2015-05-08 Fish Tacos
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Players: Natasha Clint Lucy Wade Tony Mike
GMed by Natasha
Title: Fish Tacos

[* Avengers Mansion: Main Kitchen *]
The main kitchen of the mansion is expansive, to say the least. Its decor'd in black marble countertops and matching stone floors, all spotlessly clean. The cabinets are a bright white and each hold glass windows so one can look inside of them to see their contents.
There is a center countertop for food preparation and pots-and-pans hang overtop of this center counter in an orderly fashion. There are two refridgerators and two stoves, as well as two sinks in this kitchen.
A small seating area with a round table and six chairs around it sits near a large window that looks out onto the backyard.
There is a small dedicated kitchen staff to the mansion providing food to the residents on a daily routine.


Natasha is seated at the table near the window in the large kitchen. She has a coffee cup sitting on the table and her ipad is propped up on a little holder. She's got a single earbud in her right ear and is either listening to music, or something far more serious related to work? She reaches out and takes hold of the handle of her mug, lifts it up and takes a sip from the contents within it.

As he walks into the kitchen, he is rubbing his cheek…which has almost an imprint of a hand on it, "Y'know, I thought going the direct route, just saying let's go for it would work. Apparently, I am a bit out of practice." He looks down at the ipad and then at Natasha, "Anything good?" he asks.

Lucy has arrived.

Natasha's green eyes look up to the man as he steps into the room rubbing at his face. She sets her coffee mug down again and smirks at him. "Not clearly as entertaining as whatever it is you got yourself into." She tells him. "Who'd you whip-it-out in front of this time?" She asks him, leaning back in her chair to wait for his answer.

"You tell a girl, that we can just have a little fun on the side and this is the reward you get. And guess." Clint replies, smirking just a little bit. Maybe he did it on purpose. "You know I'm slightly classier than just whipping it out." Only slightly.

Natasha, leaning back in her chair with her hands on the edge of thet able now, releases a light laugh at the man's words. "Barton." She shakes her head. "You just… aren't afraid to take a shot, any shot." Her shoulders shrugged then. "You just gotta get used to not always hitting the target. Or your face does anyway."
Clint shrugs a little bit and digs into the freezer. He pulls out an ice cream bar and unwraps half of it and takes a bite, "Look, sometimes you miss to hit the target you're actually aiming for." He then puts the still wrapped half of the bar against his face, "Of course, sometimes you just miss horribly and CLAIM you were shooting at that other target you lucked into hitting."

Natasha reached her hand out and flipped the screen on her ipad to another page while listening to the man speak. She looked back at him to see him holding the ice cream bar at his face. "You seem pretty backed up, Barton." She tells him with a half-cocked grin. "Maybe if she'd just kneed you in the crotch it would've been enough to get you that sweet release you're looking for."

"Eh, at this point either works for me." Clint says, taking another bite of the ice cream, and then holding it out for Natasha, "Want a bite?" he asks.

Natasha notoriously disliked sugar and anything related to sugar. She lifted her right hand up a bit and shut her eyes as if the very thought of ice cream was enough to make her feel queezey. "I'm good." She said, putting her hand back onto her coffee mug in front of her on the table. "You're a good looking studly man meat though." She gives him another grin. "Why don't you just go to a bar and find some lonely girl who's boyfriend is mean to her? You can swoop in and Gorge-McFly his ass. The should rope you in some of the hot lovelove."

Natasha notoriously disliked sugar and anything related to sugar. She lifted her right hand up a bit and shut her eyes as if the very thought of ice cream was enough to make her feel queezey. "I'm good." She said, putting her hand back onto her coffee mug in front of her on the table. "You're a good looking studly man meat though." She gives him another grin. "Why don't you just go to a bar and find some lonely girl who's boyfriend is mean to her? You can swoop in and Gorge-McFly his ass. The should rope you in some of the hot lovelove."

Another bite, another few moments with the ice cream on his face cooling what looks to be a somewhat nasty welt. Clint smirks and shakes his head, "And leave my lovely companions here without me? Last time I did that everyone went dimension hopping and Fury set up a dating service."

Natasha watched Clint with a warm smile on her face as she lifted her mug up for another drink. "That crazy Fury… breaking up Wade and Lucy's dates, and assigning all the hunks of Shieldvengers with their own personal girlfriends. What wild team-building-exercises will he dream up next. Stay tuned." She then sipped from her mug and went to set it down again. "At least you're here to observe it all, and how it either works or crumbles at all of our feet. That much, I'm at least thnakful for."
"Really. I mean what I should start doing is selling secrets to some third world country. That'd get me in on the Fury wheel of girlfriends." Clint shoots back as he moves to sit at the table. He shrugs a little bit, "Oh, it is all going to crumble. When has a Fury plan ever worked out like it should, without either everything crumbling or blowing up in our faces at least once or twice?"

