2015-05-10 Graduation Day
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Players: Marie, Drake, Scott, Betsy, Samuel, Killian, Tyler, Jose
GMed by Marie
Title: Graduation Day

[* X-Mansion: Back Yard *]

The backyard extends a good few acres, providing enough space for a basketball court, a baseball diamond, olympic sized pool and other recreational facilities. It's surrounded by trees on all sides, the very back edge of the yard ending in a steep cliff. Watch your step here! The garage is a part of the back of the mansion, holding several cars and X-Vechicles and it sits off to the eastern side of the house with many large wooden doors for vehilces to enter and exit from.
Along the entire back of the mansion is a stone walkway and lounging locatins setup with furniture, lounge chairs and fancy tables with umbrellas to block the light. All along this walkway area are carefully mannicured bushes and flowers that bloom brightly in the proper months of the year.

= Players

= NPCs:
Lots of random visitors

It was a fairly warm day, the sun was out and there was a decent wind coming in out of the south but the sun was out and birds were chirping. Today was the graduation day for the small senior class of Xavier's School and thusly there was a gathering collection of family and friends. The pool house was being used as the main reception area for the gathering of visitors as the main house itself was off-limits due to continued operations, as the rest of the student body was still holding classes throughout the next week.

Outside of the pool house's main entrance was a large fountain with a statue of Charles Graymalkin, who settled this land in the late 1700s. This fountain is where chairs were setup for all of the senior students to sit beside a podium that rest on a red carpet laid over the cobblestone patio. There were roughly 30 students in total who were graduating today and about half of them ahd family in attendance… additional chairs were setup for these family members to sit. The ceremony has not yet started though there was a large gathering of people moving in and out of the pool house, mingling and waiting for things to start.

Marie was standing near the fountain speaking to Ororo. She was dressed rather nice in a dark green skirt that ended just below her knees. she had on high-heeled shoes and a matching dark green jacket with short sleeves, however she had on black gloves that went up and disappeared into her jacket. Her hair was not wild and messy today, infact it was very well kempt and styled nicely, resting in a bun on the crown of her head, with her white bangs framing either side of her face that was also prettied up with fine makeup. She shared a small joke with Storm before moving over to where the faculty was to sit on the other side of the podium. Her eyes swept around at all the people gathering here, she seemed a bit nervous but happy overall.

Gradutation day, a special day for those who are ready to go to the next level. Jose has decided to attened the event, never actualy have been to a graduation afore. Though he was awefully dressed down compared to the other folks, wearing a simple button up shirt and jeans, and of course his headphones. His head was constantly turning around hearing the various conversations of parents and friends and even responding to them "Oh, yea he nice" or "SOrry don't know him", but never actualy talking to anyone, which got the odd look from some people. None the less Jose was, for once trying to be on his better behavior and avoiding making sound effects. Though he did still move completly silent

Gradutation day, a special day for those who are ready to go to the next level. Jose has decided to attened the event, never actualy have been to a graduation afore. Though he was awefully dressed down compared to the other folks, wearing a simple button up shirt and jeans, and of course his headphones. His head was constantly turning around hearing the various conversations of parents and friends and even responding to them "Oh, yea he nice" or "SOrry don't know him", but never actualy talking to anyone, which got the odd look from some people. None the less Jose was, for once trying to be on his better behavior and avoiding making sound effects. Though he did still move completly silent (repose)

Drake is one face among a small crowd of be-gown'd and Oxford cap'd mutants coralled into the pool house as they await the ceremony's commencement. As opposed to a number of the other graduates, his biological family is nowhere to be seen. No doubt they'd been contacted about the ceremony, and with an equal lack of doubt, they'd likely replied that they had no son. Instead, Drake's adoptive family is present!

Or hopefully they are, leastways. It would be awkward for the headmaster, Charles Xavier, and his right hand man, Scott Summers, to be absent.

And while Drake is extremely thrilled to finally be in this position, the culmination of nothing short of a complete lifestyle overhaul, he's completely nervous. The teen is bobbing anxiously on the balls of his feet while sharing modest placations and smiles with his classmates. At least spirits are high all around!

It is a beautiful day for it, but then it seems to always be on these occasions. This is the third graduation ceremony young Sam has been able to witness in his time at the school, and as a permanent resident he had gotten to know some of the graduating students more than just in passing, though none as close friends. As usual he's out and about, chatting with the students and sometimes with their family, and it's an understatement to say that he's made an effort to look presentable. Nowhere near as resplendent as the graduating class, his white button down shirt is crisp and properly ironed, and his black uniform trousers even have a crease in them. No sneakers today, but properly buffed up oxford leathers, and the young mutant is not just on his best behavior, he's being downright charming. Eventually he sidles up to Drake, and gives the older mutant a nudge and beams him a smile. "Congrats."

Marie continued to hang around the faculty seating area chatting with a few other people who came up to her to talk, some familiar faces and some who just wanted to introduce themselves to another one of the school's teachers 'the one with the wild hair' as some of the parents referred to her. Professor Xavier was the main attraction, as far as the visitors were concerned, they were approaching and speaking to him for long periods of time, he was adored by the parents who were aware of why exactly their child was here and also by those who thought their child was simply getting a prestigious education.

