2015-05-13 Blue Moon Rising
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Warning: N/A
Players: Gambit Betsy Scott Raven Vincent
GMed by Gambit
Title: Blue Moon Rising

[* New York: The Blue Moon *]
Welcome to New Orleans. From the moment you step through the doors of The Blue Moon, you are totally submerged in the ambiance of the Big Easy. Every sight, sound, taste and smell has been specifically selected to make you forget that just outside the doors exists Bayville and New England.
Stepping past the Maitre D' you are lead into the restaurant portion of the club. Up on a raised balcony you can look down over the large dance floor and the live band that performs here every night from 6 till midnight.
In the far back of the room, two large guards flank a single oak door. Known only as the Club, very few people are ever permitted past those guards. Membership is strictly invitation only, and those who are members are very tight lipped about the secrets kept beyond the door.


Betsy sashays her way into the front entrance of the Blue Moon. In a dress like that, there was hardly any chance she wouldn't be noticed. She made her way from the entrance with Scott on her arm, idly looking about the entrance as if appraising it somehow. She moves to stand next to the hostess podium or table, and waits to be recieved.

Betsy sashays her way into the front entrance of the Blue Moon. In a dress like that, there was hardly any chance she wouldn't be noticed. She made her way from the entrance with Scott on her arm, idly looking about the entrance as if appraising it somehow. She moves to stand next to the hostess podium or table, and waits to be recieved.

There's a whole world of thoughts buzzing through Scott's head as he moves along with Betsy. It's no secret that he has been stressed about the possible Sentinel attacks on mutants recently. Perhaps by being with Betsy, he can find a calmness that he has not been have to for quite some time.

Welcome to the Blue Moon, Manhattans first and real taste of the south. Being that is Wednesday night it looks like its open mic night. The band looks to be young but the soul coming out of their interments is old. Just as a soulful rendition of Jame's Brown's 'It's a Mans World' a young red headed girl walks up and smiles. "Hi I'm Jessie and welcome to the Moon." The frecked nose girl welcomes with a southern twang. "Our special tonight is Shrimp Jambalaya. And it's ladies night so all ladies drink for half off." The girl is chipper, but does have to speak a bit above the music.

Vincent's already inside, young, shaven, and not quite as bulky or armored up as the guy that's been around the mansion. This one is the proper, not time displaced Vince. He's wearing all darker colors, sliding into the shadows and having a seat in a corner booth.

Betsy turns to recieve Jessie just as the girl recieves her. She smiles brightly, flashing just the right amount of teeth as she nods to her, "Hi sweetie." she says in her jarringly perfect British accent. "And could I be so lucky as to recieve the host at my table? Mr. Leboux, is it?" she asks - the way she says it just makes it seem like a good idea.

Raven is seated at the Moon's bar. She's wearing a black dress that goes down about halfway over her thighs, leaving a lot of her long legs exposed. She has her legs crossed at the knee and she's turned on her bar chair facing the band that is currently playing. She lifts one hand up to run it through her long dark crimson hair, the other lifting a glass of red wine up to her deeply painted lips for a sip of the alcoholic beverage.

"Remy?" she smiles at the request. "You may have to wait." the girl says as the points to the man at the paino. "But I will let him know you are looking for him. Please take one of our booths. If there is anything y'all would like to drink?" She asks as she readies her tablet for the order. The Moon may be old school but they are tech savvy.

"It is business, but you're the boss, sweetheart." Betsy says, using southern affectation with her British accent. She follows and grins softly, "It figures he'd be playing the PIano." she says. She looks to Scott and nods, "Gentlemen." she calls over her should, leading her party into the Moon. One small step for-, screw that, Armstrong didn't have to wear heels. She lets go of Scott's arm, waiting politely to be seated, "What is she drinking?" She says, gesturing to Mystique none too discreetly.

With a grin, Scott whispers to Betsy as he is puzzled about this meeting, "So, Miss Braddock, what brings us to this place?" He doesn't seem to be fully focused at the moment; especially when the name 'Remy' is mentioned. "I'm fine with just a water." Scott doesn't feel like being under the influence of anything tonight; at least if he can help it. But then again, with Betsy beside him, that might be up for debate. He tries to help Betsy into her seat as he does have his mamnners.

