2015-05-13 Future Cupcakes
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Warning: N/A
Players: Marie Vince
GMed by Rogue
Title: Future Cupcakes

[* X-Mansion: Kitchen *]
The Kitchen is off limits to students. There are cameras that monitor the doors.
Two doorways give access to this rather large kitchen that sits on the front of the manshion. Big fancy windows look out onto the front driveway and offer a clear view of the front stone wall, as well as the gates that access the street beyond.
The kitchen itself is a large rectangular room with countertops that go all around it and a big counter/island in the center. There are two stoves, two refridgerators and two sinks. The countertops are all beautifully crafted dark blue marble and the floor is a matching shade.
Pots and pans hang from the ceiling over the island counter. The cabinets are all a dark cherry wood and there are small yellow spotlights that shine down from above giving a very soft, but adequete lighting that can be dialed up or down from switches on the wall by both entrances.
There is a third doorway on the eastern side wall that gives access to the main dining hall.


Marie had come into the kitchen just a few minutes ago. She and Ororo had come in here to prepare a meal for another student having another birthday… the birthdays pretty much never end around here. Ororo had stepped into the dining room to prepare things in there while Marie was setting up the needed things to make a large batch of cupcakes and get the colorful icing ready for them. It was pretty mundane work, but with Seniors gone from classes now, mundane work filled in those former class hours. She stood by the sink cleaning a few dishes that she needed to use, humming a tune to herself. She was wearing a baggy long-sleeved shirt that was made out thick 'ropes' like a note on a basketball hoop, only a little more covered to not allow as much chance of fingers to slip through and toucher her skin beneath. She had a bright yellow tanktop on under the white net-shirt. She had on a green skirt that hung down to her shins, it was designed to look tattered around the hem, like it was all tore up on purpose. On her feet were tall brown leather boots that vanished up inside that tattered skirt.

Stepping into the kitchen a few minutes after Marie is the Vincent full of bad news and leaving a sour taste in everyone's mouth where ever he goes. This time he's looking for another specific person, Marie. He walks into the kitchen and moves to help with the cupcakes and icing as though it was normal. His is very slow and steady as he circles around the first muffin with the icing and smiles that faint smile over towards the younger mutant. "I'm not sure what I should say." he says to the baking goods but intended for Marie.

Marie glanced over to see their little visitor who seemed, by all medical and scientific tests to be the Vinceent that they all know. But it still wasn't him, and the one they knew was still missing, and Professor X hadn't yet taken the time to find him with Cerebero, much to her dismay. She looked over to see him and didn't share his smile. "Well." She finally said. "Blood tests say that you aren't Mystique, or nothin… but I still don't have any idea who you are." Her voice was quiet and, not angry, just concerned.

Finally, she's going to get some answers, Vince was honest with Jose and it seemed to work, maybe the same tactic will work on Marie. He keeps working on the cup cakes, the history of being a caring teacher visible in his careful actions. "I am Vincent by name, but the one you know is my distant past." He whispers before he glances to the young Marie. "Roughly one hundred years have passed between me and him."

Time travel was something Marie knew happened, and it happened far more than she cared to deal with. She also didn't like it, it made her extremely uncomfortable to think that her exixtence in this world was like a single frame on a movie reel. "One hundred years." She quietly repeated. "So I'm like, what, dead where you come from? Or, when, you come from." She asks, glancing over at him as she cleaned out a class mixing dish and set it aside, picking up another dish to start to clean then.

Vincent had looked over to her during Marie's questions and then he had to look away as he didn't want to show her his tears. He's already mourned this woman, he can't do it again. He knew talking to her would be difficult, but he didn't know how difficult it would be. "Yeah." He finally swallows the frog in his throat and looks to her after wiping his sleeve across his face.

This caused Marie to suck in a breath of air and let it shoot back out a heavy sharp exhale. "So what did I die of old age with all white hair or did I get smooshed by a bus or somethin?" She asked, quickly adding them. "Or am I not allowed to know, like in some movie?" She seemed possibly irritated by this, but she could tell that her sensitive old friend was feeling quite negative and that did make her feel bad, but she still didn't entirely trust this 'version' of Vince.

"I'm sure I'm not supposed to tell you but." Vincent says with a soft frown hidden by his thick beard. "It was old age, though it always felt it was premature brought on by your position and the struggles you were forced to deal with. Though you would never admit it." He says with a soft forced chuckle.

She was quiet for a moment after hearing htis, the sound of the running water into the stone sink was the primnary noise, mixed with her slowly cleaning the glass dish. "Well I guess thats a good thing then, huh. Better than the bus scenario." She glanced over at him, staring at him with her green eyes past her white bangs that hung over her shoulder down her chest. "So you're like Logan in more than just the healing and the bone blades… you got that anti-aging app installed in ya too…" She smirked faintly and looked back down at the dish she cleaned, thinking about herself as an old woman.