Natasha flashes him a grin when he speaks these things about the Directory. "Oh, I don't know." She starts. "He has his moments. I don't think many others could accomplish what he has with such a… hand of wild cards being dealt to them." She paused a moment and her expression fell flat once more. "Have you had a chance to speak to him since you got back?"
"Haven't seen him, haven't gotten a message from him. Which, I suppose means either I did an exceptional job, or I did so horribly he is planning a way to have me liquidated." Hawkeye replies, as he licks the side of the ice cream bar, before he takes another big bite of it, "You'd tell me if he were going to have me shot, right?"

There's a bit of a ruckus at the kitchen door before an all white Deadpool limps through. He has a walking stick and seems to be using it to feel his way through the area. "Crud, trying to make a taco when you can't see is going to be harder than shooting up Hydra goons. I need a seeing eye Mexican. He can make me my authentic tacos." He sighs and makes his way into the fridge and starts to gather his supplies to make his tacos. He takes out a head of cabbage, pancakes, plums, and brocoli. "These are going to be the best tacos ever." He then grabs the cottage cheese. "Almost forgot the sour cream."

Natasha was grinning at Clint. "I'd give you a healthy head start to make sure you could get out of the state at least, before he unleashed his Fury upon you." She said this just as the… white… Deadpool strode into the room sputtering his poetic words. "Hey there, friend." She said to him. "Why the hell are you dressed like that?"

"Or you'd be the one to Old Yeller me in the back yard." Clint says a bit morosely, before he turns to stare at the assortment of items Deadpool has taken. The man just gazes for a long time, before he pipes up, "You forgot the fish too."

"Hey there friend?" Wade pauses as he starts to take his taco skills to the max while sadly, he has the wrong makings laid out. "What? No 'Waaaaaad' today?" He grins, "Heyya, Nat. I'm dressed in all white because it was a great time had by all. Seriously." He rips his mask off and he has medical bandages over where his eyes are. "So, these AIM goons shoot me with some kind of radioactive crap and now I can't see until my healing factor resets me. It's a shame. I picked up that new movie I wanted to watch and trick Lucy into having a good PG13 time with me where I don't say anything stupid. Now, I have to ask what's going on." He shrugs, "So, in honor of my friend, Matt the lawyer, who just happens to be blind, I am calling myself 'Mattpool' until I get my vision back." He then pauses, "And I also used the bleach for Hulk stains on my red jumpsuit."

He nods his head in regards to Clint. "No, I'm not using fish in this batch of tacos. I just want them to be simple." He starts to feel what he thinks is the soft shell tacos. "Huh? I think my feeling sensory is off!"
Speaking of redheads of a certain not-Widow variety, Lucy comes in about this time only to slow, and stare, with a pensive frown as she listens to all that Wade has gone through. Clint gets a glare, and a quick roll of her eyes, along with a quick gesture of a finger being drawn along her throat. Tell and die. Or something similar. She wasn't all knowing with those fancy hobo signs. Turning her attention back to 'Mattpool' she states, "Just don't expect me to Mr. Miyagi your eyes. You know that would turn out poorly. Hi Natasha. Clinton."

Natasha grinned at Clint's old-yeller comment before giving him an innocent fluttering of her eyelids. Thats when Wade was talking again and she adjusted her stare to watch him… Her legs were crossed at the knees then and she put both of her hands on the top knee. "Maybe… Dear Wade, you should wait until you can see again before you try to craft yourself a culinary masterpiece of flower and beef and vegetables. There is a box of donuts there on the counter behind you." Natasha's eyes went then to the arriving Lucy. "I see you got him back on the team? Nicely done, Agent." She tells the other redhead.

"Agent O'Keene." Clint replies to Lucy, smiling just a bit at being called Clinton. He turns back to Deadpool, "No? I really think fish tacos are the best, you should try them sometime." With a straight face. Not that Mattypoo can see him.