Scott appeared in the pool house and was moving down the line of students, speaking to each of them in-turn and shaking their hands or recieving hugs from some of the female students. When he stepped up to Drake he dropped his righ thand onto Drake's shoulder and gave him a big grin. "We're just about ready to go." He said to the young grad. "Are you ready to do this?" He asked him, Scott gave a glance over to Samuel. "Better go grab a seat and start spreading the word that everyone's going to be heading out there soon, sound good?" He asked the young attendee.

It's getting to the point of being a tradition now, and Sam gives Scott a brief nod, still favoring both of them with his bright smile. "Sure. Good luck, an' relax… you've got this." He then makes his way out of the pool house, heading towards the seating. As he emerges, he gives a surreptitious nod to a few other younger students milling about, all of whom begin to take their seats at the back. As they do, a ripple of calm and activity spreads through the people they pass or those they were speaking to. As the younger students visibly begin to take their seats, it's almost as if it's the unspoken signal that the ceremony is about to commence. Young Sam takes his usual seat in the very back row.

Scott might have been talking to someone for a few moments but he leaves for a second to get a cup of cold ice water. He seems a little tense; as if he was thinking about something. After he downs the water, a smiile takes over his mouth. "Hmm, now where are the good seats?" He starts to scan the area to see where he should take his seat. He then makes a bad joke to one of the students he knows; "You know, with my shades, it appears as if everyone is wearing the same colored outfits today." He checks his jacket's breast pocket to make sure he has something there. "Drake will love this."

Betsy makes her fashionably late entrance in a flowing purple dress that may seem highly appropriate for the woman. She slowly makes her way to the fountain, on light steps even in the heels she wears. Her movements are graceful and silent, but not slow as she heads for the fountain herself. As things start to get in order, she goes to find a place to stand with the reast of the faculty - to quietly observe.

Ororo appears in the poolhouse, having stepped inside the main doorway. She was dressed all in white, a very lovely pants suit with her hair loose and flowing around her shoulders. "Okay. Everyone?" She spoke out, waiting for the student's attention. once all eyes came to her.. she continued. "We're about to head out. When the music comes on the doors will open. You kow your two by two formation already… so just get in yoru places and move to the front two rows as we rehearsed. Part from one another and take your seats. The Professor will be giving his address then and we'll begin calling your names out after that. You'll step up to the podium recieve your diplomas and then return to your chairs." Her voice was alluring to listen to, mixed with an accent that was just plain enjoyable to hear. She gave them all a big proud smile, her hands clasped together in front of her. "These things go by in an instant. Cherish them and hold onto the memories." And with that, Ororo stepped aside to go and prepare to start the ceremony.

OUtside, the rest of the faculty was seated as well, Rogue was between Logan and Tyler. She was scanning the crowd, trying to spot familiar faces to see which of the under-classmen had decided to come. A moment later the music started and she looked to the pool house to see the doors opening, apaprently it was time for the students to come out and take their seats.

Drake has no idea what Scott has planned. He'd never expect shenanigans today to come from him, of all people. Jose, maybe. But he has no time to reflect on who all may or may not have gathered in the crowd outside, nor what may be going through their minds, as Ororo gives her instructions. Once concluded, the teen dutifully puts in position - that is, next to last. Having a last name starting with a 'V' has certain disadvantages. But as the music starts, he straightens his posture, rolls his shoulders back, and holds his head high on ceremony.

The students march out, two by two, ascending to the dual row of seats. Drake follows the split, taking the front seat furthest stage left. His hands fold neatly over his lap, vibrant green eyes scanning the crowd composed mostly of faces he doesn't recognize - family and friends of other graduates - then sweeps over the faculty in attendance, finding more comfort in their presence. Enough to warrant a modest, but warm smile.

As the music starts and the students begin to file out, the younger students in the audience stand as one, and begin to politely applaud. There was no rehearsal for it, but they'd all agreed the day before that they'd try to time it right, and it was after all a tradition that the under-classmen were there to cheer on the graduating students. There might be a lot of proud family in the audience, but there was to be no question that there were proud students as well, representing a school equally proud of the achievements celebrated today. Sam stands at the very edge of the last row, putting in his bit, before sitting back down with the others after the last of the graduating students has taken their seat.

Betsy made her way to her own seat as the rest of the faculty did. Somehow managing to arrange her seat next to Scott's, she carefully crosses her legs, maintiaining propriety but showing quite a bit of leg in the process. She hums the music quietly to herself, a shining butterlfly clasp particularly noticeable in her hair when she turns to watch the procession of students.

It is really not a prank or anything he has planned to get Drake in any shape of trouble. It actually was a well calculated and thought out gift he has in pocket. He thinks to himself about what it exactly he has and he keeps his smile before he realizes what he does not have. 'Headphones,' he thinks. He tries to calculate what he has planned but he now has another distraction as the vacant seat next to him is now taken. He tries to refocus on the graduation while making sure his phone is set to 'Do Not Disturb.' The last thing he needs is a text message to go off in his pocket.

When the under-classmen start to applaud this causes many of the parents who are in attendance to smile, and not a short supply of them to gte a little weepy-eyed to see such comradery amongst the student body, it was an endeering show of support afterall. It also seemed to please many of the teachers who were seated up by the podium that was in front of the large fountain, Marie grinned and looked over to Logan who had his aviators on and a rather stoic expression. She elbowed him and he glanced at her but said nothing.

