2015-05-12 St Peter's Church
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Players: Killian Rogue
GMed by Rogue
Title: St. Peter's Church

[* New York: Holy Ghost Church *]
St. Peters is often referred to as 'The Christmas Church' because of founder Clement Clarke Moore, who created 'A Visit From St. Nicholas,' the worlds most famous Christmas poem.
Founded in 1831 to serve the growing neighborhood of Chelsea this church is a pillar of the community and is still a happening hub of activity.
The classic design of the facility is an architectural marvel. The interior of the church has massive ceilings that stretch high above the floor. All original old wooden pews line the middle of the church floor and aim toward the impressive stained glass windows taht sit behind the main stage.
There is a second level to the church's main room, with additional seating that fills up quite heavily during service hours.
Another popular feature of the church is the extensive outdoor gardens where visitors can roam through the carefully landsacped lawn and enjoy an outdoor oasis of peace and tranquility.


Fun fact about churches? F**king freezing at night but still the upper floor stalls is where Killian spent last night, everything he's found out over the last few days has been just to overwelmbing and it all stems back to that place, he needed to get out, going home wasn't an option, if there are mutant hunting robots he's not leading them to his family especially when one member of his family member is identical to the family mutant. So plan B was to ask 'S' for help but his mutant friend had told him to go back to the mansion and think about it and after a few days if he still ran then they would help, so heres Killian at plan C hide out here while he waits for enough time to pass to ask for 'S's help.

Marie parked her car outside of the church and she glaned up at the building's main tower… churches… she cringed internally before getting out of her car and shutting the door. A short wwlk later and she was up the stairs and opening the door to the big old building's inner narthax. God, the place was gorgeous, an architectural feat… and that was one of the main things she hated about churches, their opulence. The young teacher had on a slate grey half-trench coat that was buttoned by big black buttons all the way up to her neck. She had on her black gloves and a long black skirt that went down to her boot tipped feet that poked out below. She strode down the central aisle of the church looking around for the young student… it was pretty easy to ID her due to her hair though, should Killian look down at her.

Another fun fact? Churches echo, so when Killian hears some one enter and looks down to see who was coming in and scrambles back when he reckognises the distinctive hair colouring it echos all round the church, hitting the deck he hopes Maire isn't all that great at locating the source of sounds.

The church was pretty quiet, though she'd seen a few people outside and been approached by one, but she'd told them the situation and the'd pointed her where to find the kid. She looked up just in time to hear the noise and after a moment she speaks out. "Yo, kid!" She calls out up to the upper deck. "I'm not here to drag you back… I'm just hopin to talk to you."

After a moment Killian sighs and gets to his feet and starts to make his way down to the lower levels of the church, once he's in talking distance, "Just to talk yeah?", he trusts Marie enough to give her the benifit of the doubt here, "How did you find me?"

Marie watches him as he descends and approaches her down the aisle. She gives him a faint smile then and motions to one of the pews. "The professor." She told him as she took a seat then and tried to get comfortable in the awkwardly designed wooden bench. "He has that ability to find mutants." She explained in short, drwing in a heavy breath and slowly letting it out between her lips. "And the school ain't a prison, Killian. I'm not not some henchman sent here to drag you back to your cell." She flashed him a faint smile.

Killian heads in the direction Marie gestures to and sits down, "If you're not here to bring me back then why are you here? feel the sudden need to visit confession?", she'll be out of luck, he's not seen anyone go in there to take it all day, "And why's Xavier using his powers on me, I thought we didn't do that? use our powers on each other?"

Marie put her right arm onto the wooden arm rest at the end of the pew that she sat on. She looked over to the young man who sat across the aisle from her. "Because we didn't know where you'd gone. You just vanished." She tried to explain. "We don't want anything bad to happen to any of our friends." A short pause before adding. "We care about you, whether you like it or not." She then look forward at the front of the church. "And no, I ain't got nothing to confess. I take responsibility for my actions and own up to the consequences they cause. I don't need some 'higher power' to judge me on that."

Judging by the cross Killian wears around his neck he does believe in the 'higher power', he sighs, "It doesn't fell safe there, it's always something and now in one week it's demons, memory loss, mutant hunting robots and bad guys from the future, and theres more the school is keeping secret", Samuel actually told him so and as the kid has complete access to the school's systems, he's taking his word for it.

Marie's head slowly nods at his words as she keeps her eyes forward to the far far end of the church where the big old cross sits up on the wall, the one with the savior on it. She stares at that display in quiet for a moment before she replies. "I hate all that shit too." She tells him then. "I ran away from the school not long after I first got there too." She does't look over at him, she just talks while staring forward. "I thought everyone there hated me, and that they were under the idea that I was just going to put them all into comas… or… that I was some kind of evil spy from that Brotherhood I told you about." She drew in a soft breath then and her eyes broke off that distant wall and she looked down at her hands that were now in her lap. "I hate all that stuff, demons, killer robots… it all makes me crazy inside."