Vincent keeps his hand around his glass, set gently on the cardstock coaster on his table. The young mutant seems to be listening to the music half heartedly as he scans the room slowly once more, this time spotting a certain purple haired teacher and a familiar red lens sunglass wearing mutant. He doesn't raise his glass or try to snag their attention in any way other than [Hiya Betsy. You're not looking for me are you?] He projects with a thought.

Looking towards the pointed finger Jessie squints. "Alright. A red wine and a water. Are we going dutch or is the Mister cheap paying?" She says this with a smile. She may be chipper but Jessie doesn't have a bit of courtesy in her bones. But for some reason the patrons love her. "I'll get those right out to you." She says as she sends the order to the bar and makes her way over towards Remy. It can be seen shes getting his attention and pointing to the people in the booth. With a nod Remy keeps up with the tune as he looks.
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Betsy swats Scott's arm, "You don't order water at a bar like this." She looks to Jessie, "Mr. Cheap will take care of me." she says cheerfully. She takes her seat and looks up to Jessie and nods, "Thank you sweetheart." she says, offering the same bright smile to her. She offers a nod in Vincent's direction, but doesn't wave. <Hello, dollface.>

Rolling his eyes behind the shades, Scott says, "I was holding off on having something to drink until I had something to eat. I was also hoping for having a bottle of Virgos Merlot but perhaps I am too cheap tonight." Scott tries to tease Betsy, "A two glasses to go with it, please." He smiles slightly.

Vincent lifts his drink to his lips and takes a very small sip from his cup. The glass lingers in his fingers as he continues to look around the bar, the music isn't given much attention though Mystique, it's hard to look away from the obvious mutant he's never seen before. [Guess that's all the answer I'm gonna get?] Vince asks still not physically acknowledging Betsy.

Raven's eyes leave the stage and she scans them across the audience until she spots a familiar face in the form of Scott Summers. She stares at the man, and his date for the evening, before she smiles faintly and looks away once more. Another drink is had from her glass of wine before she looks back to see the young Vincent eyeing her. She afford the youthful man a wink and a smile, a small playful gesture to the stranger.

As the song comes to an end Remy stands up from the bench, which causes a few hoots and hollers from some regulars in the crowd. Grabbing a glass from atop the piano he man downs it walks over towards the woman at the bar, places his glass besides her and taps his the rim of the glass. "Marceau? Refill please." As Remy leans up against the bar, next to Raven, his eyes are on Betsy and Scott, but his conversation is with the woman beside him. Breaking a cigarette from its packaging he lights it up just as another bourbon is placed by his old one. "We in trouble, chere?" he says as a plume of smoke rolls out of his nose.

At at the moment Remy reaches the bar a waitress, not Jessie, arrives at the booth with two glasses of red wine. "Here you go." The waitress says as she sets them down in front of the couple.

Betsy smiles to Scott, "So much sass, I think she got your goat." she says with a grin, "You ordered the wine, after all." she comments. <I'm here on business, I thought you'd come back in your own time.> She hmms and watches Remy for a few moments, turning her attention back to Scott while mentally watching Remy, "I bet you'd like to know why you're here, wouldn't you?"

Smiling back at Betsy, "It's almost as if you read my mind." He relaxes in his chair and waits for the reason why he was summoned; especially with the current situation of trying to recover the mutants who were apparently captured by Ahab and his Sentinels. "I know. Virgos Merlot. It's a personal favorite. I've been enjoying ever so often when I need some… quiet time."

Vincent remains quiet and simply watches, though he does flush a little bit and gives a nod towards Mystique when she gives him a smile. He does raise his own glass to her.

Raven's dark eyes went up to Remy when the lovely man stepped up to her and she gave him a wanton smile. When he posed her a question she glanced back at Summers and his woman and then looked back to Remy with a soft smirk. "Highly unlikely." She rpelied to LeBeau in a short and sweet answer before another drink was taken from her refilled glass of wine. "And that was a lovely bit of piano there, handsome." She told him as well, giving another slight look to Vincent, considering him to be an intriguing one.