Once all of the students sat down, Charles approached the podium in his wheeled chair. A moment later and the man was actually standing at the wooden podium with his hands clasping either sides of it… a surprise to some, perhaps, but it was a fairly simple effect that was achieved through some tech from Hank McCoy. Charles scanned the croud, his eyes squinting some in the daylight sun that shun down upon them all. He allowed the crowd to grow silent and let it hang for an appropriate amount of dramatic effect. "Here we all are." He said then, a very pleased expression resting on his face. After another breif lingering pause he continued. "When I opened this school, so many years ago, I did not truly know what to expect and I cannot tell you how humbling it is to have had the priveledge to see so many fine classes come to this point." His eyes scanned the graduating students now in particular. "You have all come to us as strangers, youth looking for guideance and education. And now you are preparing to move on from us, as young adults ready to shape the future of your own lives, as well as the lives of those whom you will come to meet along your individual paths." The professor took a small breath and continued to speak, offering stories of individual members of the senior classes, some humorous and some heart-felt.

Betsy idly placed a hand on Scott next to her, <Hello, Sugarplum> she thought to him quietly. She sat up, watching the proceedings with a smile and clapping at all the appropriate moments. She did look genuinely proud of the senior-class. In the X-Class, they all grew up far too fast. She watches each one, whispering words of encouragement into their minds one at a time, as discreetly as possible.
Drake is touched by the display from the younger classmen. That warm smile is redirected in there direction before he settles again, his eyes turning to the Professor as he- wait, really? He's standing? So it would seem that Charles Xavier is the one guilty of shenanigans this afternoon.

A trace of a telepathic message crosses his mind. Only a few people have bothered to converse with him in that way, and the only one he spots in the crowd is Miss Braddock. She gets an appreciative little grin, but he reins in anything further. He's going for an image here. He can let his proverbial hair down once the ceremony concludes!

Scott's complicated and also insecure in some aspects. He tries not get nervous about the issue of getting close to Betsy. Telepaths. His biggest weakness. He bites his lower lip. He tries to focus on Xavier's speech and not pay attention that Betsy may or may not be flirting with him. However, his instincts are too natural as his hand hovers to her hand on him. Perhaps she sensed that he was worried about his gift to Drake and wanted to calm him? He considers that the option as his hand connects to hers.

There is, perhaps astonishingly, complete silence from the young students in the back. This is the longest bit, the one where attention might easily flag, but there's nary a fidget and not a single sound from the back row. As much as they might clown around otherwise, these young students know very well that this is a solemn moment, and they'll expect nothing less from the under-classmen at their own graduation ceremony… and so tradition endures. Sam also endures, stoically, the Professor's speech and the many anecdotes, smiling at a few of them when his own memories recall a few of these from a different perspective.

The professor's speech went on for a little under ten minutes in total. He did not like to be too brief with these, nor overly long as he knew that most were not into hearing these sorts of long talks. "In closing…. Its imperative that I take this moment to know that this school. did not just serve as a temporary home to any of our students." He tells them all. "Leaving us today, does not mean that you cannot come back to us tomorrow." He cracked a reserved grin then on his aged face. "Perhaps not to stay permanently, as we do have exceedingly expensive food bills around here…" This earned some chuckling from some of the audience members. "But should they need a safe place to come, a place to feel welcomed and secure, this School is your home away from home. And it forever will be. Thank you and good luck, to each of you." And with that Charles sat back down in his chair and he rejoined the line of Faculty members.

Ororo then appeared at the podium and microphone, her snow-white hair flowing around her in the warm spring breezes. She had a big smile on her lips as she too looked out on the crowd. "And now, for the names of our senior classmen. If you would come up to the stage." It was then that she started to speak each and every student out, adding an extra term if they graduated with top marks. Every student earned a different level of applause from various groups within the audience.
From afar, Drake eyeshifts. "Should I wait for your next pose, or pose him as getting a diploma now?"

Betsy smiles warmly, a faitnly amused expression crossing her face as she watches the Professor stand to deliver his speech. She sat up with a rigid, 'proper' posture, ever the Lady, even if she was holding hands with Scott. She effects the 'mandatory' chuckle as Xavier's jokes, but can't help but grin to herself a little bit, looking into the seated students to see how they were all weathering thier own graduation. A mental <You've got this.> to Scott, when she's not looking at him, her gaze turning to Ororo smoothly. A mental <That's you!> to the senior class, when Ororo called them up, with the wisp of the accomplishment that often accompanied the feeling of gratification that came with completing great deeds.

After sharing but a single glance, the younger students at the back stand again the very moment the first name is about to called. Dressed identically, they begin to applaud when the first name is called, and it seems they are not going to stop until the last of them is once again seated. Tradition demands that they honor each student with the same amount of applause, but as always their effort redoubles whenever it seems a student doesn't have family attending, or is receiving less than satisfactory accolades from the audience. And so it is that the school sends the students out into the world with encouragement from both faculty, and the students yet to graduate. The school, as a whole, stands proud and tall.

Scott's engaged in his own world as he considers that his gift will be a most prized gift to the student he mentored the most; Drake. He remains silent but relaxed as he squeezes his hand; still not mentally connecting that he is indeed holding Betsy's hand. He tries to remember his own graduation and the issues he encountered prior to and after. He smiles, knowing that these students will be able to handle the future.

As the speech continues, Drake settles his attention on the headmaster. It's calming, focusing on nothing other than the words - a nice distraction from the tremendous change his life will soon undertake. And it promptly vanishes again when Ororo assumes her place at the podium. There aren't very many students to get through, but Drake is the next-to-last in the lineup. It doesn't give him long - just long /enough/ to reflect on everything.

