light. All along this walkway area are carefully mannicured bushes and flowers that bloom brightly in the proper months of the year.


On some of the open areas of the back is an course that tests all manner of physical ability. Is exam time and the students have three chances to get through in the required time. For once he isn't smoking a cigar but is rather watchful of all the students. Some are graduating and others are not.

Drake is awaiting his turn, decked out in his P.E. uniform - for once, appropriately! Drake balances on his left foot while holding the toes of his right foot and arching it backwards to limber up. He's tense, but not nervous. New Mutant training is generally rougher than this, if a bit different in certain ways - but he's not going to underestimate the setup. He wants a clean run. A straight shot. No screw-ups, no clumsy mistakes.

His foot touches down again.

"Came back just in time for finals, huh?," he asides to Logan, the corners of his lips quirking up with a hint of tease. "Y'know, if you keep that up, you might get a reputation as the Boogeyman to some'a these guys."
Logan smirks blowing a whistle for the next to go. He has a student helping him keep track of times. "Just in time to scare them through this course." he gives Marie a playful nudge with his elbow. "Most of them seem to tolerate me well enough. You are the nice teach, I am the hardass."

Rogue was standing beside Logan with her arms crossed over her stoamch and she was wearing an all dark green tracksuit and her bright neon yellow sneakers. She felt the nudge and looked up at the taller teacher beside her. "I'm still pissed at you." She says to him, giving a glance to Drake who'd showed up. "Guy disappears for months on end, says nothing to me… doesn't invite me to go with him… and then just strides back in, no shits given." She looks up at Logan and shakes her head. "Thats just not right."

Drake squints against the high shrill of the whistle as the next student takes off. His turn will be next! He begins bobbing on the balls of his feet in anticipation, arms swinging forward and back to loosen up the joints along his elbows and shoulders.

"Ah, don't worry about it. You'll have a new batch to scare'n intimidate before you know it!," he chirps. "And Marie's just jelly that she's not top banana anymore." He shoots her a mirthfully challenging look.

"Seems you'd be used to this by now." Logan tells Marie as he watches this student goto swing on the rop but only to miss and hit the mud below. "Who has been teaching them while I am gone?" he asks with a shake of the head. "Top banana?" he grunts a little taking the whistle blowing it again.

Marie looks from Drake to Logan with her mouth hanging open, at everything they just said. "-I- have been teaching them… Or trying to, in the sudden absence of their instructor!" She nods her head out toward the student who just fell. "Thats Shadow Phase, he's the most uncoordinated person in the school. I can't teach that out of him!" She then looks at Drake. "You're up, Hot Shot." She uncrosses her arms and stuffs her hands into her track coat's front pockets. "Ya'll are mean to me, I swear it."
The whistle blows, and Drake shrinks back again. Friggin' things.

"Only 'cuz we care~," he coos to Marie. But she's right. He's up. His attention turns to the obstacle course ahead of him.



Let's do this.

Drake bolts forward and takes the wooden steps two at a time, racing onto the platform. His speed and momentum flows to the platform's edge, only to explode as he launches himself onto the suspended rope! The motion carries him across to the next platform, where he simply detaches himself to land. First obstacle down!

Logan puts an arm around Marie pulling her close to him in a side hug, "You did well. I wouldn't trust anyone else to help me with this." he gives her a very quick peck on the cheek knowing what happens if he lingers too long. His eyes watch Drake as he takes on the course.

Marie watches Drake intently as he starts his run and she feels the arm go around her shoulder and the kiss to her cheek, from the only man who can do that to her… cause of his fast healing fixing everything she breaks in people. She scrunches her face up at first and then starts to smile. "Drake is our top guy at this stuff. Scott wants him in the X-Men." She tells the Wolverine.
The obstacle course doesn't get any easier after the rope swing. The next challenge: a suspended gridwork of rope netting, given just enough slack to be unsteady and bow.

Drake draws a breath again to center himself, then surges forward to spring again. Fingers find purchase in the netting, and he promptly begins to slow, somewhat grueling process of navigating the flexible threads. This strain is entirely focused on the upper-body, and the heavier students are going to have one /Hell/ of a time with it, but it's a mercifully short trek. Still, a great many of the obstacle-runners are going to be feeling the burn along the arms by the time their feet touch the next platform. Drake's no different in this regard; when he touches down, he gives his arms a little shake to keep the blood flowing before the next step, totally unawares of Logan and Marie's exchange.

Logan listens as Marie talks his eyes staying on Drake as he runs, "How is ole one eye?" he asks taking a moment to look at the time elapsed so far on this run. "Think this guy would be a good addition?"

"He has two eyes, ya bully." Marie replies to Logan then with a smirk on her lips, her own eyes were still on Drake as he did his run. "And yeah, Drake here is a real good person and he's not… all about his powers… like some of the other students most of the other students, that is." She looks over and up at Logan then. "He's the kinda guy kinda guy who could be trusted to lead, I think." She states, looking back to the young man in question.

The next obstacle is a little more tricky; a single pole is erected with ascending, lengthy bars extending to either side and ascending to the next, higher platform. A modest springboard is attached to the end of Drake's platform for obvious reason.