"Yeah, without the memory loss or the the smelling and hearing or the zany hair." Says Vincent, the tears fading rapidly as he continues to answer her questions. The icing on the cupcakes have been spread evenly and calmly. "I didn't know you knew about the blades this early." He whispers. Not sure when he first showed her but he knew it wasn't right away.

"I've only seen them once." Marie replied to him then. "I don't really ask to see that sort of thing often. Not after Logan told me that it hurts every time they come out." She set another dish aside and then moved away from the sink, having shut the spout off, and she picked up the various mixes needed for the cupcakes. "So what are you doing back here then? And what is that metal… egg… you brought with you?"

"It was a last resort option for my time." Vincent answers, "Before she passed, the director told me to find it and to activate it." Vince whispers before he asks, "You didn't touch it did you?"

"Before who passed?" Marie asked him then as she started to pour the mixes into the bowl. "And no. I didn't touch it… But… Jose and Logan did. It counted down to one last warning before Killian put it into a bag and I snatched it from'em." She pauses briefly then. "I've hidden it now. I was't sure if it was dangerous or not, but if its only got one warning left, then I didn't want'a find out." She pulled her gloves off of he rhands and stuffed them into her skirt's hem, letting them hang out a bit on her hip, needing to use her bare hands to make food. "Things like that don't count down and the surprise you with happy shit… 'Oh, here's a million dollars, yay!'" She said the last bit in a mocking tone.

"Good." Whispers Vince as he takes a step back when Marie removes her gloves and begins to grab some bread out and start to make some food. "She, the director passed on with those last words of the egg, so I honestly don't know what's in it." He says, looking to Marie once more. "I'm sure the director doesn't touch it before the count down is up, the whole thing is a wash. I don't know if it'll blow up or not, but I doubt it. She wasn't a violent person like that."

Marie pulled the cupcake pan over and she started to put the mix into the cup holders. She nodded her head softly and thought about what he said. "So who is the director then?" She asked him, watching what she was doing while considering what he was saying. "Do you know why you're… back, here?" She asked him then.

"It's you Marie." Whispers Vince, careful not to say it loudly enough to be heard by anyone else. ANYONE else. He looks over to Marie and sets the tube of icing down as that pan is finished. Still warm he moves it over to the island and slides it over towards the middle to cool. "I need you to touch it to allow it to activate and then I can go back to my time."

Marie finishes filling up the cupcake pan and she leans over to stuff it into the oven while she listened to hima nd processed what he was saying. She let a lingering silence roll while she straightened up and leaned over the stove to set a timer on it. "I don't see how I could end up in a positin like 'director' of anything." She told him, her voice sounding a little quiet. "The egg is in its bag inside of a globe. There's a den upstairs that never gets used, its full of old junk. The globe is in there on a bookshelf." She tells him, its where she used to hide her cigareetes when she was a student.

"Thank you Marie." Whispers Vincent as he turns to wash his hands in the sink. He is careful to not touch Marie or even bump into her. "I do need you to touch it. It's got a genetic lock or something. As best as I can figure out without touching it." The self healer notes.

Marie started to sort what was left on the counter, moving the finished cupcakes all to the center island counter. She looked over at him while he washed hishands. "So you're leaving now then?" She asked him. "Do you have any idea where the… Vince of this time, period… is?" She also asked of him.

Vincent nods softly to answer her question then as steam starts to rise out of the water his hands still being scrubbed clean. He looks up, thinking about his past. "I was probably- I mean he's probably out soul searching again. He's got a lot of changes going on in his life and it's not easy for him." Vincent speaks about his past in the third person. Yeah, it's weird. Time travel throws grammar for a loop.

Marie listened to him with her back to him and she could hear him washing his hands. She then stepped over to the iced cupcakes and she started to pour a small amount of colorful sprinkles ontop of each one. "Is he gonna come back or do I have to go get him?" She asked. "I had to go to New York to get another student to come back… uh, Killian." She forgot that this guy knew who Killian was for a moment. "Am I gonna have to do the same with you, or him, rather?" She stopped what she was doing and turned around to look at him.

"No, he'll come back. A text or a call from you might help though." Vince notes, "It's been a long time since I was him." Explains Vince as he steps away from the water as it's practically boiling, his hands red from the heat. "He'll find his way home. Kind of a tom cat."

Marie listened to him, she leaned back on the counter and crossed her arms over her stomach. After he said this she smiled softly and glanced down toward the kitchen floor. "I'll send him a text and tell him to come home then." She says quietly, glancing up again at him. "Are you going to be okay when you go back? You looked like shit when you got here."

"I don't look like shit now?" Vincent asks, his hand tugging on the beard hairs below his cheek as he turns to face her. "I'll be right back." Vincent steps back out of the kitchen. He's gone for several minutes before he comes back with his backpack over his shoulder and gives Marie a glance as he sets the bag up on the island and slowly opens it to show her the silver orb inside.