School was never important in his life; mere busywork. Like an overly-funded babysitter. And 'home' was a nebulous concept, unwelcoming and filled with contention. He was an embarrassment there - someone his parents frequently lied about, when it came to giving accounts as to where he'd been or what he'd been up to. Of course, his parents couldn't exactly come out and say he'd been knocking over stores, hotwiring cars, and performing vandalism - not to mention the scuffles. /Oh/, the scuffles.

And then his powers manifested. As if he'd needed a bigger wedge to divide his family. He remembers coming to terms with what he could do, and finally drudging up the courage to tell his father, and his father's command to never use it again. Finally, he remembers being told to not come back.

Then, armed with a plan that only kind of worked, he met Scott. From that day onwards, he'd had family. What broke him away from the world was suddenly something to be proud of, a useful ability. Though it wasn't quite how he'd wanted to do it, he became a member of the secretive New Mutants program, which opened up a whole new world of possibility he'd previously never considered; fending off waves of extra-dimensional monsters, battling killer robots, confronting world-ending serpents, uncovering anti-mutant experimentation laboratories, and most importantly, helping people. Just like that, he not only had a family, he had /purpose/. Classes mattered. His future mattered.

And now, here he is, graduating with extremely high marks - the top of his class in the physical fields, and with an invitation not only to stay with the mansion and work as a teacher of some kind, but also to join the elite X-Men.

It's unbelievable how much can change in one year.

His name is called. Drake stands and makes his way to the podium to receive the diploma, while simultaneously shaking Ororo's hand. Once finished, he offers a modest, barely contained wave to the crowd and resumes his seat. He exhales.

Jose had been silently watching the entire graduation. He stayed far to the back watching as the various student stood up, sat down and were generally applouded. For everyone of them he gave his clap of appreciation of what they managed to accomplish. But otherwise he avoids the large crowds of people. He knew many had hard time, and he finds himself looking down at his dirty sneakers wondering who exactly Drake is.

Ororo went down the line of names, one after another with there being only twenty nine in total. Hands were shook, smiles were exchanged with both Ororo and the Professor who remained right there just a step away from Storm. The rest of teh faculty clapped as well and some of the students, those with the more wild persoanlities did some silly stuff after recieving their own diplomas… one student, a large male known as Shadow Phase took a step back and actually did a full front flip before returning to his seat…. this of course got quite a few laughs and some additional applause from the audience, including that wonderfully kind gesture from the udner-classmen who were in attendance today… but when it was all said and done, Ororo turned back to the podium and brushed her white hair out of her face…

"Again, from everyone at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.. we thank you for being here today, and we have truly cherished assisting your children in proceeding onward to the next phase of their lives." She started to clap her hands to signify the end of the ceremony but also leaned forward to add in… while everyone else was clapping… "There is food and drinks within the the pool area. We encourage everyone to stay and mingle, relax and have fun!" The pool area had been setup by a catering staff, glass doors had slid into place over the water of the pool and tables were set across the glass floor now, lined with all kinds of delicious treats and such.

Betsy stood up at the appropriate time for clapping. Her applause was loud and crisp, heartfelt and geniuine, as she gave each student her appreciate, and her congratulations. She grins at Ororo's decleration of food and drinks, and nods to Scott, "I think you're time is coming up, Sugarplum." she says quietly. She turns back to the students, waiting for them to start heading out. She'll be one of the last to head to the food and drinks.
Killian doesn't know much of the Senior class but he claps all the same, he knows the drill from his brother's graduations and has heard some people don't have their folks here, he does reckognise Drake though, really nice guy would a mad positive outlook, so the guy gets a little more effort with his clap, which with gloves is a little muffled anyways, when the ceremony is done Killian waits to congratulate Drake before heading out of the area.

With each name called, Scott tries to recall something positive about each student. He is able to do so. He wants them to have a bright future. As Drake's name is called, he flashes a giant grin. He claps with the audience for the graduating class and he looks to Betsy with a smile, "Thanks, Miss Braddock. I think after recent events that I needed to hear that." He then produces a small but wrapped gift box. "I need to give this to Drake, but perhaps we could grab coffee later?"

With the ceremony over, Sam and the other younger students stand again, and shake hands. Words are exchanged, amid nods and bright smiles, and then everyone goes their own ways… it looks suspiciously much like a Sergeant falling out his ceremonial squad, possibly betraying that some effort has gone into this showing today. Soon, however, he's heading over to the food… time to add to that large food bill. That too is tradition.

This ceremony isn't ending without a vigorous tossing of the caps. This institute may be considered extremely fancy and well-to-do, but some things simply can't be prevented. A small cloud of tasseled hats briefly shadows the sky; Drake's is among them. Hat recollected, the energetic teen bounds down to the ground level, radiant smile plastered to his face. So much to do! So much to think about! He had hopes that the tension would go away when the ceremony concluded, but as it turns out, it's just replaced with a different kind.

Naturally, Scott is the first one he gravitates towards. "Heeeey, 'Dad'," he greets with the typical tongue-in-cheek tone he'd use with that particular label. Their legal arrangement ended when he turned eighteen, but it's a dynamic he's in no hurry to abandon. And then, to Betsy at his side, "Hey, Miss Braddock!"