Killian sighs, "Six months ago I was normal, I lived at home, I went to a normal school, I was well liked, good at sports even if I wasn't great at the whole 'class' thing, and if I wanted to I could shake someones hand, give them a hug or dammit even give a high five without having to have every inch of exposed skin covered", he gets to his feet, "And I can't even go back, theres apparently mutant hunting robots that I could lead back home where theres someone who looks just like me, the mutant. Even without the robot thing, there are people back home who know what I am and the crap my family have been getting for that is only just starting to let up and the one person I thought would help me out here has been trying to convince me to go back to the mansion".

Marie listened to everything that he said and she watched him as he stood up. She didn't really know who he ws speaking out that was wanting him to go back, but she didn't intend to ask either. "Sometimes our lives go in directions we didn't see comin'." She quietly replies to him after a bit of a lingering silence. "And it leaves us having to make choices on how we'll respond to the curve ball tossed our way." She looked Killian in the eyes and then sent her gaze forward toward the front of the church. "I doubt that guy expected his life would lead him to a fate that would have him immortalized in such a horrifying position." She was of course referring to the large crossed pinned on the far wall. "But based on what I've heard about him, he made his choices because he believed what he was doing was for the greater good." She looked back at him then. "Thats all we can do, with our moments of choice, Killian. Choose the one that we think is… the best option."

Killian nods making a desision, "Sorry Marie but I'm not going back, I can't be somewhere where I'm constantly afraid for my and the people I care about's lives", he sits back down, "Thanks for coming to talk to me but this is what I feel safest doing, you know?"

Marie heard him say this and she stood up from the pew. "Don't act like you care about people that you run away from." She tells him. "Be more honest. You're running away because you care more about yourself." She steps out from the pew and turns toward the direction that the main exit is. "I went back, when I was your age, because I did care… and I still do. If protecting the people I care about costs me my life, then so be it. I'll die to protect that school, and its people." She paused again. "You've got my phone number if you ever need anything." She lastly adds before she stuffs her gloved hands into her grey coat and she starts to walk away toward the exit with her head angled down toward the floor in front of her.

"Shut up, SHUT UP!", a chunk of the sound energy Killian has been accedentally absorbing for while is released with the reslting boom slamming the church doors shut, not even pausing at his accedental power use Killian marches towards where Rogue has got to, "If something happens what exactly could I do huh? cling to a wall and throw sticks at attacker? or try and help out a friend and accedantly blow them up", he looks down clenching his fists, "I'm sixteen years old, I don't wanna die".

Rogue looked up when the doors were slammed shut and she spun around to stare at the young man as he stomped toward her shouting. She stared with a flat expression at him and let his words echo in the church for a few seconds before she spoke back, her voice still calm. "Ya stick around. Ya take classes and you advance your skills. You're capable of more than you realize, but you have to be willing to let us help you. Thats the part you've never come to terms with, trusting us, opening up and showing us that you actually want to be there. You've been searching for a reason to leave, and now you've found it." She shook her head then. "I clearly can't persuade you otherwise. All I can say is that I wanted to help you, with whatever you needed."

"And if I get it wrong?", Killian's voice is a little shakey now, "What if I do what you say, do all the training and learn how to use my powers and I get it wrong? someone needs my help and I fail and then whatever happens to them is on me, I fail and someone gets hurt or worse".

Marie shook her head softly from side to side. "What would happen to that person if you're -not- there to even -try- and save them. Or -try- to help them?" She asked him then. "Thats the point, we're trying to be there for people rather than let them sit out in the cold all by themselves. We're trying to be that warm blanket to wrap around them. That does't mean there's a one hundred percent success rate. But trying is always better than the alternative."

"Remember what happened to Sam a couple of weeks back?", Killian runs a hand though his hair, "Yeah the ice thing Jose did set off that electric shield thing but I was the one that caused the thing to fry Sam, I tried to use my powers to help him and it backfired, he nearly died, hell both of them nearly did, can you honestly say that it wouldn't have been better if I wasn't there?"

Marie sighed again quietly and she stepped toward him, her hands went out and she placed them onto his shoulders. "You were trying to help." She said. "And he didn't die. He's fine… he was in a little business suit today loading up a backpack full of food." She tried to warm him a bit by offering him a soft smile. "Killian, you've been doing good with him and Jose, helping to keep them grounded. Which in-turn helps me and all the other faculty. You've been the more level headed one when you're with those goofballs. We need that around." She dropped her hands from him then. "And yeah, thats also why its best not to use your powers on one another. It can be hard to know what will happen from it."

Killian 's eyes widen when Marie mentions the backpack, "Did someone go with Sam? because before he was talking about going out to scan for the robot things and he sometimes has a tendancy to think he knows best", he puts a hand to his head, if that burning would just stop, "If I come back with you, if I hurt someone I go, if somethig hurts my family cause of what I am… ok?"

"Thats, fine. I understand." Marie replied to him with a small smile. "And yes, Logan went with him, so he's got the best of the best on his side." She drew in a breath then. "And don't tell anyone, but if you'd like to see the sub basement. I can take you on a tour of it."

*< END>*

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