2015-05-09 The Video
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jade Fox and Phantasm
GMed by NA
Title: The Video

The decor of the large room is very VERY simple. There is a bed. Over to the far end of the room, furthest from the entrance, the music gear rests. Drum pads, The actual kit, keyboard, two guitars upon stands, and a violin case. There's also a sketch pad, a note pad, and writing utensils. Thaaaaat's about it. For you snoops out there, the sketch pad contains sketches of people Mike has seen in passing. There may even be more than one of Wade, Felicia, Loki, and a woman who bears some resemblance to Mike himself. In an odd feature of the room, there is a door on the same wall as the window, which logicaly should not be there. Nor is it a part of the original building designs.***

*knock* *knock*. Adrea seemed dress for a day out, for once, not in her customary business clothes that she wore to the lab. Indeed, she didn't even have her harness on today.

It's still been a shitty week for Mike. With Demon fights, unwanted job promotions, Mordo attacks, and a pissed off Natasha, yup. It's been shitty. And right now all Mike wants to do is lie down, take a nap, and for one glorious nap pretend things are back to normal. Gone is the red trimmed, black cloak that appeared on him near the end of the demon battle. Instead he's back to the worn out old clothes from the glorious inventory of Goodwill. Flopped down on his stomach, his hair is not pulled back and is instead blocking the light trying to peek through the curtains.

The knocking triggers a groan but the Sorceror Supreme Phantasmic Acting Music Hybrid raises his voice. "Come in."

Adrea tests the door first, before opening it and stepping in slowly. She hmms, taking a look around the room for a moment before looking to Mike. "Should I give you a minute?" she asks him. "I'm not really in a hurry, nothing on the schedule for today, at least."

"Nah go ahead. Get it over with." Mike murmurs into his pillow before he finally turns his head to look to Andrea. He pauses, just looking.

"Do you remember a visit the other day to Dominos?" Adrea asks, arching a brow as though she suspects that he might remember something she doesn't. She looks back at him, "Maybe a little something more than hot wings that came with your order?"

"I didn't order the hot wings." Mike replies, setting a hand on the bed to start the process of pushing himself over. "I never got to eat that sandwich…" He grumbles, looking to Adrea, "Natasha talk to you?"

Adrea gives Mike a deadpan look, "I don't think anyone did." she says. She shakes her head, "Not at all, but Armalite seems to remember something about that evening that I don't…and I thought you might." she says. "Is what Natasha talked about more importnat?"

Mike continues shifting himself, settling him to where he's sitting right side up on the bed. "It's related." He sighs, "Yeah something happened then. And I'm guessing youhad your memory wiped of it too if you're asking me."

Adrea nods softly, "I remember more than most, I'm sure. If only because I get to watch the youtube version." she says. "Don't worry, ARmalite knows better than to put it on YouTube. But I brought my bot with me, and he records everything." she says. "What does Natasha remember?"

"Nothing." Mike replies, "She wanted to know about why Strange no longer needed to grab her for help and I told her it was because he already did. That's how I found out she had no memory of it." He shakes his head, "Annnd that was around the time she t-" He pauses, sighing, "If you want to show her and Tony the video that's fine. But don't show it to the kids. They shouldn't have been there to begin. Shit move on Strange's part."

Adrea hmms, and nods softly, "Well I suppose that makes sense. She hmms, and then nods quickly, "I hadn't gotten there yet, I wanted to talk to you first." she comments. She shakes her head softly, "I'd rather they not remember it at all, it will make them bold." she says. She nods softly, "He never should have taken the kids, but I'm glad that me and Natasha were there to take care of them."

Mike nods. "So, does that mean I'm not going to be experiencing any backlash from you about this?"

Adrea blinks softly, "Well, I'm still trying to figure out what happened Mike. I'm not going to make any promises. I still have to talk to Natasha and Tony. To be honest, It makes you look more and more like a Loose Cannon. I'm not 'on the team', but I am part of the team, and I have NO IDEA what is going on." She says. "I'm a scientist and a pragmatist, I'm always going to TRY and figure out what's going on before I make judgements…but I can't always promise I'll be able to do so. If Natasha's angry, I'm sure I can understand at least a little bit about why, but I'd like to know more."