Eyes zip to the box in Scott's possession in a blink. The dude already got him a motorcycle for his birthday. What could this possibly be? "Oh, you didn't…," he murmurs, "the birthday gift was really above'n beyond already…"

Jose avoids the crowd entirely. Satisfied that the graduation is over he himself plops underneath a tree. He responds to various conversations that he hears but is never apart of. ANd soon he lazily sits back, the amount of 'fancy' here can get a theif itching to get picking. But nope, this was definitly not the time, the place, or the people to do it too. As such Jose merely adjust his headphones and watches….though he does let out -one- kokoburra laugh in congratulations to those who will move on

Grinning at Drake, Scott shakes his head, "Yes, abbout that motorcycle…." He winks, "Have you been keeping up on the polish?" He forms a smile that shows he is teasing, "I spent some time working on this. It was part of the birthday gift but I never figured it out all the way." He hands the gift box to Drake to open. As Drake opens it, it will reveal a brand new iPod Touch. "I filled up the space with some good music and audio books." He bites his lower lip, as he pauses, "You're going to be upset but you're not done with all of my lessons. There are some new classes I have worked on for you. For starters, you're going to study Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' on audio and explain it to me. Chapter by chapter. And don't think about using 'Wikipedia' or Cliff Notes." He grins.

Most of the school's faculty was now mixing in with the other people who were moving about. Some of the families weren't staying for the food as they were busy people with busy lives, but most were infact staying. There was quite a bit of jubiliation going on and some of the various friends within the senior class were already running here and there, goofing around.

Marie made her way to the pool area and her high-heeled shoes made soft clicking sounds upon the glass doors that covered the pool over. The water below was covered over by sparkly balloons that glittered silver and gold in the sunlight, bobbing up and down on the pool water. Marie took a second to admire that sight before she went to where the catering staff was serving drinks and she took a glass of iced tea and walked toward a table to seat herself down, her legs were crossed at the knee within that green skirt she had on and she started eyeing-faces around the crowds, smiling softly at how happy everyone seemed to be.

Betsy offers Scott a nod and a warm smile, "Maybe." she says, winking to him before moving off to drift into the crowd herself. In a crowd full of people, the woman had an uncanny knack for dissapearing…even if she was wearing purple. She takes her time to mix and mingle, paying special attention to gush to parents of students at the school before moving on to those without family attending and offering words of encouragement. She finalyl dfits up to Marie, almsot appearing beside her, "Hey, Sugar." She says in her best southern accent, coming out sounding more cockney British than anything else.
"Oh, like I /wouldn't/," chides Drake concerning the polished condition of his motorcycle. He babies that darn thing.

Back to the matter at hand, Drake plops the Oxford cap atop Scott's head and takes the box. Once opened, the teen gives a quietly mesmerized, "Oooh~" And then Scott drops the bomb on him. School's not out.

"…Did Dynasty Warriors get it right? Cuz then I could tell you everything there is to know about it right now." His gaze lifts to Scott with a wry twinkle behind those emeralds. With a more serious tone, he adds, "These classes worth, uh, college credit?" College is a thing he could be doing now, after all. "Or is this just strictly a you'n me thing?"

Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow… well, tomorrow students will be graduates. It's not something that occupies a great part of Sam's concerns, that would currently be how many sandwiches he could stack on a single plate, and it's something he figures he has years to worry about in future. So today is a day of relaxation and celebration, and mixing with faculty is an informal, relaxed setting. Still he gravitates almost normally towards people he knows well, and before long there's another guest at Marie's table. "Hi. Mind if I sit down?"

Now that Scott can no longer be affected by Betsy, and perhaps the cap will be a shield from her tricks! He looks back at Drake, though, and smiles, "Oh, you want credits for becoming a future member of the 'Blue and Gold' team?" He shakes his head, "We've got some session to start. And I would hope…" Scott pauses, "That you're up for some misadventures. I got some road trips planned before the college time starts."

Marie grins up at Betsy when the fancy woman strides up beside her. "Hey… stealin' my words, yo." She tells her, taking another sip from her glass of ice tea. "You gonna grab some food and eat?" She asked her before her eyes then swept over to Swamuel who'd showed up at her table. "Get yourself some grub, Sammy. I'll save you a seat." She put her free hand on the edge of the table and looked over at a group of well dressed men who were setting up some string instruments, just in time to see them start to play some soft music for the crowd, making this feel even further like a very fancy party, set on a makeshift glass patio above the pool waters.

Betsy hmms, and shrugs softly, rolling her shoulder and giving Marie a mischief-filled grin. Her eyes shift upward while she pauses in thought, "Mmm, well I suppose I could be convinced." she says. She looks for a moment and then makes herself comfortable next to Marie, "Long day, good day." she comments to no one in particular. She looks to Marie, "Think they know Ave Maria?" she teases Marie, looking back to the table, "What's to eat?"

Drake blinks as an alien thought pokes into his head. It's a familiar voice, though. After some jerky head motions to scan the crowd, his eyes land on Betsy with a squint. Soon enough, Scott has his attention again with an excited grin. He's assuming the 'Blue and Gold' is an allusion to the X-Men - the New Mutants aren't given any kind of insight into the group, nor even that it exists, under normal circumstances. So seeing them in any kind of uniform has been out of the question.

"Totally! If it means diving into this," he wags the newly-obtained device, "then that's hardly a problem. But I've gotta warn ya." He cants his head. "Someone's already proposed a roadtrip, for at least a little bit of the summer!" Misadventures, though? He can't begin to assume what Scott has in mind, but his level of excitement is staying consistently topped off at a ten.