"I like beards, so long as they stay showered and food-free." Rogue replied to him then with a small smile before he disappeared. She spent the time while he was gone cleaning the kitchen and removing the batch of cupcakes that she put into the stove. They were all organized on plates now covered by plastic lids. She turned around to look at him with the bag and then the silver orb. "So you're ready to take off then?" She asked him, second time today.

"The longer I stay the harder it is to leave." Vincent replies giving the girl a smile actually showing his teeth to her. He missed her dearly, it's been a long time since he's seen her face. "Just, don't … nevermind." Vincent says shaking his head and turning the bag so its contents can been seen by Marie.

Marie walked over to stand not far from where he was and she put her palms on the edge of the corner and looked at him. "Just don't, what?" She asked him, glancing down at the bag and the silver orb. "Worry about being dead in the future?" Her eyes went back up to him and she grinned faintly. "Kinda knew it was comin at some point anyway."

"No, you can worry about that if you want." Vincent whispers, "It was easy and painless and you were surrounded by those who were left." He pushes the back towards her and then softly smiles, pleading her to make it quick.

Mystique just @fingered you.

Marie smiled a little at that thought and then she looked down at the bag and up at him again. "HOld up." she said and walked over to the fridge. She slipped a magnet off of a picture that was slightly curled upward. She walked back to him and handed it to him. It was a picture of her, a selfie, it would seem. She had a big smile on her face and was standing over a birthday cake that had her name of it from her last birthday in January. She reached out her naked hand and offered it to him. "I don't know if you can take this with you, but yeah." Her shoulder shrugged inside of that white net shirt she had on. "I don't know if you even want it or not, but yeah." She then pulled the leather bag to her and put her hand near the silver orb. "Just, touch it?"

Vincent takes the offered photo, not even a moment of hesitation and slips it into the front pocket of his pants. "Thank you Marie." The much older Vincent says with a smile. The younger woman is much appreciated as Vincent again fights his tears. "Yup. Just, touch it." He repeats her cadence with a smirk.

It sat ther ein a nest of the backpack and she stared at it. She found it was harder to do than she thought it would be, for a number of reasons. She didn't really know what touching it would do. She also felt like this… version… of Vince didn't really want to leave, it almost felt like she was sentencing him to some horrible death sending him back to wherever he came from. She reached her right hand out and her fingers went aroudn ti, hovering on either side of it. "And you're sure?" She asked him quietly.

Vincent gulps when she stops and gives him the choice. "I have people waiting for me." Vincent frowns, removing himself and his wants from the equation. "I need to." He whispers, looking down to her hands on the counter. He's missed this young woman and her future self greatly.

Then thats all she needed to hear. "Okay. Stay safe." She told him, and her fingers closed around the metal egg, squeezing it softly and she cringed just a little… having no idea what to expect next.

"Zero chances left." Exclaims the egg from some unknown speaker. "Director genetic code located. Congratulations Anna Marie." It continues until the egg's color changes from silver to a reddish hue but it doesn't get hot.

Vincent looks up to Marie and quickly zips the bag shut. "Thank you." Whispers Vincent as he slings it over his back and starts to move towards the front door. "Take care of yourself."

Marie looked down at the orb as it changes colors. Her hand twitched and then she drew it back off of the item. When he took it and put it away she tilted her head. "Thats it then?" She asked. "I mean, you're just going to what? Walk out to the street and flash away or, what?" She asked him then following him as he started to walk.

"That's it I guess. I know just as much as you do about what this is." Vincent explains with a shrug. "Maybe I have to wait it out, another hundred years or maybe I vanish into the time stream." He lies, he already has a plan lined up, he just doesn't want anyone else to follow, though he'll talk to Marie as long as she'll follow him. At least inside.

And she follows him out of the kitchen and down the hallway as she assumes he's going toward the front door. "Well that seems strange." She says to him. "I'm going to make sure that the time machines that future me makes are a bit more straight forward… maybe put inside of a car like in them movies, though… a nicer lookin' car than that one." She glanced into the dining room as they passed it, seeing Storm in there talking to a pair of students. But her eyes went back to Future Vince.

"Be sure to do that." Vincent says with a smirk as he stops at the threshold to the door and then turns to face her. "I'm going to miss you Marie. And I've always loved you." He says, moving in to give her a hug, despite his body armor and heavy coat and pants.

Marie accepted the hug from him as the paused at the doorway, she didn't have her gloves on but he was fully decked out like a wasteland soldier and she put her arms around him. The L word was never something the girl lightly used, it was hard for her tongue to even form that word, infact. She let his words settle into her a moment before replying. "I love you now and I love you then. I'll find your current self and make sure he knows it too." Her voice was quiet and soft. She then took a step back from him then and stood there looking at him.

Vincent opens the door and begins to step out, he turns to face her, and lifts his hand to kiss his palm, something she once made him do and something that seems to have survived the trials of time. "Good bye." He whispers as he makes his way to the gate.

*< END>*

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