A brow arches. "A loose cannon." Mike repeats, shaking his head, "Let me tell you… As far as teammates are concerned. I'm probably as stable as they come and I'm not even a full fucking fledged member. When I'm not working. I'm TRAINING. Training from Natasha. Training from Strange. Training from Goddamn anyone who would offer it all in the interests of being better suited for my duties as a Phantasm. If I don't tell you somehing I know it's probably because I assumed you already knew, didn't know I had to share the information or I didn't know or can't remember myself. I didn't refuse Natasha any information she asked for. SHE JUST ASSUMED AND RAN OFF."

"Just because I say it doesn't make it true, Mike." Adrea says, responding evenyl as she listens to him. She smile a little bit, and then nod, "I'm not an Avenger at all, Mike. I'm just a contractor, I don't really know anything. But it's not really my place to get between you and Natasha, and any backlash from me hardly matters. I'm a consultant." she says.

Adrea rubs her thumb and forefinger together, the universal sign for 'cash money.' She's a hired scientific gun.

Mike nods, crossing his arms, "Well then, before Natasha has Fury give me the boot, what is it you want to know?"

Adrea considers for a moment, "Maybe we can start with what in the holy hells is going on?"

"Ok a bit vague but we can go with it…" Mike considers, "Uh, Cliffs notes version. Demons invading earth. Wanting to rule it. Strange grabbed us to go to their turf and stop them from invading. We got to the castle. Strange got seriously injured protecting Nat from an attack and as a result I ended up getting his powers shoved on me. We killed their king and Boom. You guys got blasted back home. Strange and I had to do cleanup on that side and find our way home."

Adrea hmms, and nods softly, "I was looking for the background. This doesn't really seem like something that happened suddenly." She seems to think for a few moments, considering Mike's situation. "And you've been around long enough to know that Fury does what Fury wants. His judgements about who should and should not be on the team have overruled those on the team on multiple occassions. If you want to stay on the team - that I'm not on - you should acquit yourself as a teammate, ensure that those you work with know that you're batting for thier team. They may have some concerns about loyalties or relationships with people like STrange. People who definitely don't play by our rules, or even care for them. I'm certain Natasha's probably most upset about the children having been on that 'venture, if she remembers that much. If she doesn't, well…"

"I wasn't happy about the kids being there either." Mike agrees, pausing. "Uh background. background…" He considers, "Well, we rescued Leo from being posessed by Nightmare earlier… He had that thing in his neck. Leo's gone now… Nightmare is a demon too. We still have that DemonInfest problem going on in our world. You guys at LEAST knew about that since Ragnarok…"

Adrea nods slowly, "See now, that's something." she comments. She hmms, and nods, "I remember that, that was the kid in the helmet." she says. "I haven't heard anything at all about that since then." she comments. "What do we know about the demons now that we took care of this 'King'?"

Mike frowns, "Kid in the helmet? Leo was a bartender from Hoboken." Mike frowns, "They're going to be busy for a long while trying to figure out their leadership," Mike replies, "The issue now is to clean up the nests of them that are on earth right now, hopefully at the same time and in a way that the hosts don't get killed."

"Sorry, the person with the thing in his neck. Leo. I think w/e met, but he wasn't awake." shes ays. She hmms, "Oh, the demon leadership, well that makes sense. Would I be going to far to assume it's of as someone tribal or hierarchical nature?" she asks. She huhs, "How do you find something like that?" she asks. "And is there anything other than magic they'd respond to? Something you could put inside of a dart or a bullet?"