Jose uncomfortable going into the graduation party, begins to ascend a tall tree. He climbs up and up and up befor sitting on a branch and laying agaist the trees trunk. He closes his eyes and let's his ears let him know what is going on. They twitch as he listens, making his headphones shift

As much as he was playing the lovable rascal or the charming imp in his fancy clothes, there's a slight strain to Sam's smile that Marie might recognise. His plate of food, the whole hillock of it, is slid onto the table and the young mutant takes his seat. "Thanks." The school, until now, had been a place where he didn't have to hide what he was or what he could do, and now there's a crowd of strangers milling about. The boy is out of his comfort zone, will probably be fine, but just needs a short while with trusted people to recharge his batteries. In his case, possibly literally.

Being around the Mansion, Tyler has little fear of losing some of his nicer pieces of clothing if he were to suddenly need to change into a cloud of water vapor. So his typically shabby chic has been outdone with a very sharp suit. He's resplendent with designer names, striking a classical look with a bit of whimsical flair - his color accents are pink, and his dress socks are an outrageous pattern of argyle with greens and pinks.
Tyler sidles over to Charles and salutes the que-ball with a sparkling glass of ice and lemonade, offering the man a glass of his own, "Well spoke! You get better at these every year, you know. When are you going to put that fantastic brain to good use and /publish/, mhh?" Tyler merrily chats with Xavier for a bit, before parting and making his rounds.

Killian is chilling against the wall watching all the people there wondering which of the parents are mutants too, if the bald guy is keeping his head to himself, where the seniors are moving on to and if that kid over there really just took the last slice of pizza…

Without showing a wince as he thinks of something almost painful, Scott produces part of the road trip's agenda. "I have some tickets for a place called Disney World. I was thinking of renting a trailer to hitch on the back of my car for part of the road trip. I figured that someone might be riding in style behind or along me." He points to Drake, "But seriously, be careful on your bike when we go." He doesn't mention that he had originally planned this trip for when he and Jean were in better terms with each other. After that went south, he decided to buy the tickets and plan for this adventure without her.

"So, Drake, what is the first state you want to ride to? I was thinking we can find some good BBQ near Atlanta."

He begins to to motion to him that they should head to where the food is. "And just rememember, no underage drinking."

Marie's grin blossomed at Samuel a moment. "Don't worry, kiddo. Everyone'll be gone before you know it and this palce will be back to normal." She told him before looking back over at Betsy who had sat down beside her. "I can smell at least ten different kidns of food over there, so I'm willing to bet they got just about everything anyone could want… probably. Except alcohol of course, which is what I'm in the mood for myself." She gave her friend a grin before Marie's eyes spotted Jose up a tree off beyond the pool yard. "Jose." She spoke at a level of volume you'd use if someone was here beside you. "Come eat. I got a space saved for you at the cool table." Her gaze then went to Killian and she waved him over to, unsure of whether or not the 'emo' Killian would obey her though.

"Oh, I'm sure I could make alcohol happen Sugar." Psylocke says with a cheshire-cat grin. She hmms, "How about I get plates for both of us though?" she says, "I think Samuel's enjoying your company and I think we're probably both hungry?" she asks Marie. She nods to Sam, "This is still the same place it's ever been Sam, and we're here just in case." she says.

"Hahah, what?" Drake can't grin any more, but rest assured, there's absolutely amusement behind those eyes now. "/Disney World/?" He'd been once, when he was much younger. Going now with Scott could be… ridiculously entertaining. "Sure, sounds ballin'! But the first state I go to, someone's already got dibs on."

The teen tips his head towards Marie's table, indicating someone over there. He doesn't specify who just yet. His gaze slides back to Scott, "Dude, I'm in no hurry to pick up drinking. What, did Marie call me Beer King or whatever around ya?" He just knew her saying that would get him in trouble.

There is a small but distinct moment of tension easing as Sam nods to Betsy, even before she had said anything. "Thanks. I mean, I always like these graduation things, this is actually the third one I've been to, but… the crowd, y'know? It's not as bad as last year, don't worry, I've got this. Just… need a few minutes, y'know?" His smile is distinctly apologetic, but no less genuine for it. And at least he seems to be over the shock of the missing memories for the moment. He's acutely aware of Jose up a tree, and suspects the third of the Three Musketeers is around as well, but hadn't spotted Killian yet.
So it appears Marie did agree with the comments Killian asked her about yesterday but he's not emo! he was a little pissed off yesterday cause a couple of people were being unreasonable but he's not dumb enough to cut ties with the few friends he has here over it, he starts heading over only to stop a whisper to one of the parents on his way before continuing.

Jose begins a reckless decent hearing Marie. ANd tumbles off the last branch and over the ground before springing to his feet. He makes his way into the closer and closer to the graduation. But as he does so, he mimics people voice, and replies to various conversation. In a city such a thing is not so bad, but this was a party. People stared or moved away from Jose unsure what to make of him. Way out of his comfort zone, Jose make himself as small as possible and find his way to Marie table taking a seat, still responding to various conversations. "No no no, I don't know him" and then "Look lady I really do care about your dog" using a completly different voice. He dosn't look anyone in the eye

Tyler finds himself drifting towards the food spread as Betsy heads there for food-fetching, "Hello hello! Is Marie establishing a central base of operations over there?" He grins, lifting his chin in the direction of the table and its growing gravitational pull for students and teachers alike. He sidles to the other side of the table, working up the line across from Betsy. "I'm playing a game this year, care to join me?" He has the smile of someone who's going to tell Betsy the game whether she asks for an explanation or not.