With a sideways smirk. "I do my best, chere." he says to Raven as he takes a long drag of his smoke. Turning to get his bourbon he smiles. "Marceau. She drinks free tonight." he says to the bartender as he pulls away from the bar taking a sip from his glass. It doesn't take long for him to make his way to the couple. As soon as he reaches the bar the band start up again. This time a bit more stylized version of Gun's n Roses 'Sweet Child o Mine'. "Bonjour mes amis." he says take a seat at the edge of the booth. "Remy LeBeau owner of 'dis fine place." he says taking another drag and blowing it way from them. "How is it I can help you tonight?"

Betsy hmms, "This time, I didn't have to." she says with a shrug. She hmms, "I can't say I'm entirely familiar with it, though I probably should be. I often let others pick my wine for me." she says. "Awww, brooding, is that really so suiting for you?" she asks Scott.

She looks up when Remy arrives and smiles warmly, "Good evening, mon cherie." she says to him, "Have you seen the news lately? I remember hearing something about a jewelry store robbery…that there were others like it…"

If there's one uncanny ability that Scott has been able to fully master, it has to be being able to fake being happy. He was able to use it for years of being with Jean and friend-zoned. Or waking up without ever knowing what really happened to his brother Alex. Or being forced to wear eyewear because of his damaging mutation. He remains silent; almost as silent as he was in regards to his feelings for Jean. He keeps a grin on his face while he looks over a menu; pondering why locating a petty crime took importance over finding two missing students that the Sentinels have taken.

Vincent tries not to stare at Mystique but he finds it difficult to look away, even when he's trying to eavesdrop on Betsy's conversation with Remy.

Raven's smile remained for Remy when he gave her the right to free drinks. "How sweet of you." She'd told him before he'd left to conduct his business. She looked back to her side to see Vince eyeing her some more and she lifted up her free hand and gave him the come-here finger, three little motions inviting him over to sit beside her with a smile.

Raising a brow and taking a drink he looks at the woman. Taking a moment, he swallows, and finally speaks. "I have no idea what you speak of, chere?" he says then looks away from her. "And even if I did, I couldn' tell you. 'Dere be rules t' 'de game." he adds as he looks to the man now. Remy doesn't need to be a mind reader to tell something is on another persons thoughts. "And I don' t'ink your date here wonders 'de same t'ing either." he says with a smile. "Bu' if you wish I can put some ears t' 'de ground an' see what I can do. For a price, of course." he says looking back to her with his boyish smile still playing on his lips.

Betsy arches a brow to Remy, for a moment looking to Scott, at least she doesn't have to worry - he'll play it cool. She sighs, "And who says I'm playing a game?" she asks him. "Things need doing, I might like to do them." she says. She yawns softly, as if getting bored with 'the game', "Name your price." she says idly, "I never was much for all the not-so-niceties of playing around in shadowy corners. I just want to know something - and I think you can find out without me having to hurt people."

Vincent plucks up his drink and walks slowly over to Raven as she gestures towards him. He takes a sip or two on the way and can't help but glance at the woman he's supposed to be an aide for. Once up to Raven the self healer speaks. "Come here often?" With a faint sarcastic chuckle. "I don't do this much."

"Sometimes, hurting people can make things go faster, I believe." Scott's not quite the boy scout he pretends to be sometimes. He places the menu on the table, "You can name your price. We can pay it. We all get what we want. It works better for you if we go that way. I'd hate to have look for a new dive to visit." He grins casually at Remy; sizing him up. "I have some places I would rather be and I think you might like it if we were there instead. So the sooner you give us what she wants, the sooner we're out of your hair." He eyes the other patrons; sizing them as well for his plan. "So, what's your hand?"

Raven watches Vince stride up to her and she gives him a wicked grin as she turns halfway toward on the bar chair. "I can tell before you even got over here." She tells him, her voice sultry and inviting for most men. "You looked a little lonely over there and I'm being given free drinks, so I thought you might like to share in that as well as… my company." She sized him up openly, not very shy, it would seem.

Light silver-green metallic coloured armor is immediately noticeable on this woman. At 5'9", it might be her raven black hair or the billowing cape that flows behind her that draw notice next. A device covers the outer edges of her face with an unknown purpose, perhaps a communications interface or a set of interlocks for a helmet that goes with her suit of armor. The shining silver-green metallic armor covers her head-to-toe, undoubtedly taiolored to fit her form.

