2015-05-09 Found Footage
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Players: Natasha Adrea
GMed by Natasha
Title: Found Footage

[* Avengers Mansion: Main Kitchen *]

The main kitchen of the mansion is expansive, to say the least. Its decor'd in black marble countertops and matching stone floors, all spotlessly clean. The cabinets are a bright white and each hold glass windows so one can look inside of them to see their contents.
There is a center countertop for food preparation and pots-and-pans hang overtop of this center counter in an orderly fashion. There are two refridgerators and two stoves, as well as two sinks in this kitchen.
A small seating area with a round table and six chairs around it sits near a large window that looks out onto the backyard.
There is a small dedicated kitchen staff to the mansion providing food to the residents on a daily routine.


Natasha is standing at the center counter of the Kitchen. She'd been working with some of the mansion staff to prepare… something… and was tending to it now. She had on a white hoodie and the sleeves were pushed up to her elbows, beneath it a green tanktop and some black jeans on her lowerbody, bright red tennis shoes on her feet. "I got this down pretty good now, I imagine I'll not even need any help the next time I make it." She says to the kitchen's main chef who was a middle aged black man.

Adrea enters, and at least she's not wearing her labcoat. She seems a little bit more relaxed in a dark green tank-top with a loose pleated skirt about her waist. She nods to Natasha when she enters, "Just who I was looking for." she says to Natasha, "I had something I thought you might want to see."

Natasha shared a few more words with the head chef before he took notice of Adrea and gave the two women some privacy, he went out a side door to go have a smoke on the back patio. Natasha was working on the food she was preparing but she looked up to give Adrea a small smile. "What have you got for me, Doctor?" She asked then, her overall demeanor seemed relaxed and casual.

Adrea stops there at the doorway and leans against it softly for a moment, nodding to the chef, "Thank you, sir." she says politely. She finishes her entrance and pulls out a USB stick, she looks around, not sure if there's anywhere she can put it. She smiles back to Natasha, "I dont' remember much about our trip to 'Dominos' the other day." She says meaningfully. "But it turns out there's someone who remembers the whole thing." she says, waggling the USB-stick. "Would you believe that Armalite sucks at forgetting things?"

Natasha paused her food preparation after hearing the extent of what Adrea was telling her. She then looked up at the woman with her big green eyes and gave her a serious look. "My iPad is over there on the counter behind you." She said, nodding toward the thing with the illuminated display that had a recipe on it for whatever it was that the woman was preparing. "If you wouldn't mind copying it over to that… Did you watch it? What are you thoughts on what happened?"

Adrea considers for a moment, and seems to think about it, "I can make that work…unless your iPad has a holo?" she asks. She pauses, "I'll make it work." she says. SHe heads over to the iPad, "I don't think you're going to be any happier about it than you already are, from what I've heard." she says. She shakes her head, "I finished last night, and I talked to Mike about it this morning." she says, as she plugs her stick into the iPad, "It's a little big for your tablet." she says.

She pauses, "I'm not sure how duplicitous Mike is or not, he seems worried about his place on the team." she comments. "But…I don't really feel it's my place to get into your business on those matters." She says honestly. She takes a few moments for thought again, "Those kids never should have been there, but I'm glad that you and I were there to protect them, and that Tony was there to protect you. I…I don't care for this Strange fellow's methods."

"I'm sure the tablet will have a good time." Natasha replied to the woman before looking down and releasing a soft sigh. "I've been hanging around Tony too much." She says, after hearing herself say the first bit. From there, the woman just listens to what Adrea has to say about it all and tries to hold judgement until she can see the footage for herself. "It is your right. The Avengers are here to serve the people, yourself including, if there's a member of them who's unfit for the role, you hold the right to say it to us."

"I'm not sure why you would say that. I'm starting to take a shine to him. I think he seems like a pretty good friend. He's come to rely on you." she says, "Or so it seems." she adds, working with Natasha's tablet for a few minutes. She ohs, realizing what Natasha was talking about, and blushes a little bit as she continues her work. She nods, "But that's team politics, as it were. As an…not an outsider, but a contractor, it's not really my place to say who should or should not be on the team." she says with a shrug. She picks up the tablet and heads towards Natasha, "I wouldn't say he's unfit, I'd say…he feels isolated in his role." she says.

"You and I, and Tony. We seem to understand each other's roles very well." she says. "You may or may not understand his role - but he feels like you don't." she says. She considers carefully, "He knows less than he'd like about what's going on, but feels like he's been forthcoming with what he does know…WHEN he actually knows it." She says. "I can't speak to whether he has or hasn't been, but he was willing to answer my questions about…demons and such. He seems skeptical that I can come up with a scientific answers to the possessions." she says, propping up the iPad for Natasha to watch, "Cliff Notes or the whole thing?"
Adrea says, "We need to get you a better tablet…"

"I'll take the short version, for now." Natasha replied as she reached over to pick up a tall glass of wine she'd had poured for hsrself. She takes a swig from it, feeling that she's going to need it in her system for this. "And yes, Stark is one of my closer friends. Even if I piss him off just about every time I open my mouth." She flashed the woman a soft smile then.