Turning red slightly, Scott looks at Drake and whispers, "You weren't drinking with her, were you? If the professor finds out… we both could be in trouble." He then tries to clear his mind before he gives the hat back to Drake. "So tell me about your road trip that you're doing? It sounds fun." He kind of considers somethings in his head at the moment, "You can use my car if you need to."

Betsy nods to Tyler, "She is, though I'm not quite sure you're invited to the 'cool people' table." she comments to Tyler, grinning a little bit as she starts making a pair of plates for the two ladies at the table. She looks up from the food as she's giving Marie the same things as her mostly, if trying to be mindful of her southern tastebuds. "Oh? What manner of game are we speaking of? The kids play so many games these days I'm never qutie sure…"

Drake walks along with Scott, blanching at the notion of kicking back brewskies with Marie. "What? No! She's just got a bad sense of humor sometimes!" He got the nickname for doing the exact opposite, in fact: disposing of a former student's secret beer stash. It was like therapy.

Regardless, Drake continues to explain, "Marie'n I, along with a couple others, are gonna take a trip to the west coast to visit the beaches'n stuff. I mean, I've been here a year, and pools are great, don't get me wrong, but I grew up with /beaches/. Nothing else is gonna measure up!"

He then adds, with a wide grin, "I did research on that motorcycle. It's made for distance driving. And Marie's wanting to use her new car, too, so it's kind'a this whole thing." Complete with vague hand-gestures.

Tyler puts on a faux sour look, "I am /so/ cool. You just have no idea." He's being fussy as he plucks around the steam trays and salads, concoting an excruciatingly on-point diet selection. Some superhumans have to keep their fit bodies through hard work, you see. "Anyhow. I think Charles should publish this year. All we need to do is drop hints, and essentially socially pressure him into getting in the driver's seat. THEN, we simply place bets on when it happens. It's like a really long-term, boring fantasy football? Or one of those Wisconsin State cow-plop games." He shrugs a shoulder, "I'm not married to the idea, but there it is." He perks up, looking about the party, "Say - is Brian visiting?"

"Hmm, just be careful." Scott grins, "I know you wil be fine. But if you want," he shrugs, "I do have my surf board in storage should you not want to buy one." He looks over the groups around them. "Let me know when you are taking off. Only because I might do the same but not to crash your party. I have some places to go as well. And I don't want to let Jean try to use that time get my attention." He grins, "Women, right?"
An older man, with a walker, hobbles over to where Tyler is. "Excuse me, sonny, have you seen my grandson? His name is Michael."

"Whoa, tiger." Betsy says, arching a brow at Tyler, "That's a big pus, depending on exactly what you want 'Charles' to publish, tiger." she says. She shakes her head softly "If you want my help with that, you might have to do a little more talking." she says. She hmms, and shakes her head softly, "That' snot a bet I'm willing to take…" she says. She hmms, "I don't think so dear, he's…awfully busy."

'Michael' to be a name Tyler would recognize - like some NPC student? Or is he confused? Also, if this is entangling plot-stuff, I'd just as soon take a pass since I won't be here long."

Tyler tucks his lips to the side in a little frown, but his voice is toned with obvious humor: "You need to concoct more reasons for him to visit. I mean, /I/ need you to concoct more reasons for him to vi-" Tyler's blond brows raise as the grandfatherly man hobbles up, "Oh - Michael? Is he a student or…?" Tyler puts down his plate, and simply transitions to help-the-old-man mode.

Jose occasionly nibbles on food and sips a soda. He contines respond to conversations he hears constantly. At some point he even uses Killians, Samuel, Maries, Hank's and even the Proffesor voice. The sound flowing togeather almost seamlessly. None the less Jose keeps his head down
"So you can ogle him? I think I get enough of that." Betsy says plainly to Tyler, teasing him as she finishes making up the two plates. She picks up both of them, "You'll have to carry drinks if you're joining me at the cool table." she says to Tyler, starting to turn around slowly, looking over her shoulder, "I haven't seen Michael for a few days, sir…"

Marie steps back over to the table after having had to have a conversation with one of her former students and her family. When she returns she places her gloved right hand onto Jose's shoulder. "Ya get something to eat, superstar?" She asked him before she glanced to the others at the table to get a listen at what they were talking about.
The older man nods and begins to head away, "Oh, ok. Thank you, Miss. I'm looking for him as I am his only kin. He wanted me at the graduation but he then mentioned something about some video game thing. I think he called it a Sentinel. I haven't heard from him in a while." He flashes a smile, "Must be an addictive video game." He shrugs and heads away from the group.

"Sentinel… /game/." Tyler slow-pans to Betsy, an eyebrow crawling up his forehead as the old man todders away, "Wait… sir? What was your grand kid's full name? And when did you last hear from him?"

From a different table, the charming Doug Ramsey strolls over, hearing the conversation between Tyler and the older man, "Uh, yeah, Michael's on a semester abroad. Didn't he tell you? He should be back next week." He smiles, calmly, "He's a good kid. I'm his tutor." He then heads back to where Tyler is and offers his hand, "Hey there, I'm Doug. Doug Ramsey. I'm friends with Michael. Don't worry, things are all good."