Wade's great for getting into trouble. He smiles, "Hey Lucy! I'm excited to see you!" He goes to pull out a chair for himself and is about to take his seat but he thinks about the donuts. "Mmmm, donuts." He makes his way to the said counter and grabs an everything bagel. "I feel like my sense of everything else is at its best. I can smell all the —" He sniffs the bagel, "Oh, these aren't sprinkle covered. Hmm." He frowns and just makes the best of what he can so he starts to eat his bagel. He goes to take his seat but misses completely. "This has been the longest two hours of my life."

He mutters something else, "Two hours or until Phil tells me it's time. He said 'Whatever comes first.' And all that crap while the med bay people patched me up so I wouldn't make a mess." He then grumbles, "Crap, I just realized something! Phil said 'Two hours or until the facebook message arrives.' I blocked Coulson because I was tired of his Tahiti being a magical place updates." He then pulls out his phone, "And I can't even see if he texted me. Dammit, Phil! You win again."

"Clint, I know a place in Jersey that makes real good fish tacos. The owner owes me a couple hundred thousand for saving his daughter so I made a deal to have a COD with him. Chalupas On Demand. I'll get you a fish taco if you want one."

Lucy tips her head back toward Clint to scowl anew at him. It only lasts a moment though as she puts on a smile, and politely inquires, "When did you ever get to try fish tacos? I thought you were off in the mountains… What was that one called? Broke Back Mountain?" Shaking her head at all of his rather not-so-subtle innuendo she moves over toward Wade to help him up with a sigh. "Thank you, Natasha. Now if I can just keep him in one piece. Though I guess it's a good thing he can't see right now given that dress you're wearing… I never knew you had a tattoo /there./"

Natasha listened to them all quietly and finished it with a soft smile at Lucy's words. "Me? Oh… well, now and then I like to show off a lot of cleavage, and side boob. This just felt like one of those nights." She says with a heavy exhale, wearing her black leather jacket and a red tshirt… black jeans and a pair of dark leather boots, infact. "It still feels like too much though. I might have to unzip a bit, but I can't reach my back…"

Tony has apparently walked in just at the correct moment, "I don't mind helping." he tells

Natasha stepping towards her. "My my.. And here I thought the stove was the only hot thing in this room. Melting the ice in the freezer."
"Who says a door has to swing just one way?" Clint asks Lucy, smirking just a little at her comeback, before he shakes his head at Mattpool, "No, I think I am good. I prefer to catch my own fish for that." He then hops up from his chair and walks to the fridge, "Drink, anyone?"

"Oh, is it the tattoo of Woodstock that she has on her tush? Everyone knows about that. Legend has it that Fury asked to see it and it cost him his very own eye!" Wade tries to sit himself up. "So, I'm just wondering, with this whole being blind thing and not being to see a clock, have two hours been up yet?" He listens to Natasha and Lucy but shrugs. "So, Clinton, you went to Broke Back Mountain? I think I heard about that place at one point. Some movie review. Something about how you can go bear hunting and find yourself one for the night. And then you go go see the drag race shows." He shrugs, "Seriously, though, it should be 3 PM soon, right? I mean, I've been behaving and not touching the blindfold since one. It has to be at least a quarter to three by now?"

Wade pulls out his cell phone and tries to use it. "Send text to BFF." The phone responds with, "Contact loaded. What is your message?" "What time is it?"
Wade stretches and pockets his phone. "I so can't wait for 4 PM. Once I get this blind fold off, I can finally do something I have been waiting all month for to happen."

Lucy rests her hands lightly on Wade's shoulders as the banter is tossed about. When Natasha chimes in to help she grins broadly, and drums her fingers against Wade where her hands rest. Thinking. Thiiinking. Clint's question gets a quick, "I'm good," before she focuses on JUST the right response. When in walks Tony. "What do you know about women's clothing, Stark? Besides I remember that dress. The zipper got stuck last time, and I had to use my teeth to pull it down." A step back is taken and her hands lift off of Wade as she takes a step away closer to the other pair with amusement. "Let me just lean in between your breasts and bite down that stuck zipper for you, Natasha." There's a pause and then she adds, "I think it's juuust about two hours, Wade."

Natasha turns to watche Tony stride into the kitchen, she and Clint are both seated at the table. She grins at him and says. "Oh, yes. A strong man here to help me." And then Lucy starts in "The teeth did the trick last time, its true. But you kept missing and biting my skin and it jsut was horribly ticklish." Her hands went around her coffee mug an she put her elbows on the table then. "I don't think I've ever giggled that hard in my life. But be more careful this time, because I'm not wearing any underwear." Her voice through this was monotone and devoid of emotion, but she smirked at the end of it and brought her cup up for a drink. "Its nine thirty, Wade." She added before sipping.