Adrea had already prepared a shorter version of the video, and nods, hitting the 'play' button and giving Natasha the CLiff Notes version. She hmms, "What kind of wine?" she asks curiousdly. She's quiet while the video plays. She smirks a little bit at Natasha's response, but waits until she finishes the video before responding, "Mmm, he likes you in spite of it." she says. "He's gotten used to having you look after him…or babysitting, as I'm sure we call it." she says.

"Something from Santa Fe. I don't know. Chef gave it to me." Natasha responded while she started watching the video on the tablet. She turned the tablet a little to get a more even view of the footage on the screen and her expression was flat throughout. "He likes me well enough, until Pepper gets home someday from Europe." She said that line with a bit of a distracted tone as a heavy exhale was about to fall from her lips. When the video ended she glanced away before her green eyes went back up to Adrea. "I'll have to show this to Director Fury. You should be there also."

Adrea is silent, preferring to let Natasha watch the movie. She nods curtly, "Of course, the version we show Fury can be much…well, it can show a lot more." she says. "Bullets still seem to work, Strange's stuff seems to work better. I'd like to synthesize something that works just as well, I'm hoping Fury can point me in the right direction." She hmms, and then nods, "Then she can babysit him, I suppose. You could babysit me, I'll spend my money wildly and drink too much?" she tries, though the look on her face means she already regrets saying it.

Natasha went on to nod her head while Adrea spoke again initially. "Professor Xavier is going to have to see this as well. We can't with hold this from him since it involved three of his students." She sighed at the thought of going out to that place, it was a nice place and she liked much about it, but it was an uncomfortable location, she personally felt it was a ticking time bomb. Her eyes went back up to Adrea then and she smiled at her after registering the last bit she'd said. "You'd end up getting pissed at me just as much as Stark does. Its… 'what I do'." She then takes another sip fromher wine and points to the bottle across the kitchen on a rack. "You're welcome to some if you'd like."

Adrea considers that for a moment, "I've spoken with Beast, and I think my role in the video was complimentary, as was yours, to his kids." She says. "I've made contact with Dr. McCoy before, I'd be happy to speak with him again." she says. "I believe he's a senior member of thier leadership, and that might be a good way to talk to them." she shrugs, "But you can buy me back with wine and pizza." she says. "Hadn't you heard, all geeks are suckers for pizza." she says. She nods, "Please?" she says. "I'm stuck here until the techs finish with my car, I finally let the garage team play with her."

Natasha gave her a soft grin and a couple small nods of her head. "I've learned the tastes of geeks, spending enough time around Banner and Stark afterall. Beer and pizza in their case, hwoever." She says before picking up her iPad. "Hey, I think I should get this to Shield HQ tonight. Would you mind letting the Chef know that I wasn't able to finish up in here?" She asks.

"Yeah, but how many of THOSE geeks like heels and shopping for dresses? Hold on…nevermind." She makes a face. "Stark weathers shopping surprisingly well." she says with a bad taste in he rmouth. She shrugs, "At least I have good taste in alcohol then." She says. She nods, "I have my own Quinjet, if you dont' mind riding with the big guy." she says. "You said I should be there…"

Natasha held her smile as she went to the sink and started to wash her hands off. "Fury isn't in this evening. He's in Los Angeles." She said. "I want this off of the iPad and into my database tonight though, so I can run a few things on it. You put the long version on here too, yes?" She asks, turning around while drying her hands off on a towel.

Adrea unplugs the USB stick and hands it to Natasha. "I keep a few of these laying around." she says. "It's got more memory than your iPad. You can keep it." she says. "So the 'long version' is on there, including some of Armalite's tactical observations, which may provide some insight. I haven't had time to review. Everytime I take him home he basically 'sits and thinks' about what he's been through and tries to learn from it." she adds. She nods to her, "Thanks Natasha." She calls after her, "Hey. Nat. You've been a good friend."
Adrea says, "Oh, and before I forget…."
Adrea sets another device on the counter.

Natasha stepped up to the counter and she took the items from it, regarding them with a visual once over. She put what she could into the pockets on her hoodie then and she gave Adrea a soft smile. "We're all friends here, we're a team. We work together or fail together." She then gives the woman a nod. "Thanks for this informaiton too, you're one of the most thoorough employees we have around here. I appreciate that kind of attention to detail."

Adrea nods, "It's like you said, I've had to work for my title." she says to Natasha, "Thorough is what got me two doctorates." she says. "As much as anything else, it's part of who I am." she says. She smiles to Natasha, "I've spent some personal time with Tony, I'd like to do the same with you sometime."

Natasha gives the woman a soft msile as she took another drink from her wine and then stepped toward the kitchen table. "Tony's a lot more fun to spend time with on a personal level than I am, Adrea. But I'm sure we can find some free time and make something happen." At the table she snaked up her black leahter jacket and her bike keys.

Adrea smiles warmly, "Why don't you leave that judgement up to me, Natasha?" She asks her. She nods curtly to her, "Take care, Natasha." she says, looking around the kitchen. It might be time to cook dinner!

* END *

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