"I was quite content, but I can't exactly say no to a beautiful lady." Retorts Vince, his eyes never going lower than her chin, as that's just how he is. The raven haired mutant sits on the stool, facing away from the music and towards Raven, taking another sip causing the ice to tumble because of the angle. He doesn't ask her name, or anything like that, he asks instead, "Why brings you to this place?"

"Chere, we all play games." he says as he leans back in his spot. "It just a matter of knowin' who 'de players are an if 'dey cheat." Remy says taking a pull at his smoke, then a drink followed by blowing the smoke out. "You two have never negotiated before have you?" he says leaning forward. "First you tell me who 'de mark is or what I am lookin' for. I give you a price, you counter 'den we come t' a happy medium." Looking to Scott as he threatens him, Remy can't help but smile. "Mon amis I am what some old timers call a gentleman t'ief. I do t'ings my way and expect 'dose under me t' do it 'dat same way." he says as he finishes off his glass. "Which means we steal NOT kill. We be t'ieves, not assassins." he adds as he douses his smoke and holds onto the butt in between his fingers and looks ready to flick it. Looking back to Betsy, she seems to be the brain of the two. "So what is it you looking for 'dat you must come t' my house and threaten me and my own?"

Betsy shrugs softly, "Only when I have to." she says with a grin to Remy. She flutters her lashes softly, "I wouldn't say I haven't…? I just don't really like to. THere are people getting hurt, and maybe they don't need to be." she says. "I'd like to do something about it." she comments. She hmms, "Who said anything about killing anyone?" she says. She sighs and rolls her eyes, "Chere'" she repeats back to him, "I wasn't threatening you. YOu misunderstand. I might have to go hurt some /criminals/ if I can't buy my information." she says, "I'd rather not have to go about doing things that way because it's just too much trouble and I don't like making waves. I don't want to hurt you, I've got no reason to." she comments.

She looks to Scott, "You misunderstood me as well. I don't go into places like this and try to muscle people. I like to think I'm more stylish than that. Something I'm sure the proprietor can appreciate?" She says, pointedly looking to Gambit
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Raven's black dress was both short in the leg and low in the chest, so had the young Vince taken any devilish stares he would've been greeted with wonderful sights. She grinned faintly when she saw him not be so bold with his eyes, at least yet… it spoke volumes about a man. "I come here often. I have an affectionate crush on the owner, you see." She tells him. "Though he refuses to indulge me… I guess I'm just not his type." She then tkaes another drink from her wine. "I think I have seen you here before also, but I cannot be sure. I'm usually quite intoxicated here. I guess that makes me a lush." She releases a light and soft laugh.

Holding back a smirk, Scott shrugs, "I wasn't actually sure what the game plan was to be honest. I never was privied to knowing where or what we were doing here. All I know is I ordered a hundred dollar bottle of merlot to impress you." He actually smiles with that one. "So carry on."

Vincent finishes his glass of bourbon and sets it down. He doesn't know why he bothers as it really doesn't affect him. "He's a fool, or maybe he's a genius because you keep coming." Vincent ponders aloud, his eyes turn to the bartender and asks for another. "Don't worry, I certainly am not in a position to judge anyone." Notes Vince his brown eyes locking back onto her own.
(OOC:) Betsy says "Essentially, Betsy meant that she would go out and beat up the bad guys herself to collect her information. But it's just easier to ask you what's going on."

Palming the butt into his hand he looks between the mistress and her muscle. But his eyes look back to Scott. "Hundred? No no 'dat was a thousand dollar bottle. Aged t' perfection and acquired by me my last trip to Paris." he says to Scott just before he looks back to Betsy. "I will find out what it is you are looking for. But you must tell me who or what it is I am lookin for?" he says to her and glancing to Scott.

Betsy nods, "Certainly. I want to know what the deal really is with all these jewelry store robberies. One of the anchors said there had to be something more to it, that maybe they were related. I think they're onto something." she says. She looks to Scott to see if he starts sweating the price now, but shrugs, looking back to Remy. "Maybe next time I come to you for help I'll try to ensure things go a little more smoothly." she says. "Lazy negotiating on my part. My apologies."