"I have no clue." Mike admits, "I've only had Strange's title for a few days." He pauses, "I'm taking note of the locations. Generally cities with high population density. Magic is usually necessary to get the demon out of the host without killing the host. But there's a way to embue items with that type of magic to where the person using the object can do it." He leans over to pick up a pair of Escrima sticks off the floor. Similar in design to the ones he picked when over at Strange's. "The bullets Strange gave you had a similar spell but the bullet itself could very easily kill the host. It's why I prefered to learn to use the sticks. "

Adrea hmms, and then nods softly, "Is it generally possible to subdue a host?" she asks, "I have access to a number of non-lethal weapons." she comments. She hmms, and nods, "Not all of my bullets are necessarily lethal." she says. "But I dont' have your martial training, what I'm generally used to involves one stick." she says, gesturing as if holding a rifle. "Dont' think I haven't hit people with it…"

"It's possible. The hosts are generally human. " Mike answers, "Just, with some crazy reflexes, strength, speed, and stamina. Some might even leave the hosts if we make it worth their while." He pauses, looking to the rifle. "The more items I put the power in, the less useful I'd be on the field itself."

Adrea nods softly, "I can always knock them out. It's what to do with them after that's been done." she comments. She shrugs softly, "Is there anything else I should know?" she asks plainly.

"I think there's at least one cult that's been putting the demons into the hosts but … with that battle I think we cut off their supply."

Adrea nods softly, "How do you find them?" she asks. "Is it something to do with your power, I'd guess?" she asks.

"No, Fan mail actually."

Adrea blinks, "Wait…the demons get fan mail? I'm not sure how in the world that makes sense.

Mike shakes his head, giving a half smile "No. I get fan mail." He sits up, "Before the Avenger thing and Strange, I started, putting some easter eggs into my albums. Minor things. Prayers to select saints. But to a few they act as, protection spells against demons." He chuckles, "Kind of like giving people a potential ace up the sleeve they didn't know they had until a time of need pops up."

"oh, so all that shit about that prayer in that one popular song was actually true." she says. She nods slowly, "Words, Runes, they have power, and you were trying to get people to use them." she says.

Mike nods, "The fan letters were thank you letters. Which, is a good tip off of where to look." He shrugs, "I didn't think it'd be /that/ effective but I'm glad it is."

Adrea nods, "You get any intelligence you think would be useful, feel free to let any of us know." she says. "I can always try to move in with a team of my own." she says. "And…is there anything I could test a bullet against, if I want to try and come up with a chemical solution that works?"

"Test a bullet against?" Mike repeats, "To synthesize an exorcism? I- don't think it works like that."

Adrea arches her brow, "Magic practicitioners have been using 'made up' methods since the dawn of time. Enchanting fetishes and binding spirits since before the word 'magick' became a reality. Do you really that fortitude and versality cannot be matched by science? Strange enchanted bullets for me…"

Mike considers it, "Here's the thing. The enchantement of random objects only works while the person who cast the spell has it in mind to maintain it. Actual artifacts with it an enchantment embedded deep are…" He pauses, "…I don't know where any with that ability are right now."

"I'd have to investigate the nature of the possession. It might still be possible to make the host somewhat inhospitable for the possessor, that would simulate the effects of exorcism well enough. Maybe just an amped up 'night-night' bullet." she says, shrugging softly. "I'll look into it."

Mike pauses, "OH. You're talking about a Demon-Infest." He pauses, "Well, we wouldn't have to go far to find a sample most likely at least." He pauses, "Except… some demons are the type to kill their hosts before vacating if they're given enough leeway."

Adrea nods, "I suppose that's why I'd like to give them a reason to vacate quickly or under distress. In any case. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?" Adrea asks simply, "Or should I let you get back to sleep?"

Mike considers, "I think we covered the gist of what I know right now. Do you have any other questions that needed answering?"

Adrea considers for a moment, "What's Pepper Potts favorite flower?" she asks, though she's not certain if Mike will be able to tell if she's serious.

"That shall for now will remain a mystery," Mike says, shaking his head as he leans back, "It's never come up in any conversations with Tony."

Adrea hmms, and nods, "I don't know how useful you'll be to me then." she huffs, winking to him as she opens the door to head out.


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