"No? No drinks?" He then shrugs and pulls a beer out of the fridge, before he starts for the exit, "Bout time for some Sportscenter." He says, grinning a litlte bit as walks along.

Tony blinks a few times making it obvious Wade isn't the only one being teased here. "I didn't know you could do that with a cucumber." he finally says walking to the fridge looking at Clint a moment before grabbing a bottle of ginger ale. Cracking it open he takes a long drink of it.

Trying to feel his phone, Wade starts to get angered. "Dammit, how does Matt feel the text and I can't?" He rips his gloves off in anger. "Still nothing. How come I can't feel any words?" He cocks his head to where Lucy and Natasha are. "I didn't know you both were on Adrea's team. I guess everyone needs to be a pinch hitter from time to time." He lowers his head against the table; in defeat. "That better not be my cucumber. I was going to make a salad." He exhales, "Tony, please have JARVIS record this for me?"

He keeps his blank stare at Lucy, "And how come you never use your teeth to help me out of my pajamas?"

Lucy makes a gesture after Clint which might amount to 'going to wring his neck' but… her hands swing out after and she unclenches her fists taking a deep breath of her own. Instead she plops down into a seat herself at the counter just taking a moment or two to relax and calm her temper. She'd get over it, eventually, but right now she was still a bit hot. …. Thankfully Wade was a great way to distract her from that. Snorting faintly she informs him, "Take the blindfold off, it's well past time for it to be healed." Pausing she adds, "WHAT pajamas?"

"I've got a whole drawer full of cucumber's upstairs in my room." Natasha replied to that with a small grin. She watched Clint stride out of the room. "The Rangers are in the Stanley Cup playoffs and nobody has yet asked me to go to a game. I'm rather offended by that." She says as moves. Her eyes go then to Wade. "Blind people have a headset that the phone tells them what the text says, friend." She sweeps her gaze then to Tony and leans over toward him. "Where have you been?" She asks him with a small smile.

Mike has arrived.

Now attempting to remove the bandage from over his eyes, Wade shrugs, "You know what I don't get? Phil wouldn't let me just blow my face off so I could instantly regrow the eyes." HE doesn't seem to have much luck with that. He tries to use a knife against his face now. "And Natasha, are you planning on making pickles with all of those cucumbers?"

Wade manages to get the blade close to where it needs to be but he pauses, "Lucy, you promise me I'll be ok before I take this off?"

Clint and Nat were talking. Blindpool stumbled in to make tacos but he's blind. Lucy is having issues with Clint. Lucy and Nat are teasing a blind Wade. Tony tried to fornicate the microwave. Wade should be able to see now.

Tony sits beside Natasha as she leans towards him. "Deciding what thong you'd like me in tonight. But.. I decided to go commando." he drinks with ginger ale wih a laugh. "I tried unzipping her with my teeth once and got my hair stuck somehow. JARVIS records everything, Wade. Haven't you watched the shower footage?"

Lucy pushes back to her feet to head over by Wade. The knife he holds is reached for carefully, taking it out of his hand if possible. "Wade, you can't go shooting yourself in the face everytime you get a splinter. Besides, we're trying to get you back up to healing normally right? Normal for you that is." If he lets her she puts the knife down and reaches up to work the blindfold off carefully. "I promise that whatever happens, I'll be here, and I'll keep you from eating cabbage pancake tacos." Which is what would have happened if he'd finished making the 'tacos' out of the items he pulled from the fridge. "… Everything is recorded?" A worried glance is shot over toward Tony.

"Everything is recorded." Natasha replied after smirking at Tony's other words. "This is why I never undress in this place… becasue I know that there's an AI watching me at all times." She looks over at Tony again. "At least I think its an AI." She grins softly at him holding her coffee mug between both of her hands in front of her chest as she leans back on the kitchen chair.

Of course Wade lets Lucy help. He's kind of scared of her; he cares about her but he's afraid of upsetting her for many reasons. "Cabbage and pancakes in a taco? That sounds like a horrible Irish Taco Bell gimmick." He keeps his eyes closed before he looks back at Lucy; adjustign to the light. "Does Tony really have a poop cam set up? I'm worried! There was that time we got glued together and we-" He turns red and tries to change the topic, "So, did anyone else hear the rumor that Clint got replace by a hentaicle monster from Japan?"