Raven set her wine glass down onto the table and she looked at it a moment, allowing Vince time to speak as much as he'd wish. She then looked up at him. "And why can't you judge?" She asked, smiling. "Judging others is one of the most dominating features in our society, is it not?"

Scott shrugs, "If you paid that much for a bottle of VIrgos Merlot, then you've been scammed. I was made from 1998 to 2002 and came back around in 2008. It's made in Alabama." He pulls out Xavier's charge card, though. "But you're the seller so I can't argue."

"It's just not my style. People are who they are, why does my opinion matter?" Vince asks with a very faint smile as his drink is refilled. "What about you?"

Raven's didn't really react to this other than glance back at the young man from her drink. "None of our opinions matter any more than any others." She replies to him in a darker tone than she'd been speaking in moments ago. "But that doesn't stop those twenty four hour news channels from loudly sharing theirs." After a couple seconds of a deadpan stare, Raven summoned a smile to her lips and then lifted her drink up for another taste of the wonderful wine.

Holding his hand up to Scott, Remy shakes his head. "Keep your money, mes amis. Let just call it a 'learning situation', alright teach?" Remy winks to Scott playfully. With a nod to Betsy he stands up from the booth. "Oh and if you would do me a solid?" Remy says a wide grin on his face. "Tell Anne-Marie I said 'Bonjour'." he adds as he walks away from the booth.

Vincent turns his head slightly as he hears a familiar name but doesn't pay too much attention as Raven's commanding his conversation. "No, I just don't feel the need to express mine I guess." Vincent smiles, with a soft smile, "Though you are a very pretty woman, I will admit."

"Teach? So you know about the place where I work?" Scott grins at Remy as he leaves. "I'll make sure I tell her but you are always welcome to take a tour or visit. I owe you one." He pulls out his smart phone to text Rogue. He also considers of having the school's faculty party here.

Raven had a smile slide over her lips then again at Vince's compliment to her. "Thanm you." She said to him then. She noted his empty bourbon glass. "Are you looking to have another drink then, stranger?" She asked him.

Not realizing he had emptied his drink again Vincent smiles and shows a few teeth. "Yeah, I guess I am." He's ok with being called stranger, it's oddly fitting in his ears. "Thanks for the drinks, uh, partner?" He pauses and considers, "No, that's a horrible nick name, this isn't the old west."

"Raven." The woman with the dark red hair said as she gave Vince a little smile and then took another drink from her wine. "But, you look a little distracted, young stranger." She asked him. "Were you going to meet someone here and they did not show up?" She asked him then, glancing back to see whether or not Summers was still in the bar or not.

"Raven, pretty name for a gorgeous girl." Vincents says before he turns back to his drink, his attention full on her. "I had a feeling someone I know would show up tonight but nah, no such luck." He whispers before his phone buzzes in his pocket. "I'm Vince by the way, and you look awfully distracted yourself. Am I boring you?"

"Boring me?" Raven asks as she looked back to him then, an amused look on her face. "Not at all. I was merely checking on our fair bar owner there." She said, nodding her head toward where Remy was. "Sometimes he gets in the giving modd and cuts into his business' profits a little too much. I try to convince him just how unwise that is, but he refuses to listen to reason." She flahsed a grin at Vince. "Your friend may have just contacted you, it would seem." She noted, when hearing his phone buzz.

"It sounds like you've tried to help him, but if he wants to do something with his business, let him." Vince says with a shrug, "Though where would you get your free drinks if he closes?" Vince says with a wink to the fellow mutant. He reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a flip phone he's still not used to having. "Yeah, friend's looking for me, just not here." He says with a soft pleased smile.

"Mmm." Raven quietly replied to him with a faint smile on the corners of her darkly painted lips. "I guess you better go find them then?" She asked him, lifting her wine glass up for another drink. She sat her wine glass down on the bartop again then.

Vincent slips his phone back into his pocket and lifts his drink. "I suppose your right. She's a sweet girl just…" He stops as he finishes his drink and lowers the empty glass onto the bar top. He never finishes that thought and starts to move away from Raven.

Raven watched the young man depart from her. "Good luck." She quietly offered him before he was out of earshot. She turned back to the bar then and looked down at her wine glass, that was there-after refilled by the bartender who wasn't shying away from looking at the woman's displayed assets, at all.


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