Drake lowers his posture, letting his strength gather in his legs before taking off. He hops onto the springboard, which thankfully does its job of vaulting him into the air again at a few feet higher! His fingers scramble for the lowest rung of the setup, and he manages to find grip - but only with one hand.

After a moment's flailing, the other hand latches on. It takes a couple pull-ups to ascend the bars enough to treat it like a ladder, but he's onto the next platform before long.

At this point, his breathing has grown more visibly heavy, his frame rising and falling more noticeably. But the obstacle course was never intended to be easy or relaxed.

Logan watches as he runs through each, "One more to go!" he yells out of course this one is the most difficult. He has to run up a skateboard type ramp, catch the ledge and pull himself up ringing the bell.

Marie watches closely and admire's his ability to do all of this. "See, I would've just flown through this…" She glanced up at Logan then with a grin. "No pun intended." She looks back at Drake then and shouts out. "Don't screw up either, Okay!" She chides him some.

One more to go. It's reassuring. He's almost through all of this, and at this point, if he wound up muddy, it'd be because he got reeeaaal clumsy. The teen grabs onto the pole at the end of his platform and wraps it with one knee and an ankle to slide the length down to the last platform.

And there it is. The gat'dang Warp Wall. Of course it would be what Logan opts for as the final obstacle.

Drake finally turns to Marie and Logan, offering up an acknowledging hand with a cautious smile. Yeah. 'Don't screw up.' Thanks, Marie.

His focus turns to the curly ramp ahead of him. He draws in a deep breath to center himself. Quick feet. That's how these things are done. Rapid steps, and then a burst. He's done similar in his other training - and he's especially thankful for that now. This kind of obstacle could really screw someone over.

Unless someone had sticky hands and feet as their mutation.

Suddenly, Drake's in motion! The young mutant hits the ramp, focusing his weight on the front of his feet with light, swift steps, before kicking off! He reaches out and snags onto the edge of the wall, dangling a moment. With a final lift, he draws himself up onto the surface, stands, and smacks the bell.


Logan checks the time as the bell rings, "Excellent! Fastest time of the day." he gives Drake a thumbs up before blowing the whistle sending the next one onto the course. "Come here, Drake."

Marie watched closely and she lifted her hands up to clap energetically for the guy as he finished the course… of course her gloves make that less of an encouraging sound than good ol bare handed clapping. "Good job!" She says loud enough to carry her voice further. Her eyes then sweep over to the next student who's sent on the way.
Drake waves, this time notably more confidently, now that the course is complete and the last trial is finished. Plus, he's pretty sure he heard Logan mention it's the fastest time so far! He's pretty darn proud of that! He turns to hurry down the ladder and trots back over to the pair of teachers. Once he reaches them, he props his hands to his hips and pants softly, eyes wide, bright, and as vibrant as ever - perhaps a little moreso than usual.

Logan glances over at Marie, "And no. Flying through the course would be cheating." indeed he caught it earlier. Reaching into a cooler he takes out a bottle of water tossing it to Drake, "So I hear you want to join up. Is that true?"

Marie grinned over at Logan when he said this about her cheating. "I'm fit as a fiddle, foot or flyin'." She tells him when Drake trots back over and she looks at the student. "That was pretty impressive, I have to say. You should try out for American Ninja Warrior." She grinned at him and reached over to the table beside them and tossed him a bright green bottle of gatorade.

Drake likely has the look of an enthusiastic puppy who'd just performed a trick successfully, all open-mouthed smiles and big, round eyes. And then Logan tosses him a water bottle. He catches it. And then Marie tosses him Gatorade. He fumbles slightly, but adds that to his growing armful. Is this a test? A challenge? He looks from the waterbottle to the Gatorade, and opts for the latter; it has a flavor AND electrolytes!

It takes a little maneuvering to pop the top on it, but once done, he takes a swig - and nearly chokes. "Mmph! J-join up?," he asks. A furtive look is shot to Marie, as if to confirm, then back to Logan. Wolverine wasn't one he was told about.

Logan looks from Marie to Drake with a raised brow, "what? Haven't heard of the Wolverine?" he asks. After a moment he rubs his chin. "Who here would like to see Miss Marie run the course?" he asks watching students all raising heands and cheering.

Marie takes a step away from Logan when he said this and she shook her head at his words. "Oh no… not a chance." She says to him. "You're the one who's been gone for months on vacation, or whatever…" She points at him. "You're the old man here, you should be the one runnin' this thing… it could help you farmore than help me… I'm in the prime of my life." She struck a pose then with her right hand on her flared out hip and her head tip backed toward the sky, eyes closed.

Drake 's automatic impulse is to prod Marie when she assumes this poise. But that would be terribly inappropriate a student to do! There has to be some manner of decorum around here, after all. So he just smirks at her and turns his attention more fully to Logan.

"The Wolverine?," he asks. His inquisitive tone should likely answer that question.

Logan looks over at Drake, "Yes." he raises a hand letting the spikes come out and go back inside. "How about we race through it then?" he glances back at Marie. "If you win then no more road trip for me for a year. I'll stick around."