Speak of the Irish. A wild Hannigan appears! During the exchange between the folks in the kitchen, one more joins the party. Having forgone the hooded Sorceror Supreme cloak that popped on him during the demon battle everyone else forgot, Mike is very much dressed down with his longish hair kind of falling over his eyes. He doesn't speak but simply walks over to the fridge to retrieve a bottle of water.

Tony grins at Lucy, "All the main areas. Not your personal rooms unless the is a security breach." no he isn't spying on the woman being naked though he could. Imagine JARVIS moaning out while recording nat or Ludy dressing.

Lucy leans down to gently press a kiss to the corner of Wade's newly healing eye. Or one of them at least. It was one of those rare, tender little moments she felt safe displaying given it was just her, and Tony, and Natasha and holycrapit'sMike. Instantly she stands up straight flashing a nervous grin around. "Yep, looks good, nice and healed," she assures as she pats his shoulder and even gives his hair an awkward ruffle. She was just getting a REALLY close look was all! "Good to know, Tony. I… ah. Think I… need some air," she mutters as she excuses herself.

Natasha was about to say something back to Tony when Mike just showed up out of the corner of her eye. She looked over at him and watched him closely, lifting her mug up to her lips she took a drink from her coffee. She had nothing to say, yet.

Wade is easily confused. It's in his DNA or something. He gets it from Logan. "Wait-did I do something wrong?" He watches Lucy leave after a display of public affection. He looks down at the table and sighs. "She tells me she'd fire me from here if she could so I quit to make her happy but then I find out she's upset that I quit so I come back and now…" He shrugs, "I know I hear voices but she's crazier than me. I wonder if my kind of crazy contagious. Don't you?" He winks to an imaginary person. "Next week's issue will make more sense of what's going on between us. Maybe she's preggers for all I know. Or it's that time of the month."

He sighs, "Saying stupid things were easier when I said them in a yellow box, right Mike?"

"Sure Wade." Mike replies, voice a bit non-commital as he closes the fridge door behind him, acquired bottle in hand, he looks over to Tony. An eyebrow arches but it's obscured by the hair.

"So hear you're the big burrito now." Natasha speaks up across the kitchen to Mike, her gaze leveled on him.. its that same predatorial stare she used to give to Doctor Strange. The same stare she did NOT give Strange the other night when she yelled at him. "Are you here to mell why our help to defeat a demon horde invading our world… is not longer needed?" She asked.

Wade eyes Stark, "Why is it that when a woman is suspected of being preggers, the first thing you do is claim that you are not accountable? Is that a justified response? Like what happens when you and Pep—peppy Natasha are with kid, are you going to freak out?" He grins, stirring the pot. "And where is the big burrito?!"

Mike twists the bottle cap til he gets the satisfying crack of plastic ring separating, "Actually I came here because I just got back home and I was thirsty." He pauses to take a sip, looking between Tony and Natasha before lowering his bottle, "And because we were already grabbed to help." He lifts up his bottle in a mock toast to Tony and Natasha, "Congrats. We survived."

Natasha sat her mug down onto the table and leaned forward in her chair, she cltuched the mug between both hands and stared at Mike. "We already were, grabbed. And survived?" She asked him then, allowing a pause to settle in. "I have no knowledge of this happening." She tells him, her eyes glancing them to her left at Tony and then back to Mike.

Mike blinks. "You don't?" He looks over at Tony, "You either?" His head tilts curiously to that, "Hmm." The frown fades, "Well, that's probably a good thing."

"Is it?" Natasha said in response to this. Her head shook then as she glanced down at the kitchen table. "I don't particularly like the thought of having my memories wiped on a whimp by you and your sorcerer pals." This elicited a heavy exhale from her.

Mike holds up his hands in mock surrender, "Don't blame me, I didn't do it. Nor do I think Strange was in a condition to himself after taking the blow that was heading your way." He sighs, "It's probably a good thing considering the rest of the 'team' we had involved those who are too young to be having such memories."
I don't understand that.

Natasha listened to this and considered questioning several things about it before she shook her head and picked up her ipad and coffee mug as she stood from the table. "Well then." She said as she walked around the table and moved toward the exit. "You can go tell Director Fury all about this. As I've already recommended to him that I don't think you should be allowed to stay on this team any longer." She paused her walking to take another sip of her coffee. "I do not want to be apart of anymore situations where my memory is taken from me." She says this to the room, not looking at anyone when she said it. And then she went to step.

As Natasha leaves, Mike's head turns, eyes narrowing as Natasha makes her way out of the room. The water level in the bottle rises slightly as the grip on the plastic tightens but Mike says nothing.

- END -

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