Doug's a smooth talker when he wants to be. Of course, that goes when you're the New Mutant known as Cypher. "Sentinel is a new video game. Don't get too worried about it." He pulls out his tablet, which happens to be a living organism called Warlock, "Hey Warlock, pull up the video info on 'Sentinel Prime.' Please." The tablet shows concept art from the game series Halo. "See, folks. Nothing to worry about."

Jose jumps at Maries voice and touch. He ends up using her voice instead of his own "Wha huh. No. I don't want to see your necklacw!" and then he blinks, his voice switches to Tylers voice "Oh, Marie, yea, the foods…..great" and then he turns as if facing someone and switches this time to Hank McCoy "Would you shut up!!!" but of course no ones is there. The young mutant shakes his head and rubs his temples, going underneath his headphones. With how damage the headphones were, they likely weren't doing there job all that well

Drake tilts his head slightly to the side, considering. "Well, lemme think about it. A board says a lot about the surfer!," he posits. And then, Drake blinks. "Hey, uh… sorry things haven't been too hot," he mentions, the energy in his voice draining a touch in sympathy. "If you wanna talk about stuff, y'know…" He slows to a stop a few feet away from Marie's table - far enough that their chat will remain mostly on the down-low, while being close enough to be sociable with the 'cool table'.

Marie smirked at Jose's reaction to her question. "Well, eat up, kid… there's all kinds of junk food over there too." She adds to him, mostly ignoring his antics and focusing on his basic needs as a younger member of the student body. Her eyes took note of Drake not too far away and she walked toward him with a big goofy grin. "Someone looked like they were about to crap themselves today." She said at him, of course teasing him a bit. "Didja have fun out there?"

Jose ears twitch. He didn't want to seem like he dosn't care and just leaving, but the crowd was driving him nuts! None the less he takes a deep breath and heads for the table with all the food. Of course some folks give him the strange eye for apprenrtly talking to no one, and some think he is someone they know when they hear a friends voice comming from him. Brownies, cookies, and other sugery foods are slowly piled onto his plate

"Wanna go trade in my older boards so you can pick one out for yourself? I don't need them anymore," says Scott. He shrugs, "Seriously, I'm just getting rid of somet things that I don't connections to." He smiles, "Gotta make room for the new to happen by removing the old." He then tries to make a joke at Drake's expense, "Like in two weeks, when I get my next protege. I heard she's an upgrade."

Betsy finally comes back from the food tables with a plate of food each for her and Marie. She places Marie's at Marie's seat and sits up straight, finalyl able to enjoy the food for herself.

Drake responds, scandalized, "/Impossible/."

"I'll give it some thought! I might feel weird taking your old stuff just to cash it in for something new, though. Feels sort'a… I'unno, disrespectful." And then Marie's coming in, being wildly disrespectful! Drake whirls around on her, and without warning, hooks one arm at her waist while the other goes for her shoulder to yank her in for a hug! A hug involving the cautious tilt of his head away from hers to ensure no accidental skin contact, but it's still a hug! "Fun? I'unno. I don't think I know how to feel just yet. Relieved, maybe?"

Marie went stiff when the hug came in on her, as hugs tend to do to the girl but she did ease into it and return it with a few soft pats of her black gloved hands, that covered her arms completely up past her elbows and into her green top dress top. "Its relief. As I recall the same feelin." She tells him before leaning back and putting her hands on his shoulders. "You'll probably sleep like a brick tonight too, finally got this off yer mind." She glances then toward the table where Betsy had brought her food. "Oh, bless you, sweet angel Betsy." She says, slipping now toward her seat that she slipped down into and started eyeing the food. She glanced toward the plate Jose was making for himself "Good luck immitatin' folk when all yer teeth fall out of yer head, kiddo." She tells him.

With a small smile, Scott says to Drake, "Oh, it's not disrespectful. I can't take it and I don't need it. Plus consider it an advance for a favor I might be calling in from you in the near future." He then looks at Marie and smiles towards her, "Look who is all fun and games today! Glad to see you out and about." Speaking of being out and about, Scott feels relieved knowing that Jean is not around. It's been a good while since he has had to see her since the… falling out period. He' doesn't wish her ill, he just wants to move on.

"Marie, I need to ask you a question later, if you have a chance. But it can wait for later this week. it's a 'blue and gold' situation."

Jose turns to Marie stuff an entire brownie in his mouth. And then it sound like Drake is talking behind here "PLease! I learned how to ventrilotise with out a mouth before. Just got to know what to do". Jose chews and swallows before hissing like an angry cat at a person who begins yelling happily with some bodies. It definitly earns him some stares, and the shouters some glares from Jose. "Oh screw it!" Jose dissappears into the crowd. Heaven knows what he may or may not be up to
Hopefully, Jose keeps his pants on.

Drake gives a bright, musical laugh and disengages from Marie. "You're prob'ly right. I'm just so friggin' /wired/ right now!" He takes a step aside, giving Scott more freedom to talk to his fellow teacher. He busies himself stealing back his Oxford cap. "Back in a sec!"

And with that, Drake excuses himself to hit the food assortments.

Marie gives a grin at Jose and then shakes her head as he runs off. She cants her stare up to Scott and she gives him a grin. "Sure thing, Cap'n." She tells him before reaching out for her ice tea glass and giving it a drink. "Just let me know when, I'm not hard to find… just gotta follow the scent of Cool…" She says, moving back to her palte of food to devour it with fork and with knife.

*< END>*

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