Marie watches the claws shoot out and go back in with little other explanation and she smirks at the answer, glancing at Drake to see his reaction to such an display. She then looks back to Logan. "A race to keep you from going down to your secret life in Mexico for a whole year?" She always said that thats where he went, to Mexico… even though she truly had no idea where he went when he vanished. She sighed then and unzipped her tracksuit jacket, then pulled her gloves off. She had a dark green sportsbra on. "Lets do this, old man." She walked over to the start of the course.

Drake jumps slightly when the claws shoot out. "Oh! Yeah, I knew about /that/, but.." Wolverine? "…you mean you're like.. Cyclops? And Rogue?" It's his subtle way of trying to gain a little clarity on what he'd asked. At this point, he's pretty sure he's right in his suspicion.

But whatever the case, he'll have to wait. Marie's stripping in front of everyone! ..Well, to a sportsbra, so it isn't quite so scandalizing. Nevertheless, the young teacher gets an appreciative, briefly lingering look as he steps aside. It can't be helped.

"Should I time this?," he muses.

Logan just nods his head deciding he will determine what that meant later. Like Cyclops? He doesn't shoot lasers from his eyes when he looks at people. He cracks his knuckles going to the start of the course, "Does the lady need a head start?"

Marie walks to the starting line and she does that thing where you cross an arm over your chest on either side to stretch each arm out. She looks at Logan while doing this. "I'm all aerodynamic, yo… I glide through the air like a knife through warm buttah… You're like a giant metal ball, hairier'than Robin Williams too. You'll glide like a rock down a dry riverbed."

Nope! No timing, then! "Clear the course!," shouts Drake, to ensure any stragglers are well out of the way. It wouldn't do for some student to get steamrolled or zapped unconscious!

Logan rolls his neck letting it crack, "You'll go on the rope swing and fly into space. Got no meat on them bones you bird." he takes off his jacket letting a student hold onto it. "Sound us off, Drake."
Drake waves a waterbottle in the air.





"'Kay, go!"

Marie had crouched down a bit to extend her left leg out behind her and her right leg was bent at the knee. When the GO call came the girl was off like a shot! Her sneakers quietly padded across the yard until she bound up the steps to the rope swing and she leap at it like a lion, grabbing it with her hands to swiiiiiiing across the gap on it, her hair wildly flailing in the wind around her head and shoulders as she went.

Logan takes off after her grabbing the rope which does seem to groan against the structure at his weight but he makes it across. "Come on girly. Keep up!" he tells her.

Drake stays back and flails his bottles in the air. "Woo~!" The other students are soon gathering around him to gawk and ogle the spectacle as it unfolds.

"You're slower than a three legged possum." Marie shouts back after launch herself off of the rope and beyond the landing zone for it. She does an acrobatic roll and comes right back up to her feet wher ehse then jumps straight up and onto the hanging rope bridge. Its a show of crawling across the rope bridge then and there before she's off of it and onto the ladder… its hard to tell if the girl is using her Lighter than Air abilities, but as easily as she's moving its highly likelyt aht she is using them to some degree. After this she drops to the ground and races toward the final wall.

Logan hasm't run this course in a while so the net became a problem. Finally getitng past it he is hot on her heels as they head for the final wall. "I'll show you what hairy can do." huff huff.

Drake can't hear their trash-talk, otherwise he might have some cracks to make! Alas! Instead, all he can do is lean forward when they get to the final, curly wall…

Marie hears the huffin and puffin coming from the big hairy tank to her right but she keeps on moving. She was a very light and nimble mover compared to Logan's 'smash through walls' approach to things. She ran up the ramp and started up the wall to a degree that would impress Spiderman… when her hands made it ot the top she pulled herself up until her legs were straight up in the air and she was doing a hand-stand on the edge of the wall… Her left leg bend down and her body arched gracefully until her other leg joined her and she came to stand upright now ontop of said wall.

Logan has been beaten but doesn't really care about it right now. Running up the wall he catches the ledge and with one swift move pulls himself up to jump up next to her landing on his feet. "Alright you win." taking her arm he lifts it making it tap the bell.

Drake is waiting. And waiting. And waiting. It's killing him. She's not hit the thing. Why isn't she hitting the thing? WHY HASN'T SHE HIT THE BELL!?

And then Logan hits it.


Marie watched him take her arm and then touch the bell with it. "Oh shit!" She says, yanking her arm back from him before she knocked him unconscious then then shoved his chest with her other hand. "God damnit. I always forget that fu— reaking bell!" She steps back and turns around, putting her hands on her hips she starts pacing, letting the annoyance filter out of her… slowly, Marie had a hell of a temper… Partly due to the fact that she stole some of it from Logan some time ago and it never went away.

Logan shakes his head, "Marie won." he gives her cheek another kiss and then he jumps to the ground. "Alright, kiddos, pair up! Time for races."

Drake blinks. Races? Well, last he knew, his time was the best, so he's fairly confident about his odds. Lump on top of that the fact that he's already successfully completed it - that alone helps ease the tension. So Drake… actually has trouble finding someone to pair off with.
Having the best time isn't conducive to finding a willing race opponent, apparently.

*< END>*

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